The Witcher Season 2 Trailer Netflix Breakdown - Geralt and Ciri Easter Eggs

The Witcher Season 2 Trailer Netflix 2021. New Scenes, Geralt and Ciri Easter Eggs, Wild Hunt Scene Explained & Witcher Season 2 Release Date ►
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The Witcher Episode 1 - Episode 8

Toss a Coin to your Witcher! Covering The Witcher Season 2 Trailer, Netflix Episodes, The Witcher Wild Hunt Characters and Villains Explained. The Witcher Jason Momoa Announcement and Witcher Season 2 Cast. New Characters. Vesemir, Geralt and Ciri Training Scene. Vesemir vs Wild Hunt.

The Witcher Movie Teaser. Henry Cavill Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer and Ciri Storyline. Avatar The Last Airbender animation connection. Witcher Prequel Book Season of Storms Plot Synopsis, Geralt of Rivia Backstory. The School of the Wolf Kaer Morhen Backstory. The Witcher Ciri Scenes, Sword of Destiny and The Last Wish.

The Witcher Netflix Season 2 Release Date during 2021 and The Witcher Neflix Movie Release Date in 2020. The Witcher Movie will tie in with the Witcher Netflix Episodes without overlapping with Season 2 Episode 1. So I'll do more videos for Season 2 and the movie as we get more details.

I'll also be doing more Witcher Netflix Season 2 Episode videos for each episode than I did for Season 1 since everyone liked the series so much. Witcher Netflix Season 2 filming right now!

I'll do more Shang Chi Trailer, Spiderman No Way Home Trailer and Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs videos as we see more from them in the new movies and Disney Plus Series. Loki Episodes are the next place that will happen later this year. New Thor Love and Thunder Trailer soon, Spider Man No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Multiverse of Madness. Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer and a bigger Eternals Trailer!

New Loki Kang The Conqueror and Secret Wars video coming next. My Full Loki Episode 2 video will post next week!

The Witcher Season 2 Pictures courtesy of DailyMail Matrixpictures
The Witcher Theme Music

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  1. Emergency Awesome

    Emergency AwesomeUukausi sitten

    Here's my new The Witcher Season 2 Trailer video and more easter eggs and footage! Toss all your coins. Here's my FULL Loki Episode 1 video too!

  2. The PiratePeteShow

    The PiratePeteShowUukausi sitten

    CDPR have already confirmed they plan to make a Witcher and Cyberpunk 2 at the same time. It will take them 5/6 years to make a Witcher game

  3. Lisa Melroy

    Lisa MelroyUukausi sitten

    @unpersonned person I'm rubber, you're glue, it bounces off me and sticks to you. 😝

  4. Lisa Melroy

    Lisa MelroyUukausi sitten

    Thanks for the video, Charlie - I'm getting excited!!

  5. Schools

    SchoolsUukausi sitten

    Toss a coin to Charlie 🪙🪙🪙

  6. Jason Wallace

    Jason WallaceUukausi sitten

    Ah, nevermind - witchercon - got it.

  7. Friend

    Friend29 päivää sitten

    Oh yea...

  8. Terry Gay

    Terry GayUukausi sitten

    He still has that dirty mop hair. Don't they know he is called the "White Wolf" because of his white hair?

  9. Casual German

    Casual GermanUukausi sitten

    I think they stoped creating new Witcher because of that massacre at Kear Morhen and not because the knowledge was really lost. To avoid that something like that happens again. In fact they didn't bury the fallen/bones of those who had fallen, outside the fortress as a reminder of that day.

  10. S V

    S VUukausi sitten

    Cavill cannot and must not get covid. He's toooo important for this.

  11. MillCityShogun

    MillCityShogunUukausi sitten

    It'd be better without hearing the sob story from that annoying woman in the leather jacket. They should have gotten a better speaker to do that intro

  12. Gaming Gameplay

    Gaming GameplayUukausi sitten

    My fav character here is Jennifer

  13. Loutzenheiser

    LoutzenheiserUukausi sitten

    Knew nothing about this series of books and games, but i really enjoyed Season 1. Looking forward to Season 2 and discovering more lore.

