Hunter and Hunted | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 133

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As the Mighty Nein tentatively explore the edges of Aeor, they debate whether to delve further into mystery or hold the line and set traps for their rapidly approaching enemies...
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  1. Flando Maltrizian

    Flando Maltrizian29 päivää sitten

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:20 A disclaimer 5:10 BAFTA Award Winning Laura’s Merch Corner 6:45 Intro cinematic 8:25 Episode Starts 10:25 Recap Ends (map out) 13:55 Battle begins (Veth tops) 14:55 Laura isn’t ready 17:35 Bless is Cad’s signature spell 20:05 Toothy maw 30:20 Remembering to searing smite 32:45 HDYWTDT (suspiciously easy) 35:20 Married monsters 39:25 Love letters 41:05 Get out of Veth’s corner 43:35 Wow, Godzilla vs. Kong looks great 47:35 Don’t trust the Mercer 48:35 DK charged punch 50:05 Making my ray 50:35 HDYWTDT 51:45 Monster throuple 55:50 Intuit Turbocharges 58:15 Burying them together 59:15 Capeleb and Essek 1:07:45 Is Ikithon also…. 1:09:50 Shadowhand to Woodchuck 1:11:30 Alphabetical order kinda works 1:19:20 Matt makes it cooler 1:26:00 Veth is so deep 1:32:20 All Work, No Play: Pottery Class episode with Taliesin 1:36:30 Robots may or may not have souls 1:39:15 Planning 1:49:25 Flying cow (planning over) 1:51:15 Do some shopping while you’re out 2:06:15 Ambushing Fjord 2:08:05 Planning 2:17:55 Break Starts 2:22:35 Art Montage 2:34:25 Break Ends 2:48:00 Sovereign glue trap 2:51:05 Multiple ways to not crush opals 2:55:20 ScryTube 2:58:05 Going up the down rope 2:59:30 Caleb lifts and separates 3:00:50 What does the symbol look like (Bad Dragon) 3:02:50 The password you have entered was too weak 3:11:05 The hidden nut 3:13:30 Setting the charges 3:14:25 How dare you make our weak boy do Athletics 3:21:00 Essek and Caleb talk about “architecture” 3:22:00 The Feast 3:26:25 Essek admires Caleb’s tower 3:35:00 Poor Laura 3:43:30 Perks of being an elf 3:44:50 Fjord is ice cold 3:48:55 The start 3:57:50 Map out 4:00:45 The good news 4:06:10 The Explorers 4:10:35 HDYWTDT 4:13:40 Otis execution 4:16:20 Shaking hallway 4:21:20 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 2nd of Syndestar 836. Sam’s flask says “The Key to the Somnovem” with some kind of dirty fabric attached to it. An icky thong perhaps? I mean... don't Google Bad Dragon at work. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. Scribeoflife

    Scribeoflife8 päivää sitten

    Holy shit balls! Really? Like gee whizz golly gosh! Facts and a joke? This is too much! 😉

  3. Chelsea

    Chelsea11 päivää sitten


  4. Randomness823

    Randomness82313 päivää sitten

    If I'm right, the "dirty cloth" is supposed to be part of a robe, referencing the previous episode. (The robe Yasha found and retrieved, causing the tower to collapse, was joked about being the "key to the Somnovumn" for a minute or so

  5. TurquoiseJessa

    TurquoiseJessa19 päivää sitten

    I think the fabric is the ‘cloak’ Yasha grabbed last session before the tower collapsed

  6. Chewbacca

    Chewbacca19 päivää sitten

    3:49:40 what it looks like when someone plays D&D by themselves

  7. Benji Wis

    Benji Wis4 tuntia sitten

    Caleb... schnitzel is not chicken, it's not svine, it's calf, always have been, always will be

  8. William Paige

    William Paige4 tuntia sitten

    Essek taking damage Everyone :(((( Liam "Baby boy :((( idk why but that was so wholesome, everyone loves essek

  9. Kame Mame Ha

    Kame Mame Ha13 tuntia sitten

    I love Caleb acting as agiant ape even when rolling

  10. Keira Kellogg

    Keira Kellogg23 tuntia sitten

    I laughed so hard when Travis yelled, "We play Dungeons and Dragons!" This comment is so I can find this episode again.

