Watch Virgin Galactic launch Richard Branson to space (first zero G!)

Virgin Galactic's Unity 22 mission has successfully flown billionaire Richard Branson on his first flight into space. Watch the flight (and the first moments in space).


  1. mona rena

    mona rena20 tuntia sitten

    Only 2/3 of the way to the firmament?!

  2. Rainblaze

    RainblazePäivä sitten

    Who would have thought that "tubular bells" would have brought us to this

  3. Natalie Ouwencamp

    Natalie Ouwencamp2 päivää sitten

    WOW They forgot to use a fish-eye lens to curve the Earth. Globe debunked one time. Thank you sir Richard

  4. Mia B

    Mia B3 päivää sitten

    Here come the sun truely local

  5. shatner99

    shatner993 päivää sitten

    This was not weightlessness because of horizontal velocity. Am I correct?

  6. διαβόητο φάντασμα

    διαβόητο φάντασμα6 päivää sitten

    Some days you'll have flights to outer space, just like flights to other countries. Crazy how far we've come

  7. Jus Crank Tackle

    Jus Crank Tackle6 päivää sitten

    Proof Earth is flat...... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Paul Hancock

    Paul Hancock6 päivää sitten

    The flat-earthers must be so worried right now.

  9. Paul Hancock

    Paul Hancock4 päivää sitten

    @niddg viiut It is. I can assure you.

  10. niddg viiut

    niddg viiut5 päivää sitten

    Just want to know if the earth is round???

  11. Mary McC

    Mary McC6 päivää sitten

    Flat as a pancake 🥞

  12. miko foin

    miko foin4 päivää sitten

    Santa Claus for adults

  13. wilfredoUbatuba

    wilfredoUbatuba6 päivää sitten

    not space yet you rich muppet

  14. Tom Britton

    Tom Britton7 päivää sitten

    He wants to sort his media pricing and employees before pretending to be buzz lightweight 😂

  15. Catherine Michele

    Catherine Michele7 päivää sitten

    Where's the LMAO button? SO fake! Oh, and where's the curve? Nothing but flat horizon ahead. What a joke! The song "A New Normal"? REALLY???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. thefivepoints

    thefivepoints7 päivää sitten

    Great can they f*ckin leave him there.

  17. seiom jvony

    seiom jvony6 päivää sitten


  18. the most beautiful thing on is the world itself

    the most beautiful thing on is the world itself7 päivää sitten

    Invent something to reduce smog !

  19. the most beautiful thing on is the world itself

    the most beautiful thing on is the world itself7 päivää sitten

    It doesn't matter on which planet Branson and his Chinese friends are at some they will pollut that one too!

  20. Viking Simon

    Viking Simon8 päivää sitten

    They are not in space. They take the same journey that a high-altitude MIG takes, that is not being in space, and it's nothing new.

  21. Stock Fadi

    Stock Fadi8 päivää sitten

    They forgot to use fisheye lenses on the outside of the plane? Look at that flat horizon

  22. T DawG

    T DawG8 päivää sitten

    Yawn the human race has done nothing since 1969 except travel 60 miles up.

  23. Mark Carrier

    Mark Carrier8 päivää sitten

    Quit wasting money for Sir Richard to play! Lower the cost of your airline!


    SHANTH RAJ8 päivää sitten

    Tqs Richard bronson sir

  25. Time_4 Change

    Time_4 Change8 päivää sitten

    Explain how the vast addition to pollution and carbon generated by these JOLLY rides are an improvement to the prospects for mankind.

  26. Turf's Up Lawn Pros

    Turf's Up Lawn Pros8 päivää sitten

    Santa Claus for adults

  27. Eric Guzman

    Eric Guzman9 päivää sitten

    Just want to know if the earth is round???

  28. AlienGirl

    AlienGirl9 päivää sitten

    so cool! Congratulations Sir Richard!

  29. jaja jaja

    jaja jaja9 päivää sitten


  30. new glory days

    new glory days9 päivää sitten

    You spend that much on the launch that you had just enough left over to buy the first camera you could afford.

  31. damachine3

    damachine39 päivää sitten

    3:42 They can figure out how to build that ship and get it into space and back but they can't make a simple radio transmission...even after doing so for multiple decades.

