Mountain Bikes 101 - Questions you were too embarrassed to ask

This audience ranges from experienced mountain bikers, to beginners, to people who have never picked up a bike before. As far as I'm concerned, all are welcome to enjoy our sport-we could actually use more people on our side, whether or not they ride bikes.

The purpose of this video is to go over the terminology and references we use on Berm Peak Express at the most basic level possible, to make the videos easier to understand. Undoubtably, people will have additional questions after the video, so I'm calling on viewers to help answer them!

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  1. Phiphumi Channel

    Phiphumi Channel6 tuntia sitten

    Can you put oil in your wheel and and took it out for a ride and see what happens and put milk and cereal in it can you can you do that can you not do it that's fine I'll be waiting for you videos

  2. Phiphumi Channel

    Phiphumi Channel6 tuntia sitten

    I am a kid and I like your videos and I like mountain bikes and I ride up here and downhill up the mountains and down the mountains I like your videos so much that I want to mountain bike and do race

  3. Tomadao19

    Tomadao196 tuntia sitten

    Are foldable mtb worth it? Like the $200 ones

  4. VVill

    VVill18 tuntia sitten

    When rating bike trails, can you tell if there are no jumps on a trail? I like skinnys and burms and hills and things, but my bike can not take impact.

  5. REVOLZ _

    REVOLZ _Päivä sitten

    This so helpful

  6. REVOLZ _

    REVOLZ _Päivä sitten


  7. Alex Girda

    Alex GirdaPäivä sitten

    got a bike and started mtb-ing at 31. this channel has helped A LOT!

  8. ozy cobber

    ozy cobber2 päivää sitten

    As someone who has no idea about this world, or bikes in general.... this guys explains thing well! Cheers mate.

  9. Jeremy Byers

    Jeremy Byers3 päivää sitten

    The small single crank has my uneducated mind confused! I always stay on the large crank. Granted I have never been to a bike park, just trails on my cheap GT. Is it for clearance or because trails are mostly downhill?

  10. Outcast Dj

    Outcast Dj3 päivää sitten

    Hey Seth I’m thinking about buying a full suspension mtb what kind of suspension do you think would be better for like jumps and quick and narrow trail rok shocks or fox

  11. Bryce Friedrich

    Bryce Friedrich4 päivää sitten

    I used to love mountain biking then cars started to consume my love and time. Still really good videos though been watching for like 3 years

  12. Frepter975 Riley Mullins

    Frepter975 Riley Mullins5 päivää sitten

    I luv e your videos

  13. mark-anthony kroezen

    mark-anthony kroezen6 päivää sitten

    I have an l or XL MTB

  14. Emm Jae

    Emm Jae6 päivää sitten

    I've been doing a LOT of research because I've been looking for something I could really get into and get OUT. That being said, One thing I've noticed is the different Trail Difficulties and was wondering how well other cycling disciplines could translate over. For example, I have well over 20 years of cycle commuting experience cycling in rather heavy traffic as well as off the sides of the roads simply because of ignorant drivers. Sometimes even forced off even by Truckers in their 18 wheelers and keeping the bike upright in some really sketchy situations in VERY loose gravel and dirt on a bike that wasn't designed for much off road riding. I guess what I'm asking is how can you tell what skill level you are at, and where would be a good place to start when looking for fun trails that you won't end up in the hospital on your first outing; but still feel like you are challenging yourself at the same time. I know common sense will play a big role here, but I was just wondering because I know of a couple of places I could start at not far from me and from what I can see they don't look all that difficult to me from what I can tell from the videos and what I can see from the Trail Head. One place is listed as "Intermediate: Ride at Own Risk" and I don't have much actual Modern Mountain Biking experience. As far as I know. However, I have had to learn a lot of the same skills that Mountain Bikers use, like the Bunny Hop, to get myself out of trouble in traffic. Especially when I have some Teenagers leaning out of their cars to throw stuff at me as they speed past me at least 30 MPH faster than I'm going on my fixed gear.

  15. Cromwell Sports

    Cromwell Sports6 päivää sitten

    I know I am one year late to the party but is there a video about trail etiquette and the do and don't of mountain biking?

