Painting a car in -30 degree weather

In this episode we show you just how many things can go wrong when painting a car in freezing cold temperatures.
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  1. woodwork solutions

    woodwork solutions14 päivää sitten

    Should be done with paint roller!

  2. StofStuiver

    StofStuiver19 päivää sitten

    Car at - 30 Paint at 0 to 10 probably. First of all, the spray will cool down even further as it travels through the air. The -30 metal will cool it very fast to -30 Viscosity is then very high, which is why it will hardly run. Depending on which solvents and which concentration, specific fractions will freeze (the bigger C chains), which will increase viscosity to practically solid. Which is why your first layer looks fairly ok. But it will not harden if the temp is so low. So as soon as you touch it, temp flies up locally and it gets sticky again, as if it was just put on. If waiting longer, smaller C chain fractions will dissolve and evaporate, but i have sincere doubts if your result will be good, even if temp goes up to normal after this has happened, bc you changed the normal properties.

  3. Bruce Arnold

    Bruce Arnold22 päivää sitten

    It gets like 117° farenhieght to 120° farenhieght where I'm at in the summer. You should experiment with something like that and see what happens

  4. Frank De Belder

    Frank De Belder22 päivää sitten


  5. Maurian Perez

    Maurian Perez22 päivää sitten

    Come on man I was waiting for you to clear coat where you painted to see what happens when moister evaporated.(costume paint)

  6. indnajns

    indnajns23 päivää sitten

    I have nothing but awe and respect for a people who can LIVE, not just EXIST, in -30° weather. I can't even wrap my brain around such temperatures and the troubles they must cause. Below 50°F and I question if going outside is even necessary. At 20°F, I'm bundled up like they dress for -20°C! Much hardier than I am!

  7. StofStuiver

    StofStuiver19 päivää sitten

    check out Jakutsk region (omyakon, coldest inhabited place on earth). Temps in winter are easy -50 Celcius and girls going out walk in miniskirts ;p While the fish in the markets is like anything, frozen solid. Red a report from a Moscov guy some 20 years ago, used to temps of -30. He went outside hotel and was back in within 5 minutes. Even though well protected, his face started to freeze (eyelids, nostrells, etc)

  8. Thaiko Karma

    Thaiko Karma23 päivää sitten

    Exactly what i was looking to find out xd

  9. James M

    James M23 päivää sitten

    This green Lada beauty should be a competition prize!!


    1WORLD GAMING24 päivää sitten

    well atleast there won't be any bugs in the paint , i made the mistake of painting my old boat red outside in the summer mmm i can't recommend that 3 days of sandpaper and so on , then bugs galore on the final stage mmm i sold that boat to a drunk guy afterwards (he ask to buy it himself:)

  11. Jussi Kuusela

    Jussi Kuusela25 päivää sitten

    CPACKA - that much I got (sorry for terrible reproduction of Cyrillic with Latin alphabet). LOL! I should maybe learn more, we are neighbors after all.

  12. Raivolt

    Raivolt26 päivää sitten

    I'm waiting for Cobra Kai to jump Mr. Miyagi and Daniel! Wax on wax off!

  13. Filip Ferenčík

    Filip Ferenčík26 päivää sitten

    How math is price Lada zighuli in Russia ?

  14. Simon Says

    Simon Says28 päivää sitten

    They are wearing the same amount of clothing I’d wear in +10 degrees

  15. All Things Quick

    All Things Quick29 päivää sitten

    You guys should Mount the motor on the roof and put your driver's seat in the engine bay

  16. S0B3K

    S0B3KUukausi sitten

    Next: paint in rain

  17. David T

    David TUukausi sitten

    You guys are so funny 😂 love the videos

  18. Cammy

    CammyUukausi sitten

    you aint gonna put on a mask in case you inhale the toxic paint fumes?

  19. Timo Rouw

    Timo RouwUukausi sitten

    im saving up to buy a lada and these guys just get them from the trees or something. Please leave one for me?

  20. Alex AsZ

    Alex AsZUukausi sitten

    So over there is the car always on a cold start?

  21. ansabits

    ansabitsUukausi sitten

    Translation is annoying. Just talk slower and like a normal person would, not have long breaks and then spill the sentence like a waterfall

  22. Cheule Syigess

    Cheule SyigessUukausi sitten

    These FIAT 124s were super elegant from side view. No matter how much you torture your Žiguli, it still looks proud.