  11. GC Geek Father

    GC Geek FatherPäivä sitten

    Fjord has become a fucking leader. Sorry to say to everyone who said he's ice cold this episode. This is exactly what a leader would do, make the horrifically hard decision.

  12. Jake Little

    Jake LittlePäivä sitten

    Wow.. Never thought Fjord was the toss away innocent lives for basically no reason type

  13. Funkythulhu

    FunkythulhuPäivä sitten

    Liam should roll a druid for his next character. He seems to really enjoy roleplaying his polymorphs.

  14. Mattias Lagerquist

    Mattias LagerquistPäivä sitten

    Matt knows about Bad Dragon and gets a smirk from Marisha... Interesting :)

  15. sauce master

    sauce masterPäivä sitten

    This episode is great if you want to hear people not decide on a plan for 4/5 of the episode

  16. Nicola Worthington

    Nicola WorthingtonPäivä sitten

    The first reference to The Explorers! Hey Talisen I love that movie! ❤️🥰😍 You were great bless ya cotton socks.

  17. Max Heath

    Max HeathPäivä sitten

    Three out of five ain't bad, guys!

  18. Sir Fudgepops

    Sir Fudgepops2 päivää sitten

    travis' broken xerox machine noise sounds alot like trinket dying from poison

  19. Jeffrey Bomba

    Jeffrey Bomba2 päivää sitten

    Anybody notice Travis's reaction when his wife said FUCK ME RUNNING?

  20. sauce master

    sauce master2 päivää sitten

    Fjord did nothing wrong

  21. Pat Marie

    Pat Marie2 päivää sitten

    The level of wizard flirting is through the roof

  22. Ciaran McGuinness

    Ciaran McGuinness2 päivää sitten

    This is the episode Fjord cemented himself as the true leader of the Mighty Nein

  23. Garage Man

    Garage Man3 päivää sitten

    Veal! Schnitzel is veal!

  24. Federico renghi

    Federico renghi3 päivää sitten

    Spoilers for campaign one They just used Anna Ripley ambush tactics on the Tomb Takers and it was amazing

  25. Pat Marie

    Pat Marie3 päivää sitten

    King kong vibes with Capeleb and Essek are *chef's kiss

  26. Ryan Weaver

    Ryan Weaver3 päivää sitten

    I don't believe Matt rolled when the TT arrived for a second. The only chance they had was by interrupting the long rest. At least many in the group realized the pointlessness of trying to sleep, knowing Matt was going to do it... Crappy dm'ing, but at least it's at the end of an episode, so I can relax before watching the next one.

  27. Ryan Weaver

    Ryan Weaver3 päivää sitten

    When did Jester buy another Heroes Feast bowl?

  28. Aaron Dickey

    Aaron Dickey3 päivää sitten

    "Can we take a short break? I want to rest/do a ritual." "Sure let's just head a little farther in first and scout around to make sure it's safe." -SCREECHING NOISES- *One monster fight later* "Can we take a short break? I REALLY need to rest/do that ritual." "Sure let's just head a little farther in first and scout around to make sure it's safe."

  29. Vinnypop

    Vinnypop4 päivää sitten

    I pay for youtube premium. Because f ads. Also I wish scrytube was a thing.

  30. Timo Rutanen

    Timo Rutanen4 päivää sitten

    Finally, two years later, in episode 133, Beauregard finally uses a bonus action to make one attack for the first time!

  31. Matthew Dodge

    Matthew Dodge4 päivää sitten

    What is the creatures they fight in the beginning?

  32. deadbeat yeet

    deadbeat yeet4 päivää sitten

    I think it's funny how pike rolled 2 1s before they fought vecna.

  33. poguesmahone

    poguesmahone5 päivää sitten

    Aw Laura is so sad about that hero's feast role.

  34. Race Robinson

    Race Robinson6 päivää sitten

    This gave me some anxiety

  35. The Fallen

    The Fallen6 päivää sitten


  36. Ahmed Al Awadhi

    Ahmed Al Awadhi6 päivää sitten

    Apeleb Beau Cadeuceus Dagan Essek Fjord Honest I'm impressed it'd have been possible to get 6 in a row.