  16. Jones_bright

    Jones_bright7 päivää sitten

    I just got my first mtb

  17. james arundel

    james arundel7 päivää sitten

    Trail map ? System? in spain theres a dead animal bones even at the pro bike park.

  18. Hilary Mohr

    Hilary Mohr8 päivää sitten

    Where can you get the MTB shirts?

  19. Ather Mahmood

    Ather Mahmood8 päivää sitten

    Really great vid bro. Appreciated👍🏼

  20. Sim Racing Noobie

    Sim Racing Noobie8 päivää sitten

    So i am thinking about getting into MTB just for fun and i am still debating getting a disc brake hard tail or a v brake full suspension bike

  21. Adoopt

    Adoopt2 päivää sitten

    A hardtail is always a good begginer bike as they are alot cheaper. It's a good way to test the waters of the sport

  22. Jake N

    Jake N8 päivää sitten

    nooby here, just got so overwhelmed after this lol

  23. Brandi Powell

    Brandi Powell9 päivää sitten

    What if you had to change gears down but you were going to fast so the chain popped broken beyond repair

  24. Arthur

    Arthur9 päivää sitten

    so now what if my bike got big ass tires and a mountain bike with no suspension

  25. S M

    S M9 päivää sitten

    are those kid size bikes lol

  26. Rocky Rudner

    Rocky Rudner10 päivää sitten


  27. Lewis Wilton

    Lewis Wilton11 päivää sitten

    My question is why are bikes so expensive I am rlly good just I am on a halfords bike

  28. Adoopt

    Adoopt2 päivää sitten

    You can look into second hand bikes if you get the right one it can be perfect condition for a third of the price

  29. Ivano Bara Ljubić

    Ivano Bara Ljubić11 päivää sitten

    Is a marlin 5 Worth the money?

  30. 4StrokesFTW

    4StrokesFTW12 päivää sitten

    Just wanted to say that i really enjoy your videos. I do not mountain bike but i am an avid dirtbike rider, im just here for the wholesome content, stay healthy bro

  31. Christian Roberts

    Christian Roberts13 päivää sitten

    I mean i got into mtb when I was 5

  32. Christian Roberts

    Christian Roberts13 päivää sitten

    I got into b

  33. V_ SHOTS

    V_ SHOTS13 päivää sitten

    what is a good hardtail for 1,500 gbp

  34. Illernos

    Illernos14 päivää sitten

    Just getting into mountainbiking, this was great!

  35. Rob the MoUtH Millan

    Rob the MoUtH Millan15 päivää sitten

    Am I to old to ride trails 40

  36. FerThe GlockJeet

    FerThe GlockJeet15 päivää sitten

    Do you live in Utah?

  37. Eli Riddle

    Eli Riddle16 päivää sitten

    I'm new(ish) to mountain biking and I have seen nothing but good support from other riders. I showed up on a trail with an entry level bike, a Trek Marlin 4, and one dude said, "you have a good bike and you should have a lot of fun." He was on a full suspension, probably cost a few grand bike, but he was being supportive. Mountain biking seems like one of those things that, if you do it, you are in it with everyone else. Let's ride!

  38. E Zace

    E Zace17 päivää sitten

    Such a great video…thank you so much for making it.

  39. bonked

    bonked19 päivää sitten

    I love watching these videos while eating my peanut butter toast..

  40. marcobra

    marcobra22 päivää sitten

    What you mean how big jumps i can do with trek slash 9.7 29 2020 cobra blood'magenta and can you tell me some bikes what looks so cool and is best

  41. Samson

    Samson23 päivää sitten

    I love how he simplifies everything he says so children watching can understand

  42. Xander Griffiths

    Xander Griffiths23 päivää sitten

    semi-stupid question- is it worth it to do a disc brake conversion? I have a Cannondale F400 with a v-brake system, which is great for most things, but definitely not everything. for example, I wasn't able to take that bike and ride it at Massanutten bike park because of its brakes (Luckily, I got to rent a Trek Slash 8, that bike was a dream). My question is, is it really worth the $200+ for the conversion? Thanks!

  43. Gavin Williams

    Gavin Williams23 päivää sitten

    From what it looks like the Cannondale f400 does not have disc brake mounts, however it is an older bike and v brake were common on the most expensive of bikes. Personally I would use it as is and save up for a nice modern hardtail (maybe around 500 to 700 usd)

  44. mike scully

    mike scully23 päivää sitten

    20 years past youre prime chief. lay off or you will end up dead.

