Revealing the New Renovated Berm Peak Ranger Station!

The Berm Peak Ranger Station is a vacation rental for mountain bikers, in Brevard, NC, USA. We bought this house back in the Fall of 2020, and by June 2021 it should be ready to rent! This is the biggest home improvement project we've undergone for sure, although it has been done mostly by contractors. There is no listing right now because we need to finish setting it up to get pictures. If you're interested in any of the products in the video, they are below.

Queen Bean Bag Chair
Full Bean Bag Chair
Shoe Dryer
Bed Shelfie
Raspberry Pi Game System
Wireless Controllers
Charging Cables

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  1. Michu

    Michu18 päivää sitten

    welcome to berm peak

  2. Logan Georgelas

    Logan Georgelas19 päivää sitten

    Put the kfc gaming console in the living room

  3. Larry Hopper

    Larry Hopper20 päivää sitten

    Very nice. I am surprised you did not use plastic lumber for the deck.

  4. Jason Cruz

    Jason Cruz20 päivää sitten

    Dude we’re have I been I’ve missed so much videos the last Video I saw when you start it first trail man there so much going on now with park and what is your station and the little one

  5. Eliot the Turtle

    Eliot the Turtle21 päivä sitten

    Seth looks like he should be speaking a columbian language 4:09

  6. Allan In Space

    Allan In Space22 päivää sitten

    7:22 Seth: “Yeah, come fuck in my house.”

  7. Soviet Mt. Goat

    Soviet Mt. Goat25 päivää sitten

    If the bean bag ever starts getting deflated, order yogibo beads on Amazon. That's what I did for mine and it honestly makes it better for bean bag and sleep mode

  8. Jürg Hobi

    Jürg Hobi25 päivää sitten

    Does park tools sponser you

  9. Aidan Winaker

    Aidan Winaker25 päivää sitten

    6:31 roblox death sound

  10. The game Human 3.0

    The game Human 3.027 päivää sitten

    If I rented out the ranger station I would bring my own console to plug into the TV

  11. Robert Lea

    Robert Lea28 päivää sitten

    and where is this if i want to stay there?

  12. Scoobert Doo

    Scoobert Doo29 päivää sitten

    Salesman seth

  13. ooSparlo

    ooSparloUukausi sitten

    Seth's gonna make some serious bank off that place.

  14. AJ sibayan

    AJ sibayanUukausi sitten

    Sir Seth can U upgrade may bike for delivery I use may bike for delivery and it's has many problems

  15. Chase Flanagan

    Chase Flanagan10 päivää sitten

    Yes please check email from seth biker hax second acc

  16. Chase

    ChaseUukausi sitten

    So can anyone rent it or is it just for bikers?

  17. Chase Flanagan

    Chase Flanagan10 päivää sitten

    Be weird to rent if you didn’t bike

  18. Johnatan Falck

    Johnatan FalckUukausi sitten

    The games you buy and hang on the wall don't have to work anymore, security copies run on the emulator. maybe there are defective games on ebay or so vor cheap😇

  19. fredk

    fredkUukausi sitten

    I hate to be that guy, but that TV is too high

  20. Dani Olson

    Dani OlsonUukausi sitten

    just make it simple and buy Xbox. it'll save the riders a lot of confusion.

  21. Zachary Rimmer

    Zachary RimmerUukausi sitten

    Me when I. 6:31

  22. Zachary Rimmer

    Zachary RimmerUukausi sitten


  23. Zachary Rimmer

    Zachary RimmerUukausi sitten

    defiantly coming here just to plop on the been bag.

  24. Andrew Martin

    Andrew MartinUukausi sitten

    Preach on USB micro-B being ready for the history books. I've stayed at some AirBnBs and the attention to detail on this build is very nice. Things like the charging station and bed shelfies are such huge quality of life features that just nobody thinks of when they're slapping together their rental property. Suggestion: you might want a large dedicated sticker wall for guests to sign/sticker/etc.

  25. Jeff P

    Jeff PUukausi sitten

    When did Kevin join Cobra Kai?

  26. Alex Goyal

    Alex GoyalUukausi sitten

    Hey Seth here are few suggestions: 1. A medical room because there is high probability there maybe accidents/injury during the session. 2. Using old MTB parts to make wall arts.

  27. EJP79

    EJP79Uukausi sitten

    That place is SICK! There needs to be more places like yours! 👍

  28. Jacob Wagganer

    Jacob WagganerUukausi sitten

    This is the single most convenient Air B&B ever

  29. 3mmzy

    3mmzyUukausi sitten

    Looks so good! Great job👍

  30. Gaming Guy

    Gaming GuyUukausi sitten


  31. Drago 0900

    Drago 0900Uukausi sitten

    Can’t wait to stay there, lookin sweet.

  32. Erich Bachman

    Erich BachmanUukausi sitten

    4:18 tried tubeless shoedryers?!?

