UFC Vegas 31: Final Face Offs
  1. Zelja Kis

    Zelja Kis22 tuntia sitten

    This is best interview ever,and kids are to damn soft and spoiled!

  2. Im Roffy

    Im Roffy22 tuntia sitten

    Why only Hall and Strickland don’t have to wear masks?? Bit Contradicting don’t ya think 🤷‍♂️😂😂

  3. King White Knight

    King White Knight22 tuntia sitten

    “There’s 30 seconds left, I’ll give you a chance to prove I’m sloppy!!! Hit me comon!!!”

  4. King Nica

    King Nica22 tuntia sitten

    He blows his uncle Dana white to ask the first question. Fucking voice gets annoying and beyond redundant

  5. Christian

    Christian22 tuntia sitten

    This chensnyan dude looks like he can actually cut people's head

  6. Cormac O'Connor

    Cormac O'Connor22 tuntia sitten

    what a hero!!!!!

  7. Redford Wallis

    Redford Wallis22 tuntia sitten

    get rid of the fucking face diapers

  8. Johnny Raymond

    Johnny Raymond23 tuntia sitten

    He’s right about the generation but the solution sounds like he’s done to many jack ass stunts and hit his ignorant head to talk so immature like that about wars when people have been ravaged in the past, what a f*ckin idiot

  9. Jonathan Parker

    Jonathan Parker23 tuntia sitten

    Kids these days suck😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Fahad Hayee

    Fahad Hayee23 tuntia sitten

    This guy is so real...he is right...we all hate one another so why pretend...i hope he wins

  11. Jonathan Parker

    Jonathan Parker23 tuntia sitten

    So much fun on the microphone this guy😂

  12. GOD spitterVEVO

    GOD spitterVEVO23 tuntia sitten

    What are you fookin lookin at you little peanut head

  13. Kenneth Hicks

    Kenneth Hicks23 tuntia sitten

    Love this dude. This is my first time hearing him speak. Hella real dude and you got to love that.

  14. M. Boyd

    M. Boyd23 tuntia sitten

    Young Michael Bisping

  15. Flashy Gremlin

    Flashy Gremlin23 tuntia sitten

    Hall by roundhouse head kick Ko round 1-2

  16. 50 shades of the dominator

    50 shades of the dominator23 tuntia sitten

    If this guy thinks war is so cool, he should sign up and go into the heart of middle east and see how cool he thinks it is. This guy admits to being suicidal sometimes and he has never even had to fight in a war, and he doesn't suffer from poverty or anything, he sounds like the actual pu$$y.

  17. Mohit Tripathi

    Mohit Tripathi23 tuntia sitten

    You can't put your hand on putin's shoulder.its not about power first he is elder other and imp thing he is God father of all Father..........

  18. KillaCam TV

    KillaCam TV23 tuntia sitten

    John Morgan deserves that first question for showing up first every single time!

  19. Big Fish

    Big FishPäivä sitten

    It’s very enjoying fight is a play

  20. Jim

    JimPäivä sitten

    Sounds like cowboy lol

  21. Big Fish

    Big FishPäivä sitten

    I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ if u lost .. I’m still luv u bruh Strickland

  22. Big Fish

    Big FishPäivä sitten

    I’m fucking enjoying u bruh .. so real and honest

  23. Big Fish

    Big FishPäivä sitten

    Win or lose .. let’s run it again .. omg you’re my fighter now Strickland .. it’s just exercising

  24. Craig Pettifer

    Craig PettiferPäivä sitten

    You can see TJs face change and him smile when he says "it's not right". To me that's him thinking he feels he got cheated whilst cheating himself. The cheek on this fucker

  25. Razvan Razvan

    Razvan RazvanPäivä sitten

    Deontay =💩💩💩

  26. namin10

    namin10Päivä sitten

    would be funny if Uriah broke his leg from throwing a leg kick, starting of a epic curse in MMA.

  27. Drako Kamikaze

    Drako KamikazePäivä sitten

    Lol. In high school this light skin guy got his mom's birthday tattooed on his bicep . It was so small it looked like a barcode from a few feet away. 🤣🤣🤣

  28. hunterhiden

    hunterhidenPäivä sitten

    careful what you wish for

  29. Chao Ng

    Chao NgPäivä sitten

    The elite scarf individually crash because woman surely flow after a windy airport. placid, billowy wrist

  30. BLUNT-Pro Jekt

    BLUNT-Pro JektPäivä sitten

    I'd rather watch chimaev vs masvidal

  31. Dino Ciccarelli

    Dino CiccarelliPäivä sitten


  32. torrain alise

    torrain alisePäivä sitten

    Oh wonderful dust

  33. Scot Metcalf

    Scot MetcalfPäivä sitten

    I think Uriah is one of the most underrated fighters out there!

