The final boss of Chess

I found this meme on reddit (I made a different edit bc the reddit meme had a low resolution but that's where I got the idea) -
Edit: Reddit reposted from the original creator here, I didn't know this existed before I posted this remake oops -
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  1. Dave

    DaveUukausi sitten

    Music name is Vordt of the Boreal Valley btw Edit: Ignore the last 2 seconds of the video I am no longer making chess memes lol

  2. brianna

    brianna12 tuntia sitten


  3. Dave

    DavePäivä sitten

    @AllYourPie lol

  4. AllYourPie

    AllYourPiePäivä sitten

    Me: wanting to see more chess memes. Ignore the last 2 seconds: checkmate

  5. querenica

    querenica2 päivää sitten


  6. RZ410

    RZ4103 päivää sitten

    @Dave bruh make more chess memes

  7. Đông Py Trần

    Đông Py Trần3 minuuttia sitten

    Kid : learn how to swimming Russian: ok, release the shark

  8. Arugi Abe

    Arugi Abe21 minuutti sitten

    Kid : fell while trying to stand up Host : please welcome Jackie Chan!

  9. louie Rockwood

    louie Rockwood38 minuuttia sitten

    Had this child say momma

  10. ShafEShow

    ShafEShowTunti sitten

    i feel bad for the kid because at the end hes crying :(

  11. Delfin Marrinez

    Delfin Marrinez4 tuntia sitten


  12. Ray Cazic

    Ray Cazic4 tuntia sitten


  13. fisaniddu

    fisaniddu4 tuntia sitten

    this is the greatest video of all time.

  14. Matias Mendoza

    Matias Mendoza5 tuntia sitten

    This is Like when ash fight tobias and he only uses legendary ones

  15. Sleep Tight

    Sleep Tight5 tuntia sitten

    Он сделал ракировку

  16. James Nathaniel Vlogs

    James Nathaniel Vlogs5 tuntia sitten

    He had his opponent crying for his mom

  17. Leleu-Ken

    Leleu-Ken5 tuntia sitten


  18. Shay McLaren

    Shay McLaren6 tuntia sitten

    I feel so bad for him😂😭

  19. Emanuel Lastname

    Emanuel Lastname6 tuntia sitten

    Misha: *learns chess* Also Misha: why do i hear boss music?

  20. iwanpvp

    iwanpvp6 tuntia sitten


  21. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed Ali6 tuntia sitten

    Kid: I luv playing chess it’s fun :) Host: so I got someone to humiliate your legacy on national television

  22. incandescent beverage

    incandescent beverage7 tuntia sitten

    You know it's bad when ur sitting across from the villain from the fifth Element just glad Chris Tucker didn't come out tbh

  23. corgipug

    corgipug7 tuntia sitten

    why do i here boss music

  24. Danny Buenaventura

    Danny Buenaventura7 tuntia sitten

    Why is Boss music playing?

  25. CIO

    CIO7 tuntia sitten

    Αν σε λενε Νικο και εισαι απτα πατησια, κανε like

  26. clive

    clive7 tuntia sitten

    I honestly just feel bad for the kid

  27. RavettoRarffikka

    RavettoRarffikka7 tuntia sitten

    0:31 Anatoly *KAAAAAARPAVA*

  28. levi sixx

    levi sixx8 tuntia sitten

    I feel so bad for the little kid i mean he's just a kid like he's crying and your laughing

  29. Artist3 Artist

    Artist3 Artist8 tuntia sitten

    Dads salt inducing HUMBLE ritual

  30. Artist3 Artist

    Artist3 Artist8 tuntia sitten

    I planted you for dad's game

  31. Artist3 Artist

    Artist3 Artist8 tuntia sitten

    This is not fantasy

  32. Ricky E.

    Ricky E.8 tuntia sitten

    Everybody talks shit about Karpov just because Kasparov narrowly eeked out a few WC matches against him. But Karpov could still destroy your 3-year-old in chess.

  33. Brian Hartwell

    Brian Hartwell8 tuntia sitten

    Americans: Give your baby a participation award. Russians:...

  34. phonix gaming

    phonix gaming8 tuntia sitten

    romounia mais je suis francais

  35. ryubaks

    ryubaks8 tuntia sitten

    Kid: I like turtles. Host: I invite Gamera!