  33. LittleRainGames

    LittleRainGamesUukausi sitten

    As an electronics developer I really disagree when you said micro b shouldnt be a thing anymore. USB C cables and ports are very expensive, and they can increase your cost a ton. 1 million units, add a million dollars to your costs(for ports alone). Micro B you can purchase ports for pennies. Now Ive never produced any amounts like that, but from my prototypes Ive realized how hard it is to keep the cost down, and micro B is very helpful for that.

  34. Dexter Kendall

    Dexter KendallUukausi sitten

    Good thing about having a platform such as yourself... you don't have to pay others to advertise your business! ;)

  35. American Every Day

    American Every DayUukausi sitten

    I would love to be the first one to stay here

  36. Ibraheem Ali

    Ibraheem AliUukausi sitten

    Can you give us an update on the fooker pedals

  37. Tom Polson

    Tom PolsonUukausi sitten

    7:24 who knows what’s going to be going on at the ranger station

  38. Amy Albert

    Amy AlbertUukausi sitten

    Seth do know about camp high rocks it is in brevard?

  39. habanerat

    habaneratUukausi sitten

    Mud room has a white door - - why - just why? hahaha

  40. Dibster 77

    Dibster 77Uukausi sitten

    this chanel just makes me happy idk why bruh

  41. Aarne Vihervuori

    Aarne VihervuoriUukausi sitten

    Seth got a haircut, bet u sisint think we would notice

  42. Purveyor of Awesome

    Purveyor of AwesomeUukausi sitten

    How much is the add-on to have Seth welcome you to the Ranger Station as Ranger Joe ?

  43. Axstro BMX

    Axstro BMXUukausi sitten

    Woah seth thats looks amazing

  44. R.Vishal RAVI

    R.Vishal RAVIUukausi sitten


  45. Thomas Shelton

    Thomas SheltonUukausi sitten

    Tip for the Bed Shelfie. Get a bit of rubber or something and put it on the ends of the clamps so that people don't over tighten them and wreck the wood/paint on the bed frames.

  46. Brady Cole

    Brady ColeUukausi sitten

    Seth might have landed a job on HGTV 🤔

  47. I like cheese

    I like cheeseUukausi sitten

    hey what do diferent lenses do to the go pro?

  48. Mary Helm

    Mary HelmUukausi sitten


  49. Pablo Montero

    Pablo MonteroUukausi sitten

    Will the rentals be for the whole house only, or are you planning on renting rooms separately ?

  50. Aditya Purwanto

    Aditya PurwantoUukausi sitten

    After episodes of Pimp My Ride now Seth's doing Cribs? Man, MTV better watch their back.

  51. Maskan Rill

    Maskan RillUukausi sitten

    Anyone who ends up staying here, please respect it! This place looks too nice :D

  52. WorshipTheLoud609

    WorshipTheLoud609Uukausi sitten

    interesting gaming system idea: oculus quest, virtual reality headset that requires no computer & can be easily cleaned for sanitary use

  53. Randall 37

    Randall 37Uukausi sitten

    X box on the gaming system

  54. Rick Hop

    Rick HopUukausi sitten

    Wow great job it looks amazing

  55. New Earth Guardian

    New Earth GuardianUukausi sitten

    Apparently now this channel is just for advertisements for your airbnb rental. And bro... stop with the same but different line. It was already getting old like last year.

  56. Mike Kraemer

    Mike KraemerUukausi sitten

    Totally gonna bring the family up there and stay. May not even ride a bunch, just come up and enjoy the beauty.

  57. Ricky Downhill - RDH

    Ricky Downhill - RDHUukausi sitten

    That place is sick... well done!!

  58. Constantin Lungu

    Constantin LunguUukausi sitten

    I just watched a commercial and i enjoyed it

  59. Harry

    HarryUukausi sitten

    Looks pretty cool

  60. xWood4000

    xWood4000Uukausi sitten

    Hopefully you have security under control, there can be assholes that watch the video.

  61. Cat Luver

    Cat LuverUukausi sitten

    I wonder when this will be on Google maps

  62. UnnaturalMan

    UnnaturalManUukausi sitten

    How much does it cost to live there?

  63. Purple person

    Purple personUukausi sitten

    You should get more than the snes controllers as if you want to play a lot of games, like n64, you can’t, maybe get ps4 controller too or something

  64. Jeff allen

    Jeff allenUukausi sitten

    Seth, expected you to join Kevin to fulfill the 2x200 lbs.

  65. Max Capelin

    Max CapelinUukausi sitten

    Seth I don’t know if it’s different in America but I’m pretty sure a queen sized bed is bigger than a king

  66. Gabriel Perrotto-Wald

    Gabriel Perrotto-WaldUukausi sitten

    Well he was going to go to the ranger station I know I Going to the ranger station

  67. Prometheus

    PrometheusUukausi sitten

    "Taking showers at the same time" in the same shower?

