Gojira - The Chant [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

New album 'Fortitude' out now: gojira.lnk.to/fortitude
Gojira “The Chant”
Directed By Russell Brownley
Written By Joe Duplantier
Cinematography By Dustin Miller & Russell Brownley
1st Ad - Madison Dyer
Gaffer - Nicholas Calabria
Produced By Mahlin Diamond, Chris Brown, Summer Wright
Lead PA - Marcela Diamond
Young Boy - Biuan Rai
Older Boy - Dawa Sherpa
Mother - Dhanu Sherpa
Teen Boy - Manoj Biswa
Dad - Pawan Sherpa
Loader 1 - Raju Samanta
Loader 2 - Subhadip Pal
Soldier - Shiva Sherpa
India Crew
Fixers - Amit Dhar & Rupanjali Chatterjee
Spot Boys - Subhadip Pal & Jishu Samaddar
Coordinator - Rohit Chhetri
Drivers - Sandip Kumar Singh, Dilip Gupta, Bipin Singh & Aman Lohar
Hotels - Sleeping Buddha & Himalaya Hut
Post Production - Cosmo Street Editorial
Editor - Zachary Winick
Post Producer - Ivy Henderson
Assistant Editors - Chris Rentie, Edward Schroer
Conform/VFX Artist - John Erdman
Head Of Production - Marie Mangahas
Executive Producer - Yvette Cobarrubias

Color - Apache
Colorist - Taylor Black
Producer - Kirstin Harris
Executive Producer - Larue Anderson
Title Design - Mike Fretto
Special Thanks
Brianna Marks Brownley
Cosmo Street Editorial
India Film Commission
Gojira Is
Joe Duplantier
Mario Duplantier
Christian Andreu
Jean-Michel Labadie

You were told to swallow crawl and hide
Victims of fear and deception
Get ahold of yourself rise above
The better part of you, immortal

May this purple spring flow into your soul
Exhausting all these black holes inside
Wake up to the sound of doom!
Let this chant ring in your bones and lift you up

Get strong

Leave the mud behind and climb up the sky
Wake up to the sound of doom!


  1. Luis Álvarez

    Luis Álvarez22 minuuttia sitten

    Tibet is China but I like this song.

  2. Zeni Kul

    Zeni Kul51 minuutti sitten

    one of the best bands of all times.

  3. Figure Six

    Figure SixTunti sitten

    Why are you considered Metal? This is like whinny pop rock.


    LA_PARIGO PARISTunti sitten

    Love💜❤️👍🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵vive la France❤️👍🇨🇵A quand le concert pour mon fils adoré❤️

  5. Arian Farahani

    Arian FarahaniTunti sitten

    not trying to spread hate or anything but what the f... is wrong with china ... literally messing every thing up ...

  6. JOJO

    JOJO3 tuntia sitten

    Very powerful.

  7. Dylan R

    Dylan R4 tuntia sitten

    I used to love this band and expected them to evolve the genre, and I just realized they've been terrible for a decade now, that's crazy

  8. Stefan Seidenschwanz

    Stefan Seidenschwanz27 minuuttia sitten

    So L'enfant Sauvage was terrible. Good to know....

  9. Tikhon Gilson

    Tikhon Gilson4 tuntia sitten

    Good message, but it sounds like Floyd from "Wish you were here."

  10. Brain Sample

    Brain Sample5 tuntia sitten

    Sounds so shit

  11. Robles Alexis

    Robles Alexis5 tuntia sitten

    Je découvre ce groupe à 36 ans, et je me mets à aimé le métal comme si c'était ma musique depuis toujours. Mais comme vous êtes bons les gars. Bientôt je me retrouve en festival métal putain. Je passe du reggae à ça sans broncher et j'y trouve les mêmes valeurs. Énorme

  12. WCP Guitar

    WCP Guitar5 tuntia sitten

    Thank you so much Gojira, much love from Hong Kong. As a Hongkonger witnessing how our last bits of freedom being taken away every day, thank you for speaking up and standing up for what’s righteous. That’s why we are proud metalheads. Thank you.

  13. Cancereugène

    Cancereugène5 tuntia sitten

    Juste un chef-d'œuvre...

  14. Karthik Vijayraj

    Karthik Vijayraj6 tuntia sitten

    Absolutely amazing that Gojira took the time to do this.... thank you!!! Needless to say, your music is brilliant....

  15. Horus Lupecal

    Horus Lupecal6 tuntia sitten

    Now that's different from normal Djent Gojira I Like it, don't get me wrong i still like the older stuff but i like it when a band changes through time best example is Opeth. Look what they've done in first recordes, and look what they do now and it's great

  16. Joshua Berner

    Joshua Berner6 tuntia sitten

    Imagine the day when people hear messages such as this and decide to get off their asses and fix it rather than thinking about watching this show being performed live.

  17. TheBirbSter 69

    TheBirbSter 697 tuntia sitten

    no way they filmed this video over 50+ years

  18. igor almeida

    igor almeida7 tuntia sitten


  19. dirty harry1881

    dirty harry18818 tuntia sitten

    It is a natural development of things that the group, who made a career out of preaching, now literally has preaching in their songs... PS: I 'm not saying anything about the political situation depicted in the video, about which I know very little. But making heavy metal about these things has absolute 0 impact, while at the same time it capitalises on cheap emotional reflexes and gives a fake sense of accomplishment of something noble. This is the well-fed, western European man's idea of revolution and political activism...