  32. damachine3

    damachine39 päivää sitten

    0:49 She left him hangin' 👊

  33. lazyaussiensw

    lazyaussiensw9 päivää sitten

    Gap between rich and poor going high. The rich trying find ways to spend their money

  34. Kezza Chadda

    Kezza Chadda9 päivää sitten

    BRILLIANT CGI INNIT !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Neil Confesor

    Neil Confesor9 päivää sitten

    Some says this is not space. Of course this is business, wait for the added feature "upgrade".. Which will cost $$$ per altitude...

  36. Marek Magyar

    Marek Magyar9 päivää sitten

    unfortunately there are enough dumb people with money to pay for this ridiculous bs

  37. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiu9 päivää sitten

    They didnt go to space they just went few feet higher than an airplane 😂 😂

  38. iNewsTV

    iNewsTV9 päivää sitten

    lol, that's not space.

  39. Mind Crimes

    Mind Crimes9 päivää sitten


  40. Al An

    Al An9 päivää sitten

    All that CO2 pumped into the atmosphere just to fulfill a dream??? **sehole

  41. Erica Wolf

    Erica Wolf9 päivää sitten

    Everyone is so f******* negative. Just so full of negative responses, and put downs. I mean, this is pretty incredible, you can't say that it's "not that impressive". If I see the earth out my window. I'm in space. Period. Look at the video. I get the exact mileage is not considered space, but c'mon.

  42. Dan Perrotta

    Dan Perrotta10 päivää sitten

    So wheres the curvature?

  43. Илья И

    Илья И10 päivää sitten

    Как всегда эти официалы ничего так и не показали толком. Не показали кадры с максимальной высоты, на видео рябь, в общем, ничего нового.👎

  44. Lloyd Douglas

    Lloyd Douglas10 päivää sitten

    Yeah, I'll stick with AT&T...that service needs work!

  45. Michael Monday

    Michael Monday10 päivää sitten

    I paid $28Mil for 1 min of Zero Grav…? I’m an idiot.

  46. Lorna Jean

    Lorna Jean10 päivää sitten

    *almost space. He went to almost space. Psh. Call me when he actually goes INTO space.

  47. Martini V8

    Martini V810 päivää sitten

    Billionaires toys 🧸

  48. Sajjad Aliyambath

    Sajjad Aliyambath10 päivää sitten

    In how many ft we lose gravity

  49. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja10 päivää sitten

    You never lose gravity, you either free fall, or you keep orbiting around a mass instead of falling back to it.

  50. Mike Sauce

    Mike Sauce10 päivää sitten

    They didnt go to space they just went few feet higher than an airplane 😂 😂

  51. Corentin OGER

    Corentin OGER10 päivää sitten

    During the cold war, people would be fed State propaganda while watching space videos, now they're watching commercial propaganda instead!

  52. Daniel Jr L Odevilas

    Daniel Jr L Odevilas10 päivää sitten

    Idk man, but i am more proud of this than the blue origin space tourism lol

  53. Rock girl

    Rock girl10 päivää sitten

    Someones getting a kickback for blowing this out of proportion

  54. What Would Audrey Hepburn Do?

    What Would Audrey Hepburn Do?10 päivää sitten

    Earth looks pretty flat in this footage ...just saying!

  55. What Would Audrey Hepburn Do?

    What Would Audrey Hepburn Do?10 päivää sitten

    Who flew parallel to film the entire flight up there?

  56. Sneaky Foz

    Sneaky Foz10 päivää sitten

    This is just a really expensive advertisement, massive billionaires wankfest at the expense of the tax payer.

  57. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja10 päivää sitten

    What are you talking about? He made it from his own money, it's not a NASA project.

  58. john smith

    john smith10 päivää sitten

    I always thought Sir Richard was a bit suspect and now I know why. Did anyone else notice they cut the cam just as he was morphing back into human form ? Oh well, thats the illuminati for you !

  59. Rock girl

    Rock girl10 päivää sitten

    next covid variant coming Branson space lol

  60. Linziloo Loo

    Linziloo Loo11 päivää sitten

    So stupid, they are not even close to the made up location of Narnia in the fairytales, gas lighting dopes that only read headlines.

  61. Hermann van Zyl

    Hermann van Zyl11 päivää sitten

    Is this all?

  62. Paneristi

    Paneristi11 päivää sitten

    Decisions, decisions, end child hunger… launch self into space ✅

  63. Azzam Meeralam

    Azzam Meeralam11 päivää sitten

    Doctor: You have few months to live, need anything? Billionaire: Give me some space

  64. Mean Electricman

    Mean Electricman11 päivää sitten

    So where is the video of them in space? All them billionaires and no gopro?

