Lucifer and Chloe / Their Story [Season 1-5b]

Show: Lucifer

Couple: Chloe and Lucifer ( )

Production: Netflix

Flames Mod Sun (cover by Fabienne Erni)
Umbrella Rihanna (cover by Sarah Close)
Poison Rita Ora (cover by Sarah Close)
Habits Tove Lo (cover by Sarah Close)
Take On Me A-ha (cover by Fabienne Erni)
Animals Architects (cover by Fabienne Erni)
Wicked Game Chris Isaak (cover by Marie Digby)

Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Season 1 00:00
Season 2 2:18
Season 3 6:30
Season 4 9:40
Season 5 a 12:10
Season 5 b 14:32

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    ANAYA ANTHONY8 tuntia sitten

    The songs😩💔

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    Trap Gang2 päivää sitten

    Nice compilation. But, the background Music is too loud than the audio track

  3. A. Hordern

    A. Hordern6 päivää sitten

    I’m sorry but Luci’s doe eyes and goofy smile are amazing

  4. dance

    dance6 päivää sitten

    5 seasons with many episodes I thought a waste of time at 1st , but it's totally worth it ,I love this so much , Tom Ellis acting deserves Oscar! And Chloe lucifer love 💘 is adorable

  5. Rafaana Hossain

    Rafaana Hossain6 päivää sitten

    What's the song??

  6. Judith

    Judith6 päivää sitten

    this is beautiful ♥

  7. Giovanni Trovarelli

    Giovanni Trovarelli6 päivää sitten

    Lucifer season 6 😈 the 10 september .

  8. Anthoula Poulos

    Anthoula Poulos6 päivää sitten

    Ive watched sooooo many times....cried when Lucifer left Cloe....Cried when Dan died... Please continue this show!!!!!

  9. Kushal Muni

    Kushal Muni7 päivää sitten

    This was seriously beautiful. Lucifer and Chloe are perfect for each other. And honestly, the music you added made it feel surreal 👍👍

  10. Natalia Ramirez

    Natalia Ramirez7 päivää sitten

    Cuando Lucifer se vuelve Dios, la única que no se arrodilló fue Chlo🤗😍 When Lucifer becomes God, the unique person who did not kneel was Chloe

  11. Giovanni Trovarelli

    Giovanni Trovarelli7 päivää sitten

    My seasons preferit 5 is 4 🥳🔥🏆🥇👏💪😍😥🤣😘

  12. Candi Feinberg

    Candi Feinberg7 päivää sitten

    I have watched this iver and over since I discovered it. I am addicted

  13. Mayur Dahate

    Mayur Dahate7 päivää sitten

    I watched this series 6 times and I also want to watch again but now I know the each part of bad boy and how he get it that's why I don't watch again but that video makes me to watch again this so perfect video 😁😁

  14. Lala Ali

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  15. Stanley Raphel

    Stanley Raphel13 päivää sitten

    you forgot the part in season 4 where chloe says to ella that she misses him..... just a tad bit earlier to the scene that you gave

  16. Tricia H

    Tricia H15 päivää sitten

    Great video but music is a little loud

  17. Narelle Fouche

    Narelle Fouche23 päivää sitten

    Music behind it is SO LOUD, but it’s a nice compilation of their story.

  18. Lili Bánóczy

    Lili Bánóczy26 päivää sitten

    whats the name of the songs? ps: it made me cry! its soooooooo beautiful

  19. Lili Bánóczy

    Lili Bánóczy25 päivää sitten

    @Lily Edits sorry, i didnt saw them But thank you!❤

  20. Lily Edits

    Lily Edits25 päivää sitten

    The list of all the songs I used are written in the description :)

  21. Filippo Falato

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  22. Hang Vu Ngoc

    Hang Vu Ngoc28 päivää sitten

    I almost cried this is so cute😩🥺

  23. cHypxr

    cHypxr29 päivää sitten

    the amount of times ive watched lucifer is crazy. epecially the beginning of 5x07

  24. Selin

    SelinUukausi sitten

    I’m crying 😭

  25. Sharan Nair

    Sharan NairUukausi sitten

    Ngl I couldn't take the video seriously cause of the Tom's performance on that song 😂😂😂

  26. William Bennett

    William BennettUukausi sitten

    I can’t believe right now there’ll only be 6 series. I just want series7, 8 and 9 at least. It really grips you.

