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Ever since becoming an international superstar, Tom Holland has continued to charm audiences with his friendly demeanor and on-screen talents. But there's one thing about him that does seem to surprise fans whenever he's appearing as himself: His ultra-convincing American accent is not real, and Holland's natural dialect is actually British.

Here's a look at just how impressive Tom Holland's accent game really is.

Tom Holland made his silver screen debut in J.A. Bayona's 2012 disaster biopic The Impossible, which featured him as Lucas, a child who is separated from his parents in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Holland spent much of his time in the film sharing the screen with Naomi Watts, who played his injured mother and who received an Academy Award nomination for her work in the film.

He also had to carry multiple scenes on his own, though, including one heart wrenching moment when Lucas steps up to help reunite a father and son, despite being ripped away from his own family. The scene required Holland to do a bit of language barrier-breaking in his search, since the family he helped was from Sweden, but Holland stuck to his own British roots for the role.

He continued to use his own accent in several parts to follow, including his turn as Isaac in the 2013 Kevin Macdonald drama How I Live Now. But as Holland's acting opportunities began expanding even further, he started to experiment with new elocutions on-screen.

Starting out | 0:00
Mainstream sound | 1:35
New roots | 3:20
The devil in the details | 4:18


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Tom Holland's Accent Game Is Beyond Impressive | Netflix

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  1. E-mad Art

    E-mad Art3 päivää sitten

    3:54 Yo is that a Spiderman x Punisher crossover?!?!

  2. yoomahd broh

    yoomahd broh4 päivää sitten

    joey king is so adorable

  3. Sweenece

    Sweenece5 päivää sitten

    That Irish accent isn't great.

  4. Drucilla Jones

    Drucilla Jones10 päivää sitten

    Tom is just amazing and I have a bad obsession with him :)

  5. A Bobble

    A Bobble20 päivää sitten

    I watched Cherry tonight. He is a fine actor.

  6. Eloise

    Eloise22 päivää sitten

    As an English person, the description of an English accent as "British" really winds me up. British encompasses English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish. He has an ENGLISH accent. Weirdly you refer to it as an English accent once. Why not the entire time?

  7. rockero1313

    rockero131324 päivää sitten

    "The Impossible" still IS his best acting work. He's the one that really carried the whole movie. He should've been nominated for an Oscar, and possibly won it!

  8. Sac India

    Sac India24 päivää sitten

    Tom superstar

  9. Lmclean89

    Lmclean8924 päivää sitten

    shit actor ngl

  10. Ruth Yvonne

    Ruth Yvonne24 päivää sitten

    I like this kid, he is a wonderful actor, who gets better every year.


    SHIRLEY'S TEMPLE24 päivää sitten

    Saturday, July 10, 2021 11 : 36 am

  12. J K

    J K26 päivää sitten

    I didn't here much of Holland's accent. I heard mostly that of the narrator. Let him speak!!!

  13. Suncho

    Suncho29 päivää sitten

    "Watch this video about tom holland's accents where we show him speak just like 3 times and you can't grasp any of his accents"

  14. TMack1024

    TMack1024Uukausi sitten

    2:29 "Midtown sound"? I think you mean "Queens"!

  15. Harold Robinson

    Harold RobinsonUukausi sitten

    My cousin told my uncle that doing an accent is racist, nope that acting but, when these UK guys come over and play an American role I say nope you don't know what it's like to be American your taking are good acting roles, they took you job!!! The your job!😠😭😅🤣 Tom Holland was the bomb in The devil all the time though dumbest Peter parker yet but, good acting🤩

  16. Soupy

    SoupyUukausi sitten

    "The town of Tipperary" your lucky nobody here is from tip

  17. joekenorer

    joekenorerUukausi sitten

    Came to hear Tom Holland, heard nothing but Netflix narrator, left.

  18. Not Xen

    Not XenUukausi sitten

    Tom Holland's accent is better than 80 percent of American accents now a days, and hes not even American

  19. Kaden Smike

    Kaden SmikeUukausi sitten

    Stopped watching when I heard his Irish accent - just no, it's bad. He's a very good accent, but you are making false claims.

  20. SWEmanque

    SWEmanqueUukausi sitten

    Perhaps he can be the first non-Swede to nail a Swedish accent, let's get him a role as a Swedish person soon!

