Why everyone loves Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice Character Analysis)

In this video, we’re breaking down Pride & Prejudice and challenging Austen’s famous story with the biggest questions: Why does everyone love Mr. Darcy? What makes Elizabeth a likable strong female character? Why is this story so satisfying and unforgettable? I firmly believe that if you study stories and look closely at the science behind them, you will find patterns - proven, repeatable storytelling principles that you can apply to YOUR story. That's what we're analyzing in this first-ever episode of Science of Story!

✨T I M E S T A M P S✨
0:00 Introduction
2:01 Meet Our Protagonist: Elizabeth Bennet
4:41 The Inciting Incident
6:30 Building Romantic Conflict
11:56 Game-Changing Midpoint
14:21 Post-Midpoint Action Hero
16:40 The Disaster
18:35 The Aha Moment
21:07 The Climax
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All movie clips and soundtracks used for educational purposes under the Fair Use law. Pride & Prejudice (2005) is directed by Joe Wright and produced by Focus Features and Universal Studios.


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    Hi miss, I suggest you read "María" by Jorge Issacs is as good as P&P. It is a wonderful novel that is loved from the first page.

  9. DD pekulimu

    DD pekulimu4 päivää sitten

    Actually, my husband character like Mr. Darcy, he just sweet when he with me... People sometimes misunderstood about him. But after knowing his kind they realize, we can judge people from their cover. I think Mr. Darcy just a kind of introvert guy who lives with high standards of living that's why he just not tolerable with such carachter..

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    Hearing you rant about how amazing it is, i think I'm gonna watch this movie.

  11. Mary Smith

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    The 2005 movie adaptation is incredibly unfaithful to Jane Austen's actual text. It makes up events and dialog Austen did not write. Analyzing "Pride and Prejudice" with this movie as your source is ridiculous.

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    The music in this movie is perfectly wonderful! Love the story, but the music is a big draw for me.

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    Most literature “themes” can be found in the Bible, Shakespeare, or mythology.

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    For the folks who have not read the book , Mr.Darcy advised against Jane to Mr.Bingley not only because she was a from a family of follies but also because he felt Jane was not expressive in her love towards Bingley as much as any women would be.

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  26. sigal goldstein

    sigal goldstein12 päivää sitten

    I love that last scene when their foreheads meet instead of a kiss. We’ll, of course the sun rising and creating a heart between them. But for me it also symbolizes that their connection is, first and foremost, a meeting of like minds, and that their admiration for each other is a deep one. In contrast to all the other connections portrayed in the film. Each couple in the film is an example of a different kind of connection, as though Austen is exploring all the possibilities. The Bennetts: total miscommunication, disinterest, and conflicting values. Lydia and Wickham: foolishness and greed. Charlotte and her parson: what a woman must do when she has no property. Elizabeth and Darcy: a true meeting of minds, equality based on regard, similar values.

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    Over-acting? First she hears him say that she's not attractive enough to 'temp' him. Then she believes Mr. Wickham. Then she finds out that he separated Jane and Mr. Bingley. Then he tells her that he loves her DESPITE his 'better judgment', and trashes her family (except Jane). . .so from her perspective, I understand her anger. (I loved him at "Forgive me, Madam, for taking up so much of your time."

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    Apologies to everyone else who has said how much they love this film because I absolutely HATE this version. Matthew Whatsisname's dress code is shabby chic to scruffy & Keira Knightly is just plain scruffy. He's loaded & she is the daughter of a gentleman, neither would wear clothes like that. His shirts & collars are limp & badly fitted & she looks as if she's wearing sacking sometimes. She wouldn't dream of wandering about in a farmyard shoeless & they certainly wouldn't have a pig running about the inside of their house for the very good reason that the Bennetts don't live on a farm. I can almost forgive the changes in dialogue but what I cannot forgive is their delivery of said dialogue. Theyspeaksofastyoubarelyunderrstandwhatitistheyaresaying. This spoiled the entire film for me. The whole point of Jane Austin is the wonderful witty dialogue & all you hear is two people talking so fast that the intricate meaning of the dialogue has just gone. This version of the film makes the 1940 version that starred Laurance Olivier & Greer Carson, who were aged 33 & 36 respectively look positively Oscar-worthy. Lizzie Bennett states that she is not yet one & twenty & Mr Darcy is assumed to be about 28...I'm sorry? A version of a film with stars two people who this old is ludicrous plus the fact that everyone was in clothing that came from the wardrobe of Gone With The Wind because the studio didn't have the money to design & make Georgian clothing & this is the film version that is 100% better than the 2005 version. ▲ 💡

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    I love Matthew in this role! His portrayal was more realistic and human. Many ask how does Darcy go from being cold and snobby to loving Elizabeth? Matthew played it that he was introverted/shy along with some hautiness. My favorite adaptation hands down.

