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Bicycle of Hydraulics

Bicycle of Hydraulics

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MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult BUILD
Colin Furze Stuff

Colin Furze Stuff

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Wind/Solar Powered Clothes Dryer
Weaponised Homemade Screwtank
The Triple Bath (with slide yo)
Upside down Garden Swing

Upside down Garden Swing

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    The carpet should unfold and cover the entrance to the bunker. Suddenly the communists will come. They are not that stup..d.

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    That was already a gun it’s called SMG40

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    After checking everyday for 2 weeks for the next video, I’ve decided to just watch this one again🤷🏻‍♂️ Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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    10:07 colin cut his arm and there is blood on his shirt

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    Electric is pretty good as it has instant driveshaft destroying torque and is very quiet. But you can't beat a bit of Nitro!, with the fumes stinging your eye's and them being stupidly noisy! 😁

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    Is everything alright Colin!? What’s up with the suspense!??? Pt5 please!!! 😩

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    You'll really struggling to break a HPI. I've had my Savage X 4.6 for around 13yrs n it's been thrashed but never jumped. You get what you pay for as there pretty much indestructible. I've miss calculated things at full speed n through "I wonder how much is broken" but when I went up to it. Nothing was broken All I've changed is the rear diff (as it minced itself n blew up(HPI)), changed the standard break as it cracked into bits (which was a crap design by the engineers) n tuck a dual stainless set up in (HPI), put in the reverser (HPI), battery indicator (HPI), heavy duty all metal steering servo and stuck that servo on the throttle/break annnnnd a few other random general HPI bits.

  13. sneyeper thghost

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    4 meters? that dont sound to deep!!! i would of digged 10-20ft, but well u cant really go to far down around here, we sit on top of a rock hard hill!!! 4meters sounds Great!!! better than a crawl space... 😬 nevermind disregard this comment... 👻

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    Lots of pollution.

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    Make hydraulic crane for you stuff so then you can just have a awesome crane for projects and lift stuff out of you work shop

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    This reminded me of the Chernobyl firefighter funeral wair thay bury them in concrete

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    I've loved watching you digging your secret tunnel and looking forward to the next stage of the tunnel. But how do you know if you going in the right direction to the house and bunker ? I would love to do something like that myself but love watching the videos.

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    Why Does MrBeast have 5 Times more Subscribers than Colin? This question alone will help Colin's Algorithms. I think MrBeast programmed an algorithm of Fake subscribers.


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    This is the first video I watched on this channel and I must say you are an absolutely crazy bastard! I do believe they have special the Silletti’s for your type. And I mean that in the nicest way

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    11.3 mill people can take the horrible music on this channel. Im impressed. Everything about this channel is great, but the music (very amateurish and all over awful) I just cant stand. To me, the music makes this unwatchable.

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