  37. Jak Sorrens

    Jak Sorrens6 päivää sitten

    i pay for premium on scrytube so that i could catch up on critical role with no ads lol

  38. Annika Bunnel

    Annika Bunnel7 päivää sitten

    I’m an adult woman and I am losing my shit when they were saying “booby” like every other word 😂

  39. xgozulx

    xgozulx7 päivää sitten

    tehy should just get the rangers and dagen down to help them in battle...

  40. maria s

    maria s7 päivää sitten

    love how the episode ends with a fade out of marisha saying “this asshole-“

  41. EmbryW

    EmbryW8 päivää sitten

    The conclave deal 😂😂

  42. Looking For A Name

    Looking For A Name8 päivää sitten

    Fjord has been getting colder and colder (in a pragmatic way), but that "yes" shocked me

  43. Johann Coetzee

    Johann Coetzee8 päivää sitten

    Ashley is so beautiful.

  44. Zea M-H

    Zea M-H8 päivää sitten

    HOLY SHIT FJORD. He literally said one word but wow what great storytelling

  45. Zea M-H

    Zea M-H8 päivää sitten

    Imma leave the door open (imma leave the door oooooopen) 🎶🎶🎶

  46. SC de F.

    SC de F.8 päivää sitten

    Laura: "I don't know what spaetzle are." Any other German heritage folks out there, whose hearts broke a little?

  47. Razal Dazal

    Razal Dazal8 päivää sitten

    "By holding out baits, he keeps him on the march; then with a body of picked men he lies in wait for him."

  48. ryan cov

    ryan cov8 päivää sitten

    Is anyone else confused when they laughed at Travis saying communion? The spell is commune, so using it would be "you're communing", or "you're in a communion with god". Soo wasn't he right?

  49. Khyber

    Khyber9 päivää sitten

    Is Matt hinting at a Warforge race? That would be cool.

  50. Klespyrian

    Klespyrian9 päivää sitten

    Serious Fjord is best Fjord. Closely followed by "rip off my shirt to show the mark" Fjord.

  51. Lesley Swim

    Lesley Swim9 päivää sitten

    Shouldn't cape-leb have had to made a concentration check when he got hit by the spider

  52. Troodon Talon

    Troodon Talon9 päivää sitten

    Marisha: "Get ScryTube Premium, no ads." Matt: "Nobody pays for that." Marisha: "Nah." Me, who pays for that to watch CR without ads: "I feel betrayed."

  53. Jak Sorrens

    Jak Sorrens6 päivää sitten

    right! imagine trying to watch both campaigns with ads... holy shit we would definitely never get caught up

  54. elecampane

    elecampane10 päivää sitten

    I wish they'd thought to bring brown mold to the upper crawlspace (via a mage hand, probably), put it there and then shower it with firebolts for 30 minutes, so that it had 900d10 (4950 on average) hitpoints. Unless the Tomb takers had cold cantrips, it would at least expended some of their resources and probably slowed them down. It would also look like an overgrown mold, so pretty natural. Also, I hate this villains with passion and rage and want them gone as soon as possible. Seems like not in this episode though :/

  55. Master NP

    Master NP10 päivää sitten

    2:50:00 - ish. And every lesbian in the chat DIED

  56. Zea M-H

    Zea M-H8 päivää sitten

    2:52:00 ?

  57. Sophia Cerdeira

    Sophia Cerdeira10 päivää sitten

    i love this show, i love the cast, i love the story and the characters and everything but what i cannot stand is them continually making bad decisions when it comes to full rests. they had an ambush point, they had a plan, they knew the spellcasters were quickly running out of slots and they knew they had less than 24 hours. why the fuck would you keep pushing to keep exploring when all it does is waste time and magical resources if you run into shit? its not the first time theyve not gotten a long rest because people get pushing to keep going. i feel like those who are all right with short rests can be really just unconsciously selfish and not looking at the bigger picture? like theyre looking at their stuff and going 'oh we're fine cause i get all my stuff back on a short rest" and just forgetting to take into account that others dont? i honestly believe they should've taken a long rest after that salamander fight and just left it there, after setting up the ambush. even with the whole "oh i want to explore farther" you can't do that if half of you are dead because you go into a battle with your spellcasters (INCLUDING ONE OF YOUR HEALERS) at half strength or less. fucking exploring can wait. matt gave them the the perfect ambush point, it worked amazingly as shown, imagine how differently this situation might have been if they had just fucking rested. i am not attacking any specific players, and i understand that in the moment its stressful and you're trying to get the optimal experience and this is how they play, but i have to say its one of the most frustrating things i have ever seen at a table is people refusing to take a long rest when you know something/one extremely powerful is coming, just to explore further instead. it felt like they were treating it a bit like a dungeon crawl where the objective is too keep pushing further, instead of as a place to lay an ambush and lay in wait. anyways

