Mikasa Ackerman Launches an Attack on DEATH BATTLE!

The iron-willed Titan-slayer is hunting a new kind of prey in DEATH BATTLE!

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  1. ThuNdeR Al Sultan

    ThuNdeR Al SultanUukausi sitten

    Madara vs Fujitora please

  2. Darius Smith

    Darius SmithUukausi sitten

    How About "COLE" From The Video Game "INFAMOUS" Vs "LIVEWIRE" From "DC Comics"

  3. Pinoyhillbilly

    Pinoyhillbilly Uukausi sitten

    Death Battle Idea: Jack Sparrow vs Edward Kenway Pirates of the Caribbean vs Assassin’s Creed

  4. Lord Rumshi

    Lord RumshiUukausi sitten

    Boomstick talks about a person being able to super fart and super barf at the same time, that's just wrong on several levels of disgusting.

  5. 2neilas

    2neilasUukausi sitten

    😆😆😆! Or the Odm.

  6. Basic Phoenix

    Basic PhoenixUukausi sitten

    Do you do five nights at Freddy characters?

  7. Ant Nitro

    Ant NitroUukausi sitten

    what about piccolo from dbz

  8. Minga Velasquez

    Minga VelasquezUukausi sitten

    Yes yes yes

  9. Star Mambwe

    Star MambweUukausi sitten

    Good fight. Fair win, even though I rooted for Mikasa.

  10. Denton McCray

    Denton McCrayUukausi sitten

    Death battle ideas: Rukia vs saber Teen boruto vs zenitsu Genos vs ace or natsu Todoroki vs toshiro

  11. conner olson

    conner olsonUukausi sitten

    Honestly the only way I see these two fighting is if the other hurts their significant other for Blake that's Yang, and Mikasa Eren

  12. Tem

    TemUukausi sitten

    Mikasa might of lost this battle but I'm glad they put a AOT character in DB

  13. kei lang ako

    kei lang akoUukausi sitten

    I hope the animation on their fight will be as good as yang vs tifa

  14. John Ray Tiangco

    John Ray TiangcoUukausi sitten

    Idk how Mikasa will win. I mean, ODM gear has a lot of weakness.

  15. Elliott Dean

    Elliott DeanUukausi sitten

    Mikasa is going to get bodied

  16. Wow Poops

    Wow PoopsUukausi sitten

    Fun fact: Mikasa exploded from Blake's Thunder Spear.

  17. Gamingweebnub Neo

    Gamingweebnub NeoUukausi sitten


  18. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis RodriguezUukausi sitten

    Why does this sound so funny

  19. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis RodriguezUukausi sitten


  20. Aidan Cole

    Aidan ColeUukausi sitten

    I hope they talk about the thunder spears and the new ODM gear she got in Season 4

  21. Eman Acacio

    Eman AcacioUukausi sitten

    Now this is just an unfair fight, sure Mikasa is strong when compared to other characters AOT, but her opponent is Blake from RWBY, this is just a way for Rooster Teeth to tell people that our original character is much better in a fight than the other meaning our franchise is better.

  22. Tobi

    TobiUukausi sitten

    whoever shes fighting, mikasa is losing lmao

  23. jadan moyston

    jadan moystonUukausi sitten

    devil may cry nero vs sun wukong

  24. Aquapanther154

    Aquapanther154Uukausi sitten

    So basically: Steampunk female Spider-Man with swords vs cat Belle with a sword-gun I approve

  25. Random Guy

    Random GuyUukausi sitten

    I'm just gonna say it since no one is saying this, but this just seems to me like just a cash grab for the people of Death Battle to make a quick buck with the season 4 anime being out, and the manga just finishing up. Considering the popularity of Attack on Titan and the fact that I can 100% figure that characters in RWBY are far more powerful than characters in Attack On Titan. In fact I did a quick search on Blake Belladonna just to get an idea of how strong she is. Found out she has a lot of hacks and abilities like Energy Projection, and Elemental manipulation. That being Fire, Ice and Gravity manipulation. Already making me think that this battle is gonna be a stomp and I'm actually willing to put money on this because I've read the manga and lot of the feats that anyone can come up with won't even come close and given the fact that Mikasa has no such hacks to really be able to overpower someone like Blake. So to me its clear that Death Battle is just trying to milk the success of Attack On Titan by putting a character into their show in whatever way possible and even if its poorly done. Like seriously who in the world thought that this was a good match up. Since the victor can be determined with a quick google search on Blake I really don't care for the fight, given how this is just so Death Battle can just bank of the success of Attack On Titan. For anyone that's actually interested in the victor just doing a quick google search can give you that much. Since this is all really just done to bank of AOT's success I would suggest people not watching it since its just some massive pandering to AOT fans, instead of doing a more interesting match up.