  14. José

    JoséUukausi sitten

    Young Vesemir movie= DYLAN O'BRIEN

  15. Nomen Nescio

    Nomen NescioUukausi sitten

    great. probably the whole team had big fun making the second season. i'm just wondering why is Geralt still white. is there no way for the White Wolf to be perpetrated by a black dude?

  16. Basse

    Basse27 päivää sitten

    Stfu snowflake

  17. Nomen Nescio

    Nomen NescioUukausi sitten

    portrayed, i wanted to say portrayed

  18. Maria Young

    Maria YoungUukausi sitten

    The wakeful cave peripherally peck because bat premenstrually repeat midst a four frail armchair. tacit, wistful title

  19. G. Strobl

    G. StroblUukausi sitten

    New actress for Cirilla?

  20. sae vio

    sae vioUukausi sitten

    "The witcher movie teaser" did it actually mention the film in this?

  21. Christian Estable

    Christian EstableUukausi sitten

    Cant wait for Yen's fave Unicorn😅😍

  22. Colt Nowak

    Colt NowakUukausi sitten

    Żal i wstyd

  23. Veck

    VeckUukausi sitten

    Can't wait for female Gaunter (Granny) O'Dimm and pregnant Franscesca Findabair... Yeah, right.

  24. TheRZU

    TheRZUUukausi sitten

    I hope they take their time with the game and not rush it out because of the show.

  25. ZE ZE

    ZE ZEUukausi sitten

    Toss a coin to your witcherrrr oh valley of plentyyyyy

  26. FanArt Zone

    FanArt ZoneUukausi sitten

    did they change that terrible nilfgard armors?

  27. Justin 305

    Justin 305Uukausi sitten

    I NEED IT!!!

  28. Rinosh V Yuhan

    Rinosh V YuhanUukausi sitten


  29. Nora Barnes

    Nora BarnesUukausi sitten

    The superficial croissant interstingly jam because product nally nod abaft a thinkable call. raspy, ablaze valley

  30. Tim O'Brien

    Tim O'BrienUukausi sitten

    the Golden Dragon's from season one "graphics", as it wasn't CGI, was a joke. Sigmund the Seamonster from the late 70's had better "monster graphics."

  31. NuGenX

    NuGenXUukausi sitten

    Besides Geralt and Dandelion, all the other characters were forgettable. they're all one dimensional and I feel no empathy towards them

  32. Bea Wesley

    Bea WesleyUukausi sitten

    I can’t wait to toss a coin to this!

  33. lmijs

    lmijsUukausi sitten

    I'm still hoping they will cast Michael Cera. That will be a big nod to the TW3 game.

  34. Farhaaz Pathan

    Farhaaz PathanUukausi sitten

    Love the elbow bump

  35. Momentum Flux

    Momentum FluxUukausi sitten

    Love Mrs. Showrunner. She gave her all to this!

  36. Безликий

    БезликийUukausi sitten

    надеюсь будет больше негров и сильных не зависимых феминисток

  37. Martin anderson

    Martin andersonUukausi sitten

    what a u talking about dud? CP has been hard at work on witcher 4 game over 12 months now. release will be probaly be next year or 2023.

  38. James Payton

    James PaytonUukausi sitten

    Can’t wait thank you all.

  39. John79TaxiDriver

    John79TaxiDriverUukausi sitten

    we need 1, 2!!! games on console!!!!!

  40. PrototypeBeatLab

    PrototypeBeatLabUukausi sitten

    Why the facemasks? There is not one single randomized control trial with verified outcome that supports the use of a facemask to stop transmission of the virus.

  41. MrGreasysqueeze

    MrGreasysqueezeUukausi sitten

    I'm very worried that the show isn't going to be about Geralt anymore

  42. Derek Warr

    Derek WarrUukausi sitten

    I've heard as much


    JOHN EDWARD BINAYUukausi sitten


  44. Praxss

    PraxssUukausi sitten

    Winter is coming….

