Jumping from 128,000 Feet!

We found the world's craziest base jumps and work our way up to the highest drop from space. Don't try any of this at home btw, just watch this video instead.


Stunt Freaks Team


Ryan Williams

Nitro Circus


Discovery Canada

Simon Phillips

Brandon Mikesell




National Geographic

Red Bull


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    Pit in your stomach feeling for sure!🥴

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    Why no Jimmy

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    0:21 when someone touches my M A C A R O N I

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    3:18 BFDI mouth

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    Opening your elytra last second in minecraft be like

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    As soon as mr beast comes in poor Karl looses his snack

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    This video is me when I accidentally skip a step going down stairs

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    How do these people got the balls to do this I can barley jump off ten feet

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    that the cn tewwer

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    yo chris

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    5:55 man litteraly broke the speed of sound by himself and gravity

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    5:49 is just like a piece of UFO falling to the sky

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    5:41 The world record

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