Junko gets hit with an inspiration bomb! - Danganronpa

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Truth, lies, betrayal, despair, anguish, delight, gassiness... the entire spectrum of human emotion is in play here.
PLUS: Dan's incredible insights about cheese. INSIDE!
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#ep71 #danganronpa #despairporn


  1. Kim Dahyun Trash Ltd

    Kim Dahyun Trash LtdPäivä sitten

    now play the sequels and watch the anime >:)

  2. Doug Scott

    Doug Scott2 päivää sitten

    I love Arin trying to figure out why someone who is clearly batsh*t insane has a huge, convoluted, batsh*t insane plot. 😄

  3. Katt Lucka

    Katt Lucka4 päivää sitten

    Everyone: ... ... ... Makoto: NO, THAT'S WRONG!

  4. Aura Vaury

    Aura Vaury6 päivää sitten

    Ah yes, that's a logical conclusion to all of it 🙄

  5. Laki2

    Laki28 päivää sitten

    Oh, schnib!

  6. But why

    But why15 päivää sitten

    "and you had time to do this when" they had a year dude...

  7. Alex K Franklin

    Alex K Franklin17 päivää sitten

    Wait till Arin realizes he’ll get hardly any info about the tragedy until the second game

  8. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf19 päivää sitten

    Are you guys gonna play the second and third game. Dangonronpa 2 And Dangonronpa 3? Please please please play them. I love the voices and I’m a big fan. I’m begging Your loyal fan Katya

  9. Argentina Verdy

    Argentina Verdy19 päivää sitten

    So nobody's talking about how arin couldn't spell DIY gives me 'ewe' vibes

  10. Ivory-Swan

    Ivory-Swan19 päivää sitten

    Man, I just looked up Danganronpa 2 since I miss it, and boy Byakuya has become a real big boy... I guess fast food still exists during the apocalypse? Would love to see them play it... o.o

  11. Kyle Ken

    Kyle Ken19 päivää sitten

    It sounds like someone needs to play zero escaoe instead tbh.

  12. Kyle Ken

    Kyle Ken20 päivää sitten

    Try doing that "hijack" hangmans gambit with no letters given to you. That was the worst one.

  13. Debz Baumaus

    Debz Baumaus21 päivä sitten

    "How is there a 2nd game if there's an apocalypse outside?" Hoo! That'll be a fun one for them to play :3 Now, 3's a hit or miss... That one worries me.

  14. Loyaltymancer

    Loyaltymancer21 päivä sitten

    For the record, Junko had PLENTLY of help setting up the actual killing game itself, buuuuuuuut that's spoiler territory for the extended lore so I'll say nothing further on the subject.

  15. Parker Bohn

    Parker Bohn22 päivää sitten

    Please play DR2 I'm fricking begging you its so good.

  16. Jerry Flowers

    Jerry Flowers22 päivää sitten

    Funny funny stuff.

  17. Kale

    Kale26 päivää sitten

    8:17 the way she says pOOph

  18. MemeLord69

    MemeLord6926 päivää sitten

    “They’ve had sequels to this game, so the world can’t be completely gone!” *sweats in Danganronpa V3*

  19. Russel Frank

    Russel Frank26 päivää sitten

    i accidentally skipped this episode and it didn't affect my understanding of what was going on in the finale at all. I think that's very telling of how long the characters take to actually say anything in this game

  20. Bunni89

    Bunni8926 päivää sitten

    I've only just noticed that Hiro's hair looks like a rotoscoped 3d model...

  21. at0micl0bster

    at0micl0bster27 päivää sitten

    Evil Chie is a real jerk

  22. Nat Schaible

    Nat Schaible27 päivää sitten

    It's not like I like you or anything. B-byakuya!

  23. meme meee

    meme meee29 päivää sitten

    I'm constantly reminded of when Arin tried to get an inspiration point in their D&D episodes. He's really not fit for suspension of disbelief games. So basically a huge chunk of RPG's.

  24. GeekLegion

    GeekLegionUukausi sitten

    If Arin REALLY dislikes a game this much, they outta just stop playing it. This just hurts. The game is nonsensical, yes, but there is a silly explanation for what’s happening. Of course the game is dumb, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting at the same time.

  25. Beta Sprite

    Beta SpriteUukausi sitten

    I really wish they had tried turning on Kyoko way back in the previous trial, just to see what they thought of the "what happens when the killing stops" ending photo...

  26. Green Demon

    Green DemonUukausi sitten

    Here's my question: How the hell was Junko able to monitor 15 people in a big-ass building over the course of about three weeks ALL BY HERSELF!?

  27. Conor O'Sullivan

    Conor O'SullivanUukausi sitten

    I think that erasing their memories caused a leak in their minds, and that’s why they constantly have to repeat everything 8 times.