  27. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave Sparks4 päivää sitten

    Yeah. They say that 6 is the Devil's number, but ... If Lucifer becomes God, then *7* is *God's number!*

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    VITORIA ROZELAUukausi sitten

    I'm love Lucifer the Chloe❤❤

  30. Ching_Ling_Khnglee

    Ching_Ling_KhngleeUukausi sitten

    The only time I saw Lucifer truly vulnerable was in S5 when when Chloe was stabbed to death by Michael. That part when he literally ran to her crying "No no no no no no no no no no no no" broke my heart! 😭😭

  31. Prathamesh Pawar

    Prathamesh PawarUukausi sitten

    All seasons were good except season 3.. I hated that and season 5b was the best one

  32. Sean McClure

    Sean McClureUukausi sitten

    This video makes me want to watch Lucifer four more times, six actually.

  33. Ibro Freaky

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  34. Filippo Falato

    Filippo FalatoPäivä sitten

    This Is what i truly desire

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    Great comment lmao

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  37. Alicia Bruce

    Alicia Bruce14 päivää sitten

    Like what you did there.

  38. Sanya Afrin

    Sanya AfrinUukausi sitten

    You know the girl is the one when you need therapist because of her despite being the lord of Devils 😂

  39. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave SparksUukausi sitten

    What *FINALLY* became apparent to me after eventually watching the entire series a few times is this ... If Dr. Linda had fully understood Lucifer's [non-] metaphors from the beginning is that she should have employed *CHILD PSYCHOLOGY* from the start! Although Lucifer was in an adult body, he had only been on earth in human form for *FIVE YEARS!* That's all the experience he had had with human emotions and "people skills". What she took for "narcissism" was actually *NORMAL* ... for a *FIVE YEAR OLD!*

  40. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave SparksUukausi sitten

    "I was afraid. That if you saw all of me ... Knew ... all of me. You would run away." #LuciferWasRight OK, if I were Chloe, I might have as well, and by the final episode of Season 5B, what Lucifer told Chloe as they were about to enter the L.A. Coliseum was *SPOT ON!* The writers did an exquisite job with character development on *BOTH OF THEM!* Chloe was definitely *Future Mrs. G* material. Just watch the final episode, then go back and re-watch the first season, with Lucifer 1.0 and Chloe 1.0. I can't imagine either one of them in their roles in S5E16!

  41. Karl Zebadiah Tejada Cruz

    Karl Zebadiah Tejada CruzUukausi sitten

    NOw I wanna watch the 5th season soon.

  42. Renee Primmer

    Renee PrimmerUukausi sitten

    The psychedelic notify fittingly lie because scene histomorphometrically bang unlike a waggish emery. pale, shaky duckling

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    Amo essa serié esses 2 juntos

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    Michele AguilarUukausi sitten

    I swear they are the best COUPLE!!! Omg the last season tho 🥲😭

  46. Alexander Waltson

    Alexander WaltsonUukausi sitten

    What a perfect love story!! 😭😭💖💖 Bravo to the writer of this masterpiece and to the actors Tom Ellis and Lauren German💖💖 And thx to the editor of this video, I cried so hard cause it's so beautiful 💗

  47. Adam Warlock

    Adam WarlockUukausi sitten

    Seing all these episodes with beautiful songs reminds me of Clark and Lana story in Smallville ... amazing couples ...

  48. The Dark Angel

    The Dark AngelUukausi sitten

    I love this Video great job

  49. Lunisolace

    LunisolaceUukausi sitten

    Yes FLAMES. I'm obsessed with this song.

