LIVE: Donald Trump CPAC Speech, Could Announce 2024 Run

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Former President Donald Trump speaks at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and could announce his candidacy for the 2024 election


  1. ciaran12

    ciaran1220 päivää sitten

    Describes Aer Lingus as a "cunning" airline. Don't think I didn't notice what you did there, David.

  2. Harrison Brown

    Harrison Brown21 päivä sitten

    Is that voicemail real?

  3. ice la honk

    ice la honk21 päivä sitten

    they've already proven fraud. that's fact. now they tell us it was an insignificant amount. time magazine admitted the DNC, social media, did all kinds of shady shit. Biden importing voters en masse is outrageous trump's an effing blowhard though for sure

  4. 89RealThe

    89RealThe24 päivää sitten

    2:28:09 Lol

  5. The One True Lenny

    The One True Lenny24 päivää sitten

    2:28:09 best part

  6. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuUukausi sitten

    Laden never posed a more dangerous threat to the United States than this individual.

  7. Catherine Westholt

    Catherine WestholtUukausi sitten

    He can't embrace Melania, so he embraces the flag.

  8. noahevanm

    noahevanmUukausi sitten


  9. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuUukausi sitten

    Getting Howard Dean vibes from that Bread Snooze clip

  10. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeUukausi sitten

    Trumps face.

  11. gioyu comi

    gioyu comiUukausi sitten

    Trumps face.

  12. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiUukausi sitten

    DJtj's wife must have picked the singer, totally fits her tone deaf attitude.

  13. Sam P

    Sam PUukausi sitten


  14. Sam P

    Sam PUukausi sitten

    @yuoop noke I'm happy you're British also... I'm sure his speeches would make a foreigner and anti America goons cringe..... You fit right in with the fake virtue pandering divisive left!!!.

  15. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeUukausi sitten

    Trump speech makes me cringe. Happy I am British!

  16. AHeart4Jesus

    AHeart4JesusUukausi sitten

    Do people really believe all of this?!? He is basically saying all lies. Anything he couldn’t say on Twitter he is saying it in this speech 😳

  17. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiUukausi sitten

    3:17:50 "They're coming all over the place"

  18. Molotov Milkshake

    Molotov MilkshakeUukausi sitten

    at 2:51:35 approx the closed captions say 'puppets vagina' rather than 'puppets of China' lmao

  19. gioyu comi

    gioyu comiUukausi sitten

    That girl shouldn't sing ever after this.

  20. Jack Murray

    Jack MurrayUukausi sitten

    B iggest I diot D emocrats E ver N ominated

  21. 89RealThe

    89RealThe24 päivää sitten

    That 'biggest idiot' beat your orange man, don't be mad at Biden, be mad at Donnie .

  22. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovUukausi sitten

    It’s the Con Con Con: Conservative Con Convention.

  23. 3shayll

    3shayllUukausi sitten

    In case your curious about bird deaths related to forms of power we use. It estimates that wind farms are responsible for roughly 0.27 avian fatalities per gigawatt-hour (GWh) of electricity while nuclear power plants involve 0.6 fatalities per GWh and fossil-fueled power stations are responsible for about 9.4 fatalities per GWh. Within the uncertainties of the data used, the estimate means that wind farm-related avian fatalities equated to approximately 46,000 birds in the United States in 2009, but nuclear power plants killed about 460,000 and fossil-fueled power plants 24 million.

  24. 3shayll

    3shayllUukausi sitten

    At 2:28 mentions people crowded together with no social distancing or masks among people at the border. Then at 2:29 crowd of people together listening to Trump to talk while no social distancing and almost no masks.

  25. Jack Murray

    Jack MurrayUukausi sitten

    What about the fact that the fact that those at the border are not screened for disease or criminal activity?

  26. John W

    John WUukausi sitten

    The only and i mean only consolation about drumph is that he wont be around for the next 30-40 years . I can only imagine if he was in his 40’s doing this america would be in for a long long ride

  27. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovUukausi sitten

    In 2016 he spoke about ""bullshitcountries"" In 2020 he nearly nearly made one. Maybe exorcism is appropriate to him.

  28. Molotov Milkshake

    Molotov MilkshakeUukausi sitten

    Conservatives are hilarious. They say David is 'bought and paid for' whilst praising Trump's wealth.

  29. Davinia

    DaviniaUukausi sitten

    3:00:00 talk about a losing record, elections lawsuits and casinos, he's lost them all.

