Making transparent wood

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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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  1. NileRed

    NileRed10 päivää sitten

    Sorry about all the ads. FItitle automatically adds a million and I forgot to manually take them out. Refresh the page and you should get fewer ads!

  2. Zachary Frankow

    Zachary Frankow2 päivää sitten

    Rn I'm playing with water soap and oil

  3. elijahjajah

    elijahjajah4 päivää sitten

    dude he is epic. he could get more money but he chooses our joy before his :) liked the vid

  4. Sarah Chen

    Sarah Chen7 päivää sitten

    Cool mate

  5. Andrea Fiore

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  6. Andrea Fiore

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  8. incarta

    incarta21 minuutti sitten

    How many times did he say "to do this" in this one?

  9. G.T. Jay

    G.T. Jay22 minuuttia sitten

    "I basically just got good at shaking it around and looking at it and knowing when it was ready." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. Colin Debrick

    Colin Debrick30 minuuttia sitten

    your videos are really cool and interesting but how are you not on a list for making so many deadly chemicals

  11. Patrick Ugga-Booga

    Patrick Ugga-Booga33 minuuttia sitten

    Nile Red + ElectroBOOM?

  12. AnonymousZRPlayer

    AnonymousZRPlayer34 minuuttia sitten

    Hey NileRed! I wanted to suggest a new idea. Can you make sulfamethoxazole biologically?

  13. tubebility

    tubebility44 minuuttia sitten

    So, is the final result, wood, or acrylic, or what?! Also, the giant cube may be siphoning the heat off of the top side.

  14. liquid

    liquid58 minuuttia sitten

    you could always make glasses!

  15. NotScummy

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  16. adaptabledisease

    adaptablediseaseTunti sitten

    Great, now get started on Transparent Aluminium so we can transport whales through space to talk to alien space probes!

  17. Mechanically Creative

    Mechanically CreativeTunti sitten

    "Ohhhhh, if I only had a brain." Everyone knows throwing an aspirin in lake Superior and taking a sip, is much better for a headache than just taking it by mouth, duuuhhh.

  18. Tools Toolbox

    Tools ToolboxTunti sitten

    MMA is nasty stuff during it's polymerization process. Inhalation tox. Seems to work quite well though.

  19. William Slade

    William SladeTunti sitten

    I’d love to see a guitar made out of this

  20. Tools Toolbox

    Tools ToolboxTunti sitten

    Labs are incredibly expensive to build, especially if they're built up to code for Hazardous Occupancy.

  21. _ Sqrrl

    _ SqrrlTunti sitten

    Sanding only in the direction of the wood fibers and not perpendicular to them might help making them less apparent in the final product.

  22. vaguevoices

    vaguevoicesTunti sitten

    I carefully hit it with the hammer. As one should when working with delicate materials.

  23. Richard Harris

    Richard HarrisTunti sitten

    You can heat polish acrylic. Flash it with a propane torch.

  24. Justin Camacho

    Justin Camacho2 tuntia sitten

    Candice died

  25. The H A I K U K I N G

    The H A I K U K I N G2 tuntia sitten

    Transparent aluminum, who knows maybe hes the one who invented it...

  26. Lia Lee

    Lia Lee2 tuntia sitten

    I don’t know how I ended up here but I’m so glad I did.

  27. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin2 tuntia sitten

    I liked how he's slowly injecting more humor from nileblue :)

  28. 05. AMAN P SUBAIR

    05. AMAN P SUBAIR2 tuntia sitten

    Can you make spiderman's web fluid for the next video.........u can do it 👍

  29. Jack Taylor

    Jack Taylor2 tuntia sitten

    I would have used some "cactus juice" for the resin, but that defeats the whole reproduction of the experiment itself I guess.

  30. Sans_001

    Sans_0013 tuntia sitten

    My mom made me Drink mss for many years... I hate her so much why is she such a conspiracy theorist...

  31. LickMy Toaster

    LickMy Toaster3 tuntia sitten

    The paper probably used 1 mm thick wood because of that problem with the mma sinking down

  32. Mote

    Mote3 tuntia sitten

    Copper is in some foods. So if you had pure liquid copper would it be safe to taste?