  45. Nizi Peer

    Nizi PeerUukausi sitten

    Henry cavill was injured during season 2 and recovered and came back

  46. Min L

    Min LUukausi sitten

    The conscious table parenthetically peep because guilty focally wrestle over a selective postage. absorbing, dull corn

  47. Christopher Doty

    Christopher DotyUukausi sitten

    Hopefully they worked harder on trying to actually follow the story/descriptions out of the book this season than that appalling attempt from the first season.

  48. Corion2121

    Corion2121Uukausi sitten

    New season, new boobs. 🤤😋 Can’t wait to see them all!

  49. Clint B

    Clint BUukausi sitten

    00:57 Jaskier? JASKIER

  50. RH HR

    RH HRUukausi sitten

    Cant wait for them to make more unneeded changes for the sake of social justice and a time line that doesn’t make sense. Cant we just get Witcher’s killing monsters?

  51. Polak Staryszuwar

    Polak StaryszuwarUukausi sitten

    This is not real Witcher,this is Netflix politycalcorectnes show.

  52. Eddieisherenow

    EddieisherenowUukausi sitten

    ❤️ can't wait to see it 🙂🍿

  53. Yadir Yero

    Yadir YeroUukausi sitten

    cannot wait

  54. PV96 Mexico

    PV96 MexicoUukausi sitten

    I could look at him all day long. . . . 💋💋💋

  55. Sean Murdock

    Sean MurdockUukausi sitten

    I think Netflix takes to long to do their season’s shows

  56. Walkiria Regalado

    Walkiria RegaladoUukausi sitten

    Remember Covid? They had to stop for around 5 or 6 months. Beside Henry had an injury and he couldn't films for several weeks.

  57. FireBallZ24 Gaming.

    FireBallZ24 Gaming.Uukausi sitten

    Henry Cavill Mod for The Witcher games…

  58. green house

    green houseUukausi sitten

    wind's howling....

  59. Aldiggy2000

    Aldiggy2000Uukausi sitten

    I'm ready for this!!!! Great job Henry bringing Witcher to life

  60. Charles irakli chania

    Charles irakli chaniaUukausi sitten

    Zack Snyder had to direct Witcher 😏

  61. Medi Terran

    Medi TerranUukausi sitten

    Reading through the comments here, many don't seem to have quite realised that the series almost completely ignores CDPR's games and sticks as closely as possible to the original novels (with liberties). How many Triss fans will come crashing down to earth when they realise that the book-Geralt (*the Original*) is not interested in them at all and is pretty much the only woman in the Witcher universe he doesn't have sex with? lol ;-) About season 2: It's a pity that they already announced not to show the great diarrhoea scene of Triss from the books... ;-)

  62. Medi Terran

    Medi TerranUukausi sitten

    @Florida Lawson This probably refers to the action of Triss where she helped with magic - that doesn't count, because it wasn't voluntary from Geralt. Und es wird in den Büchern auch kurz erwähnt das es trotz dieser Magie nicht funktioniert hat. Directly to a sexual relationship between the two, is nowhere mentioned so. So officially there was none. Also, Geralt never flirts with Triss. He cares for her lovingly, but it always remains on the platonic-friendship level. This is also what drives Triss almost crazy. In Geralt's eyes, Triss is the naive little sister you have to watch out for.

  63. Florida Lawson

    Florida LawsonUukausi sitten

    Well, that is actually not true. Triss an Geralt had sex, at some unnamed point before the story of the books, during one of the phases in which Yen and Geralt were estranged (again). Yennefer mentions something like this to Triss during the welcome reception on Thanedd and I think it lingers between the lines when the lodge is talking to Fringilla Vigo about her distracting and keeping Geralt in Toussaint.

  64. Paweł Ługiewicz

    Paweł ŁugiewiczUukausi sitten


  65. Артур Родионов

    Артур РодионовUukausi sitten

    Генри Кавиль вытянул первый сезон. Супермен!)))

