Try Not To Cry Watching The Emotional Bits From Queer Eye | Netflix

Queer Eye is known for lots of things and crying is a big one. This video is all of the most tear-jerking moments from Queer Eye S1-3 in one place. Season 4 is now streaming.


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  1. Ginaness

    Ginaness14 päivää sitten

    No cap William (5:30) had the absolute best glow up on the show. Who knew that was under there.

  2. Mamamew TheRani

    Mamamew TheRani23 päivää sitten

    Almost got all of the best moments, but one that was still missing was the one where Kuramo took a guy to a dance club. The guy thought he was going to be taught to dance, but the place was empty. Turned out Kuramo just wanted a room with lots of mirrors to show him what he was missing. He was always distracting people away from himself and putting himself down when there was nothing to be ashamed of. So Kuramo wrote on the mirror surrounding his reflection all of the terms he should think of when seeing himself... All the reasons to be proud. He was a great funny guy and a loving father and a sweet generous person, so that's what Kuramo wanted him to see. Sometimes I think Kuramo misses the mark, but he nailed that moment. It stuck with me as much as any of these moments. As a trans guy, the lgbt stuff in this show tends to reach me the most, but that moment is one that I think anyone with depression should see. I think we all need someone to tell us what we are missing when we only see the negative.

  3. Hermine

    HermineUukausi sitten

    I need a new season ASAP

  4. hrcutz

    hrcutzUukausi sitten

    The best show. We need more fab 5.❤️

  5. Lineage Warrior

    Lineage WarriorUukausi sitten

    Gosh, I don’t know why I needed to hear those words but I did. Maybe because I just don’t know where I belong.

  6. Shruti Basu

    Shruti BasuUukausi sitten

    I think I've said this before but Antoni crying gets me everytime

  7. Jimbo Tuazon

    Jimbo TuazonUukausi sitten


  8. Kay

    Kay2 kuukautta sitten

    That episode with the mom who passed away...I think I sobbed through the whole thing.

  9. Heidi Welling

    Heidi Welling3 kuukautta sitten

    I cry at every episode but Mama Tammy's gets me good. Between Bobby and his feelings about religion and the pain on Antoni's face when he says not all parents do that, my heart just shatters.

  10. Rudra Chakraborty

    Rudra Chakraborty4 kuukautta sitten

    I am a convinced anti theist but Mama Tammy makes me cry like a baby every freaking time!

  11. John Ashley

    John Ashley4 kuukautta sitten

    OMG I just cried through the whole clip.

  12. Loverra Peace

    Loverra Peace4 kuukautta sitten

    The woman getting her teeth fixed. I cry everytime.

  13. JimmiTimmi42

    JimmiTimmi424 kuukautta sitten

    Now I might get hate for this, the most tear-jerking episode for me was Joey Greene's episode aka the camp wildwood episode. I went to that camp in 2017 and after seeing that episode I had a whole new perspective on joey and the camp. He had once been a kind but intimidating man, but now he's gotten a whole lifestyle change. If I can ever meet the five I don't think I could thank them enough for what they've done for him. If anyone out there that has gone to wildwood or was in the lakeside cabin, please reply.

  14. Cameron Brunet

    Cameron Brunet6 kuukautta sitten

    The trunk that Bobby had made gets me every time. My dad just passed away after a long hard battle with cancer and even though I don’t have him anymore, I was lucky enough to have two parents raise me to young adulthood. Knowing that there are kids that don’t get even the little time I had with two parents breaks my heart more than words can describe.

  15. Cathy Preddie

    Cathy Preddie6 kuukautta sitten

    Omg. Bring me some tissues 😭

  16. M. Hiedeman

    M. Hiedeman6 kuukautta sitten

    Just sobbing thru every episode of this show has been so healing. Humans are extraordinary, we should treat them like they are. ❤️

  17. Tolstucha

    Tolstucha7 kuukautta sitten

    I am literally crying like a baby in every single clip in here . I didn’t really stop lol. I always start crying when somebody is crying. The emotion just radiates over to me

  18. Jayne Zayas

    Jayne Zayas8 kuukautta sitten

    every episode makes me cry. this is one of the best shows ever made. and especially being part of the lgbt family, it’s so important to realize how we are treated by society, and how these people that they help along with their families, see the 5 as humans. it’s so comforting to see even some episodes where you would think the person they are about to help out may look at them and think hell no, stay away from me, but instead they love them and appreciate the work they’ve done for them. it’s all around just a feel-good atmosphere for everyone involved.