  50. miss kaur

    miss kaurUukausi sitten

    In first season all they look too good

  51. Paar Kavi

    Paar KaviUukausi sitten

    Feel so touched in my heart ❤️❤️ speechless

  52. YouTube Lordsmiler

    YouTube LordsmilerUukausi sitten

    The music was good but a bit too loud other than that is was a very good video

  53. Giulia Loconsole

    Giulia LoconsoleUukausi sitten

    Amo Lucifer la scena dell'amore la trovo la più bella ed emozionante di tutte le scene d'amore di altri films. Questa serie lo già vista una 20 di volte è non smetto mai di emozionarmi.

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    Julian-David AlyUukausi sitten

    Ilove cloui

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    natural91LCUukausi sitten

    love the eidt, made me want to watch the show :) P.S: maybe next time could you make the music less loud? otherwise 10/10 :)

  58. Lily Edits

    Lily EditsUukausi sitten

    Yes for sure! I’m sorry for the music but I had to put it a little loud because otherwise the video would have been blocked because of copyright. Next videos I promise the music will be lower. So glad you liked the video🥰 and sorry for my English, it’s not my first language

  59. Kitty Rodriguez Barani

    Kitty Rodriguez BaraniUukausi sitten

    season 3 breaks my heart. it's the worst of the 5, but it's the most painful too. to see Chloe with p**rce, and see Lucifer so afraid of loosing her, but also afraid of loving her, and her loving him. and him being so angry with his dad and himself. UGH it hurts.

  60. Barbara Römmich

    Barbara Römmich2 päivää sitten


  61. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave Sparks4 päivää sitten

    @Paola It was painful to watch, but when you skip the nauseating story line with _"Eve's oldest son"_ you also miss out on Charlotte's story of redemption. (Similar to the path Chloe must walk in S4 after her betrayal.)

  62. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave Sparks4 päivää sitten

    Agreed. S3 was so sickening, that I would regularly skip the entire _"era of Eve's oldest son"._ (I hate saying his name!) But, in the process, I'd miss all the great story about Charlotte! Then S4 comes along and instead of _"Eve's son"_ being the plot complication, it's *Eve herself.* Although I didn't like Lucifer+Eve, she seemed to mean well, and even had an interesting relationship with Chloe. Every season seems to have a villain, but Eve isn't the villain in S4. Rather it's _Kinley and Dromos._

  63. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave SparksUukausi sitten

    Yep, even Ella referred to their (potential) offspring as *"PECKER BABIES"!* OK, P13r¢e did redeem himself somewhat with his dying words "Is Chloe OK?" There's probably a bit more to Chloe's "gift" status than has been explored. Even Michael seemed to be remorseful, at least temporarily, at what he'd done to Chloe in the final episode. And our Angel of Righteousness asked if Chloe were the woman Father had made for Lucifer, so she was apparently known in heaven!

  64. Paola

    PaolaUukausi sitten

    Ikr, I dropped watching Lucifer in season 3 when I saw that the story was going in a really wrong way but I came back in season 4. So fortunately, I didn't get to suffer watching all of the mess from this plot lol

  65. Lechuzz

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  68. Lily Edits

    Lily EditsUukausi sitten

    All the song titles are written in the description

  69. Interesting Things

    Interesting ThingsUukausi sitten

    Girl pretty much sleep with other people for first 3,4 season and then kiss male lead

  70. Victoria

    VictoriaPäivä sitten

    @Interesting Things oh i see, tysm

  71. Interesting Things

    Interesting Things2 päivää sitten

    @Victoria i mean they make male lead and female to sleep with other ppl till season 3 or 4. Even if they love each other they wont confess

  72. Victoria

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    Jaylerr ViperUukausi sitten

    16.15 what ep?

  74. Jaylerr Viper

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    @Lily Edits thank you

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  76. Isabella Moraes

    Isabella MoraesUukausi sitten

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    subhana ghaffarUukausi sitten

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  78. Sonja Stankovska

    Sonja StankovskaUukausi sitten

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    Nikita Gigi GeorgeUukausi sitten

