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  1. Gabi Campbell

    Gabi Campbell6 tuntia sitten

    Lies lies lies nasnake

  2. Lindberg Luiz

    Lindberg Luiz7 tuntia sitten

    - Dad, what do u will do today? - I will control a helicopter's flight in Mars! - Uau!!!

  3. saiyajin murat

    saiyajin murat8 tuntia sitten

    zeki mürende bizi görecekmi yegenim

  4. Rose Connie

    Rose Connie8 tuntia sitten

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  5. Kaka Du

    Kaka Du8 tuntia sitten

    Ist ja witzig, wie eine Spule von der Nähmaschine. Sehr curios Curiosity ... Aber clever ausgedacht die Landung. So sachte landeten die ersten Astronauten nicht.

  6. News1st - Tracy Mapes

    News1st - Tracy Mapes9 tuntia sitten

    They Take Away the Rights of Children to Experience Drone Flight over the Skies of America, and Then Tout The Wonders of Technology on a Planet in which They Weren't Invited. Talk about "Cancel Culture"

  7. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан Динчеров10 tuntia sitten


  8. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан Динчеров10 tuntia sitten


  9. Efekan Candan

    Efekan Candan10 tuntia sitten

    High bass test video. Bad..

  10. Pacaj Albert

    Pacaj Albert11 tuntia sitten

    Mali chlapec 🧒 hral som v piesku staval tuneli diaľnice piesok menil sa na vodu

  11. Sunil Kumar

    Sunil Kumar12 tuntia sitten

    Ohhh my god i am crying..........

  12. Gertrudes De Ocampo

    Gertrudes De Ocampo13 tuntia sitten

    imagine looking at another planet thru youtube

  13. Виктор Любиченко

    Виктор Любиченко13 tuntia sitten

    И де звук ? якась маячня

  14. Bogdan Stroit

    Bogdan Stroit13 tuntia sitten

    its amazing!!!! Mr Rogozin is piece of kakashka!

  15. Volodymyr

    Volodymyr13 tuntia sitten

    Laptop cooling fans: * spin up with the video * Me: Woooooooow

  16. DeanoZbeano Dayz Tutorials

    DeanoZbeano Dayz Tutorials13 tuntia sitten

    Maybe it's an headphone thing but only getting the background noise described as the wind .

  17. Anubhav Trivedi

    Anubhav Trivedi14 tuntia sitten

    Location courtesy : Mars

  18. 666KTY

    666KTY14 tuntia sitten

    How can sound waves travel in a vacuum? Space has no sound.

  19. Robert Carter

    Robert Carter16 tuntia sitten

    It’s not a drone, pretend it’s a Helicopter, pretend a person is on board like the Wright brothers, spend your life pretending, for 500 million a pop.

  20. Ömer Tatlı

    Ömer Tatlı16 tuntia sitten

    Bu dünyadan kurtulup Mars'a tasinalim gari

  21. Ольга Постная

    Ольга Постная16 tuntia sitten

    Почему то первый марсоход запустили в кратер,а не на территорию равнин и холмов,где явно прослеживается ,то ,что Марс был обитаемый людьми и животным миром.

  22. Mario Ethier

    Mario Ethier17 tuntia sitten

    Ça dépasse la fiction,

  23. Thomas' Musings

    Thomas' Musings17 tuntia sitten

    Well done!

  24. Eddie Morra

    Eddie Morra19 tuntia sitten

    Mikrofonda dip gürültü var sanki...

  25. BooOOooG

    BooOOooG19 tuntia sitten

    nice sound from area 51

  26. ChiefArug

    ChiefArug20 tuntia sitten

    Will Ingenunity ever go visit Curiosity though???

  27. H. BOUKER

    H. BOUKER21 tunti sitten

    La vitesse de curiosité est de v= 40cm/h

  28. soniyu ziuy

    soniyu ziuy22 tuntia sitten

    Fascinating! I hope little Ingenuity eventually gets picked up and brought home to a well deserved rest in a museum...

  29. Rahul Chopkar

    Rahul ChopkarPäivä sitten

    Still Voyager 2 is communicating with us.

  30. putosedo

    putosedoPäivä sitten


  31. shapmaui

    shapmauiPäivä sitten

    Your team is simply extraordinary! Thank you for your contributions. I hope this work is only used for goodness in the distant future...

  32. Frank Stroll

    Frank StrollPäivä sitten

    A team of renowned scientists is doing what a kid will do after 30 years on mars.

  33. Angel Suárez

    Angel SuárezPäivä sitten

    Envié el vídeo en español por favor

  34. Pacaj Albert

    Pacaj AlbertPäivä sitten

    Mali chlapec v piesku staval diaľnice tuneli piesok menil sa na vodu

  35. Thomas Boisse

    Thomas BoissePäivä sitten

    144 Dislikes ???? Why ????

  36. Tully Fisher

    Tully FisherPäivä sitten

    Congratulations! - You did ..and still doing..a great job with Ingenuity.

  37. Michael J Render

    Michael J RenderPäivä sitten

    This is a waste of time.

  38. bilij pdan

    bilij pdanPäivä sitten

    This sounds like it would be good on a loop to sleep to.

  39. игорь игорь

    игорь игорьPäivä sitten

    камень может какой типа рубина

  40. milind ambe

    milind ambePäivä sitten

    Go ahead india..