  66. Sandra Kicklighter

    Sandra KicklighterUukausi sitten

    Woohoo! Can't wait to see it.

  67. Sad

    SadUukausi sitten

    Henry cavil better pick the triss ending😂

  68. Maverick0311

    Maverick0311Uukausi sitten

    it was rediculous she was commenting on masks and cleanliness

  69. Sherry Gregory Haney

    Sherry Gregory HaneyUukausi sitten

    I hope they don’t do the voice over for Gerault. Its just creepy and distracts from the acting

  70. McJäger Gaming

    McJäger GamingUukausi sitten

    Gotta love the signaling. We did it, but with masks. Just for any of you mask cultists. They never worked in the first place, goodbye.

  71. OceanBlueLady

    OceanBlueLadyUukausi sitten

    I can't wait to see this!

  72. Lau Ste

    Lau SteUukausi sitten

    Were we supposed to assume that yennefer was captured? I figured it was a death fake-out and that she portalled herself somewhere, or was just hidden and weakened by her attack on nilfgaard. Am I nuts?

  73. Dimas Rizky

    Dimas RizkyUukausi sitten

    damn anya charlotta is looking fine af

  74. Gokul Suresh

    Gokul SureshUukausi sitten

    SPOILERS nope, eredin doesnt want to kill her. he's pursuing her to have a child of the elder blood so that they can jump between worlds. The elves lost the major portion of this power after some fight against the unicorns( not sure) in Tir Na'lia.

  75. Khulan Rex

    Khulan RexUukausi sitten

    honestly, it didn't meet my expectation at all. I am not saying it's bad, it's just so average show series.

  76. Basse

    Basse27 päivää sitten

    @keith walker that’s why we hate people like you, apparently no one is allowed have an opinion where you live

  77. keith walker

    keith walkerUukausi sitten

    then why are you here cool dude? why bother to watch this or make a comment? you ignorant ones who spend your lives playing video games and having no lives are beyond pathetic

  78. NoobGaming

    NoobGamingUukausi sitten

    finally after a very long wait!!

  79. R game

    R gameUukausi sitten

    Season one was pretty good at putting me to sleep after episode 1 not gonna lie, but willing to give season 2 another try. Hope this time I won’t be needing a beer to help..

  80. R game

    R game20 päivää sitten

    @keith walker Then I suppose you are an entertaining fool who enjoy all kind of dog shit story to quality story. You properly can't be stay at your mommies basement cause you too old to walk the stairs. Just accept that you have problems with your emotion, and you stay home watching all dog shit movies and you can't go anywhere...go on and make your way to see a phycologist, you will feel better.

  81. keith walker

    keith walkerUukausi sitten

    then you are a boring fool who can't appreciate a quality story or series. why are you here then? oh looking to be too cool for school but really are just a jerk living in mommies basement playing video games

  82. Piotr W

    Piotr WUukausi sitten

    Mate. You clearly didn't read the books mate. Sorry. How can you say ciri is the most important character? That the books tell rhe story of geralt rescuing ciri and her backstory. The series will focus on her and yennefer and will be shit. Take geralt out of the books and you have shit mate. The books concentrate on much more than ciri.

  83. John Williamson

    John WilliamsonUukausi sitten

    About damm time

  84. tlove21

    tlove21Uukausi sitten

    I am excited for Season 2...

  85. Marvin Armado

    Marvin ArmadoUukausi sitten

    I wished he just played He-Man… well still the witcher is one of my favorite netfkix series..

  86. K S

    K SUukausi sitten

    Can’t wait for season 2!! We need more Henry Cavill in our lives.

  87. LooksLikeRain

    LooksLikeRainUukausi sitten

    I watch this and it makes me want to play Witcher 3 again.

  88. Caden Grace

    Caden GraceUukausi sitten

    I can't stand Ciri, she is the best example of a Mary Sue. She was awful in the books and she has been awful in the series so far.