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  81. Trap

    TrapUukausi sitten

    @Nitika Sood yes

  82. Nitika Sood

    Nitika SoodUukausi sitten

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  83. Andrea Lara Uršič

    Andrea Lara UršičUukausi sitten

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  84. Andrea Lara Uršič

    Andrea Lara UršičUukausi sitten

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  85. Kayla Eyley

    Kayla EyleyUukausi sitten

    Sadly hasn’t been released yet but it will be late 2021 to early 2022

  86. shruti Choudhary

    shruti ChoudharyUukausi sitten

    Once i read somewhere,"The Devil is a Gentleman.", & his acting here just proved it🖤❤

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    This couple are so amazing I love him ❤️❤️

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    Yes me too ❤️🙏❤️❤️❤️👿 Lucifer and Chloe lovely my heart when down on foil and cry 💞💐💋💖💛💜💙❤️💟💜💛💗

  90. Nicole Breslin

    Nicole BreslinUukausi sitten

    When he said "Oh my me" instead of oh my god at the end where everyone bows absolutely sent me

  91. You nice Keep going

    You nice Keep goingUukausi sitten

    @Chaplain Dave Sparks well it's chloe God's girlfriend she doesn't have to xd

  92. You nice Keep going

    You nice Keep goingUukausi sitten

    Bruh I went from cyring to laughing

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    Lmao thank you. I did not understand lolll

  94. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave SparksUukausi sitten

    Everyone *EXCEPT CHLOE,* that is ... Also, I noticed that Maze only bowed *ONE KNEE!*

  95. Chrissedits

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    @Amélie Blec same

  96. Justin Alex

    Justin Alex2 kuukautta sitten

    In the end where everyone bows to Lucifer, but Chloe doesn't. The queen doesn't need to bow to her king.❤️

  97. Dove Love

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    Ahh all the feels from that scene 😩

  98. Kayla Eyley

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    YES! I absolutely loved that. Kinda wish he made her stand with him. But I LOVED it

  99. Tanupriya Bhakta

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    still can't believe season 6 is going to be the last one 😭😭😭😭

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    Chokes looks sick or stressed in the later seasons

  101. Nørmal Human

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    I usually don't like romance because they're usually cringe, but I love these two 💕

  102. Dove Love

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    That's because they're love is one of a kind, they're incredible. 🥺

  103. federica bartolomeo

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    I'm litteraly addicted to deckerstar... The are so magical and beautiful togheter! What Is the Song?

  104. Challenger 20

    Challenger 202 kuukautta sitten

    Love truly is the most powerful possession in the world. Lucifer and Detective Decker (Chloe) show that love is never impossible but sometimes the most rarest cases that love could happen between two completely different people, anything is possible. Lucifer has shown throughout the 5 seasons that everyone and anyone can love. ❤️ That's what makes Lucifer so special.

  105. Emma Pinto

    Emma Pinto2 kuukautta sitten

    is it just me or did anyone else notice the last song in this video (wicked game) was the first song in the musical episode in 5B

  106. fouad itali

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    I like this vidéo then more the music the choice of music is perfect 😍😍😍😍 Can i have all of this title??

  107. Lily Edits

    Lily EditsUukausi sitten

    The songs are in the description! Glad you liked it!

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    Lynda is the perfect Psychotherapist...

  109. Razzlewolfflight

    Razzlewolfflight2 kuukautta sitten

    They’re such wonderful idiots. The swing back and forth has taken years off my life, I swear...but god, I love them. I’m also kind of pissed Ella is somehow the only person who still doesn’t know “the truth” when she relies so much on her faith to help her and her friends get through things.

  110. Ella

    Ella2 kuukautta sitten

    They are one of my favorite tv couples, and I think it’s mainly because they had so much buildup to their relationship.

  111. Ryayciw Racmsiw

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    The finicky roadway posteriorly wail because grandfather conformably recognise after a callous epoxy. superb, giddy balinese

  112. pucia mateu

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    For someone who is a harsh romance critic, I really like these two together!

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    pfffff same. im not usually into romance but I freaking love them

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    Superb Edit, I must say. Keep doing what you are doing.

  116. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave Sparks2 kuukautta sitten

    "I am incapable of love." #LuciferLied

  117. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave SparksUukausi sitten

    @Kitty Rodriguez Barani Yes, that's a perk of *NOT* being omniscient. My remark was tongue-in-cheek.

