I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom House

We surprised MrBeast with a custom house then gave it to someone who really needed it

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ZHC \u0026 MrBeast surprise someone with a custom hand painted house
Special thanks to @MrBeast and his crew!


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    Subscribe right now if you want to win custom items and money in my next video! No joke I give away most of what I make back to my subscribers lol I love you guys! Special thank to MrBeast

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    Already did too

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    You should’ve brought Izzy

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    surprising thing mr beast has more like + more replies on his comment

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    You are the best youtuber in the world

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    In first class i thinked only girls Can paint and then i see you SHEEEEEEEEESH

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    5:39 wow chill

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    mr beast can i partecipate on one from ur cool challenges pls :) ;)

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    me and family love your vids and we like and subscribe

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    I love how mr beast said nolan is homeless

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    Can you surprise mrbeast with mr. Beast Burger and draw burgers and money on a Lamborghini

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    Sorry that was very long

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    WOW!!! you guys are GREAT at painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    8:48 when dreamworks and marvel have collab

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    I notice that you all wear mr beast merchandise. That so cool

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    The real mr beast!

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    there are 2 zhc craft which one is fake and which one is real

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    Can you tell Mr. beast if you could I don’t know make his dream giant face on Minecraft and then you can put dream on the server and then he can see that have a cool camera right now

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    Zhc in 2060: in this video i will be surprising NASA with an custom moon

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    Me.beast: buys a universe ZHC: let’s customize the whole universe in 10 days

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    Mr east in 2070 : Showing Trump a custom tank

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    We got the rocket ship release year bois

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