  19. Eloise Arnold

    Eloise Arnold9 kuukautta sitten

    the dislikes are from people crying too hard and missed the right button

  20. Jameschapman

    Jameschapman9 kuukautta sitten

    ‘i’m happy for you son’ BROKE ME.

  21. Dr. Martha Tara Lee

    Dr. Martha Tara Lee9 kuukautta sitten

    Hope it's ok to share this. Am organising a virtual sexuality and disability festival happening Oct 15-19 Anybody can apply for a free ticket. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

  22. ManhattanStory

    ManhattanStory10 kuukautta sitten

    I'm so glad Antoni exists.

  23. Sam Ryan Singh

    Sam Ryan Singh11 kuukautta sitten

    Mama was a really special person ❤

  24. Renae

    RenaeVuosi sitten

    At the dentist Tan looked like he could have been a doctor there

  25. Princess Lopez

    Princess LopezVuosi sitten

    Who the heck knows who sings AMAZING GRACE in the episode when Antoni is crying ? Please anybody I need that song in my playlist!!!!🥰🙌🏼🙏🏼 in the beginning of this video

  26. Nicole Bobis

    Nicole Bobis7 kuukautta sitten

    Actually I love the song Amazing Grace it is so powerful to hear such a wonderful song that empowers you the most.

  27. Allen Grasl

    Allen GraslVuosi sitten

    these boys ARE doing God’s work . . . PURE LOVE ❤️

  28. lcyalty

    lcyaltyVuosi sitten

    When he opens up about being gay is so sad brooo

  29. Jevon Minto

    Jevon MintoVuosi sitten

    The AJ scene, I had a complete breakdown our it the first time I saw it 😭😭😭😭😭

  30. sabrina carelli

    sabrina carelliVuosi sitten


  31. STUTZ Studiowerks

    STUTZ StudiowerksVuosi sitten

    What the world needs now is love...and this show has it in spades. Thanks to the Fab 5 and all of our Heroes for opening their hearts and their lives and sharing these very human experiences. We are not demigraphs. We are people...and it is important to remember that. I love you all. ❤❤❤❤❤

  32. Salia Moon

    Salia MoonVuosi sitten

    Do I love Mama Tammye? YES!

  33. Jean Santana

    Jean SantanaVuosi sitten

    A mulher do início arrasou nas palavras. 😍😍

  34. Catherine Poirier

    Catherine PoirierVuosi sitten

    Mama Tammy ❤️

  35. candace bachelor

    candace bachelorVuosi sitten

    The world needs to love and appreciate these gentlemen ❤️ they make me feel things, abuse could have made impossible....

  36. Angga Pramudya

    Angga PramudyaVuosi sitten

    Apart from every side of you, wether being gay or straight. We just wannabe accepted of who we really are. The deepest true core inside of us.

  37. Lili Ku

    Lili KuVuosi sitten

    When I watched the episode when Bobby revealed the carved “Be nice to your brother”, I CRIED. When I saw it again here, I CRIED AGAIN. But basically i cried throughout this video im a baby.

  38. Halle Barton

    Halle BartonVuosi sitten

    everyone is talking about Tammye and AJ and his stepmother (which both are very emotional), but the Elrod family episode wrecked me from beginning to end.

  39. ruoweii

    ruoweiiVuosi sitten

    antoni immediately breaking down when mama tammye started talking is such a mood

  40. Ceci H.

    Ceci H.Vuosi sitten

    Why did I thought watching this was a good idea!! ( T_T )

  41. Ana Monten

    Ana MontenVuosi sitten


  42. Christie Love

    Christie LoveVuosi sitten

    These Men are Angels that walk this Earth. They create safety. 💜💜💜💜💜

  43. Bri Bright

    Bri BrightVuosi sitten

    Mama Tammye is everyone's mamma now

  44. _anoja31_

    _anoja31_Vuosi sitten

    Antoni always cries first and then I start crying ;-;

  45. Devika K

    Devika KVuosi sitten

    Why do I do this to myself 😭

  46. Bart B

    Bart BVuosi sitten

    Religion really is holding us all back.... people should just take the best from whatever they believe in and push out the negative aspects just like every other thing in life.

