LUCIFER Season 5 Part 2 Ending Explained! Who Reigns Supreme and Season 6 Theories!

In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix's LUCIFER Season 5 part 2 as well as offer theories and predictions for Season 6.

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  1. Think Story

    Think Story2 kuukautta sitten

    Even the Coronavirus can't keep the 😈 down! I want to hear your theories for season 6 below! More horror videos here:

  2. Nygell Charles

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  3. james edillor

    james edillorUukausi sitten

    @Austin your stupid their is a season six it’s already been confirmed you clearly don’t pay attention

  4. Thrano

    ThranoUukausi sitten

    @Austin not much of a prediction when imdb already has a list of s6 episode names alrdy posted

  5. Austin

    AustinUukausi sitten

    my prediction is there will be no season 6

  6. Thrano

    ThranoUukausi sitten

    dont have much theories, but in my opinion stop comparing this show to politicians when clearly you were pointing that the "bad guy" was trump but here we are, the rich getting richer than ever before and the poor getting poorer, gg inflation and bad executive orders and bills

  7. Erica Marr

    Erica Marr11 tuntia sitten

    I am so sick of this the devil is the good lie

  8. cmennare

    cmennare22 tuntia sitten

    I have been a fan since S1E1, I have been thankful for every extension that the series has received. I liked S5 immensely and I am eagerly anticipating S6.

  9. Eugene Minton

    Eugene MintonPäivä sitten

    there must always be a devil, without one hell would run rampant on earth. but his brother basically is now a fallen angel... so i'm betting their will be a power struggle between mazakeen and michael.. for who should rule hell. now the part about "partners to the end" could be several different arcs... lucifer and mazakeen, lucifer and his lover, lucifer and his brother.... the list goes on. now these ideas are just speculation of course... thou i have a feeling that his banishment is over from heaven... would that make him god? or would the fact that he created a new fallen angel? there could still be a power struggle for the "crown".... what i do feel is that his self sacrifice broke his fathers act or denying heaven to him. as long as that sacrifice is for a non selfish cause, it counts, but if the cause of your self sacrifice is self serving... such as depression or anxiety... then as my knowledge of religion goes, you get punished. i think people have the wrong idea on hell anyhow... fire is a means of purification, when you are cast down, you reflect and face your fears and drives... when you overcome the negatives then you too can earn your way to the silver city :D nobody is a better judge of your actions than yourself, when your moral compass isn't askew. not much of a religious person myself, but just sharing what i believe i learned as a child to young man.... to each there own... this series is one of the only reasons i kept my netflix membership for so long.... i'm taking a break for a few months but look forward to seeing season 6 when i return in dec or jan.

  10. SnakeKingBlues

    SnakeKingBluesPäivä sitten

    is that chuck who killed dan the guy who play god in supernatural lol

  11. Jean Marie Nadal

    Jean Marie Nadal4 päivää sitten

    Right: No, hell no🤧🤧🤧

  12. BatBOI 321

    BatBOI 3215 päivää sitten

    It would be cool to find out if Lucifer ends up crossing paths with the dc universe like he did in crisis on infinite earths with John Constantine

  13. Orange Hat Reviews

    Orange Hat Reviews5 päivää sitten

    You didn't need to put in your own political bias into this video. Maybe if you haven't been paying attention our new president, his own administration has been peddling fear as well.

  14. Simeon Dawkins

    Simeon Dawkins6 päivää sitten

    god does love him hs just not great at showing it

  15. VIRUS

    VIRUS6 päivää sitten

    Is this true by bible is there a chance where Lucifer was the 1st child and meant to be God?

  16. Drew DeSandre

    Drew DeSandre7 päivää sitten

    are we ever going to get introduced to jesus?

  17. My dic slong

    My dic slong7 päivää sitten

    in september season 6 is gonna come

  18. Sli

    Sli8 päivää sitten

    So there was no one taking photos at the end of the episode? I thought there a slim chance Ella may have been there and seen this battle.