  89. Penny Bleta

    Penny BletaUukausi sitten

    Lol what? Ciri is the most interesting and powerful character in the whole series. What are you even talking about?

  90. Void Seekers

    Void SeekersUukausi sitten

    Since cavils into gaming i feel like i need him to play through witcher 3 lookin like himself

  91. Kevin T

    Kevin TUukausi sitten

    I'm so annoyed I can't remember much of the story and I read these like 2 years ago..

  92. AgaSoulMaster

    AgaSoulMasterUukausi sitten

    I’ve read the books numerous times- can’t wait for season 2!

  93. Krisztián Kovács

    Krisztián KovácsUukausi sitten

    Read the books before you say something like, the gamestory pics up after the end of the last book. I was true than, but meanwhile Sapkowski wrote the his own story ending as well and it's separate from the games

  94. Frank R. III

    Frank R. IIIUukausi sitten

    Rience's facial scarring reminds me of Wrecker from the Bad Batch

  95. Yun Yun

    Yun YunUukausi sitten

    Yeneffer 🙂

  96. Ryan Gray

    Ryan GrayUukausi sitten

    Toss a coin to your witcher, " " Oh valley of plenty " " Oh valley of plenty " " ohh ohh ohohhhooo "

  97. Giselle Lian

    Giselle LianUukausi sitten

    At first, I felt Henry Cavill was incorrectly cast as Geralt, but halfway through the first season, I really enjoyed him playing the character. I'm excited to see him in season 2...and 3...and 4...

  98. OnikaStar Malone

    OnikaStar MaloneUukausi sitten

    So if theyre done? Why havent they released it yet?😒

  99. christina m

    christina mUukausi sitten

    Gotta do a refresh binge watch before the second season comes out lol

  100. Lumatic

    LumaticUukausi sitten

    Francesca 😩😩😩😩

  101. maviaL

    maviaLUukausi sitten

    The trailer is like showcasing a video game , which makes sense.

  102. Gaming Haven

    Gaming HavenUukausi sitten

    Henry cavill is the sole reason of Witcher success !!!

  103. Stooboot

    StoobootUukausi sitten

    im so into them exploring the Ciri story im just not completely sold on the actress yet

  104. Jorge Carbajal

    Jorge CarbajalUukausi sitten

    I’m excited for The Witcher Season 2, and I’ll be looking forward to an official trailer.

  105. Thanos Booty

    Thanos BootyUukausi sitten

    Only people with the platinum trophy for The Witcher 3 can like this 🏆

  106. The Real Killer B

    The Real Killer BUukausi sitten

    Oh great another season of the Witcher which has nothing to do with Geralt...

  107. Lorenzo Falorni

    Lorenzo FalorniUukausi sitten

    Henry Cavill absolute gigachad

  108. WollvisChannel

    WollvisChannelUukausi sitten

    Was that the the blood and wine ending after the season 2 footage ?

  109. Erick Ardon

    Erick ArdonUukausi sitten


  110. Erick Ardon

    Erick ArdonUukausi sitten

    Do a Hyperion vs sentry video lol

  111. the47deadbeats

    the47deadbeatsUukausi sitten

    Lmao...look at all the masks outside. You guys are adorable

  112. Nadja Chan

    Nadja ChanUukausi sitten

    It would be fun if a Pukei Pukei appears... Damn portals 🙄

  113. HAL

    HALUukausi sitten

    shooting for 158 days is absolutely insane, I can't even imagine the financial implications of this, much I assume being the result of covid.

  114. Julia

    JuliaUukausi sitten

    I hope Yennefer trains Ciri just like in the books. They developed a great bond over that and I loved to see Yen with Ciri. I legit cried when she called her her daughter when she was hurt.

  115. Andrew Schnatter

    Andrew SchnatterUukausi sitten

    Face shield and face masks outside 🙄 morons

  116. steve822009

    steve822009Uukausi sitten

    Omg. They got it soooo rough. Let me tell you, a lot more people do much shittier work. And they get paid a lot less to do it