  47. Tracey Sullivan

    Tracey SullivanVuosi sitten

    I wish we didn't carry so much sorrow and pain.

  48. Adrian G.

    Adrian G.Vuosi sitten

    That music with Deborah and her new smile is truly something else.

  49. Analiz Kate Baluca

    Analiz Kate BalucaVuosi sitten

    MAMA TAMMYE 😭😭😭😭😭

  50. Alan Hoek

    Alan HoekVuosi sitten

    The boy getting top surgery got me. As a trans man, I can only imagine what it will be like when I'll be in his spot, finally looking down and seeing my flat chest. One day.

  51. Nicola Jan Smith

    Nicola Jan Smith17 päivää sitten

    @Alan Hoek Fantastic

  52. Rose Hill

    Rose Hill22 päivää sitten

    @Alan Hoek omg! Reading the comments and saw yours and to see u got your surgery Congratulations!!!! Sending u alot of love.

  53. Macabre Stories

    Macabre StoriesUukausi sitten

    I wish u all the best in the world man ❤️

  54. theBellIsTolling

    theBellIsTolling2 kuukautta sitten

    @Alan Hoekthats so wonderful. you are always you and you are more you every minute. congratulations ❤️❤️❤️

  55. Liquid Vinyls

    Liquid Vinyls3 kuukautta sitten

    @Alan Hoek omg yay

  56. mehmoona qazi

    mehmoona qaziVuosi sitten

    Who's cutting onions .😭😭😭

  57. Spring Leah

    Spring LeahVuosi sitten

    It's not shown as much here, but I've seen so much healing for Bobby over the course of the show. He has had such a negative relationship with religion and I've seen him come to terms that there are people in religion that aren't discriminatory and are loving no matter what and I feel like, given his history, it was something he needed. It's been so interesting watch to Fab 5 grow as much as they help their heroes grow.

  58. Tala Mayari

    Tala MayariVuosi sitten

    The one this season with the gay priest shown this development. Bobby went inside the church comfortably.

  59. Melanie S

    Melanie SVuosi sitten

    Now knowing Antoni hasn’t spoken to his mother in years, the part where he says that “not all parents do that” (of choosing to see the individual and look past their religion) hits way differently now

  60. fat matt

    fat mattVuosi sitten

    LoL.... lame ...fake TV scripted drama

  61. Stacey Hu

    Stacey HuVuosi sitten

    Who doesn't love mama tammy

  62. ajunice.

    ajunice.Vuosi sitten

    I’ve never seen this show but damn 🥺

  63. Jamie Spangler

    Jamie SpanglerVuosi sitten

    Antoni is such an emotional guy I love him sm

  64. Demi Sketch

    Demi Sketch5 kuukautta sitten

    @Jamie Spangler idk. We were fools.

  65. Jamie Spangler

    Jamie SpanglerVuosi sitten

    Also why did I think I could get through this without crying

  66. Britta Lago

    Britta LagoVuosi sitten

    "She made her choice... Not all parents do that." You can just see the pain in Antoni's eyes and it kills me every time

  67. Mirko Bozic

    Mirko Bozic6 kuukautta sitten

    When you see that tear slowly descending down his cheek you immediately fall apart.

  68. virdewinder singh

    virdewinder singhVuosi sitten

    that was so tough to watch.

  69. R.H.

    R.H.Vuosi sitten

    who's cutting the onions y'all

  70. Midnight Fandoms

    Midnight FandomsVuosi sitten

    People don’t realise what “more than just a makeover” truly means. This show is so beautiful.

  71. Michiko Manalang

    Michiko ManalangVuosi sitten

    "I'm sorry I hid it from you." GETS ME EVERY TIME AJ BABY BOY :(

  72. Blue Coleman

    Blue ColemanVuosi sitten

    We need Mama Tammye for president and I am not even kidding. A true *Queen* right there I am telling you.