  19. Santo E

    Santo E8 päivää sitten

    11:54 he would’ve said “Oh my dad”

  20. Jarell Alemán

    Jarell Alemán8 päivää sitten

    Ngl I’m a religious perspective this series is rlly bad and hella wrong since the beginning and this is just not good in gods eyes but as in my perspective as a person it’s AWESOMEEEE AND I LOVE IT

  21. Jarell Alemán

    Jarell Alemán8 päivää sitten

    Kinda funny how Gabriel is a girl when he is a boy this episode was fucked in some parts I swear 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Zackary Austin

    Zackary Austin9 päivää sitten

    Theory? It legit shows he's God at the end lmao

  23. Im RockSquash

    Im RockSquash9 päivää sitten

    I say the fight could've been better....... Still liked it tho

  24. zeo pale

    zeo pale12 päivää sitten

    The prophecy When the Devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released, must mean the removal of the curse of the devil off luci

  25. Maciej Jarosz

    Maciej Jarosz13 päivää sitten

    Respect for polish translate of titule for Poland

  26. Simbodu

    Simbodu14 päivää sitten

    Maze actually spoke Dutch. Which made me spit my drink out because I’m Dutch.

  27. NSanityHD

    NSanityHD15 päivää sitten

    Lucifer's wings were never chopped off as a direct result of his rebellion in Heaven. He was cast out with his wings in tact. Remember, one of the earliest episodes of season one shows Lucifer asking Maze to chop them off with her demon blades so that he could leave Heaven, his celestial family behind him.

  28. Supernatural_lover Winchester

    Supernatural_lover Winchester17 päivää sitten

    I love how the bad guy is the guy who played God in Supernatural who was also the villain in Supernatural

  29. LucifersAngel666100

    LucifersAngel66610017 päivää sitten

    PLOT TWIST: The villains for the Sixth season are Sam & Dean.

  30. Rujhat Omer

    Rujhat Omer18 päivää sitten

    When Michael killed Chloe Lucifer should have went full devil mode and killed him would have made it bad ass

  31. Ken & Shan

    Ken & Shan19 päivää sitten

    I want a scene where chloe and Lucifer sing You've got a friend like James Taylor and Carol King.

  32. Daisy Eliot

    Daisy Eliot19 päivää sitten

    i was literally bawling my eyes out when dan died

  33. PurpleCyanide

    PurpleCyanide20 päivää sitten

    Anyone else think "save the devil, save the world" is a hero's reference? You know "save the cheerleader, save the world"?

  34. Win

    Win20 päivää sitten

    Killing Dan was probably the most heartbreaking. Especially Trixie.

  35. Jimmie Savage

    Jimmie Savage20 päivää sitten

    Bruh why do I watch your videos just for the ending

  36. Jean Espinal

    Jean Espinal21 päivä sitten

    I dont think Lucifer would give up hi godhood. This was clearly gods plan and his redemption story is far to great to be diregarded. He must be god as he is the fallen angel that rose up through love of humanity

  37. Dallin Lowe

    Dallin Lowe21 päivä sitten

    And bringing politics into a season review was a good idea because.........

  38. Chin Jet

    Chin Jet21 päivä sitten

    God Lucifer: i have all the answers....oh kids gonna hate me

  39. Matthew Hensley

    Matthew Hensley22 päivää sitten

    The flaming sword does not kill them it completely wipes them from existence

  40. Erik Åstedt

    Erik Åstedt22 päivää sitten

    Me watching seson 1 of lucy: This is a really funny quirky twist on the sherlock story. Me watching the second half of seson 5: BAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWLLLLL

  41. calibug

    calibug22 päivää sitten

    I love Lucifer I have watched 3 times . I just can’t get enough of the series I will be glad when the 6th one comes comes out.

  42. Valace Stagg

    Valace Stagg24 päivää sitten

    Lucifers dad also is literally the strongest being in the DC comics you just can’t beat him.

  43. Ned Barnett

    Ned Barnett24 päivää sitten

    I am thrilled that Lucifer is going to stick around for one more season ... and the hope that he'll keep coming back. I mean we thought his third season was his last. Then we thought that Season 4 would be the last. Now we've got season 5 in the can (so to speak), with a promised sixth season. If Netflix doesn't pick him up, maybe another streaming genius will do it for us. I think this season has been transformative, and I suspect that what you kind of suggested in your video here will be close to the mark.

