Trying to enter the world of #shorts

Just Annabelle and Ian racing towards the finish line :) #shorts


  1. Too much content

    Too much content24 sekuntia sitten

    Anyone know what this is???

  2. Camilo Castillon

    Camilo Castillon9 minuuttia sitten

    Oh come on. We know that the guy won, He's been practicing it since his childhood IYKWIM😉

  3. Арсений Эшонов

    Арсений Эшонов14 minuuttia sitten


  4. Mdr Ptdr

    Mdr Ptdr19 minuuttia sitten

    I just love her energy. If every women i paid were like that..

  5. Evelyn Robles

    Evelyn Robles37 minuuttia sitten

    alguien abla español

  6. cutthroat 420

    cutthroat 42054 minuuttia sitten

    The real mastermind here is the dude paying hourly for these 2 to compete with each other on who is fastest


    LEGENDARYPLAYZTunti sitten

    Candy shop?

  8. Mukhar Bajpai

    Mukhar BajpaiTunti sitten

    That guy has good practice for faster 🖐️ movement

  9. Mr.都市伝説関暁夫

    Mr.都市伝説関暁夫Tunti sitten


  10. Sergeant Meme’s

    Sergeant Meme’sTunti sitten

    *War.... war never changes*

  11. Samuraio

    SamuraioTunti sitten

    Nothing compared to some of the pros lmao, they can do it twice as fast

  12. Riah the gymnast

    Riah the gymnastTunti sitten

    Was this at the ice cream place yomoma

  13. vicky kumar

    vicky kumar2 tuntia sitten

    Umm what are they cutting

  14. Chris 414

    Chris 4142 tuntia sitten

    Damn! Did you see how fast he was going for that split second then he slowed back down

  15. Chetorri03

    Chetorri032 tuntia sitten

    El chabon tiene 4 de esas weas y ella 2 XD

  16. Awa

    Awa2 tuntia sitten

    So satisfying

  17. Jhonatan Enrique Lozada chavez

    Jhonatan Enrique Lozada chavez2 tuntia sitten

    Que hermosa chica

  18. Joseph Jumonville

    Joseph Jumonville3 tuntia sitten

    Notice how he has 4 and she has 2🙃😂

  19. Sergey Chehutskiy

    Sergey Chehutskiy3 tuntia sitten

    Милая бабенка)

  20. Kio Kiosed

    Kio Kiosed3 tuntia sitten

    Ayuda no encuentro el comentario en español xd

  21. Shanice Rawlins

    Shanice Rawlins3 tuntia sitten

    What is that

  22. mr b3nr

    mr b3nr4 tuntia sitten

    What is that

  23. DG Gaming

    DG Gaming4 tuntia sitten

    Are those shotgun shells ?

  24. 勇ちぇん

    勇ちぇん4 tuntia sitten


  25. Lars Oredson

    Lars Oredson4 tuntia sitten

    What are those?

  26. NativePride405

    NativePride4054 tuntia sitten

    She's adorable

  27. azhar hama

    azhar hama4 tuntia sitten

    People in comments yo the guy slowed down and make some nicknames People in the replies : SO YOU ARE SAYING the girl shouldn't work.

  28. Incidentalz Occidentalz

    Incidentalz Occidentalz4 tuntia sitten

    Employees: *working fast* Employer: “we gotta add more challenges”

  29. Jose Ricardo Arizaga Rosales

    Jose Ricardo Arizaga Rosales5 tuntia sitten

    Que preciosa chica😍

  30. Brandon Lee

    Brandon Lee5 tuntia sitten

    Wth are they cutting

  31. Kevon Phillips

    Kevon Phillips5 tuntia sitten

    Mans cutting 4 while she cutting 2 though

  32. Frozen Collective

    Frozen Collective5 tuntia sitten

    Who else is stuck in a endless loop of watching FItitle shorts for no reason? You click on one and you just can't stop watching the rest

  33. Al Ali Abdullah

    Al Ali Abdullah5 tuntia sitten

    She got less

  34. Dielson Silva

    Dielson Silva6 tuntia sitten

    Aí lanço a pergunta polêmica... Quem deve ganhar mais?? 👀

  35. Jeff wipkins

    Jeff wipkins6 tuntia sitten

    POV: you didn’t go to college

  36. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia6 tuntia sitten

    Imma need Annabelles @ tho 😮‍💨💕

  37. 無頼ハンド

    無頼ハンド6 tuntia sitten


  38. イムラ

    イムラ6 tuntia sitten


  39. 吉良吉影

    吉良吉影6 tuntia sitten


  40. Sheikh Rehan

    Sheikh Rehan7 tuntia sitten

    Someone tell me what are they doing ?

  41. Mike Adonis

    Mike Adonis7 tuntia sitten

    He's doing 4 at a time to her 2.

  42. 타비

    타비7 tuntia sitten

    where is mask?

  43. Jojo Jalapeño

    Jojo Jalapeño7 tuntia sitten

    What's the song in the background please?!!

