Try Guys Try Being Left-Handed For A Day

To all our left-handed subscribers out there, we salute you! This shit was no joke! Watch us try being left-handed for a day!
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  1. April Cammiade

    April Cammiade5 tuntia sitten

    I had hand surgery two years ago and couldn't use my dominant hand for three months. It was rough. Makeup and art was HARD

  2. lina bina

    lina bina5 tuntia sitten

    Contrary to belief us left-handed people use our right hand sometimes we are not just one handed 😂

  3. Tashane Davis

    Tashane Davis17 tuntia sitten

    Zach is more hilarious more then usual in this video

  4. Den Den

    Den Den19 tuntia sitten

    keithhhhhh you cheater you used 2 hands to put clothes on

  5. Shannon Doyle

    Shannon Doyle20 tuntia sitten

    As someone just coming off a work place injury they informed me that 90 of workplace injuries happen to people who are left handed as very few work places accommodate there left handed workers equally

  6. Віка Г.

    Віка Г.21 tunti sitten

    Can we get more brass Keith?

  7. hannah knox

    hannah knoxPäivä sitten

    Just Zack smacking his dog in the face with the sushi container

  8. Michelle Koh

    Michelle KohPäivä sitten

    The classical piece when theyre getting ready for the letters is one of my faves💙 A little extra joy on top of chuckling and cheering at this video

  9. RedKat

    RedKatPäivä sitten

    funny how you swapped wich hand your knife and fork went in. because proper etiquette says the knife is ALWAYS in your right hand. weather you're left handed or not.

  10. Caitlin McCloskey

    Caitlin McCloskey2 päivää sitten

    Try using SCISSORS. They’re specifically made for right handed people

  11. Christian Carneiro

    Christian Carneiro2 päivää sitten


  12. S K

    S K2 päivää sitten

    This should be rather 1 hand challenge

  13. Hannah Cave

    Hannah Cave2 päivää sitten

    Keith you already eat left handed. Left handed people have the fork in the left hand

  14. Dannyelle Dunbar

    Dannyelle Dunbar2 päivää sitten

    I love thay Keith and Zach picked the same picture to color

  15. Colette Byrne

    Colette Byrne3 päivää sitten

    If you use salt on a broken egg it solidifies it

  16. FlareonOW

    FlareonOW3 päivää sitten

    Only the TryGuys manage to transform "Left handed challenge" into "one handed challenge" lmao GUYS LEFTIES STILL HAVE TWO HANDS (USUALLY)

  17. tomato potato

    tomato potato3 päivää sitten

    Reads letter Ned “ money?”

  18. Cosplay Clown

    Cosplay Clown3 päivää sitten

    My mom grew up using her left hand, but taught herself how to use her right hand.

  19. Macey Mozingo

    Macey Mozingo4 päivää sitten

    Alternative title: Try Guys Try To Do Things One Handed lmfaoo

  20. Lauren

    Lauren5 päivää sitten

    I didn’t realize that most people don’t crack eggs with one hand.

  21. Sarah Perry

    Sarah Perry6 päivää sitten


  22. Gloria

    Gloria6 päivää sitten

    I feel like for everyone but eugene it was a left hand only challenge and then eugene followrd the rules and was like... Stoooopid try guys. Lefties use both hands -_-

  23. Sheree A

    Sheree A6 päivää sitten

    The guys wearing ties... Zac no thank you t-shirt only

  24. yo listen up kids

    yo listen up kids6 päivää sitten

    Ned started tearing up it was so sweet

  25. Lillian Pitzer

    Lillian Pitzer7 päivää sitten

    Why is it that left-handed means one hand?

  26. Kayla Davenport

    Kayla Davenport7 päivää sitten

    I love how neds kids have his wife’s hair and the other has his hair lol

  27. xlanakayx

    xlanakayx7 päivää sitten

    My bf is left handed, but he uses his right hand while using a computer mouse and instruments. Though writing, eating utensils, phone scrolling, he does all with his left

  28. Catherine Mcmullan

    Catherine Mcmullan8 päivää sitten

    It got really sad at the end 😂

  29. ayla cole

    ayla cole8 päivää sitten

    The guys: this is hard Me with a broken wrist who has to this anyway: uhhh no

  30. Lou Ee

    Lou Ee8 päivää sitten

    Serious question. Does righty really think us lefties have useless right hand?😅

  31. Sтаяs Aвоvе

    Sтаяs Aвоvе8 päivää sitten

    Zach’s reusable wash towel thing is so cool, I’ve never seen that before

  32. Ragmatical Rachel

    Ragmatical Rachel9 päivää sitten

    the closed captioning is very off in this :(

  33. Nay D.K.

    Nay D.K.9 päivää sitten

    It's funny to watch until you damage your dominant hand so bad it's always gonna hurt from now on and there's no way to heal it. And you're working with it. And there's a deadline. Makes your brain reeeeally learn fast.

