Grammys 2021 Fashion Review

Better late than never!!

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Welcome to my channel! I'm a 27 year old preschool teacher turned FItitler and entertainer. I make "lifestyle focused" videos but honestly they're more sarcastic than anything. On my channel you can find me fighting with a food processor, making fun of people on the red carpet, or giving genuinely good advice (if I do say so myself). So join the to be a part of the and don't forget to be a proud just kidding just watch my videos.

Grammys 2021 Fashion Review

Kelsey Kreppel


  1. Rodney Jenkins

    Rodney Jenkins8 tuntia sitten

    Y'all legit are my fashion gurus.

  2. Steven Ladnyk

    Steven LadnykPäivä sitten

    After reading the comments, are BTS fans that insane? Like they will come for someone poking fun at how they are dressed? Lol that is hilarious to me. I have to find examples. Someone send me a link or something lol

  3. Steven Ladnyk

    Steven LadnykPäivä sitten

    You already know that whenever Kelsey and Cody have a kid, it’s going to be the coolest kid and is gonna have millions of fans at birth.

  4. QMUL هجوله

    QMUL هجوله3 päivää sitten

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  5. Ciara

    Ciara5 päivää sitten


  6. Ciara

    Ciara5 päivää sitten


  7. 123

    1235 päivää sitten

    Hobi is a dweeb and that's why we love him

  8. 123

    1235 päivää sitten

    Me and all the other armies in the comments like: it's okay, we're acctually nice when you get to know us 😭

  9. Terra Santana

    Terra Santana9 päivää sitten

    okay i’m super late but the BTS guy looks like Phoebe in friends when she got a stain on her dress and used a Christmas bow to cover it up 😂

  10. the unknown

    the unknown9 päivää sitten

    Omg cyrus look like a toilet paper

  11. Lorraine Hallett

    Lorraine Hallett9 päivää sitten

    The silent eye frequently lie because bumper sequentially jump beyond a faithful alto. closed, strong smile

  12. Viviana Trahan

    Viviana Trahan9 päivää sitten

    STOP the bts part lol don’t wanna fuck with the army

  13. Alice Montoriol

    Alice Montoriol11 päivää sitten

    I love how scared they were of armys attacking them when they talked ab bangtan 😭😭

  14. Madeline

    Madeline12 päivää sitten

    i'm sorry did Cody just shit on Harry's style----?

  15. Madeline

    Madeline12 päivää sitten

    lol harry's style.. harry style

  16. Anna Schroeder

    Anna Schroeder13 päivää sitten

    You know when you wipe your ass and crumple all the toilet paper? ....sorry Noah Cyrus

  17. Pilar Gonzalez

    Pilar Gonzalez14 päivää sitten

    Yeah but one thing is judging or insulting BTS and the other is rating the outfits, it is okay to be honest about you opinion, just don't say stuff in a hateful manner. Other than that we would love you to actually rate their outfits, we do it all the time, so go off

  18. Esw H

    Esw H16 päivää sitten

    Kelsey is sooo bi

  19. Ashley Harrington

    Ashley Harrington17 päivää sitten

    I’m definitely a part of the golden gate bridges and I forgive you.

  20. valentina

    valentina18 päivää sitten

    please please please actually review bts' outfits, we won't get mad😭 we are curious to know what you think about theirs just like the other celebrities. we know you arent insulting them as a band lmao

  21. Felicity Honan

    Felicity Honan18 päivää sitten

    As an army I loved the jokes

  22. Joey's third chin

    Joey's third chin19 päivää sitten

    Lol they wont say anything bad about the fat female celeb outfits especially Cody he couldn’t even think of anything nice to say for the girl in all black lmfao

  23. Joey's third chin

    Joey's third chin19 päivää sitten

    Cody going extra with the comments for Lizzo so Kelsey doesn’t get mad haha

  24. Lili Applauds

    Lili Applauds19 päivää sitten

    Noah Cyrus looks like she rose out of a casket and took the cushions with her.

  25. Caitlin Clough

    Caitlin Clough20 päivää sitten

    The black dress with the origami on it looked like it was growing Oyster mushrooms in the best way.

  26. fronfran11

    fronfran1120 päivää sitten

    Mirandmom Lambert

  27. Shannon Maldonado

    Shannon Maldonado26 päivää sitten

    14:27 the moan 😭😭😂😂😂

  28. Christling Wang

    Christling Wang27 päivää sitten

    Taylor’s dress omg I’m in love

  29. Anderson

    AndersonUukausi sitten

    he didn’t wear the granny jacket :(

  30. Grayson Maddox

    Grayson MaddoxUukausi sitten

    3:50 , it looks like she got shot in the back with a massive spitball

  31. head full sunwoo with curly hair only

    head full sunwoo with curly hair onlyUukausi sitten

    "They're all so beautiful. They all look just so perfect" took the words right out my mouth

  32. Rachel Anderson

    Rachel AndersonUukausi sitten

    Omg shout out to Windsor, Ontario 😂

  33. mace

    maceUukausi sitten


  34. Emily Constantin

    Emily ConstantinUukausi sitten

    kelsey these just keep getting better

  35. Hollywood 2v

    Hollywood 2vUukausi sitten

    Windsor Canada 😂 that was so random haha

  36. Kyler Romme

    Kyler RommeUukausi sitten

    you guys mistreated phoebe...

