Sun Wukong | The Monkey King

Armed with superhuman physicality and powerful magic, the monkey king known as Sun Wukong goes on to create a whirlwind of mayhem, earning him a tumultuous relationship with the gods. Hear the magical tale of a monkey born from stone, who rose up to become a king, would go on to learn the ways of immortality, and battle the hardiest of the immortal world!


"Yangtze River"
"The Forbidden City"
"The Five Guardians"
"In the Shadows"
by Brandon & Derek Fiechter


“Dragons, Gods, and Spirits from Chinese Mythology” by Tao Tao Liu Sanders
“Chinese Myths & Folk Tales”
“Myths & Legends”

If I used your artwork please let me know so I can give proper credit!


  1. Mythology Unleashed

    Mythology Unleashed24 päivää sitten

    Since it has been asked so much, the video detailing The Journey to the West will be released NOVEMBER 2021! But fear not, we will have plenty of videos of myths and legends from around the world in the mean time! Stay tuned and thank you for watching!

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    jin mori

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    fun fact in the original book stated that buddha can't kill wukong, but he is still more powerful than wukong so thats why he tricked wukong


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    Goku = monke

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    aThe 72-ability thing is hard to explain, first of all, the number 72 meaning 72 abilities is simply wrong: the number 72 simply represents 72 celestial generals and it is the single 1 ability wukong learnt, the name of that ability is called 72 transformations or whatever being translated into. To put it simple, it is like a book called children’s 300 questions which does not really mean that children have 300 questions, just means that they are super curious. secondly, the 72 ability is used for immortality, in chinese myth, in order to become real immortal (real means you can even live beyond the life circle of the universe- myth assumes that every now and then the universe dies and then reforms- hence living beyond each cycle and not to die with the end of the world means real immortality), one has to be able to avoid three major disasters that could wipe out all beings and the world with it, the fire, the water and the wind. The ability of transformation represents one's ability to transform and avoid these things. The implied meaning is that for example, if you were a bird and were about to be eaten by a tiger, then transform yourself into a lion to survive; if flood comes, become a fish to survive, so on and so forth. Wukong, with that simple ability, can transform himself into literally anything, definitely not limited to only 72 forms or lives, it is countless- after all this aims to get you keep on living forever, beyond the life cycle of the universe, so you figure...

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    Immortal : MONKEEE Sun : why...why did you save me Immortal : mmmmm MONKEEE

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    Wonderful story, you have a voice for telling tales.

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    Monkey king is a god

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    Jade emperor: Hey! You Cant Take Our Immortality! WuKong: HAHAHAHAHAA IMMORTALITY GO BRRRRRRRR

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    the only badass monkey out there, this guy even remove his name from the book of the death, SO OP

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    What amazes me that people actually believed in these ridiculous myths throughout history

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    The monke king in mythology: a godlike being that can battle any monster and destroyed half of heaven The monke kig in tabs: knock off naruto

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    Bro I watched xiyouji when I was like 7. It was very confusing lolw

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    One piece brought me here.

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    There is a Monkey King Character in Shadow Fight Arena. He is based off of Sun Wukong

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    Monkey King is Man in all his splendor

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    You have a voice not unlike an Elcor

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    Saitama and sun wukung vs. everybody

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    Learn to read pinyin and remake this video.

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    i think the monkey king came from indian mythology of god hanuman

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    We call him GOKU

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    Monke hehe

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    Only Legends know's that Nobita is the real sun wukong

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    In hindu culture its hanuman

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    One Piece has "Money D Luffy" who sets out to sea to become "King of the Pirates", and has the "Will of D" which is essentially rebelling against the "Gods" who rule the world government. One of the places he went was "Sabaody"

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    holy crap, the stone egg was really Goku's space capsule @_@

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    The original dragon ball Goku is based on this character. From the legend the journey to the west

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    Jin mori 😳😳 before GOH

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    "you can't just stomp heaven and hell causing chaos wherever you go" Sun Wukong: "haha immortality go brrr"

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    diyu is the chines hell

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    How many God do you wanna piss off? Wukong: Yes.

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    If I had a nickel for everytime a Demon monkey shows up in mythology stories...

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    "His magical rod could change sizes at his command. ..the size of a mountain, to the size of a pin" And that, is how they say- is that .

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    I wanna see Nezha vs Monkey king going all out in the new Nezha movie

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    So super strength, super can't even describe his durability, unbreakable staff and armour, boat load of immortality, he can shape shift, stop time, this dude is busted not to mention he is disrespectful

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    Ah yes Sun Wukong the Equal of HEAVEN!

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    Wow, as a DotA 2 player Im really suprised on how accuarate the M.King model and skills in game are to the real story😯😯😯😯

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    The most stupid emperor is jade emperor he give a monkey to protect immortal fruit... They have to kill him even when he born.... And the 2nd part if his master have future eyes it means he know monkey king become like this so why he teach him all 72 transformation methods

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  61. Mythology Unleashed

    Mythology Unleashed24 päivää sitten

    Coming later this year!

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    Someone:Say with me "Sun" Me:"Sun" Someone:"Wu" Me:"Wu" Someone:"Kong" Me:"Kong" Someone:Sun Wukong Me being the Vietnamese that i am:Ton ngo khong

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    The Monkey King wanted immortality so he went searching for 7 mythical Dargonballs! 😂🤪

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    Monkeys don't lay eggs

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    Let’s goooo monke for the win

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    1:43 humbelness? Tho monkey shoot golden beam to your castle. He is flexing on you how is that humble?

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    Now that is some good story telling ❤️

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    I'm glad "The God of Highschool" made me kinda familiar with this

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    Chinese people love the monkey king. There’s a shit ton of movies about him. The best one IMO is The Tales of Wukong (2017).

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    Every year we are like 'not another monkey king movie'

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    Hiruzen's (3rd Hokage) summon creature.. Monkey King!! So sad Konohamaru didnt inherit the monkey king.. would of been so much better comp aids red to summoning the Toads

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    @Louise Althea Roman Hentai Image artist - MutantProject - 2 - Hentai Image

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    when I was reading the webtoon I literally thought that it was a korean mythology, and then I saw this I internally scream MORIIIIIIIII, I'm so cringey my gashhh

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    @Agent Chaos Mori Jin the god of high school

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