  44. Muhammed Arif

    Muhammed Arif7 tuntia sitten

    Very good

  45. Alim Tash

    Alim Tash7 tuntia sitten


  46. k n

    k n7 tuntia sitten


  47. King Kazuma

    King Kazuma7 tuntia sitten

    He's cutting four while she's only cutting two

  48. Empare 17

    Empare 177 tuntia sitten

    Aquí no hay igualdad xq la chica tiene 2 y el chico 4 y la igualdad no se refriere a eso

  49. ka yama

    ka yama8 tuntia sitten

    速(*> ᴗ •*)ゞ

  50. alanna nowlin

    alanna nowlin8 tuntia sitten

    what they makin

  51. SOTさんに嫉妬

    SOTさんに嫉妬8 tuntia sitten


  52. の中に怪盗ですか

    の中に怪盗ですか9 tuntia sitten

    津軽三味線ならぬ、 手軽アメ線🙄

  53. Taylan Konuralp

    Taylan Konuralp10 tuntia sitten

    What is the thing they're chopping?

  54. Sahil Singh

    Sahil Singh10 tuntia sitten

    So beautiful

  55. TheUnknownGoat

    TheUnknownGoat10 tuntia sitten

    That "well done" was so forced💀

  56. Cipherizzedd

    Cipherizzedd10 tuntia sitten


  57. Miso Lame

    Miso Lame10 tuntia sitten

    That was toight like a toiga

  58. Yash Panchal

    Yash Panchal10 tuntia sitten

    What is this please name this itom

  59. _swag_ Papi_7

    _swag_ Papi_711 tuntia sitten

    She’s cutting two a time , while he cuts 4 at a time

  60. gimmeyafreakinmoneyz

    gimmeyafreakinmoneyz11 tuntia sitten

    It was never gonna be fair cuz hes did 4 and she did 2 But no hate cuz it was very cute

  61. oronmi

    oronmi11 tuntia sitten


  62. riku orion

    riku orion12 tuntia sitten


  63. Takuu

    Takuu12 tuntia sitten

    女性の方が勝ったように見えるけど 男性の方が勝ってるんだよね ってか、男の娘説を推したい

  64. Ram Gulhane

    Ram Gulhane12 tuntia sitten

    True title: trying to entering the world of sweet.

  65. 半間雄二郎

    半間雄二郎12 tuntia sitten


  66. Mr. NQ

    Mr. NQ12 tuntia sitten


  67. オカモ二等兵

    オカモ二等兵12 tuntia sitten


  68. ゆっきー

    ゆっきー12 tuntia sitten


  69. Venancio Zaragoza III

    Venancio Zaragoza III13 tuntia sitten

    I love you that Girl❤❤❤❤❤❤

  70. soner blade

    soner blade13 tuntia sitten

    Yo what even is that it looks good. Tell me its edible and if so where can I find some

  71. President 2036

    President 203613 tuntia sitten

    Dude also did 4

  72. AQ

    AQ13 tuntia sitten

    ابغى اتوظف عندهم

  73. Nick Name

    Nick Name13 tuntia sitten


  74. i a

    i a13 tuntia sitten


  75. Bruhn't

    Bruhn't13 tuntia sitten

    She's working hard, he's working smart

  76. クンザトニー

    クンザトニー13 tuntia sitten


  77. Rose Gardner

    Rose Gardner13 tuntia sitten

    Aww she is soo pretty.

  78. 생쥐대장

    생쥐대장14 tuntia sitten


  79. OhIDid

    OhIDid14 tuntia sitten

    Just know she stokes it faster

  80. J R

    J R14 tuntia sitten

    What are those?

  81. OldSchoolRapRadio

    OldSchoolRapRadio14 tuntia sitten

    the girl got good expirience😁

  82. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater15 tuntia sitten

    What the fuck is it

  83. メイカしか勝たん!

    メイカしか勝たん!15 tuntia sitten

    一回目の視聴 おじさんの華麗な手さばき 2回目の視聴 お姉さんの可憐な動き 3回目の視聴 2人の手と俺の手のテンポを合わせて…ふぅ

  84. Instinct Poptart

    Instinct Poptart15 tuntia sitten

    Him has four she has two

  85. Khaji Sharana

    Khaji Sharana15 tuntia sitten

    That cutting is so satisifing

  86. Sharifah Pa Muda

    Sharifah Pa Muda15 tuntia sitten

    Won i was a kid their always gave free candy to all children a watching there

  87. Diego Gutiérrez

    Diego Gutiérrez15 tuntia sitten

    Xd la piba tenia menos y ni los corto bien

  88. miguel guiao

    miguel guiao15 tuntia sitten

    You see him just not concentrating and taking tiny breaks so she could win

  89. 北海道なまら

    北海道なまら15 tuntia sitten


  90. Kevin McCaughan

    Kevin McCaughan15 tuntia sitten

    Those candies suck.

  91. じょう

    じょう16 tuntia sitten


  92. 動画なしで登録者50万目指す打倒動画なし登録者10万

    動画なしで登録者50万目指す打倒動画なし登録者10万16 tuntia sitten


  93. Mohammed Sameer

    Mohammed Sameer16 tuntia sitten

    Her insta id ?

  94. Rebecca Sandberg

    Rebecca Sandberg16 tuntia sitten

    What is that

  95. Alexandre Grand-Pierre

    Alexandre Grand-Pierre17 tuntia sitten

    What are those tho 😂

  96. THE NOOB

    THE NOOB17 tuntia sitten

    The quiet kid getting all he shotgun shells ready

  97. れーずんばたーろーる

    れーずんばたーろーる17 tuntia sitten


  98. mwara2444

    mwara244417 tuntia sitten

    You don't cut a slim Jim, you snap into it!

  99. Yahya Almazni

    Yahya Almazni17 tuntia sitten

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