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  1. PewDiePie

    PewDiePieUukausi sitten

    I dont get it, what am I supposed to do exactly?


    ALISHA DHITAL2 päivää sitten

    no comment

  3. unicorns Squad

    unicorns Squad21 päivä sitten


  4. SirDylStompzAlot

    SirDylStompzAlotUukausi sitten


  5. Beeg Yoshi

    Beeg YoshiUukausi sitten

    He did it

  6. random person on the internet

    random person on the internetUukausi sitten

    hes hereeeeeeee

  7. Dana Mendoza

    Dana Mendoza11 minuuttia sitten


  8. Karan Vachhani

    Karan Vachhani20 minuuttia sitten


  9. Minvs Φ

    Minvs Φ37 minuuttia sitten

    Hey pewdiepie here.

  10. It’s Leila Gonzalez

    It’s Leila GonzalezTunti sitten

    Pewdiepie “What am I supposed to do” Mr beast “ im completely satisfied”

  11. Erin Matthews

    Erin MatthewsTunti sitten

    Why does pewdiepie have a fernest on his face

  12. Melanie Nguyen

    Melanie NguyenTunti sitten

    He commented

  13. PewDiePie FanClub

    PewDiePie FanClubTunti sitten


  14. Jacob vlogz

    Jacob vlogzTunti sitten

    U happy he commented😂😂

  15. Kainoa Clark

    Kainoa ClarkTunti sitten

    Well, I guess he commented

  16. Shark Hand

    Shark HandTunti sitten

    I love you pewdiepie

  17. Jchern052

    Jchern052Tunti sitten

    Pewds has to say e

  18. Blake Thompson

    Blake Thompson2 tuntia sitten

    Yes he commented

  19. Piranha Plant Pals

    Piranha Plant Pals2 tuntia sitten

    My channel is called parana plant pals

  20. Monique Howard

    Monique Howard2 tuntia sitten

    Pls shout me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and shop mr.beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Piranha Plant Pals

    Piranha Plant Pals2 tuntia sitten

    I love PewDiePie

  22. Rachelle Heath

    Rachelle Heath2 tuntia sitten

    Mr beast I love your vids I wish i was in one

  23. Logan Ohme

    Logan Ohme2 tuntia sitten

    I think he is here

  24. Jody Fortin

    Jody Fortin2 tuntia sitten


  25. Angelique Burnham

    Angelique Burnham2 tuntia sitten


  26. Midnight wolf Pack forever

    Midnight wolf Pack forever2 tuntia sitten


  27. Anthony Pugliese

    Anthony Pugliese2 tuntia sitten

    He did it

  28. omar maali

    omar maali3 tuntia sitten


  29. Central Assassin

    Central Assassin3 tuntia sitten

    I'm pewdiepie

  30. Xbox Games

    Xbox GamesTunti sitten

    You wish

  31. Carlo Calugay

    Carlo CalugayTunti sitten

    Idol haha

  32. Happy Eudora

    Happy EudoraTunti sitten


  33. xXSilver WolfXx

    xXSilver WolfXx3 tuntia sitten


  34. Clumsy Marinette

    Clumsy Marinette3 tuntia sitten

    You know Ima sound savage but I don't watch pewdiepie.

  35. Saugat Mishra

    Saugat Mishra4 tuntia sitten


  36. Pirate King

    Pirate King4 tuntia sitten


  37. francisco galvan

    francisco galvan4 tuntia sitten


  38. francisco galvan

    francisco galvan4 tuntia sitten

    Did he answer

  39. TheReCustomizer

    TheReCustomizer4 tuntia sitten


  40. Lucas Wilson

    Lucas Wilson4 tuntia sitten

    I dont get it, what am I supposed to do exactly?

  41. Susan Barrett

    Susan Barrett5 tuntia sitten

    PewDiePie commented

  42. fs construction

    fs construction5 tuntia sitten

    Bru meme gang

  43. Barbara Flowers

    Barbara Flowers6 tuntia sitten

    Can u see my numbers? ⁹⁰⁸⁷⁶⁵⅔⁷

  44. Sean Lee

    Sean Lee6 tuntia sitten

    Currently 12m people including me thinks they are pewds

  45. Banana_Ricsi

    Banana_Ricsi6 tuntia sitten

    U am piewdiepie lol

  46. Aylah Mendez

    Aylah Mendez6 tuntia sitten

    I am out in my living room so I could only read the subtitles and it said to comment so I did

  47. beast mr

    beast mr6 tuntia sitten

    I'm from Philippines if mr beast notice this comment I'll steal mr beast cookies 🤘

  48. Mizuki Enriquez

    Mizuki Enriquez7 tuntia sitten

    What kind of experiment is this?

  49. Spexz On switch

    Spexz On switch7 tuntia sitten

    He commented

  50. Eli's Life

    Eli's Life7 tuntia sitten

    what am i supposed to say

  51. Mariam kachkachashvili

    Mariam kachkachashvili7 tuntia sitten

    I’m pewdipie hej

  52. Joseph Wells Among Us Fan Plus Kendall

    Joseph Wells Among Us Fan Plus Kendall7 tuntia sitten


  53. brodie plaz

    brodie plaz7 tuntia sitten


  54. Mason Holmes

    Mason Holmes7 tuntia sitten

    Can I have 10k

  55. Milojsan

    Milojsan7 tuntia sitten


  56. (US/PR/Student) Izurieta Diaz. Mauricio Gabriel

    (US/PR/Student) Izurieta Diaz. Mauricio Gabriel7 tuntia sitten


  57. Gage Kompara

    Gage Kompara8 tuntia sitten

    0:16 is totally funny

  58. Jay Hubick

    Jay Hubick8 tuntia sitten

    what is that actually PewDiePie

  59. Southwest Gaming

    Southwest Gaming8 tuntia sitten

    Comments are broken for me:/

  60. Dana Whitten

    Dana Whitten8 tuntia sitten


  61. Dana Whitten

    Dana Whitten8 tuntia sitten


  62. XOB HIVE

    XOB HIVE8 tuntia sitten

    I’m pewdiepie

  63. JJ Morelli

    JJ Morelli9 tuntia sitten

    He did it!