  37. avery

    averyUukausi sitten

    Phoebe mistreated herself

  38. tylerthecreatorisgoat

    tylerthecreatorisgoatUukausi sitten

    where was tyler the creator :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  39. Charmedsas1

    Charmedsas1Uukausi sitten

    Doja cast looked like Lumiere's gf in the beauty and the beast...lmao

  40. Taylor

    TaylorUukausi sitten

    i will not stand for Phoebe Bridgers slander lmfao

  41. Keyshla Narvaez

    Keyshla NarvaezUukausi sitten

    "I don't want to say anything cause they're friends with Taylor" "In case Taylor's watching?" LMAO

  42. Holly JJ

    Holly JJUukausi sitten

    Harry styles wears three outfits every single FItitled only reacts to one 😭

  43. Donairsauce

    DonairsauceUukausi sitten

    pretty sure every province in Canada has a Windsor

  44. Heather Koster

    Heather KosterUukausi sitten

    kelsey = swiftie

  45. mootopia

    mootopiaUukausi sitten

    yall dont be scared to talk about BTS. their outfits were NOT it, just about everyone agrees. and hoseok & namjoon were done especially dirty lmao.

  46. Alexis L

    Alexis LUukausi sitten

    Noah didn’t like the Grammys background so she brought her own

  47. tori irons

    tori ironsUukausi sitten

    kelsey not wanting to say anything about haim's outfits because they're friends with taylor is SENDING MEEE

  48. padme amidala

    padme amidalaUukausi sitten

    the sound at 14:26 haunts me

  49. shwetha

    shwethaUukausi sitten

    i love bts and im an army but i wish their stylish did them better, i feel like their outfits are always so basic like someone i have seen them wear cooler outfits before

  50. Hugh Tran

    Hugh TranUukausi sitten

    The hissing starter surprisingly consider because blow occasionally divide near a short fear. chilly, absorbing cocoa

  51. lil Saphy

    lil SaphyUukausi sitten

    The way she lit up when she saw Harry same girl same

  52. lil Saphy

    lil SaphyUukausi sitten

    Stanning Harry as you should be

  53. Amelia .Koncki

    Amelia .KonckiUukausi sitten

    ok but next time do ALL of harrys outfits thanks

  54. Ace_of_hearts

    Ace_of_heartsUukausi sitten

    Dua lipa looking like barbie fairytopia

  55. Tonycia •

    Tonycia •Uukausi sitten

    He just likes all the guys

  56. Supa Kawaii

    Supa KawaiiUukausi sitten

    “It’s a little too spicy 🥵 oooo “that was my favorite joke I swear LMao they get along so well

  57. memo

    memoUukausi sitten

    cody is soooooo right about dua lipa i remember seeing her for the first time thinking she was just some insta baddie

  58. gerldina

    gerldina Uukausi sitten

    sorry didnt mean to like this video I actually don't like it anymore so I had to dislike it

  59. gerldina

    gerldina Uukausi sitten

    @averymy fault it was a joke piss off

  60. avery

    averyUukausi sitten

    Ok girl then move on

  61. Maaly

    MaalyUukausi sitten

    WAIT- Kelsey is a teacher?????

  62. Minji Does Things

    Minji Does ThingsUukausi sitten

    omg i hope we get to see them joke more about bts' outfits next time. Don't be afraid of ARMY, as long as you keep it real and aren't racist, you're good!

  63. Emma Burnard

    Emma BurnardUukausi sitten


  64. Laina Sketches

    Laina SketchesUukausi sitten

    Miranda lambert lookin more and more like a Karen

  65. SAONNI

    SAONNIUukausi sitten

    Love you Keals♡

  66. Jared O

    Jared OUukausi sitten

    Lizzo is wearing what a 6 year old would pick out to wear, why r you guys saying it looks good lmaoo

  67. Joey's third chin

    Joey's third chin19 päivää sitten

    Because you can’t say anything wrong about the big girls lmao… notice how Cody was going extra with Lizzo but then the one in all black he couldn’t even think of anything nice to say lmfao

  68. mads g

    mads gUukausi sitten

    i hope you’re doing okay kelsey❤️ we love and miss you

  69. Bailey Goley

    Bailey GoleyUukausi sitten

    kelsey baby girl we miss you, come back, a month be too long without your pretty face

  70. Ellen Bronson

    Ellen BronsonUukausi sitten

    UPS man Was a hard ending 😂😂

  71. Julia Eileen

    Julia EileenUukausi sitten

    Where are you :(

  72. reema

    reemaUukausi sitten

    i miss u :(

  73. Eleanor Karr

    Eleanor KarrUukausi sitten

    Kelsey we miss you!!