  26. David Meyer

    David MeyerUukausi sitten

    I marathoned all four seasons of _Attack on Titan_ so I wouldn't get spoilers from watching the upcoming Death Battle. So tired...

  27. ArTz Terrarian

    ArTz TerrarianUukausi sitten

    does anyone know what episode this is at 2:04

  28. Kitty

    KittyUukausi sitten


  29. jeremyjw

    jeremyjwUukausi sitten

    my money is on Mikasa

  30. J-counter Animation

    J-counter AnimationUukausi sitten

    Mikasa actually can win

  31. luciano mangroo

    luciano mangrooUukausi sitten

    T h i c c a s a

  32. bossinater 2232

    bossinater 2232Uukausi sitten

    You know what fight I'd love to see dante from dante's inferno and kratos from god of war

  33. David rosado

    David rosadoUukausi sitten

    John Wick vs Hit Girl next lol

  34. Just Away

    Just AwayUukausi sitten

    Mikasa should win but they're probably going to make Blake win because of Rooster Teeth

  35. Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Grand Admiral ThrawnUukausi sitten

    You're using the old ODM gear. I hope you mention that she wears the updated version now that is far more flexible in its maneuverability and also has rockets attached to it that can blow a hole out of the Armored Titan. I doubt that even Blake can hold against those going off.

  36. Matthew Bibby

    Matthew BibbyUukausi sitten

    I feel like we’d need Levi rather than mikasa to make it even remotely fair given how this is essentially a peak human vs a literal superhuman... but then again, that admittedly might be just as tilted in the other direction given how insanely skilled Levi is.

  37. Avery Smith

    Avery SmithUukausi sitten

    Rage vs Wolfenstein

  38. supercool 24

    supercool 24Uukausi sitten

    I think Mikasa would make an excellent addition to mortal kombat, what do you think?

  39. zeoking silver

    zeoking silverUukausi sitten

    "Farting, that's called farting Wiz."

  40. Red Archer

    Red ArcherUukausi sitten

    we all know that whether the combatant can actually win or not, Db isn't letting roosterteeth characters lose. gotta continue up that outrage and interest in that dying show somehow.

  41. Ernie

    ErnieUukausi sitten

    People who think Mikasa is gonna win 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  42. Lucas Stoicel

    Lucas StoicelUukausi sitten

    Hey guys do you wanna know what might be a really cool death battle? MOTHRA VS (some other giant insect)

  43. Edge2300

    Edge2300Uukausi sitten

    Oh no. This really isn’t a good idea. A lot of anime only’s are viable to get spoiled, and this character in my opinion just doesn’t fit death battle.

  44. Terren Huang

    Terren HuangUukausi sitten

    Looks as cool as she is, I really don't think that she can beat a super human when she's just an above average normal human

  45. keyon tyler

    keyon tylerUukausi sitten

    I dis like the guy who speaks with the weird accent

  46. P307 Asim

    P307 AsimUukausi sitten

    If you kill Mikasa in Death battle 😠😠 I will bomb your house 😡😡

  47. Cross

    CrossUukausi sitten

    Depressed Neko Sword Waifu VS Depressed Tomboy Sword Waifu

  48. Válter Reboredo

    Válter ReboredoUukausi sitten

    Mikasa! 👌💙

  49. Yuba Sheehan

    Yuba SheehanUukausi sitten

    Omni man from invincible vs homelander from the boys

  50. Yuba Sheehan

    Yuba SheehanUukausi sitten

    Omni man from invincible versus

  51. Terror Of Death

    Terror Of DeathUukausi sitten

    Should had been 2B vs blake

  52. Terror Of Death

    Terror Of DeathUukausi sitten

    Deku vs spiderman

  53. Thao Justin

    Thao JustinUukausi sitten

    The next battle should be Meliodas vs Natsu Seven deadly sins vs Fairy tail

  54. tako_kawaii

    tako_kawaiiUukausi sitten

    Natsu doesn't stand a chance against meliodas who can destroyer the whole demon lord

