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We're not talking about snacks, but we are chatting about Sweet Tooth behind the scenes!

Created by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth is explained simply as the extraordinary story of a deer-boy hybrid named Gus who befriends a man named Jepperd. Now, it's been adapted into a show for Netflix, with Robert Downey Jr and his wife, Susan, as the executive producers.

With Sweet Tooth, Netflix has made another statement that it's investing heavily in comic book properties and it aims to compete with the likes of Disney Plus and HBO Max. So we'll be diving deep into some of the Sweet Tooth hidden details that'll shock and entertain you!

Have you watched Sweet Tooth Season 1? Did you find that it was as good as you initially thought it would be? And what do you think of the Sweet Tooth cast secrets?

Let us know your thoughts on all the set secrets and the Sweet Tooth TV show in the comments section.

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  1. New to gotcha

    New to gotcha9 päivää sitten

    Are they making a season two?!?!?

  2. Carragh McInnes

    Carragh McInnes23 päivää sitten

    Just Love Sweet Tooth the wee boy that play's gus is so cute and a great actor. All the actor's that play gus are all so cute. Great cast,great acting one of my favourite programmes right now on netflix that stranger thing's and the umberella acadamy.

  3. Nessie97_Vanny

    Nessie97_Vanny26 päivää sitten

    I thought Gus was that puppy baby at the beginning.

  4. wheein’s voice

    wheein’s voice27 päivää sitten

    I can’t without them

  5. LydiaSpark

    LydiaSparkUukausi sitten

    And it was filmed in my home country, and where my parents work 😌

  6. Huskyo Dino

    Huskyo Dino14 päivää sitten

    Adrenalin forest or rainbows end I’m guessing?

  7. salva Diana

    salva DianaUukausi sitten

    Sweet tooth is amazing...wowwwwwwwwwwww Cant wait for season2


    KAPTAIN KILAHUukausi sitten

    Bro Gus is so cute bro he has the chubby cheeks and the perfect smile like he is so cute with the antlers and the ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PUPPET DRAGONUukausi sitten

    no mo Deer shit give me second season !

  10. animeboy124

    animeboy124Uukausi sitten

    i Cant wait for S2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Djodrax

    DjodraxUukausi sitten

    Liam Neeson would've been so good xd

  12. King Justice

    King JusticeUukausi sitten

    Wait for next year for season 2

  13. Jelwin Paculanang

    Jelwin PaculanangUukausi sitten

    BTS B

  14. Strider 91

    Strider 91Uukausi sitten

    0:08 umm…is that Keith Urban?

  15. Mason Talarico

    Mason TalaricoUukausi sitten

    CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 2!!!! I love my sweet little boy gus so much!!!! And I love Tommy learning to be a good father to Gus.

  16. Jonic The Hedgehog

    Jonic The HedgehogUukausi sitten


  17. ARUP

    ARUPUukausi sitten

    Oh boy gus is just phenomenal . Fantastic casting

  18. dprelcablu1

    dprelcablu1Uukausi sitten

    Glad its a series.. makes us want more

  19. Celine Exner

    Celine ExnerUukausi sitten

    Feelt in love with all the hybrids in this series They are all so cute. I wish I had a pet mixed out of a human and a wolf with a tail at the bottom an sweet grey fluffy ears😍😍🐺

  20. Pavan Kumar

    Pavan KumarUukausi sitten

    That's something dark

  21. Roymatthew Balilahon

    Roymatthew BalilahonUukausi sitten

    I think the ending makes me sad. GUS must meet his mother and then great ending... It should have season 2 and then that could happen.

  22. ッmcyt._.berryッ

    ッmcyt._.berryッUukausi sitten


  23. Ksmart123

    Ksmart123Uukausi sitten

    The finale was a bit heartbreaking.

  24. •Vxntage Sxnflower•

    •Vxntage Sxnflower•Uukausi sitten

    @Ksmart123 same tho too broke to buy it TwT

  25. Ksmart123

    Ksmart123Uukausi sitten

    @•Vxntage Sxnflower• Sadly, I never read the comic.