  68. yeah

    yeahUukausi sitten

    This is exactly what I want to do!!! So cool

  69. Ida hoe

    Ida hoeUukausi sitten

    make a gaming room, gamers nexus is a mtber as well and i remember he left a comment asking if he could build gaming pc's for you

  70. Ida hoe

    Ida hoeUukausi sitten

    i know you name yourself berm peak now, but i will always search "seth's bike hacks" when i look for you

  71. Umar Mihaz

    Umar MihazUukausi sitten

    How old are you?

  72. Sawyer Carratura

    Sawyer CarraturaUukausi sitten

    Hey Seth, you should make a video of riding all of your old bikes in the storage place.

  73. Matthew Tran

    Matthew TranUukausi sitten

    this looks better than my house

  74. PEY

    PEYUukausi sitten

    8:40 Kevin: “Oh it’s so heavy 💀” Seth not phased: “Is it?” All that riding has you built

  75. JDesignSwe

    JDesignSweUukausi sitten

    Your airbnb has better bike cave areas than my home., hey, it seems that the entire ranger station is nicer than my house... well done bud!

  76. Kieran Sullivan

    Kieran SullivanUukausi sitten

    Cant wait hopfully seth doesnt sell it too quicky plan on going to America in a few years time

  77. Robnyc 718

    Robnyc 718Uukausi sitten

    Dude, I hope yr charging properly ! What yr offering people is def better then most spots. Make your money brother

  78. Black Sea Trails

    Black Sea TrailsUukausi sitten

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    shmackUukausi sitten

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    Aj WeaverUukausi sitten

    3:09 not if anyone's dad is in there

  81. Elias S

    Elias SUukausi sitten

    “ Who knows what is going to go on in the Ranger station” 😂

  82. Jeremy Ward

    Jeremy WardUukausi sitten

    retro pi ... Nice touch

  83. Random Stuff In Oregon

    Random Stuff In OregonUukausi sitten

    I honestly can't stand that type of flooring, but the rest of the house looks amazing!

  84. Ryan Shearer

    Ryan ShearerUukausi sitten

    Hey. When is this ready for renting? Looks great.

  85. Eliott Lanctot

    Eliott LanctotUukausi sitten

    What is the name of the console/emulator?

  86. Antrum

    AntrumUukausi sitten

    Berm peak gaming channel!!?!??

  87. petunianut

    petunianutUukausi sitten

    The nest thermostat has a base plate in the bottom of the box that the thermostat can mount on. You can cover those holes in the wall with that.

  88. pauly Ingrassia

    pauly IngrassiaUukausi sitten

    Nice gaming system

  89. Sloane Dalmer

    Sloane DalmerUukausi sitten

    The amount of thought you've put into your future guests is admirable. Once us Canadians are able to travel to the states again, this is definitely a bucket list I'll need to check off!

  90. Jack Yardley

    Jack YardleyUukausi sitten

    Who else wanna see Berm Peak x Grand Designs

  91. Ash Trudeau

    Ash TrudeauUukausi sitten

    Where is that console from

  92. Ess Kay

    Ess KayUukausi sitten

    I hope that it will be for sale to!!

  93. Chase Flanagan

    Chase Flanagan10 päivää sitten

    Wtf are you talking about

  94. Privatteer

    PrivatteerUukausi sitten

    Yes please

  95. mike pirotta

    mike pirottaUukausi sitten

    Hey guys I’m working on a crypto currency for mountain bikers! The goal would be one coin = one bike. I’m throwing the idea into this channel first to see if anybody would be interested in this investment opportunity. Some feedback would be great!

  96. Owen Martins

    Owen MartinsUukausi sitten

    I’d put rubber on the back of those shelves you might start to chip the paint on the bed in a circle pattern

  97. Ethan Revitch

    Ethan RevitchUukausi sitten

    Did you make or buy the Retropie (gaming system) ?

  98. Downhill Dad

    Downhill DadUukausi sitten

    Makes me want to buy and renovate a place! Great video

  99. Tucker Stewart

    Tucker StewartUukausi sitten

    "If I want to burn my house down, thats my own prerogative".. Enters Kevin.

  100. Rick Tennant

    Rick TennantUukausi sitten

    You should do a video on building an rc crawler using only parts from Wish

  101. Bike Life with Rob

    Bike Life with RobUukausi sitten


  102. Dave Larose

    Dave LaroseUukausi sitten

    Who the heck sets a temperature to 90! Thought it was crazy when my roomie set it to 78. We generally set it to 68-70. Haha

  103. Nikolai Skeie

    Nikolai SkeieUukausi sitten

    Buy a cross

  104. XG Caras

    XG CarasUukausi sitten

    Here i am again finding some ideas for a house design

  105. Kev’in Bike

    Kev’in BikeUukausi sitten

    Very Nice place good job 👍🏼

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    rylandinesUukausi sitten

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