  23. Johnny Gustav

    Johnny GustavUukausi sitten

    Car looks great! These experiments are awesome!!

  24. Michael Rinkle

    Michael RinkleUukausi sitten

    spoiler, it doesn't dry unless its maybe lacquer. any paint that is catalyzed won't cure below ~15C, and warming it up won't restart the cure. Side note, what the hell are those Carriage bolts in the rocker ?!? lol-

  25. pstar7

    pstar7Uukausi sitten

    thank you for car don't do stuff.

  26. ED Bernard

    ED BernardUukausi sitten

    wish I was rich so as to be able to buy me a couple of lada station wagons ....LOVE A LADA WAGON ....they do makea 4x4 , don't they ?? only better is that Russian 4x4 van I think it is a Yaz 524 or something .......

  27. Alex Dro

    Alex DroUukausi sitten

    @ED Bernard Current models UAZ 2206, 3303, 3909, 3741, 33094 3163(Patriot), 23632(Pickup), 236022(Profi), 315195(Hunter)

  28. ED Bernard

    ED BernardUukausi sitten

    @Alex Dro that Lada is it ...the van is a UAZ-452 . I want one so bad.......thanks.

  29. Alex Dro

    Alex DroUukausi sitten

    RWD VAZ 2101...2107 4X4 VAZ (NIVA)2121...2123

  30. TSR Garage

    TSR GarageUukausi sitten

    No bugs in that outdoor paint job......

  31. Feldwebel Wolfenstool

    Feldwebel WolfenstoolUukausi sitten

    ..just some minor cosmetic blemishes....lots of kms. left on that trusty wagon...

  32. Scott Miller

    Scott MillerUukausi sitten

    Should not have to worry about BUGS in!

  33. JaHei!

    JaHei!Uukausi sitten

    NOTHING says weekend more than Saturday morning, a 6 pack and garage54

  34. Justin F

    Justin FUukausi sitten

    I want that car.

  35. damianursusc362

    damianursusc362Uukausi sitten

    Przynajmniej zacieków nie ma

  36. Fork Felon

    Fork FelonUukausi sitten

    You should upload these videos with and without the dub

  37. daniel carter

    daniel carterUukausi sitten

    Haha wet sand that pig and see what happens

  38. daniel carter

    daniel carterUukausi sitten

    Haha spraying with no PPE

  39. TheTyisAwesome

    TheTyisAwesomeUukausi sitten

    Whoa what the hell that game looks sweet!

  40. Forever Computing

    Forever ComputingUukausi sitten

    What's a mutt surface?

  41. paky66

    paky66Uukausi sitten

    Paint it in - 30 with a water based paint 😬

  42. Rockport1911

    Rockport1911Uukausi sitten

    Looks good, alos theres less junk hovering in the air at -30 :)

  43. Jari Kinnunen

    Jari KinnunenUukausi sitten

    Iglu might be good place for car painting. it can be warm while spraying. Place to do is hardest part in paint job. it is messy job.

  44. exist-before-internet

    exist-before-internetUukausi sitten

    Guaranteed no insects in the fresh paint.....

  45. Morris McKinnon

    Morris McKinnonUukausi sitten

    If you're going to paint a car in minus 30 here are the steps you need to take, Step 1. Wet sand the whole body Step 2. Just leave it at step one!

  46. stepvan Joe

    stepvan JoeUukausi sitten

    Add accelerator to the paint and try again

  47. Noah Blackwell

    Noah BlackwellUukausi sitten

    I just wanna know who translate 😂

  48. MrJayrock620

    MrJayrock620Uukausi sitten

    Meh, just Russian Maaco it with the pressure washer and it should cover those pit marks Lol

  49. Jonathan Ryan

    Jonathan RyanUukausi sitten

    R-12 Paint thinner?

  50. Michael Chenault

    Michael ChenaultUukausi sitten

    It’s called orange peal

  51. Ahson

    AhsonUukausi sitten

    Great experiment! Before you took the car outside to paint you said you thought you knew how the paint would turn out. Did the results surprise you or were they as you expected? Some of the folks below are calling your surface texture orange peel. Your situation has its own unique issues with the cold, you guys noted seeing it right away as you were painting. I wonder what effect the cold had on the solvent in the thinned paint? Maybe you should cut the rest of the car into test panels and see if you can replicate some of those issues and figure out what happened? You could also try painting inside a garage with the doors open vs. outside in the parking lot to compare results. There are so many juicy things to study here... The owner isn't going to miss the car, right?