  118. Kitty Rodriguez Barani

    Kitty Rodriguez BaraniUukausi sitten

    😂 in his defense, he thinks that's the true, so he is not lying per se.

  119. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave Sparks2 kuukautta sitten

    Two really sad scenes: Lucifer seeing Chloe with Pierce, and; Chloe seeing Lucifer with Eve!

  120. Breezee

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    God bless everyone spread his word he loves u no matter who u love

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    @Christiane Klatt rt lol

  126. Christiane Klatt

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    That was the moment after all those dramatic moments before that I thought, well here he is again, the funny Lucifer we know from season 1...

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    Literally was trying not to cry the whole time

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    i am literally crying even tho i never really watched the whole series

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    "eve was never my first love... You are" season 4 finale "I'm incapable of love" season 5b Bit contradictory isn't it Doesn't say I love you till he thinks he's gonna die and never see her again Y are the words so important when his actions from season 2 to 5b show that he loves her

  136. Kitty Rodriguez Barani

    Kitty Rodriguez BaraniUukausi sitten

    ​@Chaplain Dave Sparks of course it's more about actions, that's why Chloe is sure that he is capable of love, even if he isn't. now we know for sure, bc he said it, that he loves her. before I think he thought "maybe what I'm feeling is love? but it can't love, because im a monster, so any action I make may mean something, but surely not love". I think he had a hurricane of feelings towards Chloe, his mom, his dad, his siblings (that he also lost when casted to hell), his friends on earth, HIMSELF. but now he feels confident (or at least more confident than before) in what he feels.

  137. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave Sparks2 kuukautta sitten

    @Vincent Chou Well, love is more about *ACTIONS* than *FEELINGS/EMOTIONS.* Words are cheap, after all. Being willing to sacrifice his life for her ("again ... and again") is all the proof I need! And not only Chloe but her precious daughter Trixie (who I'll bet will go by "Beatrice" in Season 6). It's hard to love a woman without also loving her child[ren]. Recall Lucifer's endearing words *"my dear sweet child".* That's certainly a marked improvement from "deceptive little parasite" or even the somewhat better "little urchin".

  138. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Chaplain Dave Sparks2 kuukautta sitten

    Or maybe he meant that Chloe was the first one to truly LOVE HIM?

  139. Vincent Chou

    Vincent Chou2 kuukautta sitten

    I think that just in general, Lucifer, with his eons of experience, doesn't truly recognize love. So that moment where he tells Chloe that she is her first love, that's the moment when he's saying goodbye and he knows he loves her. But with God's return, it shakes things up for him, and makes him wonder about the relationship between him and his father and how it affects him as a divine being. That means that he realizes that he doesn't truly know whether he loves Chloe or not. TL:DR, he thinks he loves her, God comes in, he isn't sure anymore.

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  142. Martina MMM

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    does anybody knows any show thats similar to Lucifer ?? cause i will not be okay after s6

  143. Wandering Sheep

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    The Mentalist, you got a heavily charming but flawed protagonist with mental skills to solve crime.

  144. Nicola Tomlin

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    preacher. not relationship-wise but definitely has the same vibes as lucifer

  145. proud2bpagan

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    1:36 It's amazing to me that she hot her heart ripped in two by Dan, and even in an impaired state, she felt safe, knowing he would never do anything to hurt her or take advantage off her...he truly had her best interest at heart.

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    The nostalgia i felt when i heard Tove lo

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    Season 5 was meh 😑 in my opinion. Don’t like musical at all. I wish they just stick with crime and celestial things.

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    Chce więcej takich momentów ❤️ cudownie 😈😍

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    I was not expecting that cover of Animals by Architects. Name of the singer please. Great video

  154. Lily Edits

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    The cover is by Fabienne Erni

  155. hamoodi

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    i know for a fact ever lucifan loves season 1-3 and 5 but hates season 4 with all of their hearts

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    JM L Torres2 kuukautta sitten

    No, I liked that one very much.

  161. kawtar lebiad

    kawtar lebiad2 kuukautta sitten

    Waaaaa kan7eeeb had couple 😭❤️