  45. s-o-t ktmkid

    s-o-t ktmkid24 päivää sitten

    Can you retro fit a lock out to coil forks (sr suntour xcm30 to be exact)

  46. Gavin Williams

    Gavin Williams23 päivää sitten

    Depends, if your willing to use the warranty questionnaire as a check list, accept that it's probably not going to work and the fact that you will probably ruin your fork then yes, otherwise don't do it it's really not worth it, on my trail bike with fox 34 suspension I almost never even touch the rear lock out and have still yet to use my fork lockout seriously

  47. Pieter Rossouw

    Pieter Rossouw24 päivää sitten

    Buying my first mountain bike later this month. Used to bike to school every day growing up but only at 29 did me and my wife decide we want bikes for fun and exercise. We moved to a place that has tons of trails on wine farms and we're not very fit yet but pretty excited to get started. Went to a bike shop today and it was slightly overwhelming. Also crazy to see how quickly the prices jump, I know I need a 29" bike (I'm 1.82m) and I'm looking at hardtails with disk brakes. How important is the brand in mountain bikes? At the shop the bikes in my budget were mostly Scott, Silverback and Titan Racing. All of them seemed very similar with Shimano gears. To me the differences looked cosmetic - is there something I should look out for?

  48. Lecigais

    Lecigais25 päivää sitten

    Hey, awsome video! I wanted to ask, what is average price for a good, full suspension MTB? By the way i’m 15 and looking for bike that can last me like more than 5 years.

  49. Lecigais

    Lecigais23 päivää sitten

    Thanks for advice! Have you got any good suggestions on some models? I have previous experience, buying new bike and then upgrading it, because some of it’s parts are really bad.

  50. Gavin Williams

    Gavin Williams23 päivää sitten

    Do yourself a favor and buy a hardtail, maybe for 600 to 800, full suspension bikes generally start around 2000 and even then I would recommend spending more to avoid shitty parts, also a lot of the skills I learned on a hardtail would have taken twice as long on a full suspension because I had to be more precise, regardless the key takeaway Is a hardtail will set you up for success

  51. Green fox 09

    Green fox 0925 päivää sitten

    im 5'2 and use a medium frame

  52. Abhishek Nayak

    Abhishek Nayak26 päivää sitten

    What is a tire?

  53. Sabby.29

    Sabby.2926 päivää sitten

    im one year late but what size should i have im 1 meter and 64 cm

  54. Christopher Wold

    Christopher Wold25 päivää sitten

    You're Seth's height and that would put you pretty firmly at a small frame.

  55. Mo Cotto

    Mo Cotto27 päivää sitten

    One thing I don't understand about bikes is the maximum weight they can take ?

  56. Gavin Williams

    Gavin Williams23 päivää sitten

    Weight limits hover within a pound or two of 300 pounds, this is mostly due to suspension just not being able to be put under that level of stress

  57. Dr. Rose's Perfume Corner

    Dr. Rose's Perfume Corner27 päivää sitten

    Really glad I found your channel and video. I just purchased my first MTB and I was too embarrassed to ask questions.

  58. Project Revelator Private Security account

    Project Revelator Private Security account28 päivää sitten

    I have an old mtn bike that was my moms it has no pedals ( there are long bolts sticking out that I use to pedal) and I just bent the rim and completely wrecked it on a 3 ft jump, I want to get a light mtn bike that is good for long windy trails, what would be my best bet?

  59. Wian Enslin

    Wian Enslin28 päivää sitten

    When do you need hard pumped up tires and when do you need softer tires 🤔

  60. Adoopt

    Adoopt2 päivää sitten

    Hard pumped tires are better for picking up speed quicker like if ur on a really fast flow trail. Soft pumped tires give you more grip and they won't bounce you around as much on features like rock Gardens

  61. irVz

    irVz29 päivää sitten

    Isit ok if i get a carrera furnace 2 mountain bike with an 18" frame even though im 5ft 11"😬 please help😬

  62. Marilu Carvallo

    Marilu Carvallo29 päivää sitten

    Great Video! thanks, what about using cleats in MTB? I dont like it.