  28. YumekoMari

    YumekoMariUukausi sitten

    The ending conversation about cheese gave me such Rick and Morty vibes xD

  29. Duck Fridge

    Duck FridgeUukausi sitten

    Ain play terraria

  30. simplessyrup

    simplessyrupUukausi sitten

    I just texted my friend to say I had a crush on junko and loved her voice and she told me that she also voices Toko and now I feel yucky about it 😂 but very impressed with the voice actress!

  31. RJ Ehlert

    RJ EhlertUukausi sitten

    Oh, the reason they repeat things so much in this game is because removing two years of memories gave them all serious brain damage.

  32. Sorign Hasword

    Sorign HaswordUukausi sitten

    Lot of people stan for this shit game lmao

  33. Clayton Hutchins

    Clayton HutchinsUukausi sitten

    Star Platinum be like: 8:11

  34. demonicpwnage

    demonicpwnageUukausi sitten

    3:54 actually thts my favorite voice for her lol tht and the librarian persona cuz thts one hell of a persona 5:39

  35. drygyn

    drygynUukausi sitten

    For some reason, I was expecting Arin to tell me to "CONSUME SKILLSHARE".

  36. amofro

    amofroUukausi sitten

    How did skillshare re-sponsor Arin after the last ad where he was a baby

  37. Amy Björck

    Amy BjörckUukausi sitten

    Arin: Where did she get the resources for all this? Me, an intellectual after playing Ultra Despair Girls and watching the dr3 anime: All in good time my friend...you’ll find out all in good time...

  38. Amy Björck

    Amy BjörckUukausi sitten

    Okay but...the room at the beginning looks like the Table Flip room and it made me feel all nostalgic 🥺

  39. Austin Poor

    Austin PoorUukausi sitten

    Arin: Complains constantly about the game restating obvious information over and over Also Arin: Completely misses all of that information and jumps to dumb conclusions, then complains about them.

  40. Sarah Ann

    Sarah AnnUukausi sitten

    genocide jack fucking “ahaha-no I can’t even laugh at that.” killed me what the hellllllll

  41. Tyler Smith

    Tyler SmithUukausi sitten

    For someone who complains about things being repeated all the time Arin sure forgets those exact things a lot

  42. Maniac4Bricks

    Maniac4BricksUukausi sitten

    42:45 missed opportunity to say, "I love...lamp"

  43. shadic971

    shadic971Uukausi sitten

    Arin: *sarcastically* Yeah that makes total sense Y.. Yes... It actually does, Arin

  44. nelsie

    nelsieUukausi sitten

    ewe=eye DIWee=DIY

  45. Maniac4Bricks

    Maniac4BricksUukausi sitten

    3:19 I wonder if the mellow Junko voice was supposed to emulate GlaDOS from Portal, it kind of makes sense.

  46. Ishouldnthavetodothi

    IshouldnthavetodothiUukausi sitten

    You guys should play Metal Gear Solid!!

  47. Nik

    NikUukausi sitten

    God this game is annoying.

  48. CJCroen1393

    CJCroen1393Uukausi sitten

    "Hina, could you beat the shit out of her for us?" Hina, beating the shit out of Junko: THIS IS FOR SAKURA!!!!!

  49. X Marcs the Spot

    X Marcs the SpotUukausi sitten

    Junko: "And that's all it took for you to start killing each other. You're nothing but bloodthirsty animals." Okay, but you're talking to the people who _didn't_ do any murdering. Several of whom were quite adamant in their refusal to kill. Really, only about a third of the participants were actually killers by the end. And _you're_ the one who killed her sister in cold blood.

  50. ravenatrandom

    ravenatrandomUukausi sitten

    "it seems kinda convenient that they only had photos of their class and no one else's"... Why would Monokuma give them random photos of other classes. What do you even mean?!?!

  51. Marsupials of Mars

    Marsupials of MarsUukausi sitten

    Take a shot every time this game says "despair"

  52. Martin Aguiluz

    Martin AguiluzUukausi sitten

    I feel that this let's play was more enjoyable in the beginning

  53. Carmel R

    Carmel RUukausi sitten

    I don't love cheese...

  54. Renate Dubois

    Renate DuboisUukausi sitten

    Did I miss something? I thought they were supposed to solve Mukuro's murder AND the mystery of the school, but once they found out Junko was the mastermind, she just kept giving them all the information they needed to fill in the blanks. It didn't seem like they had to actually solve much related to the events leading up to the killing game...

  55. Editorial

    EditorialUukausi sitten

    Post-apocalyptic amnesiac fight club

  56. Captain Spooptastic

    Captain SpooptasticUukausi sitten

    Byakuya; It’s not like i like you or anything! Makoto: No I know- Byakuya: It’s not like i think you’re sweet and handsome! Makoto: Uh- Byakuya: Your kisses probably taste like strawberries! Makoto: T-Togami-

  57. Key Strix

    Key StrixUukausi sitten

    The third Grump is the Comments Section just ripping into Arin.