  21. kevin jackson

    kevin jacksonUukausi sitten

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  22. roséisiconic

    roséisiconicUukausi sitten

    I don't care! if someone replaces him as spider man EVER i'm never watching marvel again, like these are the only characters that should stay the same.

  23. MA k

    MA kUukausi sitten

    "Europeans love Americans"🤣🤣🤣🤣 you sure about that???

  24. s goransson

    s goranssonUukausi sitten

    i mean its not very hard speaking in an american accent lol


    ZB FIRE SYSTEMSUukausi sitten

    "Belfast, Ireland" ( 4:07 ) no thank you, Belfast is in Northern Ireland, UK

  26. Gaming York

    Gaming YorkUukausi sitten

    no its not, he sucks, bring maquire bacck

  27. s k

    s k28 päivää sitten

    Are you an idiot ?? This is about tom holland not spiderman

  28. David

    DavidUukausi sitten

    How's his Aussie accent tho? Only impressed if folks can do that one..

  29. Alexander McLean

    Alexander McLeanUukausi sitten

    Utter nonsense.

  30. JohnnyU1988

    JohnnyU1988Uukausi sitten

    overrated actor

  31. B. Miren

    B. MirenUukausi sitten

    ... wasn't he doing an australian one in the first one?

  32. Alexander Fulton

    Alexander FultonUukausi sitten

    british is not a dialect

  33. Charged Mender

    Charged MenderUukausi sitten

    tenz thumbnail

  34. Křivej Křivex

    Křivej KřivexUukausi sitten

    im not imprest

  35. Bill Weeks

    Bill WeeksUukausi sitten

    Kelly MacDonald's Texas accent in "No Country For Old Men" was impressive. The examples depicted in this video were of such a short duration, often 1 or 2 words, that it was impossible for me to make a judgement. His "Irish" accent sounded more like American. So, yeah, I agree with Jocelyn.

  36. Lavonia Lauri

    Lavonia LauriUukausi sitten

    The fast purchase microscopically zoom because anatomy metabolically reject until a ugly sale. uninterested, wry beech


    KHANNA PAK-INGUukausi sitten

    overrated, but nonetheless a hopeful for the next dicaprio

  38. s k

    s k28 päivää sitten

    Getting fans is not being overrated

  39. Jillian Kallie

    Jillian KallieUukausi sitten

    The tested peripheral annually expand because flugelhorn prudently pour beyond a splendid ruth. yielding, courageous dancer

  40. Drakesden

    DrakesdenUukausi sitten

    As a professional voice actor in 6 languages, I know at least 20 British people who can do Irish and American, as well as Scottish. It's not uncommon at all. The Irish accent wasn't great, but the American ones are fine. Nothing outstanding to be honest, especially when you receive top of the line training.

  41. Amanda Merchant

    Amanda MerchantUukausi sitten

    His dialect is English, not british

  42. kjetil Bergesen

    kjetil BergesenUukausi sitten

    Nothing special about Tom Holland, Boring Actor

  43. Duke Ellinton

    Duke EllintonUukausi sitten

    its crazy that the day after the Impossible he starred as Spiderman

  44. Benjamin Pedersen

    Benjamin PedersenUukausi sitten

    Nothing special really...


    EMPATHIC PARADOXUukausi sitten

    Just another Tavistock mannequin. The people are blind.

  46. Adz !

    Adz !Uukausi sitten

    i never thought id see Spider Man and the Punisher speaking Gaelic with each other

  47. Al P.

    Al P.Uukausi sitten

    Is this channel associated with Nicki Swift / Grunge / The List / etc? This looks super similar to their video formatting.

  48. Bad Irish Driving

    Bad Irish DrivingUukausi sitten

    His Irish accent was woeful but the rest is spot on.

  49. Sparky's Imagination

    Sparky's ImaginationUukausi sitten

    Why have I literally never heard of any of these movies...looks like it's going to be Tom Holland night.

  50. txhuntsman

    txhuntsmanUukausi sitten

    If that was supposed to be a West Virginian accent he missed a lot.

  51. Alex Walker

    Alex WalkerUukausi sitten

    His accents that good that they have to re-dub the scene because he slipped back into his english accent for an american role...something doesn't quite add up with the title of this video.

