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    heyy ;D

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    Viimeks muistan kattoneeni sun viedoita joskus kolme vuotta sitten mut nyt kun sun video tuli taas mun etusivulle ni et oo kyl muuttunu yhtää🤣🤣

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    eka suomi tubettaja jota subaan. well played Nova

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    tykkäsin videosta mut droppasin dislike

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    Voisit näytellä jtn pajusta Harry Potterista xD Esim jotain Dracon kaveriin:D

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    Nauroin niin paljon tolle. Hei ooksö nähny sen perseen, tottakai mä meen messii

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    Jou wadap kaikki saatanan teletapit 🤣:-D! Iha hel**tin hyvä repliikki Nova! Mäki oon 8-luokalla

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    Mitääääää vittua? Nova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mutta vihdoinkin Nova osaa upata videoita!

  13. vyu gg6cy

    vyu gg6cy2 päivää sitten

    Forbes magazine published an article titled, “China Killing Prisoners To Harvest Organs For Transplant: BMC Report Accuses China Of ‘Falsifying’ Data” by Zak Doffman, on November 16, 2019. The article states that China's claim of using a voluntary donation system for its billion-dollar organ transplant industry had been refuted by a report published in BMC Medical Ethics. Researchers found that the Chinese government falsified and manipulated official organ transplant datasets. The article states, “In June, I reported on the China Tribunal in London, which found evidence of 'forced organ harvesting' from Chinese prisoners, including Falun Gong and Uighur Muslims. The Tribunal’s final judgment concluded that this 'forced organ harvesting has been committed for years...on a significant scale.' China has said that the practice has been outlawed, replaced with a system of voluntary donations. But a new report, published on November 14 in the BMC Medical Ethics journal, has refuted this, alleging that those claims of reform are being supported by the 'systematic falsification and manipulation of official organ transplant datasets in China. “The China Tribunal used first-hand testimony from former detainees and implausible transplant availability and short waiting times to shape its findings. The witness reports were horrific-including organ extractions on live victims, subsequently killed by the procedures. A 2015 documentary claimed China’s illegal organ transplant industry is worth $1 billion each year-but China insists that forced extractions have stopped, that its efforts to reform date back to 2010, with a system of voluntary donations replacing forced organ harvesting from prisoners. “Not so, says the BMC article, claiming that China is 'artificially manufacturing organ transplant donation data.' The report says its findings mean that any trust in China’s organ harvesting system 'has been violated,' that the reforms were 'a mask for the continued use of non-voluntary donors or donors who are coerced into giving organs.' In short, the allegation is that the new system of voluntary donations operates alongside and not instead of forced extractions. The giveaway, according to the report, is patterns in the state’s data which are too neat to be genuine-they must be falsified. “Sources behind the forensic data analysis deployed by the report’s authors included the China Organ Transplant Response System (COTRS) and the Red Cross Society of China. Data found mathematical patterns that defy expected statistical anomalies. In others words, the official China reports emanate from a PR spreadsheet and not from any kind of genuine on the ground analysis and genuine data. “Susie Hughes from the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), which initiated the China Tribunal, welcomed the findings, warning that the report 'exposes the lies and deception that mark China’s so-called transplant 'reforms.' The falsification of the China Organ Transplant Response System (COTRS) data appears to be part of an elaborate cover-up that disguises the state-run mass murder of innocent people for their organs in China.'...”

  14. JJ

    JJ3 päivää sitten

    Ooksä nähny sen perseen tottakai mämeen messii

  15. Joanna

    Joanna2 päivää sitten

    can’t support this kind of behavior. It violates our values.” Assembly Member Josiane Corneloup said that the main reason for her proposal to establish a registration system t

  16. Game_heepo 123

    Game_heepo 1233 päivää sitten

    sä oot paras ja voiks sulle sanoo moi snäpissä?

  17. warum_existiere_ich

    warum_existiere_ich3 päivää sitten

    NOVA! Tiesiks että se poika josta teit dr. Phil videon se joka yritti löytää narniaan on ilmeisesti kuollu tai jotai

  18. Tope Seppänen

    Tope Seppänen4 päivää sitten

    Katoin sun swappien mainos videon no siinäki sun synkät ja sydämmettömät vitsit pelittää🙃

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    Millon discord servu?

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    BÄÄ BÄÄÄ...

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    1:22 toi mies vaa oli sillee ok? Iha normi arkipäivä

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    Jos mun ope flirttailis mulle mä sanoisin fuck nooo

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    Voisit näytellä jtn pajusta Harry Potterista xD Esim jotain Dracon kaveriin:D

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    Lmaoo oltais tunnil katottu sun videoo sit videos alko et wadap saatanan teletapit ni se riitti opelle

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    Moi Nova

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    No Shit Sherlock.... Mä halusi nähdä miten Suomessa suomalaiset reagoi tomosee 😅

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    toi video on kyl tosi vanha

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    Feel ku katot Novan videoo ja tulee mainos-Mut mainokses on Nova :D

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    ) Since the beginning of 2019, members of the National Assembly of France have introduced 29 bills pertaining to the French Bioethics Law, which is revised every seven years. These bills have asked the government to establish a department to register human organ transplants, tracking the sources of organs from foreign countries, and enacting more dissuading punishment to curb organ trafficking. More and more evidence found in recent years has identified China as the major source of organ trafficking and removal of organs from people without consent. Falun Gong practitioners in Paris staged a rally on the plaza outside the National Assembly on October 1, asking Assembly members to support a new law to stop the forced organ harvesting crimes in China. Falun Gong practitioners are the largest group of prisoners of conscience targeted for forced organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist regime. Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises and held a rally outside of the National Assembly of France. Several members of the Assembly have introduced bills to amend the organ donation protocols of the current Bioethics Law, aiming to stop organ trafficking, and to uphold basic ethics and morality. France is the first country in Europe to propose that a government entity must register and maintain records concerning organ transplants that were performed in foreign countries. If the law passes, it will make France the leader in a multi-country collaboration to administer organ transplantation. Other proposals include setting up a blacklist to target organ traffickers, and more severe punishments to prosecute individuals benefiting from organ trafficking. Since September 24, the 29 proposed bills were discussed and voted on in the Assembly. Hervé Saulignac, Assembly member representing the Department of Ardèche, stated that it is very important to inform the French people about what is happening in China. “I mean,” he said, “there are organs taken without the consent of the person. There is no regulation of any ethics and morality. We can’t support this kind of behavior. It violates our values.” Assembly Member Josiane Corneloup said that the main reason for her proposal to establish a registration system to track every organ transplant a French citizen receives overseas is that numerous cases have shown that Chinese Falun Gong practitioners have been murdered in order to have their organs removed for sale for transplant surgeries.

  33. Reeta Majava

    Reeta Majava6 päivää sitten

    Kui isot venärit sulla muuten on? Kiinostaa ku ite venytän ja noi on aika siistin näköiset! 🤩 *Sun videot on tosi koukuttavaa matskuu näin btw* 🥰

  34. Soinas Doyi

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    Miks ketään tekis tätä julkiselpaikal joku vois vaa soittaa poliisit

  35. Soinas Doyi

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