  73. Deanuh Osmani

    Deanuh OsmaniVuosi sitten

    this whole show is just a tear jerker in general. I was almost crying every episode

  74. Sonny958

    Sonny958Vuosi sitten

    why am I watching this now?? :'(

  75. Mari Gamboa

    Mari GamboaVuosi sitten

    I cried like a baby during ep 1 from season 2

  76. Gloria Ferrera

    Gloria FerreraVuosi sitten

    Io non avevo mai pianto così tanto con una serie TV.. Dio vi benedica ragazzi.... Yo Jamas habia llorado tanto con una serie de TV... ustedes son un ejemplo a seguir Los amo chicos que Dios Los bendiga.... y digo claro a las personas que piensan que Los gay no entraran el Reyno de Los cielos,como personas como Los 4 fantasticos no pueden merecerce el cielo? Estos chicos son amor y un ejemplo a seguir y si mas personas fueron Como ellos el mundo seria un lugar mejor... los amo y que Dios Los bendiga siempre. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.. 24- 03- 2020.

  77. Lawansuk Syiemlieh

    Lawansuk SyiemliehVuosi sitten

    Can I hug Antoni?😢

  78. Quintus Christon

    Quintus ChristonVuosi sitten

    I found this looking up Antoni because he is adorable and now I’m crying!!!!

  79. mshbrwn

    mshbrwnVuosi sitten

    10:31 JVN showing how confidence can excite and enrich the people around you

  80. Midnight Fandoms

    Midnight FandomsVuosi sitten

    When AJ told his step mum he was gay my heart dropped for a moment because I thought she wasn’t going to accept him (but then she smiled and it was okay lol)

  81. lynnea marie

    lynnea marieVuosi sitten

    nobody: me in the first 20 seconds: 😭😭😭😭😭

  82. Rudra Chakraborty

    Rudra ChakrabortyVuosi sitten

    I'd REALLY REALLY REALLY want to meet mama Tammy one day!

  83. Vloggetts

    VloggettsVuosi sitten

    bruh when Antoni started straight sobbing while Mama Tamaye was thanking them all I just *_lost_* it my baby 😭

  84. Katie & Arlo Chaikin

    Katie & Arlo ChaikinVuosi sitten

    🥰 awww...

  85. Chloe Price

    Chloe PriceVuosi sitten

    I’m being completely honest..... AJ’s confession was the hardest for me...... I grew up in a Christian household and wanted to die for years because I was gay..... I came out to my mother at 15 and she took it so well...... I love my mother so much and my father had died about two years before and the only thing I wish I could do was to share my secret with him..... six years later from being 13.... when I wanted to kill myself just because of this fact, I am so happy that I didn’t because I’m having the greatest life I could dream for..... if you are depressed.... it gets better. Please, take my word for it........ someone loves you and someone will always love you, stay strong.... I love all of you.

  86. H4rl3y_Qu1nn

    H4rl3y_Qu1nnVuosi sitten

    I watched the Jones BBQ episode after drinking a bottle of wine and omg the floodgates opened and I was sobbing.

  87. Julianna Gepes

    Julianna GepesVuosi sitten

    they hooked me on the first damn ep I was sobbing 😭 such an adorable and pure man who deserves love 🥺

  88. Kristine Maitland

    Kristine MaitlandVuosi sitten

    TESTIFY Mama Tammye. To think she is now going to conferences spreading her loving gospel. Love you, Mama Tammye. I thank you for your choice.

  89. Gonzalo M

    Gonzalo MVuosi sitten

    Why did I click on this video?!?! 😭

  90. Speyers

    SpeyersVuosi sitten

    i swear to god if anyone ever makes antoni porowski cry again i will kill everyone including myself.

  91. Bastet 613

    Bastet 613Vuosi sitten

    I love Mama Tammye she reminds me of my aunt when my cousin came out she said that doesn't make you any less my child. When our daughter told us she was bi I remembered those words and told her she would always be loved. this show is positive.