  33. Chennie Chen Chen

    Chennie Chen Chen3 tuntia sitten

    I have a lot of Due works this week and here I am, watching this instead

  34. KM11 killer

    KM11 killer4 tuntia sitten

    Lignin balls

  35. Fusing Platypus

    Fusing Platypus4 tuntia sitten

    I think you'd see if you kept it under vacuum thru the entire cure process, you'd see those bubbles and cracks no longer become an issue, and much more uniform uptake in the wood. We always keep acrylics and resins under vacuum thru the entire process until releasing from the mold. Alot of your issue with the process I think had alot to do with the cure not being under vacuum. Also, organic peroxide is used as a catalyst for a damn good reason. It is much more volatile, and therefore a MUCH better Catalyst

  36. Fusing Platypus

    Fusing Platypus4 tuntia sitten

    Vibration would probably also work for keeping top and bottom uniform. Vibration and vacuum are idea.

  37. Roger St Hilaire

    Roger St Hilaire4 tuntia sitten

    Ok so Translucent not transparent..

  38. ytty

    ytty4 tuntia sitten

    What if you did small parts behind eachother

  39. moshahriz

    moshahriz4 tuntia sitten

    I think a table made out of transparent wood would be really cool

  40. Iwona Rogers

    Iwona Rogers4 tuntia sitten

    LOVE your t :) I watch his channel too ;)

  41. Max Rost

    Max Rost4 tuntia sitten

    For the imperfections on the top side why not flip the wood half way through "cooking"

  42. MrSonny6155

    MrSonny61555 tuntia sitten

    I was about to go insane when I saw that this was uploaded a week ago despite having definitely seen this exact video like years ago. Thank god it was just a remake and I wasn't becoming omnipotent.

  43. Kale & Pearl

    Kale & Pearl5 tuntia sitten

    I liked how he's slowly injecting more humor from nileblue :)

  44. Aryan Ashish

    Aryan Ashish5 tuntia sitten

    Make Spider-Man’s web fluid next!!!

  45. Aoi Draws

    Aoi Draws5 tuntia sitten

    Am I the only one that realized he’s wearing Bobby duke arts merch? You have nice style 👍

  46. странный русский парень

    странный русский парень5 tuntia sitten

    I'd totally have a whole window made out of those just for the aesthetic

  47. Ruby yp

    Ruby yp5 tuntia sitten

    Anyone noticed the Wewd merch?

  48. Gehtdi anschasau

    Gehtdi anschasau5 tuntia sitten

    Why would you want to replace glass with a combination of wood plastic and a lot of chemicals? The result is worse, the process is far more complex, and you can't just remelt epoxy induced wood to recycle it. I don't really see any, even potential, advantage over glass. Still a very interesting project, thx!

  49. Bie Yang

    Bie Yang5 tuntia sitten

    There is a youtuber that stole one of your videos from your nile red shorts and he's golf swing plane coach

  50. Shan Chowdhury

    Shan Chowdhury5 tuntia sitten

    MMS does kill diseases... by killing you.

  51. walter curl

    walter curl6 tuntia sitten

    More of your generation should have that never give up attitude. I commend you on your perseverance.

  52. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown6 tuntia sitten

    well dieing would technically cure anything

  53. Robert Freeman

    Robert Freeman6 tuntia sitten

    A summary of life: “It turned out to be way more complicated than I thought”

  54. elisabethrides

    elisabethrides6 tuntia sitten

    I felt the stress with you and was so glad when it turned out so amazing.

  55. fault3k

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  56. Myself, Lakshay Pal

    Myself, Lakshay Pal6 tuntia sitten

    Save trees.!!!

  57. AGG_08

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    Veritasium: Kiwi Co NileRed; Kiwi Co

  58. Prippandao Tangchareon

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    I really want to know how people think mms can rearrange your brain

  59. Vixlet

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    Senku is that you?

  60. Udaynath Gouda

    Udaynath Gouda7 tuntia sitten

    Upload DNA fingerprinting

  61. OneCupOfCoffee204

    OneCupOfCoffee2047 tuntia sitten

    Also, I would be very interested in knowing if those expensive vitamins and supplements actually contain the ingredients and the type of ingredients that they advertise.

  62. OneCupOfCoffee204

    OneCupOfCoffee2047 tuntia sitten

    Have you ever tried to extract mercury from large game fish? It would be interesting to see just how much of it is actually there.

  63. zack st

    zack st7 tuntia sitten

    Could you try and make water for scratch. Its a big ask.

  64. Helvetica

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    Lignin my ass

  65. James Sarungbam

    James Sarungbam8 tuntia sitten

    Good one Dr stone....

  66. ThatNikeGuy

    ThatNikeGuy8 tuntia sitten

    When using a thermometer you should not have it touching the glass to get a more exact reading

  67. Diana Natrah

    Diana Natrah8 tuntia sitten

    i want to touch it

  68. samuel3punkt0

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    40:25 "In the future I *wood* like to try..:" .... badumm tsss :D

  69. Rose

    Rose9 tuntia sitten

    Cure it in a rotisserie oven

  70. Joshua Johnston

    Joshua Johnston9 tuntia sitten

    I loved it when he said “I’ll carefully smash it to pieces”

  71. T Cummings

    T Cummings10 tuntia sitten

    Always interesting and entertaining.

