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  1. onlyjayus

    onlyjayusUukausi sitten

    Hey go check out my most recent vlog :)

  2. Saain Solih

    Saain SolihTunti sitten

    Pls make a vid on how u do do Ur hair and why is it looking soo smooth

  3. Vronz

    Vronz6 päivää sitten

    @uzarname name shes a normal wamen

  4. Donranoc14

    Donranoc147 päivää sitten

    Are you a girl or boy or tomboy

  5. Deion jr. Mcqueen

    Deion jr. Mcqueen9 päivää sitten

    Are you a boy or girl

  6. akira manuel perez

    akira manuel perez16 päivää sitten


  7. Joseph Carter

    Joseph Carter29 minuuttia sitten

    Bug vs 6'2" girl

  8. Sheldon Lee Cooper

    Sheldon Lee Cooper33 minuuttia sitten

    Forget the bite, I enjoyed this video

  9. Pants

    PantsTunti sitten

    The first one was actually corrected in another video. That was not what you were supposed to do

  10. Peyton Judy

    Peyton JudyTunti sitten

    No buy a flame thrower and BURN THE FLY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒

  11. Bryan Vallejo

    Bryan Vallejo2 tuntia sitten

    Well jay its time for an onlyfans 🙂

  12. Conner Miller

    Conner Miller4 tuntia sitten


  13. Tea time with me

    Tea time with me8 tuntia sitten

    What are your pronouns jayus?

  14. pl4smadog2pd

    pl4smadog2pd10 tuntia sitten

    Oh cool ah huh awesome

  15. Serfer:)

    Serfer:)10 tuntia sitten

    Not me thinking about shoving my nan in the washing machine to get her wrinkles out

  16. Isaiah Aguilar

    Isaiah Aguilar13 tuntia sitten

    How am I almost exactly like you? Also I think I’ll just let it itch

  17. foxy_kitten :3

    foxy_kitten :316 tuntia sitten

    Like ur leg tattoo formed like a knife

  18. Mohammad Yaqoob

    Mohammad Yaqoob16 tuntia sitten

    This one is the best 😂

  19. Aaditya Bisht

    Aaditya Bisht21 tunti sitten

    That's a lot of tattoos.

  20. BassRemedy

    BassRemedy23 tuntia sitten

    alternatively for the fly you can quickly swipe your hand in a path that intercepts where they will go and grab them, then either let them go outside or crush them

  21. SuperAwesomeGaming Industry

    SuperAwesomeGaming IndustryPäivä sitten


  22. Darman Wiz

    Darman WizPäivä sitten

    Me with earphone Jayus : *Mom walks in "You are grounded!"

  23. BigKitKat

    BigKitKatPäivä sitten

    Lays all appreciation that she literally hurts herself sometimes making us these and sometimes does some stuff we would consider embarrassing keep up the great work 😁👍🏻

  24. RyzuNerd

    RyzuNerdPäivä sitten

    i didnt read the caption and didnt have audio so this scared me

  25. Sherman Peaslee

    Sherman PeasleePäivä sitten

    So you cauterized the bug bite?

  26. radical games

    radical gamesPäivä sitten

    There nothings to see so its ez to show

  27. lil reaper

    lil reaperPäivä sitten

    Is this a guy or a girl?

  28. seema panke

    seema panke12 tuntia sitten

    @lil reaper I know 😩✋

  29. lil reaper

    lil reaper13 tuntia sitten

    @Weirdo With glasses hes joking

  30. seema panke

    seema panke16 tuntia sitten

    @Weirdo With glasses bruh?!?!

  31. Weirdo With glasses

    Weirdo With glasses16 tuntia sitten

    @seema panke no their not

  32. seema panke

    seema panke18 tuntia sitten

    She is a girl ofc

  33. Smiley

    SmileyPäivä sitten

    Jayus: *pulls down pants* Me: *uncomfortably shocked* My sister: *wtf are you watching*

  34. Sizzly

    SizzlyPäivä sitten

    Simp nation is eating good tonight

  35. nuclearhuman 1324

    nuclearhuman 1324Päivä sitten

    *pulls pants down* Ok well she has to be part guy

  36. Mood

    MoodPäivä sitten

    Why she giving man vibes

  37. Adrian Diaz Rivera

    Adrian Diaz RiveraPäivä sitten

    Bro she packing no cap

  38. Gina the Cookie

    Gina the CookiePäivä sitten

    "COME HERE AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN," Can we appreciate that she said this to a fly, best sentence to say to an annoying bug.