  52. Ahson

    AhsonUukausi sitten

    Great experiment! Before you took the car outside to paint you said you thought you knew how the paint would turn out. Did the results surprise you or were they as you expected? Some of the folks below are calling your surface texture orange peel. Your situation has its own unique issues with the cold, you guys noted seeing it right away as you were painting. I wonder what effect the cold had on the solvent in the thinned paint? Maybe you should cut the rest of the car into test panels and see if you can replicate some of those issues and figure out what happened? You could also try painting inside a garage with the doors open vs. outside in the parking lot to compare results. There are so many juicy things to study here... The owner isn't going to miss the car, right?

  53. Jennifer Bouchard

    Jennifer BouchardUukausi sitten

    would be fun to drive a car on the starter .. removed piston + drilled cassing of the starter to be able to ventilate it for cooling .... + after testing that it can go 1 to 4th gears .... you put that on 24 vols for racing starter car test !

  54. ymxctrails

    ymxctrailsUukausi sitten

    Back in 2006 or 07, I remember seeing someone doing touch ups with an aerosol spray paint can on his cargo van. He was just spraying directly over the rust in -15C weather in the store's parking lot.

  55. Florin Rusescu

    Florin RusescuUukausi sitten

    Hello guys. I have a challenge for you. Can you start a car if the battery is dead using a welder.

  56. Roni Kärnä

    Roni KärnäUukausi sitten

    Can uou guys weld or cast iron wheels?😄👌

  57. ThatRallyBoi

    ThatRallyBoiUukausi sitten

    Cut and Weld 2 lada engines together to make the Russian inline 8

  58. Bart

    BartUukausi sitten

    *-30C outside BUT....... car been kept in +20C garage - thanks*

  59. M Lytle

    M LytleUukausi sitten

    Have they filled the tires with water yet?

  60. Jari Kinnunen

    Jari KinnunenUukausi sitten

    No bugs wading in that paint I am bretty sure! Around of freezing point, no problem paint with spray. coldest paint job by hand brush was -20 C what I worked.

  61. darren newbold

    darren newboldUukausi sitten

    i got one can you run a car with jet fuel

  62. Desirable_Guy

    Desirable_GuyUukausi sitten

    Make a lada with the rear wheels at the front, and the steering wheels at the back. So its basically a front wheel drive.

  63. Outside-In

    Outside-InUukausi sitten

    Thank you for the English translations, Take care.

  64. D Stu

    D StuUukausi sitten

    Make a cybertruck limousine version, prelonged one

  65. holotrop11

    holotrop11Uukausi sitten

    make combination of diesel, petrol and electric engine

  66. Dont WorryboutIt

    Dont WorryboutItUukausi sitten

    You never cease to amaze me. I’d be on a flight tomorrow just to be apart of your creativity. My question is how long can you drive 90 mph in a convertible with a t-shirt and shorts in that weather???Thanks for the nightly entertainment!

  67. Grady Harper

    Grady HarperUukausi sitten

    We have a metaphor within America when bored 🥱 or underwhelmed with what was supposed to be entertainment. One would say This is about as exciting as watching Paint Dry! Ha!Ha! Ha!

  68. skrooge mc. Duck

    skrooge mc. DuckUukausi sitten

    I love that you expand your videos to fit certain screens it fits mine perfect don't even have to expand it

  69. Paperback Writer

    Paperback WriterUukausi sitten

    Aston Martin - Cognizant - Lada Livery

  70. Harmonica Dude

    Harmonica DudeUukausi sitten

    Fill the tires all the way up with water and leave them outside overnight. Then go and rip the lada around.

  71. jldude84

    jldude84Uukausi sitten

    Problem with that is you wouldn't be able to COMPLETELY fill the tires with water, and as such, if left outside to freeze without moving, the water would pool at the bottom and freeze and leave a void at the top of the tire so there would be a soft spot where there was no ice.

  72. Jonathan S

    Jonathan SUukausi sitten

    Wow what did I just watch..

  73. mobgma

    mobgmaUukausi sitten

    not sure if you did this video or not. how long will an engine last using bacon grease?

  74. scott192

    scott192Uukausi sitten

    fill a tire with water let it freeze and see how that works

  75. ElMariachi

    ElMariachiUukausi sitten

    An Siberian with freezing hands? Are you out of vodka?

  76. killerdinamo08

    killerdinamo08Uukausi sitten

    Well, it sets faster than the usual method 😆.