  30. Molotov Milkshake

    Molotov MilkshakeUukausi sitten

    Wow lmao that singer is terrible. I could do a better job.

  31. Delta3416 // Metric

    Delta3416 // MetricUukausi sitten

    They're not Christian, American or conservative. Their only loyalty is to Trump, whom they see as a kind of divine figure.

  32. brOblio

    brOblioUukausi sitten

    Getting Howard Dean vibes from that Bread Snooze clip

  33. James Wadsworth

    James WadsworthUukausi sitten

    I see he's still humping the flag. He needs a triple thick padded room.

  34. Thomas Keogh

    Thomas KeoghUukausi sitten

    This picture is an insult to all veterans especially the ones who paid the ultimate price they gave there all this bozo use his dad to get him a letter so he could avoid serving in the military during the time of war. If he had bones spurs he should submit to a medial examination to clear his name. Because if he really had bone spurs he would submit to an examination and that would exonerate him in a Nono second.

  35. Nichole Henry

    Nichole HenryUukausi sitten

    Trump speech makes me cringe. Happy I am British!

  36. matthew C

    matthew CUukausi sitten

    That girl shouldn't sing ever after this.

  37. YourMovieSucksDOTorg

    YourMovieSucksDOTorgUukausi sitten

    3:17:50 "They're coming all over the place"

  38. chunkymonkey435

    chunkymonkey435Uukausi sitten

    Hey Adum

  39. sentry007

    sentry007Uukausi sitten

    He doesn't understand so much of what he talks about. Doesn't understand tariffs, trade deficits, doesn't even understand what standing means.

  40. Angie Haddington

    Angie HaddingtonUukausi sitten

    I love that you are calling people to use up vaccine No vaccine contains aborted fetus. That, my friend, is fake news.

  41. Mar

    MarUukausi sitten

    "No blood shed" says trump.... Yep, the only bloodshed has been here and more under with your administration and tension you stirred. Cluckhead!

  42. Fidasaind

    FidasaindUukausi sitten

    He was 21-0 in senate endorsements? I can see it now Martha McSally: "But sir. What about me?" Let alone Georgia as David pointed out.

  43. F Ado

    F AdoUukausi sitten

    In 2016 he spoke about ""bullshitcountries"" In 2020 he nearly nearly made one. Maybe exorcism is appropriate to him.

  44. Fabio Erklärt

    Fabio ErklärtUukausi sitten

    I can't recognize any difference between this and a speech of the "Führer" in the 1930s....seriously. And im deeply concerned now after watching this.

  45. Celtic Babs

    Celtic BabsUukausi sitten

    We can't have any media coverage of this man ever again. If the media ignores him, maybe he will crawl back under the rock where he belongs and leave us alone. I am at the point that I do not even call him by name. I do not acknowledge his existence. He is nothing and no one and just want him to disappear never to be heard from again.

  46. Raku Tzimbel

    Raku TzimbelUukausi sitten

    I didn't know the Anthem had so many modulations 😂

  47. John Rice

    John RiceUukausi sitten

    That was the best comedy I've seen for a very very long time.his divisive scaremongering performance had to be seen to be believed!!! Basically it's the final murder scene of American politics!!! And dirty Donald is going to bury it!!!

  48. Rho Bot

    Rho BotUukausi sitten

    Thank for, really, putting this up! Must admit to feeling slimy enough after an hour and half plus that I'm going to close my browswer and start over. ! I might even clear some cache and actually just also sign all the way off, and restart the computer! lol.. . Thank you.

  49. Allen Slucher

    Allen SlucherUukausi sitten

    How many of those dancers were actually paid to do only that…. Lol

  50. Double P

    Double PUukausi sitten

    CPAC Worshipping a Golden Calf is Super Cringe to Watch.....

  51. Uli Peterson

    Uli PetersonUukausi sitten

    These intro-songs are AMAZIN!

  52. Foxhound

    FoxhoundUukausi sitten

    Rambling gibberish

  53. F Ado

    F AdoUukausi sitten

    He needs campaign donations to fund his lawyers. He is in the shit.

  54. F Ado

    F AdoUukausi sitten

    An officer is beaten to death with that flag. Under STumps presidency. He only likes himself.