  72. Paul Caruso

    Paul Caruso10 tuntia sitten

    Would be easier to go for translucent...

  73. David J. Wallace

    David J. Wallace10 tuntia sitten

    This is cool, but can you turn a sock into chicken parmesan?

  74. Scribe13

    Scribe1310 tuntia sitten

    Where I come from we call it cellulose

  75. Veesha Kanchan

    Veesha Kanchan10 tuntia sitten

    You have so many cool things

  76. Jeep Network

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    Me: *goes to sleep watching NileRed* Me when I wake up: What about opaque wood?

  77. Mary Quindulen Besas

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    Why did I watched a 40 minute long video?

  78. Cody Marshall

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    Lignin balls

  79. 510Sam

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  80. matthashobbies

    matthashobbies11 tuntia sitten

    Not even joking, if you could somehow be able to make larger pieces of wood, you might have a new break through in the electric guitar community via transparent wood guitars! I think it'd be amazing to see a guitar made out of this wood!!

  81. icyfyer

    icyfyer11 tuntia sitten

    If this process can be perfected and streamlined, this would be a beautiful and marketable product.

  82. Sigurd Elch

    Sigurd Elch11 tuntia sitten

    You have to dissolve the Aza-bisisobutyronitrile (AIBN) in Ethylacetate first to get a time reliable polymerisation and drop this solution into the hot MMA/Acetone solution. So you can choose the end-viscosity of the solution. Fast dropping rate: more chains - lower viscosity. Slow dropping rate: viewer and longer chains and higher viscosity

  83. Biakpuii Ralte

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    Do you have a girlfriend?

  84. Veesha Kanchan

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    In 5:20 it looked like mini hurricane

  85. Fajar Hidayah

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    ngantuk saya

  86. Veesha Kanchan

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    You are realyyyyyyyy smart

  87. LunaScribbles

    LunaScribbles11 tuntia sitten

    Still can't believe someone would market something that could possibly harm people as a "miracle supplement". And I thought the age of snake oil was over

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  90. Kain_Horn

    Kain_Horn12 tuntia sitten

    How cool would it be actually making Nilered: 9-(Diethylamino)-5H-benzo[a]­phenoxazin-5-on (IUPAC) I don't know any property's of Nilered it might be toxic but isn't that a cool idea?

  91. x1ManSquad

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    All he needs to do is pull a 🙏 n he a alchemist 🤣

  92. Geffenleffen

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    Neat, and informative.

  93. sega

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    Easy just put wood in between 2 pieces of glass

  94. johnny truant

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    whats balsa?

  95. Hungry Alien

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    I wonder howmuch damage you did to the enviroment for all youre youtube vids.

  96. JackBond1234

    JackBond123413 tuntia sitten

    Preparing plastic with cellulose in it and hoping it stays transparent enough.

  97. _aesthetic

    _aesthetic13 tuntia sitten

    These would be fantastic coasters.

  98. mozkito life

    mozkito life13 tuntia sitten

    What did your oven ever do to you? Thermo Scientific would like a word with you about their warranty.

  99. mozkito life

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    "OK, students, please get out your standard-issue tungsten cube."

  100. Tamara Sage

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    Wewd :)

  101. Robert S

    Robert S13 tuntia sitten

    A few suggestions. 1) Did you remove the Hydroquinone from the MMA Monomer? 2) Use PVA as a release agent as it is easily removed in situ or otherwise with water. 3) This whole experiment is pointless. Your trying to get rid of a dog by removing the bark.

  102. New Seager

    New Seager13 tuntia sitten

    Couldn't you just texture epoxy to give it this look?

  103. don gato

    don gato14 tuntia sitten

    "I then got out my hammer, and I carefully smashed it to pieces" I thought you were going to smash it with the hammer

  104. John Asbury

    John Asbury14 tuntia sitten

    So you are using the cellulose from the wood and plexiglass..... Very much like fiberglass and resin... Am I missing something, yes getting rid of the binding agent of the wood allowed it to be bleached.... So your just replacing glass with plexiglass... Please don't think I'm criticizing but I don't get the point

  105. MOB Rambo

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    This video is an emotional roller coaster 😂

  106. Kat_Lillo

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    You sir have the patients I could never have

  107. Bubbilee

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    Me just sitting here not knowing any of these scientific words