  65. Entrepreneurr

    Entrepreneurr11 päivää sitten

    Nice FLAT horizon LOL

  66. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja6 päivää sitten

    @Entrepreneurr What's wrong? You've become awfully quiet!

  67. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja7 päivää sitten

    @Entrepreneurr Oh, look, 5 minutes and I have found a flat earther who has actually done some research and guess what, he proven that the earth starts to curve over 20 Km with his high altitude balloon. You can see at the beginning of the video that the camera doesn't distort the picture, so you are just a parrot and a liar. I hope you know that if your god is true and not another, you will still be punished for lying and being dishonest! GuD BlEsS YoU! :P

  68. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja7 päivää sitten

    @Entrepreneurr Dude, you can repeat your lies to yourself as much as you want, that won't change the facts. ;) Seriously, get some help!

  69. Entrepreneurr

    Entrepreneurr7 päivää sitten

    @Muckytuja Clearly I'm talking about flying in an aircraft at 80k ft. Regardless of where it is being filmed, they are clearly using lens that distorts images if any horizon is not flat. Also a horizon is flat, a plane means flat, level means flat. Also, if you fly in an aircraft with glass that doesn't alter vision, such as in a cockpit, you would recognize that the horizon is always flat and you never look over a curve. You can debate me as much as you want, but you are wrong. If you aren't wrong, show a video of a curve at any altitude through a proper lens, but you can't because there isn't a curve lol. But anyway, God bless you.

  70. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja7 päivää sitten

    @Entrepreneurr Uhm, dude !?! I was clearly talking about the horizon becoming concave as the picture shifts up and down a little. And it's been filmed from outside of the plane, not through the windows. I am pretty sure you were flown in a covert military plane, and I was the one who piloted it. Fact. And about reality denying, that's on your part. I feel sorry for you dude, get help!

  71. WakeyT

    WakeyT11 päivää sitten

    Well done folks; an end to world poverty and starvation while reducing our carbon imprint too, truly the mindful pioneers we need 🙌🏼

  72. Aaa

    Aaa11 päivää sitten

    Too bad Virgin Mobile stock didn't take off this well when I bought it back in the day.

  73. WarAngel

    WarAngel11 päivää sitten

    The money spent here would have helped our homeless -

  74. Jon

    Jon11 päivää sitten

    Well.. This was truly awful.

  75. Stephie Getsit

    Stephie Getsit11 päivää sitten

    More gigantic holes being burnt through our atmosphere, don't worry global warming only affects those stuck here on earth.

  76. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja10 päivää sitten

    @Stephie Getsit So rockets burn holes in the atmosphere, when their trajectory goes above the stratosphere almost vertically in less than 160 miles, while aeroplanes go through thousands of miles IN THE AtMOSPHERE flying by flapping their wings? If someone should google something that should be you to how to get an elementary school diploma! :D

  77. Stephie Getsit

    Stephie Getsit10 päivää sitten

    @win jah look it up,planes don't go out side the atmosphere, nore do birds, and none of them have huge flames blasting out the back of them. GOOGLE IT

  78. win jah

    win jah11 päivää sitten

    You believe sending these "rockets" burns holes in the atmosphere layers? What about planes? What about birds?

  79. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml11 päivää sitten

    Remember the name virgin galactic, one more company full of illusions.

  80. Nick M

    Nick M11 päivää sitten

    'camera difficulties' (;

  81. david preston

    david preston11 päivää sitten

    next covid variant coming Branson space lol

  82. Shalom CCS

    Shalom CCS11 päivää sitten

    I remember when the x-15 was launched from the belly of the spy plane.

  83. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja10 päivää sitten

    That was not a spy plane but a modified B-52 bomber.

  84. Shalom CCS

    Shalom CCS11 päivää sitten

    I like Virgin Technology and space ship design more than Bezos .