  55. Oryan McLean

    Oryan McLeanUukausi sitten

    Boomstick and Wiz should have waited for season 5 to come out cuz we haven't seen her full strength yet and now this is the perfect time to at least

  56. Stephen Brantley

    Stephen BrantleyUukausi sitten

    Blake ....... will lose...... sorry......

  57. ShadowSaberBaroxio

    ShadowSaberBaroxioUukausi sitten

    If Death Battle only uses Blake feats from Seasons 4-8, then there's a pretty good chance that Mikasa could win. If they use the original, Season 1-3 "Monty Oum" Blake...then Mikasa has no chance, and this is a clear stomp.

  58. HOrdonia

    HOrdoniaUukausi sitten

    This match might receive the same treatment as Ben 10 vs Green Lantern

  59. Amana Mcculskie

    Amana McculskieUukausi sitten

    These Ackerman's.

  60. Kyler Gore

    Kyler GoreUukausi sitten

    Using the old or new Odm gear tho 🤔

  61. Lizardguy NA

    Lizardguy NAUukausi sitten

    I have no stake in this battle, hope it at least looks cool.

  62. DexNav

    DexNavUukausi sitten

    Fun Fact: I would let Mikasa step on me

  63. Protalghulnist

    ProtalghulnistUukausi sitten

    1:01, 2:04

  64. MysteriousTomJenkins

    MysteriousTomJenkinsUukausi sitten

    You know, its strange, I have no personal connection to either series and yet I would much rather have Mikasa win than Blake. I don't know, I just get this vibe that there is some degree in biasness whenever they do a Rooster Teeth franchise where either they will let them win or at the very least make them look better than the opponent if they lose so I'd rather just see the RT character not win in the RT show. But if they actually give a good argument I won't really mind, I just hope its not like some of the battles I heavily disagree with where it REALLY seems like they left some things out or excluded things just for a specific result.

  65. JuukaRock

    JuukaRockUukausi sitten

    I mean guys, Blake is comparable to Yang right? And Yang beat Tifa. Could Mikasa beat Tifa? I'm guessing no. I don't know how Mikasa can do anything here, she's superhuman but with no actual super powers.

  66. darkdill

    darkdillUukausi sitten

    Blake will probably win this. Blake is WAY faster than Mikasa due to her feat of blocking minigun fire (compared to Mikasa only being able to block a single bullet), she's tougher thanks to her Aura (Mikasa got incapacitated from a high fall, while Blake fell from a similar height in her fight with Adam and got back up), her Dust gives her much greater versatility in combination with her Semblance, and she has much more ranged options since Gambol Shroud doubles as a pistol. Mikasa's only advantages are that her ODM gear gives her a short-lived advantage in maneuverability (this won't be enough since she'll run out of fuel before she can put Blake down) and she may be able to access Ackerman God Mode for greater strength, but so far she hasn't been shown using it (AFAIK). Even if she could access God Mode, enhanced strength isn't gonna be enough to beat Blake, who could just run away until God Mode times out. Blake's whole retreating aspect honestly is what will win the fight. Mikasa only has a limited window in which she can beat Blake before her fuel and God Mode run out, after which she's toast.

  67. Tegan Lov

    Tegan LovUukausi sitten

    Mikasa: ODM gear constantly runs of gas/blades and she barely survives most of her fights Blake: weapons haven't really been known to brake or run out of fuel and she fights Mikasa-level enemies on a daily basis with ease

  68. Mars

    MarsUukausi sitten

    Then again, Rwby power scaling is wonky at certain points. Like Blake one shots Adam and he retreats, Yang keeps up with him the next volume when he one-shorted her and struggling with one grim that wasn’t that fast compared to Ruby in the most recent Volume.

