xQc Reacts to memes that kept forrest gump running

xQcOW reacts to hilarious memes and viral videos!
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About xQcOW:
xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 25 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.


  1. Aguz7in

    Aguz7inPäivä sitten

    I love his reactions are very accurate

  2. Quantum Destruction

    Quantum DestructionPäivä sitten

    xqc first laugh was to a rc car loosing wheels

  3. Hanz

    Hanz2 päivää sitten

    11:03 xqc did not see the dog piss on them

  4. Justin

    Justin3 päivää sitten


  5. beginnerboss 1

    beginnerboss 14 päivää sitten

    4:43 get me a waifu who can do this

  6. • SanicManiac

    • SanicManiac6 päivää sitten

    Fun fact: the letters "xQc" appear at the end of a certain FItitle video

  7. Vain0

    Vain07 päivää sitten

    6:55 real

  8. Vain0

    Vain07 päivää sitten



    MɅRQVΞZZ7 päivää sitten

    wouldnt the nutella and orange be super cold? unless they microwaved it that would only work if the kid is accustomed to dead cat intestines

  10. Kuncu

    Kuncu7 päivää sitten

    13:45 explain?

  11. Antonio Vazquez

    Antonio Vazquez8 päivää sitten

    dude we used them in Elementary school and jeez they were slow af. I played a video on youtube it was 1 fps no joke actually 1fps

  12. Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij

    Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij8 päivää sitten

    Thought it was just my pc settings... good to know you lagged back in the day Cow


    MAJORKA11 päivää sitten

    12:30 WTF

  14. • A Legends Player •

    • A Legends Player •11 päivää sitten

    1:53 This meme caught me off guard lmao.

  15. Decyfer

    Decyfer11 päivää sitten

    10:17 lul

  16. ihaterickowens

    ihaterickowens14 päivää sitten


  17. ihaterickowens

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    RYAN CAMPBELL15 päivää sitten

    Whats the outro song?

  19. S K

    S K16 päivää sitten

    2:48 nice fridge

  20. sameer singh

    sameer singh17 päivää sitten

    10:32 was the best i feel xD

  21. Lsssq V

    Lsssq V17 päivää sitten

  22. Jozovan Stankovick

    Jozovan Stankovick17 päivää sitten

    el copias

  23. Claira

    Claira18 päivää sitten

    4:33 D I S A ST E R

  24. The Humour Guy

    The Humour Guy18 päivää sitten

    15 mins of Mr pepega streamer reacting to pepega moments

  25. loopstation

    loopstation19 päivää sitten

    10:43 With all of the shit chat (& Felix) talks about K-pop, I would love to see their faces if they found out that this is the instrumental of a K-pop song.

  26. curt

    curt19 päivää sitten

    U click bate us

  27. Xenobros

    Xenobros19 päivää sitten

    1:53, i just now understood this one, wow

  28. icky03

    icky0318 päivää sitten


  29. I couldn't think of a name

    I couldn't think of a name20 päivää sitten

    Him: says the old computer is always loading Me: May I introduce you to apple

  30. Cosmo Days

    Cosmo Days20 päivää sitten

    The doggie bottle opener the dog was like screw you.

  31. Paulojeffersonpro Paulojefferson2009

    Paulojeffersonpro Paulojefferson200920 päivää sitten


  32. E

    E20 päivää sitten


  33. David Culver

    David Culver21 päivä sitten

    Legend his version of dr disrespects song

  34. J T

    J T21 päivä sitten

    Anyone know the song at 10:42?

  35. Zmite

    Zmite21 päivä sitten

    i had that in 2007 in primary and I'm 14

  36. Metehan Özçimen

    Metehan Özçimen22 päivää sitten

    Outro song ?