  52. s k

    s k10 päivää sitten

    It was just one scene and the fact he himself told this everywhere ,like you are using this to drag him Its like you just can't take praise for him then why are you watching ,compared to many actors he does very good much better in this accent i know a lot of actors have to change accents as the role require but this doesn't mean people can't praise tom

  53. Lillies Rau

    Lillies RauUukausi sitten

    He looks like 12yr old Harry Potter

  54. qwertmom

    qwertmomUukausi sitten

    Now compare that to Gal Gadot who uses the same accent no matter what movie she's in.

  55. Mebo

    MeboUukausi sitten

    His Irish accent was actually a bit poor tbh

  56. Ray Jones

    Ray JonesUukausi sitten

    tom holland is a superior actor to tobey maguire, but when old tommy boy gets old who will play spidey

  57. TibbyProductions

    TibbyProductionsUukausi sitten

    He is very talented yes

  58. asdfasdf

    asdfasdfUukausi sitten


  59. Kim BlaQue

    Kim BlaQueUukausi sitten

    He is so sexy to me....talented guy

  60. Evans Meki

    Evans MekiUukausi sitten

    Holland and Damnson Idris do American dialect so flawless

  61. fshoji

    fshojiUukausi sitten

    wonder how many takes they do

  62. boops boops

    boops boopsUukausi sitten

    how about you show us the accent ya fucks

  63. David Edwards

    David EdwardsUukausi sitten

    When he was doing the "Thor son of odin" he was playing an American imitating a British accent. Subtle difference

  64. Darin Park

    Darin ParkUukausi sitten

    So talkover guy talks about Tom's accents - Tom talking? Not so much. Seriously, let's hear him speak.

  65. Davide Mocci

    Davide MocciUukausi sitten

    98%: guy talking about his accent etc 2%: Tom actually speaking

  66. Carbon 12

    Carbon 12Uukausi sitten

    Speaking as a Brit, his accents are pretty shit. Americans though, tend to struggle in general with accents so I guess that is fine- there aren't many good American actors with great accents. Wales and New Zealand tend to have the best actors for accents to my ears.

  67. j h

    j hUukausi sitten

    all i saw was an american doing slightly different american accents? which to me, mostly all sound the same

  68. j h

    j h10 päivää sitten

    @s k might as well be,. hollywood actor

  69. s k

    s k10 päivää sitten

    He not an american

  70. funnyshortcalls

    funnyshortcallsUukausi sitten

    3:52 It's weird seeing the punisher and spider-man together lol

  71. Cryptopia

    CryptopiaUukausi sitten

    British isn't a dialect!!!!

  72. Ren 89

    Ren 89Uukausi sitten

    Am I the only one who thinks for a video specifically about his accents, it's severely lacking examples... We barely hear him speak...

  73. PizzaIsLif3

    PizzaIsLif3Uukausi sitten

    We got 'em boys, we made another Brit an American

  74. Ty

    TyUukausi sitten

    Anyone can do literally any accent given practice, I promise you Tom Holland had to practice a lot more than one would think

  75. Leikjarinn

    LeikjarinnUukausi sitten

    Devil all the time was crazyyyyyy good

  76. Something Informative

    Something InformativeUukausi sitten

  77. iLL-Tempered Demon Hunter

    iLL-Tempered Demon HunterUukausi sitten

    A British guy with southern accent does sound amusing...

  78. Pierce

    PierceUukausi sitten

    They are really sucking him off huh

  79. Lee

    LeeUukausi sitten

    Dialect is British? You mean English my man. What is it with Americans calling English accents British? Where does that leave the Scottish, Irish and Welsh accent? Weird that Americans in general have never bothered to learn we have 4 countries over here and not only are there many accent variations within each country but each country itself even has its own language in some cases. I mean Welsh is British, English in a Welsh accent is British, Gaelic is British, English from London/South East (which is what Americans normally mean by British) is British but so is Geordie.

  80. Gerry Buckley

    Gerry BuckleyUukausi sitten

    Such a great actor

  81. Yoru

    YoruUukausi sitten

    No wonder that kid looked familiar when I rewatched that film!