  44. James Vaga

    James Vaga24 päivää sitten

    Ella will be the new god. Check the "details" speech.

  45. Luna WJ

    Luna WJ24 päivää sitten

    Such crap it cannot be described!

  46. DrkAsDeath

    DrkAsDeath25 päivää sitten

    Nice job taking trumps words out of context. Classic idiotic liberal. He was talking about the salenas cartel. You know the drug lords who rape and dose people up with drugs. Nice try tho

  47. Ashley Elizabeth Herrick

    Ashley Elizabeth Herrick25 päivää sitten

    Ohhhh.... I hate this show. Where's the adaquate reverence for God Most High?

  48. Ger Venson

    Ger Venson26 päivää sitten

    Best possible Antagonist for Lucifer? Constantine.

  49. Sergio Ramirez

    Sergio Ramirez27 päivää sitten

    I thought that Lucifer came back from death cuz he self-actualized that he was worthy to go heaven again

  50. Sandesh

    Sandesh27 päivää sitten

    I really, REALLY hope Dan gets saved from Hell is season 6. Saw it on another comment so I’ll put it here too. #saveDan

  51. Paul Bismuth

    Paul Bismuth27 päivää sitten

    Almost perfect ending. I hope they will do the show justice next season.

  52. Zlatan Egohimovic

    Zlatan Egohimovic28 päivää sitten

    Damn this is the worst they change the story making him god which is a sin and stupid girl beat micheal the archangel who is very strong

  53. Nethan Limongello

    Nethan Limongello28 päivää sitten

    The ending pissed me off wtf go get Daniel and bring him back.

  54. Jose Garnier

    Jose Garnier28 päivää sitten

    I hope there’s not a villain for season 6 except a giant god battle because of the Devil being god but not a all season villain. We won, luci is god and Michel lost his wings. Unless there’s a third party who also want to be god I rather just see the show end how it started… a relaxing dramatic cop show with a heavy ending.

  55. Antony Manuel

    Antony Manuel29 päivää sitten

    Wow ... Now the plot thickens... Lucifer is God .. hmmm not sure I'm can fit those shoes ...

  56. Walker Talker

    Walker TalkerUukausi sitten

    So Dan is in hell but he seeme fine from what I can say

  57. ArsenalBowler

    ArsenalBowlerUukausi sitten

    Tbh knowing there was a Season 6 and Kevin Alejandro was gonna be in it anyway kind of spoiled the sadness of Dan's death for me (although the reaction of the others and Trixie did get to me eventually). Knowing the implication of Lucifer being God and thus actually being able to bring him back or whatever made me really have mixed feelings although I wanted to be sad about his death. Kinda wish the final arc of the season was another episode longer as well. The transition from finding out Dan's death to finding the killers and immediately finding out they were linked to Michael was kind of faster than expected, and the fact they built a whole devil vs angel army thing in 1 episode.... Definitely felt like a bit more could've been done with the build-up but I get that Netflix wanted to take a more direct approach with the series and moving the stories along quicker, thus having fewer episodes.

  58. JR

    JRUukausi sitten

    How can Remiel sense a "mortal" baby all the way up to heaven? that means Charlie is a Half-Celestial and not just completely normal

  59. Rachel MC

    Rachel MCUukausi sitten

    "Save the Devil, Save the World" is a reference to the series 'Heroes' - "save the cheerleader, save the world"

  60. WastedWay

    WastedWayUukausi sitten

    Somehow you made a fictional show political congratulations.

  61. Tandy Franklin

    Tandy FranklinUukausi sitten

    You made your piece political! Tired of folks opinions on both sides.