  77. Michal Kaftaniak

    Michal KaftaniakUukausi sitten

    Super :-)

  78. John Smith

    John SmithUukausi sitten

    Subtitles are better than dubbing every. single. time.

  79. nikke3D

    nikke3DUukausi sitten

    orange paint job haha :D

  80. Jayo OKay

    Jayo OKayUukausi sitten

    Looks good..nice and shiny..

  81. jjohnston94

    jjohnston94Uukausi sitten

    Fun fact: the Soviets painted their aircraft and other war machines with rollers and brushes that first hard winter after they moved production behind the Urals. Another fun fact: rather than mess around making templates to print numbers on their aircraft instruments, they just had women with nice handwriting paint the numbers on by hand.

  82. lewis witson

    lewis witsonUukausi sitten

    Attach a huge pulse jet to the back of a lada👌🏻😅

  83. RTZ RTZ

    RTZ RTZUukausi sitten

    That crater affect is called orange peel bro it can be wet sanded a.k.a. color sanded and buffed to look perfect because of the amount of paint you put on

  84. mindeTOS

    mindeTOSUukausi sitten

    Can some one paste original video link?

  85. Jimmy

    JimmyUukausi sitten


  86. .

    .Uukausi sitten

    Please sell me one of your ladas to Finland. Such an beautiful piece of russia

  87. jackson H

    jackson HUukausi sitten

    Supercharge a lada with a centrifugal blower

  88. Jan Ko

    Jan KoUukausi sitten

    Pozdravujem zo Slovenska :)

  89. U2NG NUGZ

    U2NG NUGZUukausi sitten

    Game link?? Didnt see it on insta

  90. CivicsR2Cool

    CivicsR2CoolUukausi sitten

    Next up: polishing a frozen turd in -30c weather

  91. Artur Fiedler

    Artur FiedlerUukausi sitten

    Make a car, that will not sink after it falls in water. But I don't mean a swimming car. I mean only, that it can stay on the water surface so that people can be saved.

  92. Ivar Hoff

    Ivar HoffUukausi sitten

    When painting cars in freezing weather, better use water based paint. Better freezing. ..hardening

  93. Tomyp89

    Tomyp89Uukausi sitten

    The moisture part is less critical. Freezing air has next to no moisture, the shop air is separated. The biggest issue is slow thinner evaporation, and high paint viscosity.

  94. J.L Becte

    J.L BecteUukausi sitten

    Combining three small cc motorcycle engines and using it to power a lada.

  95. Garage rat

    Garage ratUukausi sitten

    Idea- hackjob engine internal weight reducson to beat dimitris big block 1.6 corolla. Drill the conrod pins , grind the conrods, remove some piston skirt, crankshaft grinding, drilling and shaving flywheel etc. Would be interesting.

  96. LPerez430

    LPerez430Uukausi sitten

    Next time use 5 PC radiator on car with fish tank water pump

  97. Jimbo97TA

    Jimbo97TAUukausi sitten

    Paint will never cure at that temperature. Dont do this. Terrible techniques and lack of proper bodywork make this video a big laugh. I feel bad for anyone that follows this guy instructions.

  98. John B

    John BUukausi sitten

    @Garage 54 "We're experts in Proposterous so you don't have to try!" @SwapBlogRu "We translate Proposterous from Russian into English for the World... You're Welcome!"

  99. John B

    John BUukausi sitten

    I wonder if some wet sanding would have smoothed it out.

  100. John B

    John BUukausi sitten

    I just thought of an upside to this technique. You don't have to worry about bugs flying and getting stuck into the paint. 107% success!

  101. Limpi43

    Limpi43Uukausi sitten

    I wouldn't dare to touch any metal with bare hand in a -30°C temperatures. But I'm not russian...

  102. Ben Brines

    Ben BrinesUukausi sitten

    With every video I say surely this can’t get more Russian. And with every video I’m proven wrong.

  103. WizardofGOP

    WizardofGOPUukausi sitten

    That two-tone green really suits that car. It actually looks good like that.

  104. Ewen Walker

    Ewen WalkerUukausi sitten

    Camouflage green unique everyone different. Perfect

  105. BC

    BCUukausi sitten

    Just love the schemes you guys dream up! Keep coming up with more please.


    NORDTAJOUukausi sitten

    abi sen Sakarya'lı değilsen ben bir şey bilmiyorum

  107. Ryan Baxter

    Ryan BaxterUukausi sitten

    13:56 is that a supra