1. Prinal Mehta

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    I liked how they stood from shorter to taller when brent was entering his house..... Welcome to Starbucks what can I get for you ❤️love for you Lexi ❤️

  2. Taskeen Nelson

    Taskeen Nelson2 päivää sitten

    Lexis laugh is so cute

  3. Ryu

    Ryu2 päivää sitten

    Jeremy no hat no shirt

  4. Ryu

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  5. ITAM bA

    ITAM bA3 päivää sitten

    Jeremy do not remove your 👕 SHIRT

  6. kezi422

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    You and Andrew will make a great couple

  7. robearto1208

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  8. Madison Williamson

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    I am craving a cake pop now

  9. Annah Harris

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    Andrew and Lexi: welcome to Starbucks what can I get for you?

  10. Suzette Dsouza

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    I wanna treat all my friends to Lexi 's Starbucks 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Suzette Dsouza

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    I wanna come to Lexi's Starbucks pleaseeee😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Cutie channel

    Cutie channel11 päivää sitten

    Moreee Like ice cream store pls.

  13. Majida Thakur

    Majida Thakur11 päivää sitten

    When lexi says that welcome back to my video there's a always a person clapping behind that's so funny😂😂

  14. Gracie Viaud

    Gracie Viaud11 päivää sitten

    Omg lol

  15. Edwin A barrera Solares

    Edwin A barrera Solares13 päivää sitten

    does andrew and lexi like each other? make a viedo about it pleassseeee

  16. Makenzie Nutt

    Makenzie Nutt14 päivää sitten

    first off why is jeremy not wearing a shirt

  17. Cricelda Esparza

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    But why your grama your thor her drink and thats soo rude pay for it i ganna cry

  18. Libby Ismydog

    Libby Ismydog18 päivää sitten

    Jeremy wore it the best😂😂

  19. Tazeem Hussain

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    Lexi she was your grandma

  20. lizzy

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  21. avni singh

    avni singh23 päivää sitten

    The way she said “ we are in brents house “ it sounds like its not her house to lol

  22. alexandra lock

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    Brent: BOOM!!! what's up guys welcome back to my youtube channel. Lexi Rivera: Hey guys! welcome 👏🏽back to my youtube channel. Lexi Hensler: Hey guys! welcome OR welcome back to my youtube channel. Andrew Davilla: What's poppin guys welcome back to my channel. Ben: What's up guys welcome back to my youtube channel

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  24. Touni méchri

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  25. Madeleine Mcguire

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    Seriously Jeremy. No shirt? Why?

  26. Mona Moody

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    somiya hamer 😄

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    They do

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    Every video I press on has more thumbs Downs and I think that's because of the short timing of the video but I'm okay with it

  33. Falak KHAN

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  34. Eileen Comars

    Eileen Comars27 päivää sitten

    Yo that's what I would've done like go to Starbucks and actually get a pink drink XD

  35. Three Flowers

    Three Flowers28 päivää sitten

    I dare you to get back with Ben

  36. Sophie-mia O'Connell

    Sophie-mia O'Connell28 päivää sitten

    You and Andrew should be a couple yourcute together i ship you to

  37. Viridiana Minjares

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    F ernanda

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  39. Nagaraj Nagaraj

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    No one : Brent : it tastes exactly like water 😂🤣

  40. Maria Estrada

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    You and Andrew want to make a great couple

  41. flowerdancer47 !!!!

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    Why are you always with Andrew? you guys something something ?

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  43. Vijay Krishnan

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    Just imagine walking into Starbucks and Alexa Rivera hands you your drink

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    Andrew and Lexi look very cute ❤️🥰

  46. Hector Rojas

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    God always wants the best for you. The only reason he gives us hard situations is because he knows we can kick booty and get through it like it's NOBODYS business. He will also fight for you, and he loves you dearly. He even said himself that we are the most special thing he made. If he takes the time to care for flowers that would get thrown away tomorrow then what makes you think that he won't think ur any special.

  47. Gacha_Cutie

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    Why was Jeremy shirtless😂😭

  48. Adit Playz

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    Sugar daddy Davila in the house for the intro

  49. Sohel RAHMAN

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    Lexi & Jeremy so cute together

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    LANDREW sound so cute


    PRIYADARSHIUukausi sitten


  52. Shanaya Deniro

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    Lexi: can you be one of my workers. Jeremy: sure Me The next time i see him: why is he SHIRTLESSSSSSSSSSS

  53. it is abbie

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    Can I get a pupiken lota

  54. Don’t put a rifle in my hands

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    Yo did you guys rob a starbucks cause I doubt that those cups and posters are available on amazon

  55. nabeeha Ahmed

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    You and Andrew is best friends lovely😊

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    I love you so mushhh yall Lexi Andrew ben Brent brice Blake and the mom of Lexi I love daal so much

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  58. Vaishnavi Subramaniam

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    0:39 lexi and andrew:''welcome to Starbucks wt can i get for you'' Lexi's want was nice but andrew's was sooo cute❤❤❤

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    I ship landrew

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    “I think instead of being friends....... you should be my coworker”😂

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    I💗U BABY

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    What do you like better Starbucks or McDonald's

  78. moon_shimmerYT

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    Can I a so you a question?

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    I simp lexi and Andrew😍❤️💏


    FELISHIA LESLIEUukausi sitten

    It look good very good job Lexi Rivera

  82. mariammal theivaraj

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    Brent at the end about to say Lexi's Starbucks sucks and he said bad so that part I laughed hare 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  83. Dana Steward

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    Pierson's drink looks like a Baja Blast


    TIRRTHA BIRARIUukausi sitten

    Lexi’s intro Hey guys welcome ba👏🏻ck to my FItitle channel Love this way

  85. Holly

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    Nobody: Lexi:your name? Brent:Brent Lexi:alright Steven

  86. Rethika Sathya

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    what's funny is that this house was abandoned and they came to the house and were scared out of their minds now they just chill there.

  87. nazia parveen

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    Why is Jermy shirtless PEOPLE ? BTW I LOVE YOU ALL

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    Omg Lexi cheated

  89. ParisTheRarest

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    Omg Lexi love the hat on you look like your mom (not an insult lol)

  90. Cervantes Cervantes

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    I feel like when your grandma left Lexi I bet that she went to Dunkin to get another drink🤣 Andrew: wait let me see Oops sorry

  91. Anjali Varma

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    Ariana medium


    NEXPLAY SOLIDUukausi sitten

    You now i have ay vlog its royalty family

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    I love you guys so much

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    You guys look so great. I love this video💘

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    y does jeremy never have a shirt on?

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    Such a hardwork❤️❤️

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    It's super fun ny

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    Pierson's scream😂🤣

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    Why is Lexi always cheating in games

  100. Kellija Līga Ķezēna

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    Lexi I saw you whit ... sooooo... long. I think you love him❤

  101. iC_leb

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    Lexi: Gets a drink from the “REAL” starbucks Me: Is that illgal if you are the owner of starbucks?!?!😂😂