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Cold Ones is a Talk Show and Podcast hosted by Anything4Views and co-hosted by Maxmoefoe.

Don't Air Fry These Things...
Don't Blend These Things...

Don't Blend These Things...

5 kuukautta sitten

Drunk Painting from Memory

Drunk Painting from Memory

5 kuukautta sitten

Belle Delphine | Cold Ones

Belle Delphine | Cold Ones

9 kuukautta sitten

  1. Springi

    Springi19 tuntia sitten

    Wait is this the guy from how to basic ?

  2. Got Beamz

    Got Beamz20 tuntia sitten

    4:58 "put some Fire in your belly"

  3. Nelson Musica Nelson

    Nelson Musica Nelson20 tuntia sitten

    I would pass out after 1 shot

  4. DasOhneEnde

    DasOhneEnde20 tuntia sitten

    (Stroh 80) is from Austria so from my Country and is one of the cheapest drinks you can buy there 20€ one bottle ^^ and we drink that like water ^^ Cu in Austria :P my Duds

  5. Andy M

    Andy M20 tuntia sitten

    The editing on this video is extraordinary

  6. Clay Cutter

    Clay Cutter20 tuntia sitten

    when he said "snip the top of the carrot off and just chuck the green bits in" i subscribed 😂

  7. Florian Troeger

    Florian Troeger21 tunti sitten

    In germany we frink the Stroh 80 with hot wine its delicious

  8. ssextremepker

    ssextremepker21 tunti sitten

    Holy shit alcohol is expensive in Australia!

  9. Holly Graham

    Holly Graham21 tunti sitten

    ryans laugh at 1:05:03 is magical

  10. Benji

    Benji21 tunti sitten

    The amount of money spent!

  11. Andrew Here

    Andrew Here22 tuntia sitten

    Are you in HowToBasic's kitchen?

  12. carter frohberg

    carter frohberg23 tuntia sitten

    How did they mix W and X they are on opposite sides of the keyboard

  13. Jonathan Nilsson

    Jonathan Nilsson23 tuntia sitten

    Me who chugged 95% 🙄

  14. Kanaro Kan

    Kanaro Kan23 tuntia sitten

    I don't feel like putting a woman *BRUH* 8:03

  15. Palo Santo

    Palo Santo23 tuntia sitten

    My partner and Jacksfilms act so similar when they’re drunk, it’s uncanny lmao they get so sassy and cheeky

  16. Q Richards

    Q Richards23 tuntia sitten

    19:35 had me crying ngl

  17. Toribio Mendoza

    Toribio MendozaPäivä sitten

    Man this whole time I was like damn these guys just seem so familiar… then it hit me. Felt like eating a hair cake and being a gentleman

  18. Unbound_Selrahc

    Unbound_SelrahcPäivä sitten

    Audio was atrocious this episode, but still entertaining

  19. Kat

    KatPäivä sitten

    This is the first video that has ever made me have a physical response. Was it a good one? No. In fact. I puked.

  20. Farticus

    FarticusPäivä sitten

    matt fuckin died lmao

  21. Metch

    MetchPäivä sitten

    it's cute how awkward pewdiepie is

  22. Ape

    ApePäivä sitten

    He calls himself deez, funniest shit I’ve ever seen

  23. Eric Aguilar

    Eric AguilarPäivä sitten

    Look at that little character on chads overalls

  24. Tommie

    TommiePäivä sitten

    Yo don’t know if max and Chad will see this but is there anyway of getting a cold one neon sign to the uk . They look so fucking cool and would love to have one on my wall

  25. Tyler Payne

    Tyler PaynePäivä sitten

    The mention of when the last time Max wore a chef outfit was, actually made me sad..

  26. Sollow Patrickson

    Sollow PatricksonPäivä sitten

    What a production quality. Only 2 wine bottles in a show where the hosts gets drunk all the time on camera. And not enough printed pieces of toilet paper for A & B labels. Also, "Expensive food snobs" can huff the ass of Chad and think it's expensive cheese. Tell them it cost a lot of money and they'll love anything.

  27. TFNA Peter Bays

    TFNA Peter BaysPäivä sitten

    If my camera guy did that to my 5000 dollar bottle of scotch, I would shoot him.

  28. Unbound_Selrahc

    Unbound_SelrahcPäivä sitten

    These guys are like if Rhett and link had children with the GameGrumps and their children were wildly Australian....and I love them for it! The style is GMM but with that GameGrumps screaming and chaotic energy, easy new sub for me.

  29. SnapClap

    SnapClapPäivä sitten

    You gotta keep the plastic thing on the slap chop, the blades go between the plastic and the piece pushes the food off the blades, in theory

  30. cocaineinmyvein

    cocaineinmyveinPäivä sitten

    Wtf no! You want your balls loose so you can stretch the skin while shaving. Not to mention hot water helps avoid razorburn.


    EMILY RAYO-CUMPAPäivä sitten

    I love this Omg hahah

  32. applepiebottoms

    applepiebottomsPäivä sitten

    the last one is so bad you cant drink it raw? fuck

  33. Rory Cline

    Rory ClinePäivä sitten

    those glow sticks looked so fucking delicious. i’m angry.

  34. Joey

    JoeyPäivä sitten

    I would be surprised if they aren't dead if a few years

  35. Sollow Patrickson

    Sollow PatricksonPäivä sitten

    And yeah, the ball inside the Guinness is to make it foam up when you open it.