  55. Fidgets Den

    Fidgets DenUukausi sitten

    The chanting We love you was so staged. He had a reply to it on his teleprompt. So Fake

  56. brat682

    brat682Uukausi sitten

    My god, Trump totally figured it out! Democrats totally started Covid so they could cheat to win the Presidency! I can't believe it! Oh...wait, that's because that didn't happen. Never mind, false alarm.

  57. Bluebird

    BluebirdUukausi sitten

    Omg that anthem was 🤢🤢🤢🤮

  58. Andy Erbz

    Andy ErbzUukausi sitten

    Trump how bout all the guns smuggled from American soil to supply cartels in Mexico you don't want anyone coming here but what bout stopping guns from crossing our border into Mexico and those "illegal aliens" you are talking bout are coming here cause they are tired of finding and digging up missing family members killed by the cartels why don't you tell the truth

  59. Visune

    VisuneUukausi sitten

    Is it just me or did anyone notice that face on Trumps mouth looks slanted on his right side as tho hes had a slight stroke?

  60. cosmosofinfinity

    cosmosofinfinityUukausi sitten

    2:29:18 I like how he has to resort to bragging about things that maybe might happen 4 years ago probably. Why aren't you bragging about how you lost the white house just NOW? Fucking desperation, you lost now, you'll lose even harder next time, the world's seen enough of you.

  61. Mike from Massachusetts

    Mike from MassachusettsUukausi sitten

    Trump gave the SOTU last night, knew Biden couldn’t handle it.

  62. ChrisMag100

    ChrisMag100Uukausi sitten

    Scam. He’s hoping his followers will keep giving him money.

  63. mark bailey

    mark baileyUukausi sitten

    Chris Christi 2024

  64. DeFox 501

    DeFox 501Uukausi sitten

    Trump's intro was too long.

  65. Justin Figgins

    Justin FigginsUukausi sitten

    Wait a minute now, I'm hearing a lot of complaining from #45 & CPAC about America & about American citizens.... What did #45 & MAGA say to do if you are complaining about American life...?

  66. Toinen Osoite

    Toinen OsoiteUukausi sitten

    Now that I have again had the "pleasure" to see the OiC - please, please never, ever stream his speeches again!

  67. Justin Figgins

    Justin FigginsUukausi sitten

    It sad that only the poor & struggling White folks in the US of A give YSAP #45 money....

  68. Marie Monica

    Marie MonicaUukausi sitten

    I can't listen to Trump's verbal diarrhea anymore. It makes me sick 🤮

  69. Stacey Smith

    Stacey SmithUukausi sitten

    35:00 Thanks David, I was having a lovely snuggle session with my cat, we were cuddled up under a blanket with a hot water bottle, she was purring like mad. When she heard that her ears went vertical and she SPRINTED off to hide under the bed.

  70. Alison Murphy

    Alison MurphyUukausi sitten

    It’s like the conference on the film the Witches!

  71. DVK

    DVKUukausi sitten

    I am sure Trump thought: "Look at the turnout at CPAC! How did I just get 74 million voters?"

  72. Jordan Roman

    Jordan RomanUukausi sitten


  73. Davinia

    DaviniaUukausi sitten

    2:47:10 the US is a country plagued with terrorism.

  74. G M

    G MUukausi sitten

    Oh shit, the flag Humper is back.

  75. Catherine Reynolds

    Catherine ReynoldsUukausi sitten

    David, so many cringey moments. The national anthem( brave of the young person, but tone deaf. Metaphor for proceedings?). The golden idol. The lying liars. The deluded attendees, the implied violence in the rhetoric. The memory of actual violence not accepted as reality. Knowing it was occuring, I couldn't resist small bits of it, but it all feels like poison.

  76. Davinia

    DaviniaUukausi sitten

    2:35:00 he's really bouncing around, topic to topic.

  77. Davinia

    DaviniaUukausi sitten

    MS13 are the worst, they do things not even the worst can think of? So, they aren't the worst or they don't do what they do?

  78. Adam N

    Adam NUukausi sitten

    Let him run again and let's beat him again. Let's get 90 million to vote against him this time.

  79. Davinia

    DaviniaUukausi sitten

    2:27:00 the numbers from Mexico dropped because of COVID, no one wants to come to your leper colony. Thanks Trump.

  80. Rose Hepker

    Rose HepkerUukausi sitten

    All lies so sick of him hatred more attacking more destruction he attacks his own party this can not be our future

  81. Steve T

    Steve TUukausi sitten

    Bow to your ignorant golden “god”... and they call us sheep. 🐑

  82. Jordan Roman

    Jordan RomanUukausi sitten

    Honestly Trump is boring. Its like a rerun of speeches past just in a different location

  83. ל ק

    ל קUukausi sitten

    Yoko Ono totemo bakaiaro desu ne.