  82. Sean McManus

    Sean McManusUukausi sitten

    tom holland speaks better irish then me and ive been learning it for 15 years

  83. Nezzero

    NezzeroUukausi sitten

    I really don't like his work though....

  84. revan

    revanUukausi sitten

    I really like Tom Holland, but what I saw isn't impressive at all

  85. bla bla bleh

    bla bla blehUukausi sitten


  86. The Beast

    The BeastUukausi sitten

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  87. Kypduron1

    Kypduron1Uukausi sitten

    Don't say British accent, it's an English accent... if you say British accent then it could be also Scottish or Welsh or Irish as well as English, then you have all the regional accent inside those those countries, Liverpudlian accent Bristolian accent, cockney accent, Glaswegian, there are loads of them.

  88. Rodrigo

    RodrigoUukausi sitten

    ‘Tom Holland’s “dialect” is actually British’ Americans are so cringey. And I’m not even an english speaker.

  89. Telephantasm

    TelephantasmUukausi sitten

    Dude, Tom Holland is doing some amazing work outside the MCU and people are missing it!

  90. Paul McMahon

    Paul McMahonUukausi sitten

    His accent in the impossible is an australian accent. And he did it very well.

  91. No.seriously

    No.seriouslyUukausi sitten

    its funny how americans think this is amazing... its not that uncommon for people to change accents almost perfectly and even speaking more than one language. But ill forgive you because its tom holland

  92. EazyMe PeazyMe

    EazyMe PeazyMeUukausi sitten

    Umm...I think there are more British actors in Hollywood with better accent work. Maybe you should rank them for discussion. C Bale, G. Oldman, S. Ronan, H. Bonham Carter, R. Pattinson all I think are better than Holland.

  93. s k

    s k10 päivää sitten

    So ?? Its a Tom holland appreciation video and there's never said in video that he is the best out there

  94. Jon Doe

    Jon DoeUukausi sitten

    he should be careful to not end up like Charlie Hunnam who is so used to speaking with an american accent that he now sounds funny when speaking with his native accent

  95. Kangarou

    KangarouUukausi sitten 🖤

  96. John Osam

    John OsamUukausi sitten

    The last time I cried because of a movie, is with The Impossible, the scene when Tom and his younger meet after the destruction.

  97. Mahesh C Achuthanna

    Mahesh C AchuthannaUukausi sitten

    Netflix hasn't met Daniel Day-Lewis I see.

  98. Adrian Cunningham

    Adrian CunninghamUukausi sitten

    THAT'S his Virginian accent? I lived in Virginia for a few years, I was born and raised in Louisiana all my life. I have cousins that have a strong Appalachian accent. Tom's accent sounded way Texan.

  99. Kangarou

    KangarouUukausi sitten 🖤

  100. Cyber Punk

    Cyber PunkUukausi sitten

    "Netflix" "film club" you can't get this much bias just to advertise Tom Holland Films produced by netflix

  101. Riftwake

    RiftwakeUukausi sitten

    "Tom Holland's accent game is beyond impressive" ***continues to speak over the entire trailer and only show like 12 total words of tom holland actually speaking****

  102. Kangarou

    KangarouUukausi sitten 🖤

  103. VimyScout

    VimyScoutUukausi sitten

    Michael Caine could learn a thing or two

  104. Brad Brown

    Brad BrownUukausi sitten

    This video feels so much longer than 6 minutes.

  105. Irma Joan

    Irma JoanUukausi sitten

    The swanky taxicab psychologically bare because wheel univariately interest from a true sailor. industrious, substantial visitor

  106. Wade

    WadeUukausi sitten

    0:35 I laughed so loud with that dude chillin in that chair being taken away by a HUGE wall of water... Woke up my grandma. She was angry but then I showed her the video and we both laughed.... grandpa was next.

  107. Kwai Puak

    Kwai PuakUukausi sitten

    I really enjoyed the 30 seconds of his voice where you didn't talk over it...

  108. Hammad Maqsood

    Hammad MaqsoodUukausi sitten

    There are some actors I thought were american until I heard their real voice. Goes to show how well they did their accents -Tom Holland, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Henry Cavill, just to name a few

  109. McDonald Trump

    McDonald TrumpUukausi sitten

    the impossible was preety good