  36. Kylie Griffin

    Kylie GriffinPäivä sitten

    “It doesn’t chad,we’re just pigs” I quote that I now devote in my daily life.

  37. JanoMusic

    JanoMusicPäivä sitten

    this is so funny, the editing is gold

  38. Colton08 Sprinkle

    Colton08 SprinklePäivä sitten


  39. TheRealAmek

    TheRealAmekPäivä sitten

    I love how the comments are about Cleo. I’m more concerned about the mouth blood. Why does she have it. How did she get it. Why is it in a fancy jar. How tf is she not embarrassed. Why did it take people 100 times of saying no to convince chad not to drink her blood. What’s in her blood. Why did she send it. Who is she. What’s her obsession

  40. Zach Heffner

    Zach HeffnerPäivä sitten

    Where does Chad get the button ups?

  41. TheRealAmek

    TheRealAmekPäivä sitten

    I was gonna buy a sign but holy fucking shit, I don’t have $400 for a glowing sign 😂

  42. The Point

    The PointPäivä sitten

    Im not gay but that man is sculpted like a Greek god

  43. YL

    YLPäivä sitten

    Bro I want that mf dragon so bad

  44. cody wells

    cody wellsPäivä sitten

    Loui 13 not 8 😂

  45. Yetii

    YetiiPäivä sitten

    Thumb nail makes max look like Michel Jackson

  46. Androo Macintawsh

    Androo MacintawshPäivä sitten

    you could not replace max nor chad with anybody

  47. Isaacs Random Videos

    Isaacs Random VideosPäivä sitten


  48. OG *GOBLIN

    OG *GOBLINPäivä sitten

    The editing in these vids is SUPERB. I just found this channel today and it has inspired EPIC laughter. Those 2 are fucking HILARIOUS 🤣😆

  49. Rocky Wilson

    Rocky WilsonPäivä sitten

    Me as a 32 year old. *hey man I can drink you under the table Let me on the show

  50. Ian Liddle

    Ian LiddlePäivä sitten

    Don't need the lemon

  51. Kurt Stedman

    Kurt StedmanPäivä sitten

    LIKE A BOSS .....hey have you seen this little feller?

  52. Tyler Pedrioli

    Tyler PedrioliPäivä sitten

    The blue whale challenge

  53. Master Tortise321

    Master Tortise321Päivä sitten


  54. Ryland Spencer

    Ryland SpencerPäivä sitten

    Sun set rum is the strongest

  55. Ace Neto

    Ace NetoPäivä sitten

    How the fuck silent bob driving a Nissan Cube wtf is going on and why is he talking now!

  56. No....

    No....Päivä sitten

    Chad is the only person who can eat anything and vomit

  57. Arnaud Gallaz

    Arnaud GallazPäivä sitten

    where is the good parts ? They seem very boring

  58. Nioi Sama

    Nioi SamaPäivä sitten

    we need sean evans on cold ones

  59. Kurt Stedman

    Kurt StedmanPäivä sitten

    Look at Mr. Fancy Pants with the Japanese Banjo Kazooie cart!

  60. klayton bell

    klayton bellPäivä sitten

    literally spit out my beer when I saw the beer shirt

  61. Clanka

    ClankaPäivä sitten

    the poor cleaner

  62. Alex Hughes

    Alex HughesPäivä sitten


  63. Derrick Wan

    Derrick WanPäivä sitten

    Two guys get boozed right before they ‘ve started the show, anyone can see that.

  64. Henry Morel

    Henry MorelPäivä sitten


  65. Friski

    FriskiPäivä sitten

    what does it smell like max. Max:yea

  66. Jeffrey Duncan

    Jeffrey DuncanPäivä sitten

    How many of you are upset about the pokemon cards like what are the chances of a rare card being in there... Oooof couldn't watch

  67. Lucas Marier

    Lucas MarierPäivä sitten

    react to tlc now thats a good video idea

  68. Smooth micky

    Smooth mickyPäivä sitten

    This channel is a rip off of hot ones

  69. rarceity

    rarceityPäivä sitten

    michael reeves for the pissbot cameo is the best part of any video including this one

  70. James Wilson

    James WilsonPäivä sitten

    This had great synergy.

  71. Septimor

    SeptimorPäivä sitten

    11:10 As a person living in Finland, that shit will get you drunk.. And i love to see it!

  72. Kade Mcphee

    Kade McpheePäivä sitten

    I'm glad that Max and Chad both like iron bru

  73. Flo Editor

    Flo EditorPäivä sitten

    this is the best video I've ever seen

  74. Emilio L

    Emilio LPäivä sitten

    Wow my childhood was full of this guy now I'm an adult this is crazy

  75. Corrupt Caker

    Corrupt CakerPäivä sitten

    I saw a yellow tail by the side of the road full of piss

  76. Gabriel Shalom

    Gabriel ShalomPäivä sitten

    They are mixing so many drinks I feel tipsy just from watching this video

  77. Ross Livesay

    Ross LivesayPäivä sitten

    I would like to see them drink some good ol moonshine that goes down like water

  78. Sheldon Benedict

    Sheldon BenedictPäivä sitten

    The milk challenge was like 2006-2007 I remeber friends posting that shit on Myspace XD