  69. Bruno Ferreira

    Bruno FerreiraUukausi sitten

    Remember when Adam broke Gambol Shroud at the end of Vo 6?

  70. Ethan Baker

    Ethan BakerUukausi sitten

    I want Mikasa to win, but I have a feeling it might be Blake.

  71. Purge Blade #231

    Purge Blade #231Uukausi sitten

    I don't know Blake can dodge lightning without the need for any additional gear. Mikasa struggles to dodge slow ass titans even with her ODM Gear. I am also not sure about Blake's other abilities versus Mikasa abilities. Muscle chick is basically a baseline human with all her good abilities being Manga exclusive.

  72. David Jordan

    David JordanUukausi sitten

    For the next death battle suggestion I suggest two things: 1. Ben 10 Omnitrix vs Alex O’Connell the medical of Osiris. 2. Acura vs doomsday vs Beerus.

  73. The FaKe is Fake

    The FaKe is FakeUukausi sitten

    You guys should do Trunks vs Tanjiro

  74. Green martian

    Green martianUukausi sitten

    Death battle ideas: 1. Kitana (Mk) vs Temari (Naruto) 2. Saitama (opm) vs Sentry (Marvel) 3. Looma (ben10) vs sheeva (Mk) 4. Lois Griffin (Family guy) vs Nicole watterson (TAWOG) 5. Shino Aburame (Naruto) vs D'vorah (Mk) 6. Carol kincaid (Ok K.O) vs Garnet (Steven universe) 7. Abominantion (marvel) vs Damage (Dc) 8. Galius Zed (Dc) vs modok (marvel) 9. Ice king (adventure time) vs Elsa (Frozen) Share your thought who do you guys think would win....

  75. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

    7 Time YouTube OutlawUukausi sitten

    Are you including the whole story like her Akerman genes and "titan science" and paths and all that nonsense? No, it's DB so I don't they know those things exist..

  76. Marioparhmari

    MarioparhmariUukausi sitten

    Bro there's no wining here Blake wins aok fans will call db biased Mikasa wins Rwby fans will get pissed and say they rigged the fight against Rwby because they where afraid of being called bias Either way they its sucks to be db rn

  77. Bruno Ferreira

    Bruno FerreiraUukausi sitten

    Why do they always have to be so mad about an outcome? Sure, some of them may have terrible research or animation (Gaara vs Toph, Bowser vs Ganon, Shadow vs Mewtwo, Yang vs Tifa), but getting mad because your preferred character didnt won?( Goku vs Superman Kirby vs Buu, Ben 10 vs Hal, Scrooge vs Shovel Knight, Sonic vs Mario and Flash) Talk about petty.

  78. YTW

    YTWUukausi sitten

    Too bad she loved a psycho.

  79. MeleeMan01

    MeleeMan01Uukausi sitten

    Plz do a death battle between Shulk (Xenoblade) vs Byleth (Fire Emblem). Shulk can see the future and Byleth can turn back time

  80. Kyle Hacker

    Kyle HackerUukausi sitten

    Jeepers creepers vs IT

  81. Gyyuu Yyyrue

    Gyyuu YyyrueUukausi sitten

    Thumbs up for the Ackerman clan. HOORAY FOR MIKASA EVERYBODY!!✊👍✌🔪

  82. tyrise

    tyriseUukausi sitten

    Modraw vs frezzers

  83. ItsYaBoyZH !

    ItsYaBoyZH !Uukausi sitten

    Please do a death battle between the 4 robins red hood, nightwing, damian wayne, and tim drake