  62. Nygell Charles

    Nygell CharlesUukausi sitten

    Lucifer went from a falling Angel -devil-God

  63. kwistew

    kwistewUukausi sitten

    im thinking lucifer may not remain god in the end, since this is based on DC; the Presence (god) makes his granddaughter Elaine Belloc the new god And as god in lucifer also has a grandchild, lucifer might choose charlie to succeed him... And also there seems to have been some hints in regards to Ellas possible future; She is friends, sort of, with Azreal (angel of death) She claims to have alot of darkness, yet god said he could se her light all the way from heaven She also describes to Linda how she imagined, in great detail, someone die It occurs to me Ella could become the next angel of death

  64. Kristián Tóth

    Kristián TóthUukausi sitten

    I hope he finally shows Ella who is he now when hes GOD he can be pround on himself :D

  65. Tater Tot

    Tater TotUukausi sitten

    I was hoping to hear from Adam. I mean Eve is there right? I think it would be neat if Adam played some kind of role. When I saw the episode with Eve in it, I thought that was a pretty cool character to show. She did mention Adam's name only 1 time, and that was it. They pretty much forgot about him.. C'mon he is created in God's image for crying out loud lol. And honestly I did not care for the whole people singing and dancing at random moments, it turned the show into some kind of boy band music video... Everything else before all of that though, I love Lucifer. I even re-watched several episodes. The potato has spoken! Tater out!

  66. Leo B

    Leo BUukausi sitten

    It sounded like Maze spoke Dutch or Afrikaans seeing that the actress from SA.

  67. Andrew Whitworth

    Andrew WhitworthUukausi sitten

    There's a sacrifice thing, sure, but I think it also has a lot to do with the self-actualization bit. Lucifer knows at the beginning of the final showdown that the other angels have voted for michael but they don't actually desire it. An angel doesn't just become god through a vote, they become god because everybody believes they are god. Through the fight, the other angels see Lucifer as righteous and they see the sacrifice he made for the woman he loves, and that sways their minds. Lucifer becomes god because the rest of the angels desire it to be so.

  68. Scott games Tt

    Scott games TtUukausi sitten

    Umm, correct me if I am wrong, but at 12:55, Lucifer had Maze cut his wings off the first day of his vacation/retirement from Hell. So he did not lose his wings because of the failed rebellion, but because he wanted them gone. Tho, it has been a while, so I might be wrong.

  69. lukystarrk4life

    lukystarrk4lifeUukausi sitten

    Loved this season!! Can’t wait for 6 to see how Chloe stands by lucifers side

  70. OranDrite

    OranDriteUukausi sitten

    The Sandman, or Doctor Destiny would be incredible

  71. Drug Tito

    Drug TitoUukausi sitten

    Nobody is gonna talk about god sayin that hell doesent need a king anymore. What if there is someone who rule or will rule the hell. And maybe it would be Dan or even Maze she could back down there or something. I think the next king of hell will get a big par in the story. Maybe another rebelion this time against lucifer or maybe changing the rules of hell that makes only bad people who killin tortured and stealnig did the bad thigs suffer, but help people with their guilt in heaven to show them its not their fault and then make them fell safe and in peace. Idk but i think that relationship betwen heaven and hell and agnels and deamons will have a biggest part in season 6. I think we are gonna see more of celestial beings.

  72. Caffeine Mit Cocaine

    Caffeine Mit CocaineUukausi sitten


  73. Austin Whitmoyer

    Austin WhitmoyerUukausi sitten

    I liked how it stuck to the Bible until now God will not retire and this would be all grand and wonderful but its already been written we know how it really ends were lving it now i believe but I also don't know how long gods years are compared to ours so this could last a lot longer idk we will see but good story

  74. Liz Jo

    Liz JoUukausi sitten

    In movie speak it's known as the "Ultimate Sacrifice"...

  75. joey86bu1

    joey86bu1Uukausi sitten

    ya the musical episodes blew.

  76. Nocturnal Aquarist

    Nocturnal AquaristUukausi sitten

    It probably won't happen, but I'm really hoping they bring in Matt Ryan as Constantine for a little cameo or Easter Egg.


    KENASHIMARUUukausi sitten

    I hope dan is in season 6😭

  78. Ruby Sultra

    Ruby SultraUukausi sitten

    Michael is going to get exactly what he wanted...his own kingdom.....hell.