  64. The mad miner

    The mad miner9 tuntia sitten

    Hey it’s pewdiepie and you can move by the way I changed my wall paper

  65. AKGamer_YT 123

    AKGamer_YT 1239 tuntia sitten

    he commented but my question is what is the reason of this

  66. pro girl gamer

    pro girl gamer9 tuntia sitten

    Ay pewdiepie

  67. Paul Dovgalyuk

    Paul Dovgalyuk9 tuntia sitten


  68. Rswag Gaming

    Rswag Gaming9 tuntia sitten

    Pewbiepie: what do I do? Me: don’t comment so they sit there forever

  69. WatBacYT

    WatBacYT9 tuntia sitten

    Who actually went to look?

  70. ProAnteaterPlaze

    ProAnteaterPlaze9 tuntia sitten

    Hello pewdiepie

  71. Katherine Gilbertson

    Katherine Gilbertson10 tuntia sitten

    Well he did it

  72. Dhiya Ben arbia

    Dhiya Ben arbia10 tuntia sitten

    Pewdiepie comment

  73. Mohsinyasin Ibrahim

    Mohsinyasin Ibrahim10 tuntia sitten

    Pewdiepie: what aim I supposed to do now Mojang: Yes

  74. luke Knapp

    luke Knapp10 tuntia sitten

    why did Pewdiepie have to comment


    ッNATHEBEST10 tuntia sitten

    ʜᴇ ᴀᴄᴄᴜᴀʟʟʏ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛᴇᴅ.

  76. Donna Burke

    Donna Burke10 tuntia sitten


  77. ATMSIR CashP.

    ATMSIR CashP.10 tuntia sitten

    Eat beast 🍔

  78. Itz clxudy playz

    Itz clxudy playz10 tuntia sitten


  79. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast10 tuntia sitten

    Wall he comment

  80. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast11 tuntia sitten

    Netflix ‐ ❌ MrBeast ‐✅

  81. Gnaaruag

    Gnaaruag11 tuntia sitten

    *12 million people* Maybe I am Pewdiepie

  82. Rubi R

    Rubi R11 tuntia sitten

    I dont reali now what i am supposed to do ???

  83. Jen Smith

    Jen Smith11 tuntia sitten

    He did

  84. Chilling cool

    Chilling cool11 tuntia sitten


  85. Canvas Laugh club

    Canvas Laugh club11 tuntia sitten

    Pewdiepie will be paid for it 😂😂( mrbeast style😎)

  86. Sahsenemu6 Bedir

    Sahsenemu6 Bedir11 tuntia sitten

    I sub to your channel

  87. The Cat Person

    The Cat Person11 tuntia sitten


  88. kayla baxter

    kayla baxter11 tuntia sitten

    12 million people are aprently pewdiepie

  89. Aiden Woods

    Aiden Woods11 tuntia sitten

    I'm PewDiePie HIIIIIIIII

  90. Kymberly Rubenstein

    Kymberly Rubenstein11 tuntia sitten

    he commited

  91. Orange Slime

    Orange Slime12 tuntia sitten


  92. God of games

    God of games12 tuntia sitten

    PewDiepie: what do I do Mrbeast : beat T - series

  93. VILO

    VILO12 tuntia sitten


  94. Charlie Bell

    Charlie Bell12 tuntia sitten


  95. Roblox Alt account

    Roblox Alt account12 tuntia sitten

    He commented

  96. Grace Tan

    Grace Tan13 tuntia sitten

    Hello i love your vids if you notice my comment can you pls heart it❤️🍨😍💕💎

  97. Carter Williams

    Carter Williams13 tuntia sitten


  98. Carter Williams

    Carter Williams13 tuntia sitten


  99. Jacob Leclair

    Jacob Leclair13 tuntia sitten


  100. ali omer

    ali omer13 tuntia sitten

    sheeeesh look did you guys notice the legs lol

  101. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel13 tuntia sitten

    *Can u guys see it*

  102. Caire Michalle

    Caire Michalle13 tuntia sitten

    You said it Pewdipie

  103. Stanley Playz

    Stanley Playz13 tuntia sitten

    happy pewdiepie!

  104. ibrahim dirie

    ibrahim dirie13 tuntia sitten

    how are there 12million pewdiepies??

  105. Zarvox

    Zarvox13 tuntia sitten


  106. Emma Victoria Øyjordsbakken

    Emma Victoria Øyjordsbakken14 tuntia sitten


  107. Vaibhavi Sutar

    Vaibhavi Sutar14 tuntia sitten


  108. Vishwatosh Tripathi

    Vishwatosh Tripathi14 tuntia sitten

    He did it’s above me or someone IDK

  109. Aj Hallo

    Aj Hallo14 tuntia sitten

    Pewdiepie answer him im a fan of both of you U_U