  37. Tsuen Films

    Tsuen Films22 päivää sitten

    1:55 jesus that took me awhile to understand

  38. Vibe Ben

    Vibe Ben22 päivää sitten

    Straw check

  39. Vlado

    Vlado22 päivää sitten

    9:50 sounds like gta IV

  40. ProthesenGuy

    ProthesenGuy22 päivää sitten


  41. The Moon

    The Moon23 päivää sitten


  42. Ga be

    Ga be23 päivää sitten

    That's my friends step-sis at 5:14

  43. Akdkeslosw Iekkeke

    Akdkeslosw Iekkeke23 päivää sitten


  44. Jonas Mil Grau

    Jonas Mil Grau23 päivää sitten

    xQc is so boring bruh wth

  45. Jonas Mil Grau

    Jonas Mil Grau22 päivää sitten

    @Huevo's curiosity

  46. Huevo's

    Huevo's23 päivää sitten

    then why are you watching him?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  47. Julio Morales

    Julio Morales23 päivää sitten

    Half of these making me laugh cause they so stupid. 😂

  48. Fxney

    Fxney23 päivää sitten

    MemerMan My Friend In Real Life

  49. Fear&Determination

    Fear&Determination23 päivää sitten

    3:40 So this is how death feels like.

  50. xKidRoses

    xKidRoses23 päivää sitten

    9:23 xQc has Animal Blindness

  51. LagMath

    LagMath23 päivää sitten

    5:32 Brasileiro e suas Gambiarras

  52. no

    no23 päivää sitten

    you are a COW

  53. Dafael Vianta

    Dafael Vianta23 päivää sitten

    Bad commentary, too ordinary

  54. Cian Thompson

    Cian Thompson23 päivää sitten

    5:30 B R A Z U C A chegou

  55. The Mistake

    The Mistake23 päivää sitten

    4:35 Baby Yodel*

  56. Jesse Vires

    Jesse Vires23 päivää sitten

    BaBy yOgUrT

  57. LazyZen

    LazyZen23 päivää sitten

    all of chat was acting like they were over 14 years old with the old computer talk.

  58. Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg24 päivää sitten

    Youre adopted

  59. mattimaginex1

    mattimaginex124 päivää sitten

    b u f f a l o

  60. RoP0S

    RoP0S24 päivää sitten

    10:42 is the best

  61. jadey

    jadey24 päivää sitten

    Why does he react like he's seen these more than 5 times

  62. 7KD_ Richard

    7KD_ Richard24 päivää sitten


  63. 私の名前は何ですか

    私の名前は何ですか24 päivää sitten

    6:38 This Made Me Laugh, My Stomach Hurt

  64. 私の名前は何ですか

    私の名前は何ですか24 päivää sitten

    6:56 This Too xD

  65. 私の名前は何ですか

    私の名前は何ですか24 päivää sitten

    idiots using microwave to cook an egg XD

  66. Bopping Gamer

    Bopping Gamer24 päivää sitten

    13:50 ma'am, that's your ex-boyfriend.

  67. dragon slayer891

    dragon slayer89124 päivää sitten

    anybody Realize among us cane out in 2018 and blew up in 2020

  68. Jonathan Lis

    Jonathan Lis24 päivää sitten

    why is he confused by every single one 😂

  69. 2anz

    2anz24 päivää sitten


  70. 2anz

    2anz24 päivää sitten


  71. MR. MASTER [HQ]

    MR. MASTER [HQ]24 päivää sitten

    *I love the part when he watched sp00ky m3m3z*

  72. Galaxy Slasher

    Galaxy Slasher24 päivää sitten

    Glad my boi Memerman is getting more attention. He's so underrated.

  73. Brady Morissette

    Brady Morissette24 päivää sitten

    accursed 666k views.

  74. PitBloc

    PitBloc24 päivää sitten

    i like how this video gained 666k views in 6 days

  75. Vân Lê

    Vân Lê24 päivää sitten

    Who can tell me What name's in the end of this video,thank you so much :)))

  76. DiaLTrot

    DiaLTrot24 päivää sitten


  77. abarnacle

    abarnacle24 päivää sitten

    you should see what else she could do

  78. Umbresour 1

    Umbresour 124 päivää sitten

    Obviously the dog was just marking his territory

  79. AV3S Tube

    AV3S Tube24 päivää sitten

    I'm not trying to hate, but xQc is quite slow... Like, most of the jokes that require a bit of thinking go right past him.