  39. JonPod Vandam

    JonPod VandamPäivä sitten

    Puddle of mud singer has gone down hill

  40. Syvalian

    SyvalianPäivä sitten

    Burn bug bite off of skin

  41. Jeff Clinton

    Jeff Clinton2 päivää sitten

    Not hot

  42. Jeff Clinton

    Jeff Clinton2 päivää sitten

    It's a warm spoon

  43. Anny Sun

    Anny Sun2 päivää sitten

    Oh a bugbite where is it- 👁👄👁


    ALANA REED2 päivää sitten


  45. Josie Hurt

    Josie Hurt2 päivää sitten

    JAYUS:COME DOWN HERE AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN Flys:or come up here and fight me like a fly

  46. Kayla Duncan

    Kayla Duncan2 päivää sitten

    😂 tbh i learn so much but also laugh so much lmao

  47. 𝗥𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘆 𝗗𝗮𝘆𝘀.

    𝗥𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘆 𝗗𝗮𝘆𝘀.2 päivää sitten

    Jayus: hecking strips Me: ok ok rewind what happened

  48. pijof

    pijof2 päivää sitten


  49. Janine Pantonial

    Janine Pantonial2 päivää sitten

    I thought u had a bionicle leg

  50. Ismael Rodriguez

    Ismael Rodriguez2 päivää sitten

    Or use dish soap for bug bites actually works

  51. reddinsane21_

    reddinsane21_2 päivää sitten

    do yall not know how to like be chill like bro its not that serious she just pulled down her pants to show how to get rid of the itch lol chill out

  52. Solid Gold

    Solid Gold2 päivää sitten


  53. Gamo Chan

    Gamo Chan2 päivää sitten

    Jayus only fans when?

  54. Lianulf

    Lianulf2 päivää sitten


  55. Gunslinger Productions

    Gunslinger Productions2 päivää sitten

    But isn't febreeze or Windex harmful?

  56. JOLT

    JOLT2 päivää sitten

    Woaaaah buckaroo, you'll have the simps frothing at the mouth.

  57. Kaoru Hitachiin

    Kaoru Hitachiin2 päivää sitten

    *strips* Me: is that a knife?

  58. Kuaid Bagley

    Kuaid Bagley2 päivää sitten

    Or instead of burning yourself with a spoon you can slap a bug bite because if you scratch it, it exasterbates it making it feel more itchy (not sure if this only works for mosquito bites)

  59. Sweet Cassidy

    Sweet Cassidy2 päivää sitten

    -rips pants off- Me: Cant you just ROLL up your pants 😂 I luv her videos though!!

  60. KH

    KH2 päivää sitten

    I feel more itchy now

  61. Daniel Beifong

    Daniel Beifong2 päivää sitten

    Oh come on ya blank and blank come out and fight me like a man

  62. Beri

    Beri2 päivää sitten

    Are you boy or girl?

  63. GG_ MYDOG

    GG_ MYDOG2 päivää sitten

    I want to commit unbirth

  64. Brandy Goings

    Brandy Goings2 päivää sitten

    Dose that work with Moscato bites bc i have like 20-34 of them

  65. Steven Szn

    Steven Szn2 päivää sitten

    It diddnt itch xause now its a 3rd degree burn and hurts more then itches

  66. E.

    E.2 päivää sitten

    There are little heat pens that you can buy for that. The advantage of them is that they don't get too hot, so you won't accidantly burn yourself.

  67. ruby saniah!

    ruby saniah!2 päivää sitten


  68. depression

    depression2 päivää sitten

    I have a bug bite and theres a 1 cure MEMES

  69. We do things messy here

    We do things messy here2 päivää sitten

    In my country, flies are blind or something after three p.m. I used to retaliate for all those hours they spend buzzing around me😂😂😂

  70. you steal my name

    you steal my name3 päivää sitten

    Bitch means dog

  71. i do not wish to be horny anymore.

    i do not wish to be horny anymore.3 päivää sitten

    take me to dinner first gotdamn 😳😳😳

  72. Dusty

    Dusty3 päivää sitten

    I don’t have the first one actually works but sure I’ll try it

  73. Thomas Cantrell

    Thomas Cantrell3 päivää sitten

    I'll have to come up there to fight you like a man

  74. Loser• Gachaweirdo

    Loser• Gachaweirdo3 päivää sitten

    *She pulls down her pants* My homophobic mom: walks into the room * Me:😔👌

  75. The one and only

    The one and only3 päivää sitten

    Overreacting on the 1st one lol

  76. greyscalegrievences

    greyscalegrievences3 päivää sitten

    help i did the last one and then literally cried bc i felt bad for killing the bug it looked miserable but it also had been annoying me for like three days so

