With the announcement of Darklfest 2020, we got all excited and Thomas Sandell Films re edited the Darkumentary for a quick history of Darkfest, all the way from Pure Darkness up to Darkfest 2018. What is next for Darkfest? Find out this January!

This Video is Dedicated to Jordi Lunn! Thanks for the memories and Rest in Peace buddy we love you


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    Nice vid!

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    gila betul ! so crazy you guys. from malaysia

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    When are you come back in Darkness track ??

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    Sick shiT..)/* Downhill Domination 2?)/*

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    I love it 😍😍

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    I love how its not competition......its about the love of the sport

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    100% proof that growing up is just a phrase! 🤘

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    You guys are off the hook. If I didn't have the grown man responsibilities of a 60 year young man. I would be there trying that shit.

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    The magnificent bay generically live because ant ironically judge until a courageous captain. unadvised, thundering dry

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    was that sam pilgrim and blake sampson in there???

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    2:34 ... how ??

  13. Valentine Smith

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    Sam when he was younger reminds me of Sam pilgrim,(a legend. You still are Sam!)

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    The jumps are just comically large

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    Only one way to describe this Pure Madness

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    The best event ever ‼️‼️‼️🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

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    Wtf patrocina a monasterio y tiene casco de redbul

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    This is so fuckn max radness. That step up looks glorious!

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    man this looks so dope, cant wait for some new vids. YT sent me straight here after your new darkfest vid

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    I want to be like these dudes when i grow up, absolutely mineblowing

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    I live 45 minutes away from darkfest. You’re allowed to be jealous, don’t worry

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    Such a sick video!!

  23. Ben Postlethwaite

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    Who does the first hits on these jumps, can imagine its stupid scary.

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    15:06 is how I land most of my jumps, but I dont save them 😂 Incredible save 🤘🏻

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    im 58 and wish i could do this crazy shit whooooo love it guy's keep living its not a rehearsal.

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    songs ?

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    What an AWESOME video!! Holy shit insane jumps all over the place, I bet you guys have the greatest stories to tell!

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    Dark fest should be one of the wonders of the world

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    Really sick guys :)

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    I want them to bring back the slope style bikes at dark fest

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    I don't know how many times i Watcht that

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    These guys were riding that with slopestyle bikes🤯🤯🤯

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    Why is there a freaking che guevara clock? (I assume people do not respect this freak killer...)

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    When I finally can hit these sam is going to be sending the space X moon gap

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    Sam do you live ia sa

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    I live where the first darkfest was in knysna

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    Whats the song around 4:30

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    Such an awesome video So interesting to see how this madness all came together! Can’t wait to see what goes down at darkfest 2020

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    one of the best videos i've ever seen on youtube🔥🚀

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    Yall dont understand how big the pure darkness step up is Omg its huge

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    Are you people devils

  46. Thomas Sandell

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    Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for the views and the love on this piece! Was a dream documentary for me :)

  47. Thomas Sandell

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    @Sam Reynolds I'm too keen!! ❤️ Anyway body else want this?

  48. Sam Reynolds

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    Guess we should make part 2 from 2017 onwards!

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    How fucking High Are the Starttowers 😂🤩🤩😳😳😳 ??????????????

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    I wanna hit darkfest so bad 😂🙏

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    The Eric Andre Show live panel starts at 10:05 (that’s only 5 MINUTES away) as part of the #AdultSwimFestival watch live

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    What were the songs in the vid💗💗

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    So mental! Good times watching that!

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    14:53 best rider that guy's awesome

  56. Servant of God

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    I grew up riding in the 90's so I get the vibe but the shayton stuff is lame

  57. Servant of God

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    The most insane thing about this is that its not even the skill or their balls holding them back... its just the limits of the bike!! Lol

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    15:57 bloody hell 😂

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    Can’t wait for 2021?

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    that was sending it at its best.

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    R.i.P. Jordie Lunn

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    2:56 Blake Sampson

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    Awesome vid best iv seen in a long time :: rip JL 🙏🙏

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    Still one of my most favourite videos ever like I’ve watched this so many fucking times I love it

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    Watching this video because this is what i think youtube should be.

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    Huge respect to you guys. Absolutely next level stuff.

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    Pause at 15:56 cameraman is a bit of a dick, why not duck instead?

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    Those OTB's :O

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    this man is the original creator of darkfest and only has 70k this man deserves 2 mil at the least not to mention he also helped build theaudi nines idk

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