  80. Albert Gerberich

    Albert Gerberich25 päivää sitten

    10:16 Boba Fat

  81. TheBritishGamer

    TheBritishGamer25 päivää sitten

    09:00 what kind of dog is this? Please and thank you.

  82. Funny meme man

    Funny meme man25 päivää sitten

    You are a male version of pokimane

  83. Zaion games

    Zaion games24 päivää sitten


  84. Mihajlo Milanovic

    Mihajlo Milanovic25 päivää sitten

    Forrest Gump actually is a good movie imo

  85. bjrn2010

    bjrn201025 päivää sitten

    Lol, the heat makes things expand went right above his head, was so good too.

  86. Fischi

    Fischi25 päivää sitten

    1:34 look at the writing at the shirt... its double weird

  87. mazedmarky

    mazedmarky25 päivää sitten

    MemerMan the legit unit

  88. Ve nom

    Ve nom25 päivää sitten

    13:50 Lmao men are pressed in this one. It's dark humor until it's targeting them.

  89. Eu sou Uma batata

    Eu sou Uma batata25 päivää sitten


  90. tomas bolve

    tomas bolve25 päivää sitten

    Į dont get it how you cAn someone watch him, hes like male form of pokimane "USSLES" being

  91. Zaion games

    Zaion games24 päivää sitten

    cant even spell useless right

  92. Zaion games

    Zaion games24 päivää sitten

    where do you guys get this male verison of pokimane hes a fucking millionare and your dumbass over here calling him useless

  93. sang woo

    sang woo25 päivää sitten

    "Baby yogurt 🗿"💀💀💀

  94. Xentric

    Xentric25 päivää sitten

    I couldn’t breathe from laughing at 0:52

  95. ً

    ً25 päivää sitten

    Chat always complains about the memes being bad. Their sense of humor is already kinda shit so this should be extremely funny for them.

  96. Lokio 94

    Lokio 9425 päivää sitten

    10:17 Song: Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G

  97. Me Leafy

    Me Leafy25 päivää sitten

    The fucking Godzilla one

  98. Cordelle Williams

    Cordelle Williams25 päivää sitten

    Wow it’d be amazing to be able to see a white Buffalo, they’re quite sacred in my culture as well as being 1 out of 10 million

  99. BlandSpace

    BlandSpace25 päivää sitten

    are you ninja

  100. DEAD PYRO

    DEAD PYRO25 päivää sitten

    7:46 im actually dead

  101. TremxntLxgnd

    TremxntLxgnd25 päivää sitten

    9:41 why he lokey sound like dofensmirts from phineas and ferb

  102. Hayden Petty

    Hayden Petty25 päivää sitten

    Love pit bulls because they get so attached and excited about everything that their owner does

  103. Karl Björn

    Karl Björn25 päivää sitten

    ok I’ll watch it

  104. hehehe

    hehehe25 päivää sitten

    What happened with the Swedish drip check guy. I thought it was in this video

  105. Bill OhSnap

    Bill OhSnap25 päivää sitten


  106. Murydary

    Murydary25 päivää sitten

    @Bill OhSnap आपको अपने पापों के लिए पश्चाताप करना चाहिए। वे तुम्हें नष्ट कर देंगे। आप कोई मौका नहीं खड़े हैं। तुम उसके हाथ पर मर जाओगे। पछताना -Siria

  107. Bill OhSnap

    Bill OhSnap25 päivää sitten

    @Murydary harebere 9831 me on 7th karara ULEKULELE man come quikc h

  108. Murydary

    Murydary25 päivää sitten

    hobolo popolo LOLOLO kek hello man???? 192.167.455.10 this you????

  109. yungbasedjedi

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    kitcat- kun25 päivää sitten

    Oooooo quality content

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    Srđan26 päivää sitten

    What a clickbait

  112. Zaion games

    Zaion games24 päivää sitten

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  113. PLUS STAR

    PLUS STAR26 päivää sitten

    El rubius.