I DRY AGED Steaks in HONEY and this happened

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Honey is amazing to eat and in recipes, but it is also fantastic for many other things. I learned so much about honey with this experiment and today I share everything with you. Dry Age steaks in honey is something I never thought I would do but the results are in. This cook is one of the most interesting ones. Is it better than wagyu? Let's test it and you be the judge!

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    TheDoomsdayzoner29 minuuttia sitten

    Try pomegranate Sauce called "Narsharab". It has Tenderising properties of Lemon and Pineapple.

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    They do this on food wars lol

  4. geneo78720

    geneo787205 tuntia sitten

    I believe honey is best for marinating. Mielase in honey is very good for tenderising meat, i think you should just try marinating a dry aged steak in honey for the ultimate tender steak.

  5. Stringray

    Stringray7 tuntia sitten

    I wanna try these stakes

  6. pronumeral1446

    pronumeral144611 tuntia sitten

    Manuka honey is produced by the manuka flowers which are native to Australia and New Zealand. The name "manuka" comes from the Maori language.


    ALEXANDER TSOI12 tuntia sitten

    me who watched food wars and already knew this

  8. Y D

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    Your voice is so smooth and satisfying to listen to

  9. Watchmen III

    Watchmen III16 tuntia sitten

    that's not the most expensive brand either. I have a jar of Arataki brand Manuka honey that ran me $87

  10. durban73 37nabrud

    durban73 37nabrud17 tuntia sitten

    The kid with the beard doesn’t know how to hold a knife and fork. That’s why he had trouble cutting the steak.

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  25. DotEXE

    DotEXE2 päivää sitten

    I am late and this might have already been said. However honey has a lot of antimicrobial properties which might be the reason you didn't get the "Dry Age" flavor because it technically stopped the meat from fermenting during the dry age process to some degree. You can see that the one with honey didn't get as dark as the original dry age streak.

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    I hope he has a well fed dog

  28. Katherine Vallo

    Katherine Vallo3 päivää sitten

    I have marinated with honey but never thought to dry age with honey. I'm not surprised with how tender it turned out

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    Robert Schriner3 päivää sitten

    next 35 days in honey then 35 days regular dry aged....

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    Dry age in sugar

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    I don't know why but I really thought when it becomes a decade spiderman would be possible in this time of year but I got to see honey does to meat and I gotta say thats better than nothing

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    Honey is a natural preservative because the sugar is so concentrated that it block s moisture from getting in or out of the meat. So it stopped the dry aging process

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    Lol what a soothing voice

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    Well honey and pineapple both have enzymes that tenderize meat and people use it in brines or marinades, so dry aging would just increase the time those enzymes have to penetrate the meat.

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