Polo G - I Know (Official Audio)
Polo G - 33 (Official Audio)

Polo G - 33 (Official Audio)

11 kuukautta sitten

Polo G - 21 (Official Audio)

Polo G - 21 (Official Audio)

11 kuukautta sitten

  1. Tuwan Williams

    Tuwan Williams23 tuntia sitten


  2. kid of luck

    kid of luck23 tuntia sitten

    21 by POLO G hits 21 M views 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💜💜

  3. Rowdy Sutton

    Rowdy Sutton23 tuntia sitten


  4. IVIR Fever

    IVIR Fever23 tuntia sitten


  5. Fentse

    Fentse23 tuntia sitten


  6. PROarsenal_bigboy

    PROarsenal_bigboy23 tuntia sitten

    This song is fire🔥bro!

  7. Moren

    Moren23 tuntia sitten

    he 5,10 he aint tall 😂😂

  8. the apex god

    the apex god23 tuntia sitten

    not me just now knowing the first boy he gave the car to is ddg -

  9. Fist pow pow

    Fist pow pow23 tuntia sitten

    Dam this song is funny

  10. Chefes Gang

    Chefes Gang23 tuntia sitten

    Esse sample lembra o rezadeira do Projota 🔥

  11. Shah Ali

    Shah Ali23 tuntia sitten


  12. mamba

    mamba23 tuntia sitten


  13. Caleb Israel

    Caleb Israel23 tuntia sitten


  14. Hubert 09

    Hubert 0923 tuntia sitten

    Sick 🥶

  15. Help me reach 1k subz with no videos challenge

    Help me reach 1k subz with no videos challenge23 tuntia sitten

    who else has this stuck in their head?

  16. Help me reach 1k subz with no videos challenge

    Help me reach 1k subz with no videos challenge23 tuntia sitten

    We didn't come back to this, cause we never left

  17. VloneLeaveMeAlone

    VloneLeaveMeAlone23 tuntia sitten


  18. noxy

    noxy23 tuntia sitten

    0% twerking 0% drugs 0% guns 100% Polo G being Polo G

  19. Leekthagoat

    Leekthagoat23 tuntia sitten

    Like I texted polo g to drop this 10 days but I could t be consistent

  20. Connor Restel

    Connor Restel23 tuntia sitten

    Best song

  21. bispen

    bispen23 tuntia sitten


  22. Liam Egan

    Liam EganPäivä sitten

    Hiiii best song

  23. Cordel Richardson

    Cordel RichardsonPäivä sitten

    I have been listening to this every day at least 10 times a day since the first day after this dropped 🔥

  24. Isaac DeLaCruz

    Isaac DeLaCruzPäivä sitten

    Choppa rappin like he was dying to hop on this lmao

  25. Jacob Glover

    Jacob GloverPäivä sitten

    its already been a month....

  26. Chrlz

    ChrlzPäivä sitten

    That kid is adorable

  27. Bananaboma

    BananabomaPäivä sitten

    bruv that ain"t how you play chess

  28. Wald 〽

    Wald 〽Päivä sitten

    This song fire

  29. Michael Delgado

    Michael DelgadoPäivä sitten

    Only people that didn’t come from montages can like this

  30. Luv_Sceptic

    Luv_ScepticPäivä sitten

    He’s the goat

  31. Jack editz

    Jack editzPäivä sitten


  32. Waad Elnour

    Waad ElnourPäivä sitten


  33. Waad Elnour

    Waad ElnourPäivä sitten


  34. ッHyper

    ッHyperPäivä sitten

    Who is still listening a month later?

  35. Waad Elnour

    Waad ElnourPäivä sitten

    Polo the 🐐 🌟

  36. BXLIA

    BXLIAPäivä sitten


  37. Penis Magician

    Penis MagicianPäivä sitten


  38. Sensei Kooly

    Sensei KoolyPäivä sitten

    This shit fire

  39. Know No Name

    Know No NamePäivä sitten

    German rap is better!

  40. clare Hall

    clare HallPäivä sitten

    Polo g is the new Juice Wrld

  41. Know No Name

    Know No NamePäivä sitten

    German rap is better!