  34. thomas burns

    thomas burnsPäivä sitten

    Uriah doesn't know what to do or say but hey your the one that said it and your being confronted about your words lol didn't like it did he

  35. Tj Campion

    Tj CampionPäivä sitten

    Go Sean!!! Real recognize real!!!

  36. Injustice

    InjusticePäivä sitten

    Hall for the win 🏆

  37. Rollin Rocker

    Rollin RockerPäivä sitten

    Hope he wins

  38. Rollin Rocker

    Rollin RockerPäivä sitten

    Bisping Jr.

  39. Motörhead

    MotörheadPäivä sitten

    My underwear never weighs 0.5 lbs

  40. Matt B.

    Matt B.Päivä sitten

    Sean Shelby looking like Barney Fife

  41. When Didiask

    When DidiaskPäivä sitten

    outta pocket but aight. uriah by spinning something

  42. Kam

    KamPäivä sitten

    8:20 wow this an amazing moment in a interview 😂😂 like what

  43. R D

    R DPäivä sitten

    Close your eyes...uriah white cali DUDE

  44. allballsn4skin

    allballsn4skinPäivä sitten

    strickland is cringey , but its difficult being in front of the camera and under pressure tho so i can understand

  45. Willis 6

    Willis 6Päivä sitten

    Why are they wearing masks if they’re touching fists anyway 😂

  46. LegionPlay

    LegionPlayPäivä sitten

    His chances to win decreased because he didn’t keep the pornstache from the Weidman fight.

  47. Lizzie Torres

    Lizzie TorresPäivä sitten

    This interview was like.. the most I could tolerate listening to Hall. Lol normally I’m out in the first 45 seconds. He is such a strange mixture of a serious asshole, and a jokester.. very confusing especially when he throws in a smile lol lol. Glad we got to see a different side of him.. but I don’t know how to feel now lol

  48. T Rexo

    T RexoPäivä sitten

    i didn't know bisping came out off retirement.. excited for his comeback

  49. rukus

    rukusPäivä sitten

    Honesty, insight, humor, all with zero fk's given... Legendary

  50. The Renaissance Man

    The Renaissance ManPäivä sitten

    When a UFC fighter is more articulate than you are.

  51. asldkfjasldkfj

    asldkfjasldkfjPäivä sitten

    That face off looks like a hall win to me

  52. Peaceful moods

    Peaceful moodsPäivä sitten

    Urijah hall time is now

  53. Tejin

    TejinPäivä sitten

    Uriah got the first question in this one

  54. hypeo gaming

    hypeo gamingPäivä sitten

    lov watching Barberena fight, pure action

  55. Lauren Williams

    Lauren WilliamsPäivä sitten

    I think they should have champs from different weight classes to face off.

  56. Андрей DeathOfEvil

    Андрей DeathOfEvilPäivä sitten

    Нет Артем история он стальной мужик!

  57. Randall Trantham

    Randall TranthamPäivä sitten

    liked this man from the first time I saw him...well rounded human being

  58. Rift Six

    Rift SixPäivä sitten

    I like Strickland, he's a good striker and I imagine he is hard to break mentally. But I got this gut feeling we are going to see the Uriah that beats his dick after hurting someone


    THE HAIRY SUNPäivä sitten

    Real life piccolo

  60. TheEskimeaux

    TheEskimeauxPäivä sitten

    How do they still walk out the wrong way

  61. diler heroina moko iz vinkovaca

    diler heroina moko iz vinkovacaPäivä sitten

    His next fight should be against kevin holland

  62. working Patriot

    working PatriotPäivä sitten

    Well fuck

  63. Kelly Gregg

    Kelly GreggPäivä sitten

    Sit down Peter Griffen.

  64. WastedShores

    WastedShoresPäivä sitten

    "...comeback of the year means f'ing jack shit to me, what the fuck does that mean, comeback of the year? That means you sucked at one point ... the f*** " ahahahaha 13:13

  65. C M

    C MPäivä sitten

    Strickland seems terrified for his life

  66. Ivan c

    Ivan cPäivä sitten

    We need more people like him and dustin😆

  67. Mustafa Arslan

    Mustafa ArslanPäivä sitten

    Homeboy just inadvertently gained shit tons of fans for his realness. #Facts

  68. WastedShores

    WastedShoresPäivä sitten

    great attitude- good luck always!

  69. fmxmyway

    fmxmywayPäivä sitten

    im a fan

  70. Brian Schanne

    Brian SchannePäivä sitten

    It’s called Dana hates Ariel. Why else is DC and Helwani and Ariel and the bad guy finally getting pushed when it sucks

  71. How Bizzare?

    How Bizzare?Päivä sitten

    Anyone remember the commentary for the Uriah vs Silva fight?