  77. Tyler Hall

    Tyler Hall3 päivää sitten

    Bruh she has so much confidence, especially in front of millions of people. I can’t even go below my waist near 1 person lmao

  78. Innit Bruv

    Innit Bruv3 päivää sitten

    That is a bee bite [bleep]

  79. Just_a_random_anime_lover

    Just_a_random_anime_lover3 päivää sitten


  80. Robro 3000

    Robro 30003 päivää sitten

    Normal person: *rolls up pant leg* Jayus: *ziiip*

  81. Mr. Piggy Playz

    Mr. Piggy Playz3 päivää sitten

    Did you have to do that.

  82. Riley B

    Riley B3 päivää sitten

    Are use the same method to kill fly I just spray it with for Febreze

  83. Just Chillin

    Just Chillin3 päivää sitten

    *"Replace pain with pain"* - Me

  84. dhvani mewada

    dhvani mewada3 päivää sitten

    Um could have worn shorts to shoot this video...

  85. EggaBaconPlays

    EggaBaconPlays3 päivää sitten

    Why is nobody talking about the KNIFE THAT IS ATTACHED TO HER LEG Edit: NVM, just realized that's a tattoo (or is it...)

  86. Anjali Venkatesh

    Anjali Venkatesh3 päivää sitten

    Hot spoon. But hot water works like magic too. It's the best. Not boiling but a little bit hotter than your bath water. That's the best.

  87. Anthony M

    Anthony M3 päivää sitten

    She is so freaking gorgeous ugh my god

  88. Gautam Saxena

    Gautam Saxena3 päivää sitten

    Hey sorry but are you a boy

  89. ASmall Emu

    ASmall Emu3 päivää sitten

    Or bug killer spray works too

  90. Swastik Auddy

    Swastik Auddy4 päivää sitten


  91. amazed tenthousand

    amazed tenthousand4 päivää sitten

    I can confirm the “shooting flies out of the air with Windex” theory is 100% true. Works like a charm every single time

  92. yeet the child

    yeet the child4 päivää sitten

    Johnny when he finds out about this: 😳

  93. Shy pickle

    Shy pickle4 päivää sitten

    Who else noticed the song in the background

  94. A random f-35B

    A random f-35B3 päivää sitten

    Probably all of us with decent hearing heard the garbage song

  95. Kboogs

    Kboogs4 päivää sitten

    Literally what was the reason wear shorts for the vid

  96. the dude that plays games on YouTube

    the dude that plays games on YouTube4 päivää sitten

    0.04 is the best 👌❤💓💕💖

  97. Chassy

    Chassy4 päivää sitten

    Where the fuck do you get a hot spoon

  98. Stephen :/

    Stephen :/4 päivää sitten

    When she took her pants off I was about to say “WOAH B!TCH PUT IT BACK ON”

  99. Vicente Capito

    Vicente Capito4 päivää sitten

    What is your only fans account? Asking for a friend

  100. Trimシ

    Trimシ4 päivää sitten

    " **sumn 'bout a bugbite** " " **pulls down pants** " me: nice gitch bruh 😗🔫

  101. Max Thrall

    Max Thrall4 päivää sitten

    What do you mean come down here, you're like 8 foot tall, jayus.

  102. charlie

    charlie4 päivää sitten

    Why did she not just wear shorts instead of stripping

  103. Nitro The Official

    Nitro The Official4 päivää sitten

    Stop undressing yourself it's making me uncomfortable 😂

  104. Traitor Lord

    Traitor Lord4 päivää sitten

    If your knee ever hurts just cut your entire leg off. Your leg cant hurt of it's not there!

  105. Frosty VR

    Frosty VR4 päivää sitten

    You could just use afterbite on the bug bite

  106. Brandon Primero

    Brandon Primero4 päivää sitten

    Jayus: FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN *proceeds to spay fly*


    AEENRARA4 päivää sitten

    i cant stop laughing when she is fighting fly's

  108. Bxtterfly_Dream

    Bxtterfly_Dream4 päivää sitten

    That is me when I see a fly I HATE them so much

  109. VInt.Sunsxt

    VInt.Sunsxt4 päivää sitten

    I use vinegar to stop ich from bug bite

  110. MarkEplier-kun

    MarkEplier-kun4 päivää sitten

    I do the exact opposite of a hot spoon and just use fresh ice and put it on my bite for like 5 mins and get another one if it melts away.