  41. Brahim d

    Brahim dPäivä sitten

    ❤NASA❤ ❤🇺🇸❤👍

  42. Fernando Santos

    Fernando SantosPäivä sitten

    Se essa foto é verdadeira, porque razão existe uma estrada em "S" na montanha do lado direito??????

  43. Tiger Stripey

    Tiger StripeyPäivä sitten

    The Earth is Flat, NASA fakery yet again

  44. Stanislav Sheyev

    Stanislav SheyevPäivä sitten

    Тем временем в российском интернете, патриоты-плоскоземельщики обсуждают очередную фабрикацию от Nasa.. Страна сумасшедших, можно сказать Россия имени Кащеноко.

  45. Waitwhat. No

    Waitwhat. NoPäivä sitten

    I wonder why is it so hard to bring 4k camera quality and a good quality microphone, they were so small

  46. Bisa Ular

    Bisa UlarPäivä sitten

    Wall-e must be feeling very lonely up there😢

  47. channelee 88

    channelee 88Päivä sitten

    How good is the sound as it lands and winds down - increased bass and volume helps too.

  48. Frans Bakker

    Frans BakkerPäivä sitten

    Stop fooling the world and let us in on the reality of Mars. We live in the year 2021 and you are fooling us since the early beginning of the Mars exploration. There is life present and we have a right to know. Anyone who is willing to do a proper investigation of the Spirit mission can see that. Stop the decieve !

  49. Allan And Lifted Hands

    Allan And Lifted HandsPäivä sitten

    Mars is a such a great place to shoot a movie

  50. Suleyman Eliyev

    Suleyman EliyevPäivä sitten

    Правильно говарю Сколько можно на Камен пустыня смотреть на Марсе

  51. George Nada

    George NadaPäivä sitten

  52. Suleyman Eliyev

    Suleyman EliyevPäivä sitten

    Насса какие кадры Марса не Интересные не нужен только этих показываеть

  53. George Nada

    George NadaPäivä sitten

  54. Rainer Hurtado

    Rainer HurtadoPäivä sitten

    Astounding. The planet is so eerily still.

  55. Cary Cary

    Cary CaryPäivä sitten

    People,…this is on Mars!!! 🤩

  56. Cary Cary

    Cary CaryPäivä sitten

    You’re gods, people! Really! Awesome!!!…!

  57. Jorge Ordosgoitia

    Jorge OrdosgoitiaPäivä sitten

    Puro montaje

  58. UwU

    UwUPäivä sitten

    Looks peaceful to me

  59. Niyati Trivedi

    Niyati TrivediPäivä sitten

    Go NASA

  60. Peter Lyall

    Peter LyallPäivä sitten

    Congratulations NASA/JPL love seeing you go and do new and exciting things all the flying a chopper on Mars not just once but 5 times now....Cheers!!!.. to the great team at NASA/JPL....Pete from Australia...(:>{|)

  61. luv cakes

    luv cakesPäivä sitten

    So they went to the moon, lost/ destroyed the technology, and then never went back...

  62. luv cakes

    luv cakesPäivä sitten

    I can't believe people still believe this fakery!! What a bunch of sheeple!

  63. Sunil Thumeti

    Sunil ThumetiPäivä sitten

    Who captured that helicopter 🚁 take of video🎥.....?

  64. Sunil Thumeti

    Sunil ThumetiPäivä sitten

    Who captured that helicopter 🚁 take of video🎥.....?

  65. foopyu nooui

    foopyu noouiPäivä sitten

    This sounds like it would be good on a loop to sleep to.

  66. Badge32

    Badge32Päivä sitten

    No sound

  67. Manna Creations

    Manna CreationsPäivä sitten

    Thanks for valuble information

  68. Oneself

    OneselfPäivä sitten

    If we have a drone type thing flying on Mars - how is UFO's on our planet so ridiculous?

  69. Ezra Kirkpatrick

    Ezra KirkpatrickPäivä sitten

    Thank you NASA. I asked you for this after the third flight and was not disappointed with your response!


    SAAD TARIQPäivä sitten

    Only NASA can do that

  71. Urbano Guinto

    Urbano GuintoPäivä sitten

    Now NASA is talking when people have totally stopped believing them.

  72. Jeff Burnham

    Jeff BurnhamPäivä sitten

    I didn't hear any helicopter blades.

  73. Hassan Ali

    Hassan AliPäivä sitten

    How is possible para shot open without air

  74. Ted Peterson

    Ted PetersonPäivä sitten

    Just outside of Moab, Utah

  75. jupiter rules

    jupiter rulesPäivä sitten

    ALL i see DEVON ISLAND canada

  76. jupiter rules

    jupiter rulesPäivä sitten

    These NASA guys cant even take image of earth as Sphere. First one was fake...everything else is fake. NASA is only good for one thing. Making movies. NASA Simulation Project. They will land on on mars soon. It will be DEVON ISLAND canada. Humans are stuck in earth. Without gravity human brain to everything suffer. This whole helicopter is nonsense. We have to believe in NASA word for it. There is no proof of anything NASA does. Just fiction writers.

  77. Nishi Raghuwanshi

    Nishi RaghuwanshiPäivä sitten

    I searched for it

  78. David L.

    David L.Päivä sitten

    Definitely need headphones to appreciate this.

  79. ewa k

    ewa kPäivä sitten

    hahahahahahahahahaha ..... w której części Egiptu TEN Mars?

  80. rchrdjms62

    rchrdjms62Päivä sitten

    What sound?