  92. Karsyn Bonora

    Karsyn BonoraVuosi sitten

    I clicked on the video and started crying. Boy I was BLUBBERIN by the end. So pure. So hopeful. So inspiring. The world needs this show.

  93. Maddie Bolland

    Maddie BollandVuosi sitten

    Mama Tammye is an incredible person. That whole episode makes me bawl with Antoni!

  94. Alee Paterson

    Alee PatersonVuosi sitten

    The fab five man..... They change people's lives and teach them to love themselves, its just great

  95. Maria Ysart

    Maria YsartVuosi sitten

    antoni crying will always make my heart break.

  96. sour diesel

    sour dieselVuosi sitten


  97. Maia Garrett

    Maia GarrettVuosi sitten

    When I started to watch this part where Antoni starts to cry I felt so sorry for him! Because I've never seen Antoni cry before!

  98. danya ali

    danya aliVuosi sitten

    I think the reason why Antoni cried so much in the Mama Tammye episode was because he has no relationship with his mother. You could see him tearing up whenever Mama showed him motherly affection.

  99. Tony

    TonyVuosi sitten

    unfortunately it happens. You can be true to who you are but when you have to hide it around certain family members it is that internal struggle. Some family are ok with it while others are not. So you just go on living your life as best as you can. Internally it does hurt but on the outside you just put on that brave face and deal with it as best as you can.

  100. Angga Pramudya

    Angga PramudyaVuosi sitten

    I'm too lost for my motherly affection. I try to survive and live my life to the fullest.

  101. _anoja31_

    _anoja31_Vuosi sitten


  102. Femm3BoiJay

    Femm3BoiJayVuosi sitten

    I just mentioned the way he cried over Tyreek and his mom. You could see it in his face. I feel for him. I hope someday he can reconcile with his mom.

  103. Ada Soto

    Ada SotoVuosi sitten

    @Carlyanna Riegert Episode 4 I think.

  104. judith Morales

    judith MoralesVuosi sitten

    Antoni, pisces baby 🥺😢😭😭♓ I stan you

  105. Meryl Ponce

    Meryl PonceUukausi sitten

    Yaaass he's so pisces i crii

  106. SK

    SKVuosi sitten

    One of the few reality tv shows out there that have genuine people with genuine emotions.

  107. Balbi Francesca PY

    Balbi Francesca PYVuosi sitten

    Mama Tammie Stole all of our hearts honestly i cried so much at that episode. She took them by surprise! When antoni and bobby cried omg 😭 AJ reading the letter and cried to his step mom i lost it! The fab 5 have so much love and compassion ♥️

  108. Lisa Burton

    Lisa BurtonVuosi sitten

    Love the fab five

  109. Donald Lusk

    Donald LuskVuosi sitten

    The AJ scene I can’t. So much emotion

  110. Rudra Chakraborty

    Rudra ChakrabortyVuosi sitten

    Everytime I see the episode with Mama Tammy, I cry like a baby!! Best episode so far!!

  111. Miguel Lopez

    Miguel LopezVuosi sitten

    How cuteeeeee! His heart LITERALLY skipped a beat at 8:56 !!! I'm so happy for him!

  112. Tiffany

    Tiffany2 vuotta sitten

    I'm at work SOBBING!! I love this show!

  113. Dominic ปอบถั่ง

    Dominic ปอบถั่ง2 vuotta sitten

    I cant eat my dinner wtf😭

  114. nicole brown

    nicole brown2 vuotta sitten

    Skyler and his reaction to the top surgery got me so emotional

  115. Allan Cuseo

    Allan Cuseo2 vuotta sitten

    Not fair- I can’t stop weeping

  116. Maryan 028

    Maryan 0282 vuotta sitten

    I don't know... I cry every single episode 😅💪

  117. Luis Almazán

    Luis AlmazánVuosi sitten

    @rugile.plikionyte You gonna love Makoto

  118. rugile.plikionyte

    rugile.plikionyte2 vuotta sitten

    Literaly discovered this show today... Binge watching and am on the end of season 2... And sobbing through it all

  119. Emy Pierre-Louis

    Emy Pierre-Louis2 vuotta sitten

    "Do I love my son" "Yes" not many Black Christian parents come close to Mamma Tammye