  36. acronis

    acronis9 tuntia sitten

    Когда ранг реально помог

  37. ShaedTheMoron

    ShaedTheMoron9 tuntia sitten

    I'm crying

  38. Max Shultz

    Max Shultz10 tuntia sitten

    This comment section does not disappoint.

  39. Amaar Malik

    Amaar Malik11 tuntia sitten

    Crying cuz you lost a game of chess What are you, a three year old?

  40. Amaar Malik

    Amaar Malik11 tuntia sitten

    Kid: Learns to snap Host: Bring in Thanos

  41. Bubbles Smith

    Bubbles Smith11 tuntia sitten

    Kid: Learns to walk I now invite USAIN BOLTTTT *M O M*

  42. owa

    owa11 tuntia sitten

    This is how you make the strongest antagonist.

  43. Тимка Мага

    Тимка Мага12 tuntia sitten

    В Америке пугают Фреди Крюгером В России Анатолием Карповым )

  44. Astoro Dark fire

    Astoro Dark fire12 tuntia sitten

    А что

  45. nazarudin abas

    nazarudin abas12 tuntia sitten


  46. Phi long Tran ngoc

    Phi long Tran ngoc13 tuntia sitten

    "Ah snack time already "

  47. Uta

    Uta13 tuntia sitten

    I'm literally watching some kid getting PTSD

  48. โท๐ปดํ

    โท๐ปดํ13 tuntia sitten


  49. Rose Slade

    Rose Slade13 tuntia sitten

    thats mean


    REVELATION S13 tuntia sitten

    The dude in the suite annoyingly scared that 3 year old child before the chase master entered.

  51. ZLL CR

    ZLL CR14 tuntia sitten

    Damn that kid thought the KGB came to get him lmao

  52. Just Some Girl with a Mustache

    Just Some Girl with a Mustache14 tuntia sitten

    Legend say he paused the game and went back to his saved check point to grind more braincells

  53. Кирилл Ермаков

    Кирилл Ермаков9 tuntia sitten

    @Dave actually not(. FItitle algorithm isn't throw this meme to Dark Souls fans so majority of people can't understand this conment

  54. Dave

    Dave12 tuntia sitten

    another great commenter on the rise?

  55. DangerDuck

    DangerDuck15 tuntia sitten

    ךםך שין

  56. Tommy Zip

    Tommy Zip15 tuntia sitten

    Орала как чайка

  57. new traineee

    new traineee15 tuntia sitten

    Bad humor

  58. Cheese

    Cheese15 tuntia sitten

  59. Black Uncle

    Black Uncle16 tuntia sitten

    which boss comes out to this music?

  60. Marek Beran

    Marek Beran17 tuntia sitten

    This is how I feel when I'm playing chess with that one guy who can play chess

  61. Davz Montojo

    Davz Montojo17 tuntia sitten

    Wanna give up a battle, just say "mummy"

  62. Tuhin Das

    Tuhin Das17 tuntia sitten

    Don't worry,after 100,000 times of fight you can easily beat him.

  63. Dyana Forest

    Dyana Forest17 tuntia sitten

    Kid: Tries trampoline Host: I welcome you, Yuri Gagarin!

  64. Shayaan Bakhtiar

    Shayaan Bakhtiar17 tuntia sitten

    oh dear

  65. Белая Трясогузка

    Белая Трясогузка17 tuntia sitten

    Kid: I wrote a fanfic Russians: let us introduce you to Dostoevsky

  66. fuduck

    fuduck19 tuntia sitten


  67. Silver death

    Silver death20 tuntia sitten

    At his age he is famous. most people wouldn't ever reach where he is in their entire life.

  68. NIHAL

    NIHAL21 tunti sitten

    When the final boss enters:

  69. Leeroy

    Leeroy21 tunti sitten

    Anatoli Karpov: "Shows up" Kid: Mom give birth to me back

  70. Edwino

    Edwino22 tuntia sitten

    1940 France is the kid. The host is all the African colonies of France. Antony is nazi germany

  71. Jaeves Rzen Medina

    Jaeves Rzen Medina22 tuntia sitten

    so this is where KallMeKris got sergei's twn brother

  72. Bruh Thats Cringe

    Bruh Thats Cringe23 tuntia sitten

    Kid:- *Learns to Walk* Russians:- He is ready for Usain Bolt

  73. Josh Winchester

    Josh WinchesterPäivä sitten

    Are they talking in Russian


    JADE LEGENDSPäivä sitten

    If that theme actually played that kid would have a nightmare 😂😂

  75. Megan Coffee

    Megan CoffeePäivä sitten

    Did the kid win?