  58. Emma Avery

    Emma AveryUukausi sitten

    “God, how annoying is it that they repeat the fact that they lost the memories of two normal years of school?” “Wait, they were asleep or in a coma for two years? How did Sakura stay ripped?” “Convenient that the class above ours was all slaughtered but all of our class photos don’t have that other class in it...”

  59. Key Strix

    Key StrixUukausi sitten

    _"Why is everyone acting like they're hearing this for the first time?!"_ Arin, it's called "denial" and "having a mental breakdown"....

  60. Captain Oblivious

    Captain ObliviousUukausi sitten

    @Key Strix hell ye dude :D

  61. Key Strix

    Key StrixUukausi sitten

    @my site To Arin's credit, he never gave up and in the end, he doesn't shit all over the game - even states that he actually had a good time and is looking forward to more... after a nice looooong break. And yeah, if it wasn't for Dan, I would've jumped ship long ago. This was my introduction to this series too and it convinced me to start the sequel on my own. Am loving it so far~

  62. my site

    my siteUukausi sitten

    @Key Strix It's like he thinks he is smarter than the game, and because he hates it, tries to point out plot holes, only for the game to slap him down. 1 is pretty air tight, but you are absolutely right about the 2nd game. My favorite of the series. Honestly, the only reason I kept watching was for Dan's reactions. I really hope he plays 2.

  63. Key Strix

    Key StrixUukausi sitten

    @my site No idea why Arin has so much trouble 'reading the room' sometimes. To make it worse, he even has trouble grasping the fact that solving mysteries for yourself is only part of the game. The other part is convincing the others and that does require repeating info sometimes. Not to say this game is even close to perfect though - Arin does have valid points at times. I'm playing 2 right now and I've met some minor frustrations, but nothing truly horrible. The writing and story really does kick up in quality and I can't wait for Arin to meet his soul mate there~

  64. my site

    my siteUukausi sitten

    RIGHT?! I mean Jesus, they lose their memories, are locked in a school where they are forced to kill each other, then at end of everything, are told everyone they've ever loved may possibly be dead. I'd be more shocked if they DIDNT act they way they did.

  65. Greg Studer

    Greg StuderUukausi sitten

    I hate these type of games. Please bring back a game that you play not read. Love you

  66. Alexander Agcaoili

    Alexander AgcaoiliUukausi sitten

    Junko’s Kyoko impersonation is spot on

  67. Alexander Agcaoili

    Alexander AgcaoiliUukausi sitten

    This is episode 72

  68. AwfulMusik

    AwfulMusikUukausi sitten

    Omg they weren't asleep for two years Arin! JFC...

  69. Phasomyr

    PhasomyrUukausi sitten

    Arin. I'm sorry but you have to stop making criticisms before the game gets a chance to explain. Don't forget that there are like 5 other games, and two anime that explain all the shit you keep questioning.

  70. Phasomyr

    PhasomyrUukausi sitten

    I get that it makes you feel smart to criticize. And it's become the theme of this playthtough. But the fact is that a lot of this makes more sense than you give it credit for.

  71. burnin8able

    burnin8ableUukausi sitten

    so are we all on the same page here? Junko has LITERALLY ZERO WAY to enforce all the bullshit she's threatening, and everyone's just... going along with it for no reason other than escalating tension for the plot. Arin and Dan are right when they keep asking "why aren't they just kicking the shit out of her"

  72. Alja

    AljaUukausi sitten

    This is. Quite possibly. The stupidest game and story I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing in my entire life. The writing is bad, and they should feel bad. And, honestly, the only reason why I've stuck with this series is because it's a god awful train wreck. This isn't a game. It's a cringy conversation simulator.

  73. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovUukausi sitten

    Arin they had a normal life for 2 years, then their memories were taken, they weren't asleep for two years 😂

  74. Xnerdz

    XnerdzUukausi sitten

    Arin is a thousand times more obnoxious then his usual when he doesn't understand things...

  75. Maddy McEleney

    Maddy McEleneyUukausi sitten

    I think the thing with the air pollution is that the other people lived in the pollution through its progression so their bodies grew accustomed to it, whereas the ultimates were stuck in the school where the air was pure. It's kinda like when you're cooking something and you grow accustomed to the smell, whereas someone who just walks into the smell will be more susceptible to it.

  76. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovUukausi sitten

    Arin they had a normal life for 2 years, then their memories were taken, they weren't asleep for two years 😂

  77. Wanda N

    Wanda NUukausi sitten

    FUCK EVERYONE! Except cheese. - Dan Avidan 2021

  78. ExternalSoul V3

    ExternalSoul V3Uukausi sitten

    how is their a 2nd and third game says Arin....oh..you'd be surprised but until we get to those we shall say nothing upupu

  79. Sophia McCraney

    Sophia McCraneyUukausi sitten


  80. Neen

    NeenUukausi sitten

    "Where did she get all the resources to do this shit?" That's explained on the spinoff game Danganronpa Another Episode. Also she's rich I think.

