Solo Through War-Torn Donbass 🇺🇦

🇺🇦 In 2014 the Ukrainian part of the Donbass erupted into war. Separatists from the Lugansk and Donetsk regions took up arms and took control of Ukrainian towns all along the eastern region of the country. Eventually they were pushed back until they controlled just the cities of Lugansk and Donetsk and some surrounding villages. I went off to visit some of the towns that the Ukrainian army had re-taken along the front lines to see how life was progressing and to hunt for the ultimate Soviet mosaic...


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    I've been there, he says it's not fancy...I'm American and it's as good or better than 80 percent of ours

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    bald and bankrupt needs to visit Latvia :)

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    This is the best series you've filmed to date. Thank you for visiting Ukraine.

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    3:53 sci-fi vibes.

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    That's crazy. As a kid I remember being at that circus that's in the intro. Going inside, seeing the shows.

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    в метро не снимают, извините мне пох как и тебе... смотрю и вижу Россию 90-х, и никакой европейскости

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    Imagine the look on that little girl’s face filming when she realizes 2.5 million people seen this

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    “No filming in the metro!” “Ah! Sorry, forgive me!” > Continues to film anyway lmao

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    You can't watch these videos as an American and not appreciate the good fortune of having been born in a country that hasn't been war-torn in a century and a half.

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    As always, the best ,greetings from your home UK. I always wish you to go Latvia my home country. As a soviet union child(1982) i really have enjoyed your russian/Ukraine tours. Good luck/stay safe.

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    As someone with social anxiety these videos just blow my mind. Keeps filming after being told to stop, gets the taxi driver to wait in the car while he’s exploring buildings. Literally everything this man does would give me a full on panic attack but I absolutely love the almost innocent lack of social awareness. Yet he’s so likeable and friendly to the locals!

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    Why do they forbid filming in their crummy old Metro ?

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    Just found this channel absolutely awesome nobody will ever replace Anthony Bourdain but this channel comes the closest and Anthony Bourdain never did his travels with a Russian supermodel lol

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    Родной Лисичанск

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    29:26 It says "Secular temptation champagne"

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    Can you please do a video in Pinsk, Belarus?? It's a very historic city and much of the population was decimated during the war.

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    All these tragedies in Eastern Ukraine are thanks to mother Russia.

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    "When the Owners fight, the slaves suffer" -- Ukrainian (or Russian) proverb. You're a brave man B&B and you're our only source for honest reporting about the nations of the former Soviet Union and what's really going on in that part of the world.

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    Let's just all take a moment to check our privledge. I'm barely getting by but I'm rich compared to these people. I don't think I have the balls of those babushka. Thanks for the videos.

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    The moments you haven't noticed (2): on 16:22 there's a graffiti "КИБОРГИ" (The Cyborgs) - a Ukrainian nick-name for the soldiers who defended the Donetsk International Airport during 242 days in 2014-2015 against the elite Russian military troops (including Naval Infantry and Spetsnaz GRU squads and the Chechen Guard of Ramzan Kadyrov). The film "Cyborgs" based on these events was shot in 2017 by a Crimean Tatar actor and director Akhtem Seitablayev, here's the trailer:

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    The cheapest hotels are like 80 quid in northern ireland and they're not 1/4th as nice as that ffs

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    хде автокефалия хде томас Прыг скок с пяточки на ОКРАИНЕ автоматик не работает мы опять обкакались

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    The moments you haven't noticed (1): on 28:00 a mosaic shows the Red Army soldier who crushes a two-headed eagle with a crown: a symbol of the Tsar's empire, but also a present-day coat of arms of Russian Federation. So symbolic... :)

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    I'd be too scared of booby traps and landmines to step anywhere away from the road.

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    These metro stations look like something out of an old source engine game

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    You mentioned the Cossacks as free people. That's true in historical meaning, but those who joined the Russian occupation of Eastern Ukraine have nothing common with free people. The Don Cossack culture, lifestyle and identity were totally destroyed by Communists twice: first after the Civil War of 1918-23 (since they mostly fought against the Red Army and were recognized as an "enemy social group"), then after WW2 (since some of them were so unhappy with two decades of the Soviet rule that they joined the German Army and were treated by Stalin as "traitors"). What is called "A Don Cossack Host" is just a modern-day artificial reconstruction, entirely controlled by FSB (Russian secret police). One of the "atamans" (leaders) of Russian Cossacks, Nikolay Kozitsyn, who had a long military background in Russian-led wars against Georgia and Moldova, also in Serbia (on the side of Serbian nationalists against Kosovo), later became a part of a story of Malaysian Boeing MH17 shot down by a Russian anti-aircraft rocket. That "brave free Cossack" was informed of what had happened on the territory controlled by his troops and his reaction was: "So what? It's the wrong f***ing place to fly! It's our warzone!" So these "Cossacks" are too faaaaaaar from being "free people"...

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    00:33 You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby :D

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    Just a fact-checking. A taxi driver: "Artemovskaya was a perfectly normal name. Bakhmut was thought up by..." The reality: Bakhmut is an old Nogai-Turkic name, possibly derived from Mahmood < Muhammad, the oldest Cossack settlement had this name since 1570s, Bakhmut was recognized as a city with this name since 1783 and then was temporarily renamed by Bolsheviks in 1924, after another Bolshevik, so-called "Comrade Artyom". So compare, Artyomovsk: 1924-2016 (92 years), Bakhmut: [at least] 1783-1924 and 2016-2021 (146 years, or about 350 years if you count since XVI century). The taxi driver is himself "a perfectly normal" sample of a rootless soviet man, brainwashed by communist propaganda, rejecting all the culture, history and heritage beyond the "Soviet Era".

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    No one knows about big Soviet mosaics because we got used to it and mostly don’t care 🤷‍♀️ those mosaics were everywhere 😁

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    Your country is guilty for all this poverty and war. Your government and governments of Europe and America supported and prodused several revolutions in Ukraine, so now it is starving country and country with Civil War. Just remember it, while giving some money to ukrainien babushkas and thinking of yourself the Noble Western Traveler in the Wild Field.

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