  76. Derpado The Bird

    Derpado The BirdPäivä sitten

    Me: reaches the end of hades Hades:

  77. thestew56

    thestew56Päivä sitten

    Lol this is great!

  78. Bearman_18

    Bearman_18Päivä sitten

    To clarify, the meme is designed to be funny (at which it succeeds admirably). It is not, however, designed to be accurate. What actually happened is the kid went into the match with a lot of confidence, and was happy to meet Karpov. The shot of him saying "mama" was from him being upset when he lost. He soon hugged his mom, got over it, and continued to talk with the two about chess and such, and walked away happy and laughing. It was great. So yeah, don't worry, he wasn't really traumatized.

  79. elastic_Dagger

    elastic_DaggerPäivä sitten

    Only good people will know what game that came from

  80. Saucey Sauce

    Saucey SaucePäivä sitten

    kid: knows how to play chess show host to Anatoli: "remember, no russian

  81. yorusuyasoul

    yorusuyasoulPäivä sitten

    Mom,i want to go home ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  82. sabrina kirchner

    sabrina kirchnerPäivä sitten

    Kid : makes peanut butter sandwich Russia: send him to gordon ramsay

  83. Delicious Jill Sandwich

    Delicious Jill SandwichPäivä sitten

    Prepare yourself

  84. Shrek

    ShrekPäivä sitten

    Thank you Justin Y.

  85. rdz2334

    rdz2334Päivä sitten

    why did this make me cry... poor kid

  86. Average Gamer

    Average GamerPäivä sitten

    I don’t understand why he was crying

  87. Serjohn

    SerjohnPäivä sitten

    youtube algorythm please stop reccommending me chess videos, i clicked on child horror not chess

  88. 1000 sub is what i need

    1000 sub is what i needPäivä sitten

  89. Dave

    DavePäivä sitten


  90. CrunchyNorbert

    CrunchyNorbertPäivä sitten

    thats so cruel... why can't I stop laughing!?

  91. FunglyOfTheMushrooms

    FunglyOfTheMushroomsPäivä sitten

    I feel so bad for the kid-he was NOT ready for that💀💀

  92. Yung Piløt

    Yung PiløtPäivä sitten

    *child sees old man being summoned* *FEAR*

  93. Newb Buub

    Newb BuubPäivä sitten

    How do i like something twice

  94. George Zelinsky

    George ZelinskyPäivä sitten

    hahaah children crying is funny

  95. Harks

    HarksPäivä sitten

    i thought it was Yeltsin

  96. Nabiel Adrian

    Nabiel AdrianPäivä sitten

    Karpov walking in like Wide Putin 😳😳😳

  97. dziwny typ ale słabszy

    dziwny typ ale słabszyPäivä sitten

    Russia: Anatoli Karpov Poland: *Ojciec Mateusz*

  98. ITS RAW

    ITS RAWPäivä sitten

    The kids head just turns when he enters the building

  99. wyso

    wysoPäivä sitten

    one shot boy

  100. prashant sharma

    prashant sharmaPäivä sitten

    Top 10 anime bosses

  101. zuverlaessig • Bedwars

    zuverlaessig • BedwarsPäivä sitten

    hes so cute tho :)

  102. Karim Benhammou

    Karim BenhammouPäivä sitten

    You liked this video? Put your child on stage and let's traumatise with some apocalyptic good music.

  103. XapexR

    XapexRPäivä sitten


  104. Dog Dugglas

    Dog DugglasPäivä sitten

    Nooo piede serrr

  105. Withered BunozDev

    Withered BunozDevPäivä sitten

    Dude this final boss looks so cool and tough!I wonder when it will be fully released

  106. Arka Chanda

    Arka ChandaPäivä sitten

    asian kids

  107. киsloрод

    киsloродPäivä sitten

    тут есть русские?

  108. Алексей Краснодарский

    Алексей КраснодарскийPäivä sitten


  109. Emanuelgamer 1313

    Emanuelgamer 1313Päivä sitten

    Is this kid good at playing chess

  110. Comic Book Guy

    Comic Book GuyPäivä sitten

    He was, until he met ..... Anatoli Karpov

  111. Rakesh Nair

    Rakesh NairPäivä sitten

    This feels like a Dark Souls reality show...