  26. Ksmart123

    Ksmart123Uukausi sitten

    I finished the first season and can't wait for the next one

  27. •Vxntage Sxnflower•

    •Vxntage Sxnflower•Uukausi sitten

    @Random Comments i didnt read the og comic yet but i might think there would be S2 tho

  28. larseliten

    larselitenUukausi sitten

    Such a beautiful serie. There has to be a season 2!

  29. Jacktynf

    JacktynfUukausi sitten

    Yes theres season 2 coming soon

  30. Nu Liform

    Nu LiformUukausi sitten

    .....yeah....i Need this in my life.......Love it! it's a Really Great show...a Fantastical premise, but the Characters are so Good they make it totally Believable...Very Well done!......May i have some More, Please

  31. zayden_games

    zayden_gamesUukausi sitten

    i finished sweet tooth today it took 2 days

  32. ColtraneAndRain

    ColtraneAndRainUukausi sitten

    The casting was excellent! Gus is so adorable and innocent. Can't wait for season 2!

  33. zayden_games

    zayden_gamesUukausi sitten

    me too

  34. Sheff Kane

    Sheff KaneUukausi sitten


  35. LPs Kitty

    LPs KittyUukausi sitten

    Watch the whole thing

  36. Aesthetic Cine

    Aesthetic CineUukausi sitten

    Well, Avengers Godfather makes a DC series

  37. Adrian Stjärnfäldt

    Adrian StjärnfäldtUukausi sitten

    @Steven Pounsett but that happends with all shows the ratings goes down

  38. Adrian Stjärnfäldt

    Adrian StjärnfäldtUukausi sitten

    @Steven Pounsett well ratings allways drops after a couple of months and daredevil been out for several years

  39. SwiFT_LoRD YT

    SwiFT_LoRD YTUukausi sitten

    Ok and?

  40. Puppy face Willows💃

    Puppy face Willows💃Uukausi sitten


  41. Jynx the Jinx

    Jynx the JinxUukausi sitten

    @EverythingPandas “I’m 11 so STFU up” Sorry I had to

  42. EverythingPandas

    EverythingPandasUukausi sitten

    He’s 11 but same!!!!!!!

  43. Jynx the Jinx

    Jynx the JinxUukausi sitten

    @Joseph The Mexican Man :I

  44. Joseph The Mexican Man

    Joseph The Mexican ManUukausi sitten

    its called a hybrid *rolls eyes*

  45. • Dxnxh - Chxn •

    • Dxnxh - Chxn •Uukausi sitten

    @Jynx the Jinx lmao

  46. Puppy face Willows💃

    Puppy face Willows💃Uukausi sitten

    -did my comment just delete-

  47. ScriptFluence Ltd

    ScriptFluence LtdUukausi sitten

    Fell in loveee with this series immediately. Finding out Robert Downey Jr. had something to do with this was the damn cherry on top 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  48. Marjorie Villalino

    Marjorie VillalinoUukausi sitten

    Waiting for season 2.

  49. anteoniaaa

    anteoniaaaUukausi sitten


  50. Not_King

    Not_KingUukausi sitten


  51. Indra Totoro

    Indra TotoroUukausi sitten

    Ha me too

  52. Vinsmokezuru

    VinsmokezuruUukausi sitten

    Me 3

  53. waterstone

    waterstoneUukausi sitten


  54. _Kuruka-chan _

    _Kuruka-chan _Uukausi sitten

    Erly and love the vid

  55. Simon Dunne

    Simon DunneUukausi sitten

    Im half way through it and its an amazing show. This information is nice to know while waching it. I can point out things to my family as we wach it and they get so confused 🤣

  56. Rose Smith

    Rose SmithUukausi sitten

    Just finished Sweet Tooth a couple days ago. It was awesome, endearing and so deep! I read more than watch TV so I'll have to check it out. TBH I never read GN's till Joe Hill's Locke and Key which is unforgettable ❤️

  57. Anna The Movie Geek

    Anna The Movie GeekUukausi sitten

    Did Sweet Tooth come out earlier in the US? I’m in the Uk, and it only came out on June 4th.

  58. Rio GaminG

    Rio GaminGUukausi sitten

    Wow amazing I'm from indonesia

  59. 5FiveA

    5FiveAUukausi sitten


  60. Chris Redfield

    Chris RedfieldUukausi sitten