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    The movie leaves so much of the novel out- and yet the movie is riveting. I am so conflicted by my love/hate relationship with this adaptation....

  49. Aprajita Rana

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    What I especially love about this story is that the character transformation is happening with relation to each other. The words Darcy said to Elizabeth and Elizabeth said to Darcy have had some impact, have contributed in some way. Their actions are absolutely intertwined and this is what makes their journey especially interesting. It's like a two substances mixing for a slow...very slow...gradual...chemical reaction...

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    I was a teenager when I discovered Jane Austen and became sliiightly obsessed with her works and especially First Impressions a.k.a. Pride & Prejudice. When this movie came out like a year after I had read the novel, I watched it like 3 times in two months.. for my BA essay I actually did an analysis on why Lizzy is a strong female character (especially in relation to the other women) Love the book, the movie, the BBC series and now also this video on why we love the characters!

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    I don't like this version of Pride and Prejudice. I like the OPB(?) I think it is miniseries with Colin Firth and Jennifer E(?). That's my favorite version of it I didn't like this version I don't like Knightley as the heroine. I like Jennifer better.

  68. Fantasy Love 🍁

    Fantasy Love 🍁26 päivää sitten

    20:38 Oh yes ! And these female characters also usually lack empathy, 'cause you can't feel anything when you are strong, obviously, and are characterized by being mean to every character that tries to help them or give them advice, especially when it's a man. "You can't accept help, be proven wrong and be nice if you are a strong female character, especially when a man is involved, 'cause being strong obviously means doing everything on your own without asking for anyone's opinion and without caring for their feelings".... That's so annoying 😑🙁

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  83. Vaneta R

    Vaneta RUukausi sitten

    Well of course it's because Jane Austen writes really well. But I think, also, deep down, people know it's wrong to pre-judge people because of their "status." Elizabeth assumed Darcy was a bad person because he was snobbish and rich. He was raised to have too much pride, but that didn't mean he was a bad person. And of course, Darcy learned that he shouldn't be such a snob. We are ALL PEOPLE and we ALL make mistakes. Love can overlook those mistakes and help us stop making them.

  84. sms

    smsUukausi sitten

    yeah...she meant every word she uttered in that scene. definitely not a no really means yes moment-- because that's not a thing.

  85. i know exactly who you are

    i know exactly who you areUukausi sitten

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  86. u know who i am

    u know who i amUukausi sitten

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  91. Bea T

    Bea TUukausi sitten

    I like Mr Darcy because he is a dark horse of sorts. He seems snobby and uptight but the audience soon discovers that he is a very considerate, socially awkward hero of a man who does his best with the information presented to him (the Bennet's are a disaster, Jane did seem uninterested in Charles and Elizabeth is perfectly tolerable, at first glance, anyway). Also, he is tall, handsome and fabulously rich.

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    I absolutely love this story. Most definitely safe to say this is my all-time favorite book. It's exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to choose which version of the film accompaniment I like more! They're both most excellent and the actors fit their roles so well in the film and tv series. Thank you for covering this story!

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  97. Julia Hopewell

    Julia HopewellUukausi sitten

    I saw the 1995 adaptation with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle first. It has spoiled us completely. This film is good; but Darcy is not up to scratch (insufficiet passion in his body language and eyes). Mr and Mrs Bennett in the 1995 version (Benjamin Whitrow and Alison Steadman) are glorious together; whereas Julie Walters (whom I love) had a very much miscast Donald Sutherland. The man could hardly be understood - and the American accent jarred. This current version has some lovely scenery and Keira Knightly is good; but it doesn't compare in all other respects. Do watch the 1995 version, - if only for Mr Collins (wonderful performance!).

  98. ced ed

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    The uncovered inventory reportedly include because bakery neatly balance than a embarrassed law. alluring, permissible deodorant

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  101. Debbie Lough

    Debbie LoughUukausi sitten

    After Lizzie confirms to the aunt that she and Darcy aren't engaged, the aunt asks her to promise that she'll never enter into an engagement with him. Lizzie refuses to promise that she never will be engaged to Darcy. Darcy knows Lizzie well enough to believe that if she had no hope / intention that they might become engaged, she'd have said so to his aunt. So it makes him realise there may be a chance yet.