  74. muffledghoul

    muffledghoulUukausi sitten

    Miss you Kelsey 🥲

  75. Carly Kogut

    Carly KogutUukausi sitten

    miss u

  76. Shanice Tweneboah

    Shanice TweneboahUukausi sitten

    where are you kelsey????

  77. jessie 1500

    jessie 1500Uukausi sitten

    oh she really does have her own youtube channel. I thought she was joking at the beginning.

  78. Caleb Munsey

    Caleb MunseyUukausi sitten

    Imagine sitting behind Noah Cyrus HAHAHAH

  79. Hanna nicole

    Hanna nicoleUukausi sitten


  80. Cienna Brooklyn

    Cienna BrooklynUukausi sitten

    Kels where did you disappear to??!!???

  81. Katie Orr

    Katie OrrUukausi sitten

    Come baaaaack to FItitle 😫😫😫

  82. Caralyne Conley

    Caralyne ConleyUukausi sitten

    Kelsey hi I miss you. Please post a video/hope you’re doing okay ❤️

  83. iris hale

    iris haleUukausi sitten

    Kelsey come back we miss you :,(

  84. raeven avrila

    raeven avrilaUukausi sitten


  85. Emma Federer

    Emma FedererUukausi sitten


  86. Kelly

    KellyUukausi sitten

    I know you have an actual job, but we miss you doll. 🙏

  87. i Zambie

    i ZambieUukausi sitten

    It’s come to the point where I check Kelsey’s channel every time there’s any kind of award show.

  88. Madison M

    Madison MUukausi sitten

    You know they definitely fought after this

  89. Jacqueline Hernandez

    Jacqueline HernandezUukausi sitten

    Kels! Come back! Brighten up my life with a new video! But also take your time. I just miss you

  90. Kelly

    KellyUukausi sitten


  91. Olivia Vissers

    Olivia VissersUukausi sitten

    hey pls post something soon love u

  92. BlueJay

    BlueJayUukausi sitten

    My guy at the end had his dads jacket and his sons pants 😂😂

  93. Illeana Guzman

    Illeana GuzmanUukausi sitten

    i will say they did do j-hope a lil dirty with that fit. Or maybe it was just the picture. Don't come for me

  94. Mission Impossible

    Mission ImpossibleUukausi sitten

    Does Kelsey even FItitle anymore? She goes from wanting to post a weekly vlog every week to not posting in 4 fucking weeks😂

  95. Mission Impossible

    Mission ImpossibleUukausi sitten

    @Meika Fertil fair enough. I'm sure Cody does too but he still has consistently post twice a week every single week and still does his podcast every single week But I know she's a teacher and etc etc don't wanna be too hard on her I just wanna see her every week know what I'm sayin lol no hate all love to Kelsey regardless😝💕

  96. Meika Fertil

    Meika FertilUukausi sitten

    to be fair she does have other stuff going on in her life besides yt. shit happens ig

  97. hex phobia

    hex phobiaUukausi sitten

    mom come back pls

  98. Anonymous Grape

    Anonymous GrapeUukausi sitten

    Damn they used to be so funny

  99. Dee_ xx

    Dee_ xxUukausi sitten

    lmao the bts review tho

  100. Zac Burley

    Zac BurleyUukausi sitten

    Watching these two try and not get cancelled with their comments is half the fun.

  101. Snake458

    Snake458Uukausi sitten

    this is so epic!

  102. Isla Fairbairn

    Isla FairbairnUukausi sitten

    we’re called PHARBZ

  103. Lily Stokes

    Lily StokesUukausi sitten

    no phoebe slander!!!!

  104. Maya Ginsburg

    Maya GinsburgUukausi sitten

    Omg I just got my prom dress from windsor

  105. Ryan Joy

    Ryan JoyUukausi sitten

    Where are you?!

  106. banana milk

    banana milkUukausi sitten

    lowkey want to post that clip of cody calling hobi “dweebie” on army twt and just see what happens 😍/j

  107. Makenna Hall

    Makenna HallUukausi sitten

    “that, my friend, is a boa. and BOIIAAA am i feeling good about this” god i love you lol

  108. Avery Sharp

    Avery SharpUukausi sitten

    Did not enjoy this pg version

  109. HaleyJNewb

    HaleyJNewbUukausi sitten

    12:29 looks like she put the dress on and the front got stuck in her undies and she just said fuck it