  79. Frank Hughes

    Frank HughesUukausi sitten

    Ella will end up as Queen of hell. Her inner darkness which she keeps in check can be used in creative ways in hell

  80. Earl Rayco

    Earl RaycoUukausi sitten

    So, if lucifer becomes god, does that make chloe the goddest of all creation which is LITTERAL because god did create her or would she be just a normal human and mother

  81. nunya buisiness

    nunya buisinessUukausi sitten

    Alternate realities? ROFL, this show is DC comic's "Earth 666"

  82. Brigida Parado

    Brigida ParadoUukausi sitten

    Unpopular opinion: The creators should have really ended d series with this season. Seasons 4 & 5 were more of a drag. Leaving the show open ended would be fine as we already got an idea that souls can be saved from hell by resolving the guilt and MazeQueen could tip off Dan.

  83. LancePhilippe Productions

    LancePhilippe ProductionsUukausi sitten

    when we see Sabrina ruling hell then what

  84. Orlando Edouard

    Orlando EdouardUukausi sitten

    Lucifer had Maze cut off his wings when they first arrived on earth

  85. Nick Newport

    Nick NewportUukausi sitten

    Still can’t believe Dan died

  86. Lovely Bones

    Lovely BonesUukausi sitten

    So enjoyed the series..great job ,tears intense .. maze bad ass .. was into it from the beginning till end # Detective #God Together finally lol

  87. Ivan Hunter

    Ivan HunterUukausi sitten

    I think that it will a Hades and Persephone romance

  88. Sam Loveless

    Sam LovelessUukausi sitten

    OK after the intensity of the episode when Dan died I was expecting more from the finale!! I do have a couple of issues with the series and Season 5. First of all they play Amenadiel as Lucifers older brother yet we know that Lucifer was the first Angel. Second, the premise that God would retire, if he did so he already has a successor in his Son "Jesus Christ" and speaking of Jesus, where's he been during this entire series!!!

  89. Destiny Ighoigho

    Destiny IghoighoUukausi sitten

    The movie now makes no sense, dey act it like we kids nonsense

  90. Luke Warmwater

    Luke WarmwaterUukausi sitten

    at the last moment of the show, he says "oh" so why is there any question who is now god??

  91. Some Person

    Some PersonUukausi sitten

    Anyone else thought that micheal became God's left hand man bc he looks like Lucifer his first left hand man--

  92. Sanchay Saxena

    Sanchay SaxenaUukausi sitten

    the show could literally end now

  93. Zac Garnmeister

    Zac GarnmeisterUukausi sitten


  94. Yunice Ip

    Yunice IpUukausi sitten

    “Oh My Me.” Best line ever

  95. kirby march barcena

    kirby march barcenaUukausi sitten

    I would love to have the Endless to be in this series...just praying

  96. Nickeel

    NickeelUukausi sitten

    Season 5 was amazing! If season 6 does get into alternate universes then whose to say that there isn't a universe where Michael won? God and his wife left to go rule another universe and there has been an episode exploring an alternate universe (or maybe it was another timeline...or both, i'm not a multiverse expert). If everything is in God's plan, whose to say that other Gods have other plans?

  97. Levi

    LeviUukausi sitten

    Making it political is stupid. Leave the political shit out of your video. Id rather watch videos without seeing 2 idiots of both sides go at each other all the time.

  98. c e

    c eUukausi sitten

    I loved the musical, miss the British accent. I appreciate actors for their talents but I appreciate beautiful accents

  99. John Steiner

    John SteinerUukausi sitten

    Actually, I think he'll hand off godhood to Charlie.

  100. J H

    J HUukausi sitten

    who else was waiting for god to say "that's all states stand"

  101. Dave Olor

    Dave OlorUukausi sitten

    I’m surprised ppl acc like this show. It got so corny and unrealistic after szn 3/4 smh

  102. Lance Panugalinog

    Lance PanugalinogUukausi sitten

    i just couldn’t stop crying the entire episode that dan died😫😭

  103. Albus Severus Potter

    Albus Severus PotterUukausi sitten

    He says Oh My Dad

  104. Ian Cohen

    Ian CohenUukausi sitten

    Sixth and final. Just like 5th and final. And 4th and Final.

  105. kw271

    kw271Uukausi sitten