  42. King Queen

    King QueenPäivä sitten

    The goat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  43. Thuso Senamela

    Thuso SenamelaPäivä sitten

    Like damn m4s mann

  44. Jakari D

    Jakari DPäivä sitten


  45. keaton

    keatonPäivä sitten

    a month later and i’m still listening to this every day

  46. Eliii Shinhan

    Eliii ShinhanPäivä sitten

    In 6 years there’s gonna be that guy that says “if you watch this 7 years later ur a legend”

  47. Kenny Life's good

    Kenny Life's goodPäivä sitten

    who agrees that he is the goat

  48. Julius Pc

    Julius PcPäivä sitten

    how ads say high schools gonna be like:

  49. Tenzi

    TenziPäivä sitten

    a month later, song is still is stuck in my head.

  50. Hiipixel

    HiipixelPäivä sitten

    “Sometimes I think like’ what’s the likelihood of Kobe dying”

  51. Harry Williams

    Harry WilliamsPäivä sitten

    Best song atm imo 🔥

  52. olivier olivier

    olivier olivierPäivä sitten

    am I tripping is that ddg?

  53. Voidz-_-

    Voidz-_-Päivä sitten

    Let’s see who still bumping that bit . Let’s keep it on the chart

  54. Donovan Hurst

    Donovan HurstPäivä sitten

    This giving me them 999 vibes but wit a twist tap in yall!!

  55. Agentcxmp

    AgentcxmpPäivä sitten

    “Looking so deep into yo eyes I can read yo thoughts”

  56. Fetti Fella

    Fetti FellaPäivä sitten


  57. dr.suessisgod

    dr.suessisgodPäivä sitten

    It’s already been a month since this song came out wtf !!!

  58. Harveyd 23

    Harveyd 23Päivä sitten


  59. Rudy Delgado

    Rudy DelgadoPäivä sitten


  60. vCIutch2k

    vCIutch2kPäivä sitten

    This song is so underated IMO It's a masterpiece 🖤🔥

  61. RitzySix

    RitzySixPäivä sitten

    So you make $1,051,200,000 a year damn man you grinding

  62. DILLY

    DILLYPäivä sitten

    Am I the only one who sees the pixels in the first second of this video?

  63. Little Ray

    Little RayPäivä sitten

    So what was the dislikes 👎 was about

  64. JV3

    JV3Päivä sitten

    Lit 💯🔥😎💪💨

  65. Lighting Bolt

    Lighting BoltPäivä sitten

    this is really helping me get through whats going on in my life and i just want to thank u polo g so thank so much

  66. Bartosz Cichanowski

    Bartosz CichanowskiPäivä sitten


  67. Mathew Villarreal

    Mathew VillarrealPäivä sitten

    @polo g keep up the work g

  68. Annabelle sophie isabella aka me Lugo

    Annabelle sophie isabella aka me LugoPäivä sitten

    King I pray too

  69. Lofi Pluez

    Lofi PluezPäivä sitten


  70. Alex Spadasinul

    Alex SpadasinulPäivä sitten

    Ce 2 mii pe minut ma

  71. Rich J

    Rich JPäivä sitten

    Polo g music is hard him durk lil baby my favorite rapper

  72. Jsjsjsj Nsnsjsjd

    Jsjsjsj NsnsjsjdPäivä sitten


  73. Jsjsjsj Nsnsjsjd

    Jsjsjsj NsnsjsjdPäivä sitten

    Polo is the goat goo drippppyyy!!!!!!!!!

  74. Temar Wallen

    Temar WallenPäivä sitten

    I love the video start of with Einer Banks playing the guitar🔥

  75. Chikizu ヅ

    Chikizu ヅPäivä sitten

    My g teeth white af

  76. Noel DL

    Noel DLPäivä sitten

    Lol I came only cuz my friend sent me this link

  77. family boso7

    family boso7Päivä sitten

    I wish I had them in my school, that will be the best thing ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  78. Kairee Kelly

    Kairee KellyPäivä sitten

    The 🐐