  34. ai

    ai9 päivää sitten

    this is hilarious bc why are they acting like lefties don't use their right hand as well 😂😅

  35. Naomi Khoo

    Naomi Khoo9 päivää sitten

    good video idea: host a competition for subscribers and the one who wins gets to plan your next video w the crew!!! Could be done remotely too so international fans can get involved...

  36. Bailey Elise Davis

    Bailey Elise Davis10 päivää sitten

    Honestly so impressed/upset that lefty Eugene’s eyeliner wasn’t that bad 😂

  37. Zen June

    Zen June10 päivää sitten

    Dear The Try Guys, You can still use your right hand when ur left handed Thank you -common sense

  38. Sisima13

    Sisima1310 päivää sitten

    Left hand not getting enough love 🥲

  39. Kyla Luv

    Kyla Luv11 päivää sitten

    Why are they doing one handed pushups they even showed they can't do them with their dominant hand 😂

  40. yoruzuya

    yoruzuya11 päivää sitten

    so like all those people saying left handed people use both the hands make a valid point id suggest they rename the title to 'only using our non dominant hand for a day challenge' lol

  41. Luminary

    Luminary12 päivää sitten

    “i need to find the gayest horse.” - eugene 2021

  42. Amanda Leidy

    Amanda Leidy12 päivää sitten

    Left handed people are not amputated 😂 just use ur right hand to help u lmao jeez

  43. Pelayo Rabassa

    Pelayo Rabassa12 päivää sitten

    Is ir justo me or ned has 2 kitchens or 2 diferentes houses

  44. Ashley Claire

    Ashley Claire13 päivää sitten

    Me, a left-handed person, cackling evilly

  45. Genny Mae Rowed

    Genny Mae Rowed14 päivää sitten

    *laughs in ambidextrous*

  46. gavie ahh

    gavie ahh14 päivää sitten

    Why dose Eugene look like a modern version of the dude from Mulan tho

  47. Jazmin Koenig

    Jazmin Koenig14 päivää sitten

    They all become smackers when they are left-handed

  48. Karina365

    Karina36515 päivää sitten

    Those letters were really nice and emotional 🥺

  49. GuWol 01

    GuWol 0115 päivää sitten

    Now they understand the pain

  50. The life of Toolbox T

    The life of Toolbox T15 päivää sitten

    Ever felt like vomiting your entire being just because you tried righting with you right hand.

  51. Sharla Steele

    Sharla Steele16 päivää sitten

    I'm a lefty but do my eyeliner and mascara with both hands. Its more awkward for me to reach my hand to the other side of my face than it is to switch hands

  52. Rebecca Fitzgerald

    Rebecca Fitzgerald16 päivää sitten

    Why is Eugene's eyeliner with his left hand better than mine is with my right hand

  53. Mikayla Bell

    Mikayla Bell16 päivää sitten

    I've never seen someone play euphonium on here. Fuck yeah, give us more Keith. Let us be S E E N

  54. Anneliese Smith

    Anneliese Smith16 päivää sitten

    It’s hilarious that Ned, Keith, and Zach are trying to do everything one handed. Lefties still use both hands 😂

  55. Jelleybean18

    Jelleybean1816 päivää sitten

    This would be really difficult!

  56. I Don't Know Dude

    I Don't Know Dude17 päivää sitten

    I love how romantic Eugene's letter is, so cute!!

  57. Black and White

    Black and White17 päivää sitten

    Guys, they know left handed people use their right hand too. But in day to day tasks, it's so hard to not use your dominant hand because you are so used to and you just do things! So they had to make it harder for them to use their right hand.

  58. Chloe Bacher

    Chloe Bacher17 päivää sitten

    Ned will on Christmas’s espresso his feelings if he feels holiday cheer

  59. Ocean Dragon

    Ocean Dragon18 päivää sitten

    I am a lefty. Welcome to my struggles

  60. Carter Cochran

    Carter Cochran18 päivää sitten


  61. Kaitlin Tracy

    Kaitlin Tracy18 päivää sitten

    As a lefty I would like to say that we can still use our right hand

  62. Rocio Martinez

    Rocio Martinez18 päivää sitten

    Carol Eugene is my favorite lmao

  63. Noah Fence

    Noah Fence18 päivää sitten

    Not Zach having cutco knives

  64. Ashley Vannoort

    Ashley Vannoort18 päivää sitten

    Some try guys treated this like "I only have a left hand and my right hand was cut off" lol

  65. Queirdo Stardust

    Queirdo Stardust18 päivää sitten

    Taking a bite of food right when the “blow out” was in the intro was not my favorite thing.

  66. Ligeia Persaud

    Ligeia Persaud18 päivää sitten

    Im ambidextrous lol

  67. Stephanie Sweeney

    Stephanie Sweeney18 päivää sitten

    You forgot the actual challenges of being left-handed in a right handed world: using a computer mouse, using tools (like a can opener), using scissors (most made for right handed use), some video games, etc.

  68. Ouchiness

    Ouchiness19 päivää sitten

    See uh when applying a cat eye u actually switch which hand is dominant depending which direction you’re going so ...