  58. KawaiiUwu Senpai

    KawaiiUwu Senpai10 päivää sitten


  59. melmn2002

    melmn200211 päivää sitten

    Anyone here from episode 136: Go to 1:07:00. Cape-leb sees all. You are welcome :D

  60. Sarah Ray

    Sarah Ray11 päivää sitten

    Let's be honest. Even if Travis hadn't said yes and the Tomb Takers had came and went, the rangers would have died anyway. The whole point is that this is end game kind of stuff. They're concerned with the lives of the world. This was the only possible way to try to finish their rests to try and finish Lucien. You don't have to like it but it isn't your game. You don't even have to tune in

  61. Joaquin Gardner-Gotera

    Joaquin Gardner-Gotera11 päivää sitten

    Can there be a one shot where some random adventurers to get contracted to find the solvent for the sovereign glue in order to free a certain phallic item from a certain woman’s hand

  62. Victor Giannelli

    Victor Giannelli11 päivää sitten


  63. Merkaba Tof

    Merkaba Tof11 päivää sitten

    Soooo, just wondering here and truly no shade is being cast, but I feel like calculators would help the game flow for some them. Been bingin this almost every day for the last few months and will be sad when I'm caught up, lol! At which point I will start bingin campaign 1 😁! Best. Thing. Ever!

  64. Cobalt Enigma

    Cobalt Enigma11 päivää sitten

    Should’ve aimed at Cree. Always kill the Healer/Caster.

  65. Kees Tapine

    Kees Tapine11 päivää sitten

    I love the fact that in Sam's ad reading, he just made Matt do the ad reading

  66. Jack Wright

    Jack Wright12 päivää sitten

    This is like the 3rd time they have mentioned bad dragon

  67. Judy Joy

    Judy Joy12 päivää sitten


  68. DK Chaos113

    DK Chaos11312 päivää sitten

    Man that was an episode. So close at the end. And as for lucien escaping...he could hide in a literal underground city and lick his wounds. Oh well, on to the next episode!

  69. kolja leffek

    kolja leffek12 päivää sitten

    welcome to our next sponsor for tonight: bad dragon. ever fancied what you can do with your trophies?

  70. Christopher Hodges

    Christopher Hodges12 päivää sitten

    Can we all just agree that Matt's description of Aeor is amazing. The constant subtle reminder that Aeor didn't just disappear, it was sent at Mach 5 into the ground. These people had lives, families. And one day they all screamed in fear suddenly and we're just suddenly silenced. This could be an equivalent to the Titanic or something similar.

  71. SuperClapProductions

    SuperClapProductions12 päivää sitten

    Who dat-who-Who are they...

  72. viera

    viera12 päivää sitten

    I will never get over the fact that they know what Bad Dragon is.

  73. SuperClapProductions

    SuperClapProductions12 päivää sitten

    I accidentally met Liam when he came into my work. The saying never meet your hero holds weight.

  74. Syd Victim

    Syd Victim13 päivää sitten

    Love Capeleb just grabbing Essek like a doll and shoving him at the clerics like 'fix him do you see this?'

  75. Saberdeath 3943

    Saberdeath 394313 päivää sitten


  76. vyshegor

    vyshegor13 päivää sitten

    idk if this has been asked before but does anyone know what’s that soundtrack at about 3:10:24 called?

  77. OoainauT

    OoainauT14 päivää sitten

    So hard to get through this one. So much hours of planning and all I can think about is that robot and dome lady. Robot and dome lady robot and dome lady robot and dome lady ...more metaish planning....robot and dome lady robot and dome lady

  78. Dante Vitale

    Dante Vitale14 päivää sitten

    God, the people who're saying Fjord is lawful evil suddenly have WAY MORE of a valid argument because of that thing with the ranger troupe.

  79. No. 12

    No. 1214 päivää sitten

    This world shall know Pain

  80. Corporate Mundo

    Corporate Mundo14 päivää sitten

    Best. Episode. Ever. Including campaign 1.