  85. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml11 päivää sitten

    This is sick. People are actually hungry and they spend millions for this . Who gives a damn

  86. Chelepapaya91

    Chelepapaya9111 päivää sitten

    Everyone mad in the comment section 😂😂😂

  87. Antony 24

    Antony 2411 päivää sitten

    All while the world is fighting disease, famine and extreme climate change

  88. Gabe 111

    Gabe 11111 päivää sitten

    Flat earthers.........🤣🤣🤣 ...hush

  89. Gabe 111

    Gabe 11111 päivää sitten

    @win jah they went

  90. win jah

    win jah11 päivää sitten

    I thought he was going to space, they went up and back down. LUL

  91. was wasn't

    was wasn't11 päivää sitten

    Lame, so lame. I mean come on, really? 86 km altitude with Starlink satellites are at 230 km and the ISS orbits at 407 km altitude. - really??? These billionaires couldn't do at least one orbit around the earth??? Bezos made it above 100 km for just 1 minute and 13 seconds?? Lame, totally lame! These guys think something great in history just happened? They only made it to suborbital space- not outer space. Branson and Bezos were too cheap to build something to achieve orbital velocity. Suborbital space tourism is a real lame waste of time, money and not worth the risk of human life. These two billionaires could have saved alot of money and just pay $55m a seat aboard a real space ship on SpaceX "Dragon" but their pride would not allow that. If you really want the real thing, fly with SpaceX and book seven nights at the ISS and view 16 sunrises/sunsets a day. Then you got something colossal to write home about.


    MEPTUNE11 päivää sitten

    Historic 💩. They're not pioneers, they just bought spaceships - and made sure they were really really safe ones; they're taking no risk beyond the monetary and even that is no risk for them. This is not "the right stuff" and they've gone nowhere no man has gone before.

  93. Time_4 Change

    Time_4 Change11 päivää sitten

    This has to go down in history as one of the most disgusting capitalist WANKs ever. Corruption personified. Making money off the people and spending it on a JOLLY. Destroying the ecosystem. Carbon....WHAT ?????

  94. Endless Hunger Healthy food

    Endless Hunger Healthy food11 päivää sitten

    'Space' is slowly coming down to earth these days, no pun intended ;)

  95. ioannis v.

    ioannis v.11 päivää sitten

    expensive toys for the rich people to play.......vanity is all of his glory.....

  96. Agent J productions

    Agent J productions11 päivää sitten

    Thank god superman didn't have to come this time .

  97. Randall Reed

    Randall Reed11 päivää sitten

    Both Branson and Bezos have built toys with a lot of flash and ego sizzles but little practical use and, at the very best, a murky path to future development. Do not anticipate future development from either Branson's high tech kite or Bezos' updated Mercury capsule. If you can't go orbital, you can't do squat.

  98. MiLawdMillyVEVO

    MiLawdMillyVEVO11 päivää sitten

    Why the earth look flat👀

  99. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja10 päivää sitten

    It looks concave actually, and did you know about camera lenses?

  100. Furkan Karaçam

    Furkan Karaçam11 päivää sitten

    What happens at 3.40? They were still ascending and started to descend without slowing down?

  101. Keith Blumfield

    Keith Blumfield11 päivää sitten

    Nothing more than a pissing competition with Bezos & Musk

  102. was wasn't

    was wasn't11 päivää sitten

    Appreciate your sentiment, but the contest is really between Branson and Bezos; while Elon sets his goal to land on Mars and camp out for a while, then come on back to Earth from another planet. Bezos and Branson couldn’t produce enough urin in their lifetime to compete with Musk, a true visionary.

  103. Goran Hikl

    Goran Hikl11 päivää sitten

    This is sick. People are actually hungry and they spend millions for this . Who gives a damn

  104. was wasn't

    was wasn't11 päivää sitten

    God bless you for saying that. I agree; yes, it is shameless.

  105. Gregory Johnson

    Gregory Johnson11 päivää sitten

    If only they were this brave and fearless, when called upon to take care of their employees...

  106. A D

    A D11 päivää sitten

    Branston, seems to wait till the race is safely well on its way and there's no more risk and then jumps onto the track running ahead shouting "follow me follow me".... not a visionary or an innovator like Musk or Bezos, an opportunist... my thought anyway...

  107. Naz Amosey

    Naz Amosey11 päivää sitten

    Cheap publicity for Super Rich . Those who have been given a lift off by politicians and banks now will offer tickets for the super rich . However , It is only the poorest of people who will venture into the fantastic world of Paradise. These folks will only touch space and never venture into it.

  108. Ian H

    Ian H11 päivää sitten

    White guys

  109. hannah logue

    hannah logue11 päivää sitten

    is flat !

  110. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja10 päivää sitten

    Yepp, their main goal was to show it to everyone that flerfs were right... cheesus.