  84. ל ק

    ל קUukausi sitten

    One thing to say: Rosena Barr.

  85. Joey B

    Joey BUukausi sitten

    2:17:15 is where the speech starts

  86. Carren Taylor

    Carren TaylorUukausi sitten

    Oh david, he's always look terrible

  87. malhotra roger

    malhotra rogerUukausi sitten

    No one in their right mind has ever , or would ever listen to any Trump , let alone Conald .

  88. Brittany Corralejo

    Brittany CorralejoUukausi sitten

    I'm just a vicious democrat ...

  89. Brittany Corralejo

    Brittany CorralejoUukausi sitten

    I'm just impressed he remembered sp many names

  90. Aimée Xochitl

    Aimée XochitlUukausi sitten

    I actually thought the national anthem singer is pretty good overall. At least in the first half. I don’t think anyone realizes how difficult how song is to perform lmao

  91. Brittany Corralejo

    Brittany CorralejoUukausi sitten

    This should he titled "Trump's Greatest Hits" it's the same bs he has been rambling on about for the last 4 years

  92. Brittany Corralejo

    Brittany CorralejoUukausi sitten

    Here comes trump, continuing to divide the country ...

  93. Alan Raybould

    Alan RaybouldUukausi sitten

    As Eric Morcombe said, she was "singing all the right notes but, not necessarily in the right order".

  94. DaBai2 Doh

    DaBai2 DohUukausi sitten

    Thun Thun is a Burmese name. Is he Burmese? I'm horrified by the junta's action. Just left in August after 5 years. If not for covid related visa issues I'd still be there. Wonderful wonderful people who had such high hopes for the future.

  95. Allison Franks

    Allison FranksUukausi sitten

    He doesn’t care about the country or politics. He’s in it for adulation and the $$$! To quote a meme, “the difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump is Trump will charge you for the Kool Aid”.

  96. Akheem Akhi-Gbade

    Akheem Akhi-GbadeUukausi sitten

    I came here expecting he'd be president on the 5th of never. Oh well, nice try!😂😂😂

  97. Truth

    TruthUukausi sitten

    "We are about to air a bunch of bullshit and lies. We are not responsible for anything these idiots say."

  98. robert Sutcliffe

    robert SutcliffeUukausi sitten

    W.T.F. kind of insanity did I just witness?! Hate is a very powerful motivator and I hate that S.O.B. with a passion! I will push a greasy turd down a dirty ditch with my nose just to vote against him or anyone that associates themselves with that face painting lunatic!

  99. Ismail Malone

    Ismail MaloneUukausi sitten

    They disrespect Micheal j. Fox. And he's twitching.

  100. Ismail Malone

    Ismail MaloneUukausi sitten

    Glad we don't have to Have to hear this BS any more loser. Deal making... Give me your money so I can look better(not possible) I will lie at any moment

  101. Owen Dallison

    Owen DallisonUukausi sitten

    Small point - Phil Collins is massively right wing. He will love his music being played at CPAC

  102. crithon

    crithonUukausi sitten

    Well, rush is being replaced.

  103. Kubla Khan

    Kubla KhanUukausi sitten

    Don’t they realise that Village People represents the gay community which Trump continually persecutes ?

  104. Kubla Khan

    Kubla KhanUukausi sitten

    You chose to push on forward and tell even more lies Donald !

  105. Dom Anthony

    Dom AnthonyUukausi sitten

    So... He stopped aid to countries, until they signed great quick deals, and then still didn't give any money whilst they held up their end of the bargain, and that's earned America respect? Uh huh... Cool story

  106. Kubla Khan

    Kubla KhanUukausi sitten

    You’re not allowed on Twitter because you wouldn’t stop telling lies Donald !

  107. Rune H

    Rune HUukausi sitten

    Like all of Trumps worst ramblings all combined into one...

  108. Kubla Khan

    Kubla KhanUukausi sitten

    Let’s talk about the 450,000 American people who died on your watch Donald.

  109. Colin Myers

    Colin MyersUukausi sitten

    “Solar power doesn’t have enough to cover our needs” It’s literally the fucking sun, the single largest source of power in our solar system. Well, aside from the hot air from Trumps face.