  81. yunafires

    yunafires14 päivää sitten

    Where's the kickstarter for Sam to do a Bad Dragon ad? That's an ad I would *literally* pay for.

  82. ninjack11

    ninjack1115 päivää sitten

    Kinda wished Travis would had gone "snap snap!" with the glove of blasting as he burned away the monster

  83. C. Ringhisen

    C. Ringhisen15 päivää sitten

    Searches for Bad Dragon increase

  84. Void Atmosphere

    Void Atmosphere15 päivää sitten

    Travis just went Roy Mustang

  85. Yello Duzzit

    Yello Duzzit15 päivää sitten

    hey gorgeous ppl... Can we get a il brighter battlemap camera action?

  86. Void Atmosphere

    Void Atmosphere15 päivää sitten

    Sam, I would like to know where you got those amazing glasses please!

  87. Coran Baker

    Coran Baker15 päivää sitten

    It occured to me, both Vox Machina and the Mighty Nien would have a much harder time accomplishing their objectives if they weren't neutrally aligned characters. Good characters would handicap themselves with moral boundries. In a way, I'd be more interested in seeing what they'd do if they were good people, but the ruthlessness we see here is pretty fun too.

  88. Void Atmosphere

    Void Atmosphere15 päivää sitten

    Noooooo I am catching up with their live games!! Ahhhhhh

  89. britton olson

    britton olson15 päivää sitten

    I want Sam as a wild soul barb next campaign.

  90. hellhander

    hellhander15 päivää sitten

    Never give them mines to set ever again.

  91. John Snow

    John Snow16 päivää sitten

    This was one of the worst episodes, I felt so bad for Matt. In all that planning none thought of ritual casting commune again to ask if the enemy was within 12hrs. Would have cut 1/4 or half of the episode of aggravation.

  92. J

    J16 päivää sitten

    i love how Liam just went full Into the Woods at 4:09:52 for reference

  93. So What

    So What16 päivää sitten

    Did the sociopath in the top middle get sad for npcs in an rpg? Did dude marry her? Wow. She must live a super sheltered life. How does she function knowing real people are dieing, being raped, tortured every second? Such clowns.

  94. So What

    So What16 päivää sitten

    Indigenous people is the way people who think they are better than others say barbarians.

  95. So What

    So What16 päivää sitten

    fuck is a skritch? Is that communist for petting?

  96. So What

    So What16 päivää sitten

    dumb dumb is now a regular joke. Still never given a correct damage or to hit number.

  97. Vandy

    Vandy16 päivää sitten

    3:00:10 "he's [Henry Crabgrass] out there somewhere." "Yeah, we know exactly where he is, hes grass."

  98. Jeroen

    Jeroen16 päivää sitten

    Damn Travis, your CEO is showing! Those were some strong decisions.

  99. Jakob Schöning

    Jakob Schöning16 päivää sitten

    When the mighty Nein eat *Spätzle* on the evening before their big fight my german Herz swells with pride :D And I am even from the south west where those delicious things are from

  100. Acxa

    Acxa16 päivää sitten

    Daily reminder, we live in the timeline were the cast of Critical Role are aware of the existence of Bad Dragon.

  101. Andrew Peli

    Andrew Peli17 päivää sitten

    Just gonna point out that the last time the M9 attempted to setup an ambush Molly died.

  102. Logan Hill

    Logan Hill17 päivää sitten

    1:11:30 Alphabetical order: AEBCFJVY makes sense to me 😂(I sang the order btw while typing). Henry Crabgrass plush is a good idea, or at least some merch, he is a consent icon 😂

  103. freashb707

    freashb70718 päivää sitten

    Literally shaking watching this

  104. Jonathan Latour

    Jonathan Latour18 päivää sitten

    Matt's narrative of creatures dying is seriously one of the best parts of every show. I wonder if he would ever write a fantasy novel?

  105. Tó Zé

    Tó Zé18 päivää sitten

    Why didn't Liam make a concentration check on the Polymorph spell after taking 52 points of damage? They seem to constantly forget that part of the spell and Liam should know it since he uses it quite a few times

  106. Nathan Harmon

    Nathan Harmon18 päivää sitten

    Some say they are still planning that ambush to this day

  107. Douglas Clark

    Douglas Clark18 päivää sitten

    3:45:02 "Yes".