  63. b en

    b en29 päivää sitten

    "I'm 5ft 4 I get the cheapest prices on bikes"

  64. drag0n4122

    drag0n4122Uukausi sitten

    Hey been riding a hard standard hardtail for about 7 months straight... Love cycling do it often and almost everywhere but I love pushing it and trail riding... What would you say would be the best buy when I got for a new MTB (hard/soft/enduro/shocks/downhill)? It's kinda abit complex to get into finding the correct answer without owning each type got a good period of time

  65. Adoopt

    Adoopt2 päivää sitten

    Any sort of rear suspension makes it 10x harder to cycle on the road so if you are gonna use it to go place to place get a good hardtail or have a different bike for mtb and going place to place

  66. MONGRAAL 4030

    MONGRAAL 4030Uukausi sitten

    Bru Im 10 and im taller than him Im 5ft6

  67. Hard Tail Shredder

    Hard Tail ShredderUukausi sitten

    4:50 Yeah you made your bikes look hugee

  68. MTB & ME

    MTB & MEUukausi sitten

    even it is cheap dont get it from walmart u can also find cheap options in bike stores thatll last you for many years to (cum) ;)

  69. Adrian Alvarado

    Adrian AlvaradoUukausi sitten

    The unruly rub mainly vanish because popcorn ethically fill towards a puzzled apparatus. resolute, squalid industry


    JACK ATTACK YTUukausi sitten

    I want to get into mtb what bike should I get for jumps

  71. Flesjvo

    FlesjvoUukausi sitten

    I’m 6’1 what size am I supposed too use?

  72. Flesjvo

    FlesjvoUukausi sitten

    I’m 6’1 what size am I supposed too use?

  73. nismoperformance

    nismoperformanceUukausi sitten

    I am new to mountain biking. Very informative video! 👍👍👍

  74. J W

    J WUukausi sitten

    All right I am new to mountain biking and looking to buy a bike. I want to do 20% asphalt road, 60% fire road (aka jeep road , double track), 20% down the mountain bike park kind of stuff. So should I get 27 1/2 or 29 inch wheels???

  75. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    I would suggest just renting a bike for bike park if 80% of what you're mainly gonna do fire roads and asphalt. Since that won't be much tight turning/maneuvering, I would suggest a 29er

  76. Reece Beukes

    Reece BeukesUukausi sitten

    I don't have a bike and I like your video's

  77. Cunfy0oshin

    Cunfy0oshinUukausi sitten

    i nose cased a jump and broke my knuckle so now i can't bike :(

  78. Jerry Bankowski

    Jerry BankowskiUukausi sitten

    Why does your full suspension bike have no springs in the back

  79. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    in the back, he still has suspension: he has what's called an air shock. instead of what you're thinking of, which is a spring (coil) in the rear of the bike to absorb impact, he has an air shock, which uses compresses air as it absorbs impact. full suspension bikes have coil shocks either if they're cheap or downhill oriented (most of the time), and air shocks are usually better for most people.

  80. NoJumper

    NoJumperUukausi sitten

    I can barely walk yet I'm watching this shit...

  81. Derek Garcia

    Derek GarciaUukausi sitten

    I just bought my first bike yesterday. I went entry level and got a Marlin 5. I’m excited and nervous to actually get out on a trail here in Colorado.

  82. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    That's a pretty good starter bike. When you're looking to upgrade parts or the entire bike, try to look for a 1x drivetrain and air suspension

  83. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    yikes, i don't know if a marlin 5 can really be called a mountain bike, but i think itll be sufficient for what you want to do. you probably aren't looking to do really hard trails, probably looking to try some greens, which is gonna be fine on a marlin.

  84. Martijn Bulk

    Martijn BulkUukausi sitten

    Why do people lower there saddle sometimes?

  85. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    Typically done for jumps/drops and going downhill. It gives you the most room over your bike so you have more space to soak up big hits with your legs, and also so you have more maneuverability of the bike beneath you

  86. toy sock

    toy sockUukausi sitten

    Can someone link a in-depth Dirt Jump bike build video because I can't find one anywhere

  87. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    I think the FItitler Greg Barling has done one.