  69. Tala Bawalan

    Tala Bawalan19 päivää sitten

    just imagine being the girl from soul surfer.

  70. oliver _

    oliver _19 päivää sitten

    can yall just give us a 15 minute video of keith just playing the horn? i'd eat that UP

  71. Gabby

    Gabby19 päivää sitten

    Keith sending Wes a dollar is the cutest thing ever

  72. Kate Balint

    Kate Balint19 päivää sitten

  73. Vedant Bajpai

    Vedant Bajpai19 päivää sitten

    Oh god thanks for making this vid I'm not left handed I'm both handed I'm ambidextrous

  74. Inghild Nåden

    Inghild Nåden20 päivää sitten

    Is it only me but when Eugene was eating sushi he used his left hand even though he said he is a lefty?

  75. KogasaGaSagasa

    KogasaGaSagasa20 päivää sitten

    Yeah, this was... Annoying to watch. I couldn't finish it. Left-handed people aren't crippled to one hand only. It feels like a misrepresentation of the actual challenges left-handed people go through.

  76. Sienna

    Sienna20 päivää sitten

    Me thinking Eugene was gonna tell us something about pineapples 5:29 but he just showed us the top haha

  77. Jenina

    Jenina20 päivää sitten

    Keith looks like he's in his early 20s at 1:43. Cute.

  78. Ashby

    Ashby20 päivää sitten


  79. Ashby

    Ashby20 päivää sitten

    the number of adverts in this pissed me off

  80. Presley Cobb

    Presley Cobb20 päivää sitten

    In my opinion, Eugene looks like a substitute teacher, for some reason.

  81. Anita Posa

    Anita Posa20 päivää sitten

    Eugene's letter written with his left hand is about the same as my cursive writing with my left hand AND I'M LEFT HANDED!!!!

  82. Grace Harding

    Grace Harding20 päivää sitten

    No shade at all but it’s just so funny they make being a lefty seem like a impossibility. 😂 Edit: I was sitting here thinking and I literally only write with my left hand pretty much everything else I do with my right hand. Lefty’s are kinda ambidextrous in a way.

  83. Keerthana N

    Keerthana N20 päivää sitten

    They are supposed to use the left hand dominantly, not ONLY use the left hand tf

  84. Jena Estrada

    Jena Estrada20 päivää sitten

    And now I’m amber dexterous

  85. Jena Estrada

    Jena Estrada20 päivää sitten

    I went left handed for 5 months because I broke my right hand

  86. yvonne jane

    yvonne jane20 päivää sitten


  87. Elephant Lover

    Elephant Lover21 päivä sitten

    i'm left-handed and I actually do a lot of stuff with my right hand too so id have an unfair advantage at this

  88. Bre-ona Prentice-Griffin

    Bre-ona Prentice-Griffin21 päivä sitten

    Ned has 2 children?

  89. Dominique Nicoli

    Dominique Nicoli21 päivä sitten

    What about non dominant hand typing!! The most difficult 😂

  90. Dominique Nicoli

    Dominique Nicoli21 päivä sitten

    What about the tik tok hack where you just drop the egg into the pan and fish out the shell? That would have worked so well!

  91. Mollosaurus

    Mollosaurus21 päivä sitten

    Seeing right handed people finally understand the struggle of pen/pencil marks on your hands all the time ignited so much joy in me

  92. lauren honken

    lauren honken21 päivä sitten

    Is it just me but as a left handed person I always have to switch my fork and knife in my hands when I’m done cutting it so I can use the fork to pick it up; does anyone else do this?

  93. Megan Dryburgh

    Megan Dryburgh21 päivä sitten

    YB killed it with that end credit of Ned saying "Ooh I dropped my phone, with MY MITTEN OF DOMINANCE!" YB always kills it, but that was spectacular.

  94. Lauren C.

    Lauren C.21 päivä sitten

    Zach is the the Always Pan I see?

  95. Lauren C.

    Lauren C.21 päivä sitten

    Me watching them cut pineapples My nose burning, (I hat pineapple) Me writing this comment My nose still burning *sigh*

  96. Natalia Alvarez

    Natalia Alvarez21 päivä sitten

    I think they wrapped their lefts hands to remind themselves. You saw Ned at the beginning was using his right hand subconsiously.

  97. Diesel Dumlao

    Diesel Dumlao21 päivä sitten

    Reusable paper towels? Just use a kitchen rag. No?

  98. Sofia Penaflorida

    Sofia Penaflorida21 päivä sitten

    i think there was cofusion with the vid directions

  99. Shayz M. Gibson

    Shayz M. Gibson21 päivä sitten

    So clearly Eugene has the braincell in the group since he didn’t try to do everything with only one hand. The other guys should have to do this challenge again without making it harder for themselves.

  100. Amara Richey

    Amara Richey22 päivää sitten

    I love watching right handed people trying to do stuff the opposite way . Most lefties are able to do most things with both hands because nothing is made for us 😭