  84. War Zone

    War ZoneUukausi sitten

    shinzou wo sasagayo

  85. Bomby_689

    Bomby_689Uukausi sitten

    pls Do Broly vs Goro in your next video

  86. Aaron Copeland

    Aaron CopelandUukausi sitten

    Mikasa is gonna die to Blake. Why does DB always kill my WAIFU s

  87. Frost fury Legendary Christmas LoL

    Frost fury Legendary Christmas LoLUukausi sitten

    Sailor moon versus sonic please

  88. killa tae gang

    killa tae gangUukausi sitten

    I want see son goku fight somebody please

  89. Preston Hall

    Preston HallUukausi sitten

    Mikasa is going to ruin Blake

  90. DJ RiGGS

    DJ RiGGSUukausi sitten

    Do broly vs escanor next


    SHC SANDIDUukausi sitten

    Don Quixote Doflamingo vs Kankuro

  92. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    Doffy uberwrecks

  93. aaron cherny

    aaron chernyUukausi sitten

    You should do asura vs kratos

  94. Brady Sneed

    Brady SneedUukausi sitten

    day 7382 of asking for minecraft's steve vs. recruit from fortnight

  95. Remi goudin

    Remi goudinUukausi sitten

    Please guys please please please : SUBTILES You speak to fast :( for a poor frenchguy

  96. eren yeager

    eren yeagerUukausi sitten

    Death battle idea: I honestly want to see who would would win in a fight bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers aka winter soldier and captain America vs Yamcha the loser

  97. eren yeager

    eren yeagerUukausi sitten

    But they would have to be the mcu reincarnation to have a chance because of bucky arm's it would be vibraianum give him a chance

  98. autisonm

    autisonmUukausi sitten

    If Mikasa's best speed feat is dodging bullets like some people here have claimed then shes massively slower than Blake and even slower than the dust rounds Blake uses. This is because fire dust which is used to propel bullets in RWBY is also used as rocket fuel and rocket fuel is supposedly at minimum 4.5 times more energy dense than gunpowder. That difference from what I understand would make bullets in RWBY about 2 times as fast as normal bullets.

  99. Sage Animations

    Sage AnimationsUukausi sitten

    I love how they say that she can go 6 gs WHEN EVERYBODY CAN DO THAT IN AOT

  100. Mark lionell Deduque

    Mark lionell DeduqueUukausi sitten

    Vs blake? 👁👄👁 lol

  101. Ez Flo

    Ez FloUukausi sitten

    omni man vs superman!

  102. Cell fest

    Cell festUukausi sitten

    How come they didn't mention the Ackerman bloodline ability? Or will it be talked about in the actual episode?

  103. Mr Snrub

    Mr SnrubUukausi sitten

    They'll probably talk about it in the actual episode

  104. Alejandro Antunez Muñoz

    Alejandro Antunez MuñozUukausi sitten

    Why is Mikasa against a so unfair opponent?

  105. Lardos the saiyan gamer

    Lardos the saiyan gamerUukausi sitten

    And I know it is off topic but it would also cool to see blue beetle from dc vs max magraff from max steel

  106. Lardos the saiyan gamer

    Lardos the saiyan gamerUukausi sitten

    I can't wait to see who wins my money is on mikasa

  107. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU not really, I was wrong on the inuyasha thing, but Ruby was Ragna was made before DBX became the votefest that it is now, and not to mention, it was made as a shameless promotion to promote the new Season of RWBY, when in reality, Ragna doesn't even need to blink to beat Ruby. I hate Blazblue, but even I know this much Yang vs Tifa was the most biased battle I've ever seen. Not only are Tifa's Feats muuuuuuuch higher, but they Yang was absolute Fodder back then, yet somehow they nerfed Tifa to let Yang win for once again, a shameless Promotion for RWBY. How are they not biased after this.


    KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULUUukausi sitten

    @S N 7584 For the last time, they are NOT biased. Those latter two were fan voted and the Tifa VS Yang was probably incorrect. Y’all biased talking people are just stupid fanboys who want your favorite characters to always win. Is that how you are? I hope you’re not.

  109. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    Then you better start paying up Because A. Blake has lightning dodging feats and actual superpowers B. Death Battle is SUUUUUUUUUPER biased towards RWBY, and shamelessly make them win against charecters who would one shot them like Tifa and Ragna.

  110. iPRXTOi

    iPRXTOiUukausi sitten

    The only worry is bias since RWBY is a rooster teeth property

  111. iPRXTOi

    iPRXTOiUukausi sitten

    Prime example of why FItitle commenters get stereotyped as brainless monkeys. It’s THEIR PROPERTY there is a chance of being some sort of bias. And if you think there isn’t then you really are stupid.


    KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULUUukausi sitten

    Lol, you actually believe in that stupidity?

  113. shattered star

    shattered starUukausi sitten