  88. Kinzoku Shirogane

    Kinzoku ShiroganeUukausi sitten

    Omg I just noticed you both sound and look very similar to the guy who runs Earth Nation Ceramics.

  89. Jagger Bello

    Jagger BelloUukausi sitten

    What's a seat post

  90. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    It's the tube directly connected to the seat

  91. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    its what your saddle attaches to. your saddle attaches to your seatpost, and your seatpost attaches to your frame.

  92. fluffytoke

    fluffytokeUukausi sitten

    I’m 34 years old from New Orleans (very flat) and am interested in getting into MTB’ing although I have my reservations because of job loss due to injury risk. I grew up riding BMX and rode enduro motox as a teenager and young adult.. although it’s been well over a decade since I’ve ridden. Appreciate the video. Any words of advice/encouragement for someone in their mid thirty’s about to get into the sport for their first time? Unfortunately the MTB scene in New Orleans is pretty non-existent.. Also just to add something that’s probably obvious to most, the term “roosting a berm” comes from the rooster tail of dirt that gets thrown. Thanks for the helpful content!

  93. Jonah Courtemanche

    Jonah CourtemancheUukausi sitten

    God ( Jesus Christ. ) Will Always Be With You Forever And Forever And Forever And Forever For All Eternity..

  94. Jonah Courtemanche

    Jonah CourtemancheUukausi sitten

    Thank- You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God.

  95. Sonofawil

    SonofawilUukausi sitten

    Skinnies scare me. I was out of the game when they started showing up everywhere and now I’m too old and too conscious of the potential for injury to learn to do them at speed.

  96. Commodore SixtyFour

    Commodore SixtyFourUukausi sitten

    What is a clutch on the rear and what does it do? Is it like the clutch in my car?

  97. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    The clutch is a mechanism on the derailleur that adds or takes away tension of the chain. The reason you want the chain to have tension is so that when the ride gets bumpy, your chain isn't slapping around everywhere, or coming off entirely

  98. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    a clutch on the rear derailleur is not the same as a clutch in a car. in a car, the clutch disconnects the engine from the drivetrain, but on a bike's rear derailleur, a clutch keeps tension on the chain by having resistance on the derailleur. it's called a clutch just because you can turn the resistance on and off with a lever sort of like a clutch

  99. Kadyn Gilbert

    Kadyn GilbertUukausi sitten

    Do you fix bikes for free sometimes

  100. flyguy22190

    flyguy22190Uukausi sitten

    JUUUST what I needed!

  101. burrier 87

    burrier 87Uukausi sitten

    Fun fact the term case came from motocross and it is when we land short and hit our engine cases keying the term case

  102. Kristian Jeffery

    Kristian JefferyUukausi sitten

    Hey, I'm in the UK and I'm 43 years of age but just bought myself a trek Roscoe 7 as hoping to take it to some mild downhill tracks and mild off toading plus use it to go the shops on a Sunday for my paper. Just found this channel so subscribed and liked as cool dude

  103. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    Have fun!

  104. Velan Ramalinggam

    Velan RamalinggamUukausi sitten

    Love this video. Very comprehensive explanation.

  105. Chris Ladomatos

    Chris LadomatosUukausi sitten

    Hi there thanks for a great video, I have been riding a hard tail for years but only on sealed bike tracks and gravel access roads , I am keen to either get into a full suspension emb or explore further the capabilities of my hard tail . One thing that always confuses me about other videos is when they reference the term Geometry if a bike specifically how it relates to what a bike is designed to do , I realise it’s probably not a quick answer but it would be good to know the different geometries of bioes and how it relate to what would suit each individual and what kind of riding they are looking at doing. Thanks again

  106. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    What line media said is true about it being hard to put in a comment. There are videos that go into detail about it, but I'll try to sum up the basics. The most common areas of the bike in concern of geometry are the chainstays, head-tube angle, seat-tube angle, reach, top tube length, and bottom bracket height. If you hear long, slack, or low, that means it is more stable and better for going downhill safely. If you hear short, steep, or high, that means it is more maneuverable or nimble, and it's better for climbing up hills

  107. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    there are lots of parts to a bike's geometry so itd be hard to put it into a comment, but look stuff up. head tube angles, seat tube angles, and many more.