  81. Amante

    AmanteUukausi sitten

    This game is so dumb lol

  82. VpdHavoc

    VpdHavocUukausi sitten

    i HAD to join in on that “But in the end...” bit SO hard. think about that quote WAY too often

  83. Jelmer van Riet

    Jelmer van RietUukausi sitten

    So something terrible happened about a year ago that threw the world to chaos and caused these students to lose years of their lives. Somehow this game doesnt feel much like fiction anymore

  84. boredgeek

    boredgeekUukausi sitten

    I love Arin trying to rationalize an Anime Videogame about teenagers killing each other :P

  85. GameRii

    GameRiiUukausi sitten

    This game is bonkers. You dont need to finish it.

  86. Groundpound Gremlin

    Groundpound GremlinUukausi sitten

    "Oh fuck off you nihilist" is my new favorite Dan Quote.

  87. William Stephens

    William StephensUukausi sitten

    With all this build up, it's honestly rather impressive how stupid and boring this got.

  88. banana bread sr.

    banana bread sr.Uukausi sitten

    "you're nothing but bloodthirsty animals" Junko you killed every blackened??

  89. Anonymous Pufferfish

    Anonymous PufferfishUukausi sitten

    “And throw her in the trash compactor” Oh Dan, you never stop accidentally predicting future of events by joking...

  90. breezlebit

    breezlebitUukausi sitten

    Watching them play this and listening to all of their questions really makes you realize just how much the anime explains the holes left by the game

  91. Phoenix Havoc

    Phoenix HavocUukausi sitten

    Arin: It was a twitter hashtag!!! Actual Canon: Well.. yes.

  92. pida siouy

    pida siouyUukausi sitten

    Arin they had a normal life for 2 years, then their memories were taken, they weren't asleep for two years 😂

  93. Gamikan

    GamikanUukausi sitten

    You know what sucks.....I never played this but I knew it was Junko since the beginning....

  94. Halatinous

    HalatinousUukausi sitten

    I really wish Arin didn't make watching this so fucking aggravating.

  95. Halatinous

    HalatinousUukausi sitten

    @pida siouy for someone who complains they say the same thing over and over again he sure cant seem to understand anything.

  96. pida siouy

    pida siouyUukausi sitten

    "I dont understand what were voteing for." ARIN......

  97. bcgrote

    bcgroteUukausi sitten

    Ya know, Junko, they make meds for your... condition.

  98. Don't Mess Up My Tempo

    Don't Mess Up My TempoUukausi sitten

    Junko: "I expelled everyone who tried to save you with heavy weaponry" Junko 5 mins later: "I haven't killed anyone!"

  99. ErR0r 5AnS

    ErR0r 5AnSUukausi sitten

    Tbf she meant in the killing game though she did kill Mukuro but it's safe to say she's not including her since she wasn't technically ever a player just meant to be killed

  100. Almont

    AlmontUukausi sitten

    14:15 Now pay attention, cuz this is important and I'm only gonna say it once! Oh Junko... We *know* that's a lie by this point...

  101. Maybe Mockingbird

    Maybe MockingbirdUukausi sitten

    Junko: If I die that would be the end of Hope’s Peak Academy! No that’s game three

  102. dablackartist

    dablackartistUukausi sitten

    Kinda funny how Arin slowly went from the Protagonist voice to his Sonic voice

  103. Wixvhen

    WixvhenUukausi sitten

    Am I the only one looking forward to finding out about Hinata?

  104. Abstract_Addison

    Abstract_AddisonUukausi sitten

    I love watching them play this, but for the love of god Arin, please stop complaining :,)

  105. im Ayden

    im AydenUukausi sitten

    Aaron just compared this to Sakura Santa. NOTHING IS LIKE SAKURA SANTA

  106. Lauren Prince

    Lauren PrinceUukausi sitten

    I kinda wish they'd slowed down with this playthrough, maybe--hearing Arin being exhausted at the CLIMAX is kinda.... a bummer

  107. BAM5

    BAM5Uukausi sitten

    Cheese (the speedrunner) doesn't seem that famous to me... He's cool and all, but there are plenty of people more famous than he is.

  108. ObsivX

    ObsivXUukausi sitten

    42:10 I love... Uh. Cheese

  109. this guy

    this guyUukausi sitten

    Everyone of the Game Grumps commercials is so beautifully awkward.

  110. Narsheguard

    NarsheguardUukausi sitten

    It only took 2 minutes to get the show started. Nice.