  111. P C

    P C11 päivää sitten

    Here is something for you to digest Richard... rather than jetting off above the earth's atmosphere with your other rich chums .. how about you stay grounded on planet earth look around you and see what can be done to the planet we live on ... I'm surprised space had room for your ego up there ... one more thing stop avoiding paying your taxes ... you sir are a tool.

  112. jstacy12345

    jstacy1234512 päivää sitten

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just NO!!!!!

  113. ya k

    ya k12 päivää sitten

    Sounds like a sportcaster

  114. Mike Allen

    Mike Allen12 päivää sitten

    Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic have the most potential to reach space. The reason is because you can fly a spaceplane anywhere there is a runway. Launch pads are very scarce and take a long time to build. So all Virgin Galactic has to do is buy a larger fleet of spaceplanes as well as hubs. Other business owners will see the promise with spaceplane travel will bring the prices down further. Another thing, a rewards programs will likely also be used. Also with no heated reentry due to the feathered configuration where the back wings flip up which reduces drag and thus no heated reentry. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are both using launching pads which again has a limited reach to to make space more accessible because launch pads are scarce and take more time to build. So the media and public have it backwards that Elon Musk is leading the way in space tourism while Richard Branson is doing nothing more than a billionaire joy ride. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are doing the billionaire joy ride. Lunar colonization was a also unlikely because the spacecrafts would go through heated reentry and a lander would be needed to land on the Moon. The Apollo missions couldn't even carry 3 astronauts to land on the Moon because the lander could only fit 2 astronauts. One astronaut had to fly around the Moon so they could connect with the astronauts on the Moon. So space tourism will most likely end up like the airline industry with space planes taking off at airports. The prices are high for Virgin Galactic because of Research and Development overhead. Once this is paid off then the ball for the average person gets rolling.

  115. was wasn't

    was wasn't11 päivää sitten

    High altitude is not the reason for heat on re-entry, it is speed. That's why SpaceX does an entry burn. If the space shuttle of the 80's carried enough fuel reserve for a controlled entry burn, they wouldn't need heat resistant tiles to make a comfortable return to earth. Elon at SpaceX has demonstrated this several times. Maybe, if "Reaction Engines" loaned Musk a pair of "SABRE" engines and together they, with NASA, developed a new era of high altitude spaceships, well, that would be really something.

  116. Arnaud Sebire

    Arnaud Sebire12 päivää sitten

    He’s not space flight thanks.

  117. Andrei Andries

    Andrei Andries12 päivää sitten

    This looks so fake that it must be real ...

  118. Muckytuja

    Muckytuja10 päivää sitten

    @was wasn't :DDD Do you even know what deep fake means?

  119. was wasn't

    was wasn't11 päivää sitten

    Bezos piddley launch seemed likle a 'deep fake'

  120. incessant youtuber

    incessant youtuber12 päivää sitten

    Best comment section ever 😂😂😂😂

  121. little camplight

    little camplight12 päivää sitten

    Despite all the comments this is huge for humanity commercial space flight, we've stayed so stagnant for so long.

  122. was wasn't

    was wasn't11 päivää sitten

    Commercial humanity, you must mean the plutocrats, and they don't give a crap about the reast of us.

  123. Zoki

    Zoki12 päivää sitten

    How is this helping prevent "GLOBAL WARMING"? ..bunch of hypocrites.

  124. hans mūeller

    hans mūeller12 päivää sitten

    A giant Virgin ad. Thanks for using space to enhance my consumer experience. That and accept Sir Richard Branson as my alien insect overlord

  125. Mike Downend

    Mike Downend12 päivää sitten

    Soooo we all have to think about our planet and the alleged global warming crisis, and this jerk just blasted God knows how much pollution into the atmosphere. Don't forget to recycle your plastic everyone 😉

  126. Nick Finance

    Nick Finance12 päivää sitten

    Great achievement! I bet there’s more to come. 👊🏼

  127. was wasn't

    was wasn't11 päivää sitten

    No great anything here; well, maybe a great pissing contest between two egotistical plutocrats.

  128. LEXX

    LEXX12 päivää sitten

    Очки бы хоть снял!Постанова конечно похожая на правду)

  129. Sergei Novinkiy

    Sergei Novinkiy10 päivää sitten

    Русским привет)

  130. Sin Amos

    Sin Amos13 päivää sitten

    Anyone buying this failed attempt deserves their life of slavery.

  131. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiu12 päivää sitten