  108. Boots Camaro

    Boots CamaroUukausi sitten


  109. Carmela Longos

    Carmela LongosUukausi sitten

    You look like Cardi B.. Man version

  110. Ram Ram

    Ram RamUukausi sitten

    Is it okay to wash bike with dish soap?

  111. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten


  112. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten


  113. Catchism

    CatchismUukausi sitten

    That’s stupid and it wrecks the burm. Don’t do it!

  114. JPeasy 1ez

    JPeasy 1ezUukausi sitten


  115. Charles J Gartner

    Charles J GartnerUukausi sitten

    cool man!! I'm 42, haven't mountain biked since the early 90's. Fun to see how far it's come. I just picked up a mountain bike a few months ago. Yes, it's vintage. Yes it's the mountain bike I couldn't afford as a kid. It has zero shocks. LOL.

  116. Wout b

    Wout bUukausi sitten

    What brand is the hardtail in the beginning? looks really good

  117. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    @Sorin Vladu im just gonna say that it wasnt worded aggressively, but i'm not going to argue with you

  118. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    @Line Media ik it's just the way that you worded it

  119. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    @Sorin Vladu that really wasn't. his carbon sync'r hardtail is probably around like 3k, and if you think about it, this kid is probably between 12 and 14 years old thinking that 500 is a lot to spend on an entry level mtb

  120. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    @Line Media that was mean :(

  121. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    it's a diamondback sync'r but its probably way out of your budget

  122. Shane Dich

    Shane DichUukausi sitten

    Wow, what a great video! As a former roadie getting into light mountain biking, I really, really liked this video!

  123. COSMOS

    COSMOSUukausi sitten

    7:37 POISONOUS SNAKES.... I mean common misconception but for an informative board come on.

  124. Will Hounslow

    Will HounslowUukausi sitten

    Where do you get all the different bike fluids and what cheap bike would you recomend for small to medium jumps and berms.

  125. Daniel Lemos

    Daniel LemosUukausi sitten

    I’m a beginner . I’m Big guy about 265 but I’m a ex athlete and for my weight I can still move around quick . What type of bike should I start with and does it even matter ?

  126. Daniel Lemos

    Daniel LemosUukausi sitten

    @Sorin Vladu I ended up getting the GT pro aggressor . Hard tail

  127. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    Do you have a budget in mind? I would suggest getting a bike with air suspension, as it's better to tune for a heavier guy. You should be fine with an XC or light trail if you're a beginner

  128. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    it depends what you're looking to ride and what you're looking to spend

  129. F BI

    F BIUukausi sitten

    Really great video! With over 600 people from Australia giving thumbs up. 😎

  130. 100Ninja Ballard

    100Ninja BallardUukausi sitten

    Why is there visers

  131. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    "visors" can help with sun glare, and other things getting into your eyes (sometimes)

  132. LELion

    LELionUukausi sitten

    I like mounthan biking bc of you😁😁😁😁😁😁

  133. Piyush Vlogs

    Piyush VlogsUukausi sitten

    I don’t even own a cycle

  134. Robert F aka Bo_Diddly

    Robert F aka Bo_DiddlyUukausi sitten

    Why do Mountain Bikes have a tag on the head tube that says "Not for Off Road Use"?

  135. Robert F aka Bo_Diddly

    Robert F aka Bo_DiddlyUukausi sitten

    @Sorin Vladu To be fair, my Genesis V2900 is built sturdy as heck. If I wasn't 54 years old and was in the shape I was during my BMX days, I wouldn't hesitate to take it off road!

  136. Sorin Vladu

    Sorin VladuUukausi sitten

    Usually on a department store bike. Their "mountain bikes" are more for looks, and not function. Check out the video from Skills with Phil riding a Walmart bike, and you'll see why it has that sticker

  137. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    @Robert F aka Bo_Diddly yeah, then its not a mountain bike haha, i mean the sticker is there for a reason right

  138. Robert F aka Bo_Diddly

    Robert F aka Bo_DiddlyUukausi sitten

    @Line Media It is indeed a Walmart "Mountain Bike"! A Genesis V2900

  139. Line Media

    Line MediaUukausi sitten

    it sounds like you own a walmart bike, and that's not a mountain bike. if you try to ride a trail with it, you might get severely injured.