  20. Eloan BAN

    Eloan BAN9 tuntia sitten

    0:00 Mercredi neufe heure

  21. Николай Голодов

    Николай Голодов10 tuntia sitten

    If your culture is serfdom for majority(for 90% of population) and "peacefull" religion for other 10% - then ... FUCK your culture IMHO. Natsists also had "GOD WITH US" on their buckles.

  22. Samuel Rusche

    Samuel Rusche10 tuntia sitten

    Seria legal uma versão do clipe para o massacre francês no Marrocos, Mauritânia Caribe e até no Brasil também por meio do treinamento das forças armadas para repreender a própria população....... Mas enfim... Só um brasileiro aqui lembrando que nenhuma nação é santa. Polêmica também a questão dos rogingya que estão sendo massacradas justamente por budistas...

  23. gary999t

    gary999t10 tuntia sitten

    1:04 look at your arms - there are goosebumps. The world needs Gojira.

  24. SomiadorElegit

    SomiadorElegit12 tuntia sitten

    The people of Palestine needs your voice !!! Thank you for giving the oppressed a louder cry

  25. Ignitor/Dacrynt N243

    Ignitor/Dacrynt N24313 tuntia sitten

    Ghknsxqheneshi, il me faut les tablatures de cette chanson ! Aaaaaaahhhhhh, I really need the tabs of this song !

  26. Bryan Heath

    Bryan Heath13 tuntia sitten

    Man I love how Gojira sheds light on all the issues with our world, they can make badass, heavy music and make it meaningful, which I appreciate more then typical generic metal lyrics. Gojira are my favorite 'hippies'

  27. Ross Trent

    Ross Trent18 tuntia sitten

    If you're a "Gojira fan" and you don't like this song, F off. You don't get Gojira. Gojira's not just metal. Gojira transcends metal. If can't accept that, that's your problem.

  28. Ryzbro

    Ryzbro19 tuntia sitten

    Is this Gojira or Mastodon?

  29. MrAtomicDon

    MrAtomicDon20 tuntia sitten

    The kid during the ad commercial has it RIGHT. EVERY CHILD THAT I SEE! I SAY, can i get some of that, please? ...the parent always giggles, because they know.

  30. Jean Philippe LEGRAND

    Jean Philippe LEGRAND20 tuntia sitten

    J adore les gars ; vous me faîtes ré-é couter et apprécier le heavy métal

  31. The Metalhead Homestead

    The Metalhead Homestead21 tunti sitten

    Damn that was a catchy song. Not at all what I was expecting.

  32. Sugar Shane

    Sugar Shane22 tuntia sitten

    Here come the Chinese sensors to say its all a lie.

  33. Iván Daniel Toledo Sequera

    Iván Daniel Toledo SequeraPäivä sitten

    I work with a Tibetan and now always when I see him my head is "aaa aaa aaaaaaaaa aaaa aaa aaa".

  34. Elif Sena Turgut

    Elif Sena TurgutPäivä sitten

    I cannot listen anything but this about a few days...such a charming song

  35. Gergely Gregus-Szabó

    Gergely Gregus-SzabóPäivä sitten

    Free Tibet. \,,/ I love you guys.

  36. Srp 24

    Srp 24Päivä sitten

    Gave me fucking shivers

  37. Luciano Battistoni

    Luciano BattistoniPäivä sitten

    Friendly reminder that the People's Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party are the cancer of this world

  38. eric carladous

    eric carladousPäivä sitten

    ouah. j'ai 57 ans . je suis accroc à ce groupe . docteur , est-ce que je dois consulter par rapport a mon addiction. hail from lourdes ( hautes Pyrénées) . comme on dit en Gascogne, ces gars défouraillent dur.

  39. JohnWeirdoe

    JohnWeirdoePäivä sitten

    Sounds more Balcan than Tibetan but it's great

  40. Fernando Pazzini

    Fernando PazziniPäivä sitten

    Amazing!!! Congrats!

  41. brownsugar

    brownsugarPäivä sitten

    I love gojira. Might tour with them one day. Mark my words

  42. TheHellbillyx

    TheHellbillyxPäivä sitten

    and Joe Biden is pro China.

  43. Patrick Robichaud

    Patrick RobichaudPäivä sitten

    Im sorry i know this not gojira message in this song but fucked the chinses government

  44. Max Guibert

    Max GuibertPäivä sitten

    American and china are the problem on this hearth ....

  45. Angel Rivera

    Angel RiveraPäivä sitten

    This song is infectious, the more I hear it the more it hits home. It is a powerful song. You have made a new fan out of me!

  46. Luca Battistelli

    Luca BattistelliPäivä sitten

    Gojira, the band that the world needs but absolutely does not deserve.

  47. Enraged Monkeys

    Enraged MonkeysPäivä sitten

    With open eyes through the whole world - can change so many things! Great Gojira!

  48. Sara

    SaraPäivä sitten

    Thank god for you guys. Keep doing this please! FREE TIBET! 🤟✊😎

  49. Eric Abreu

    Eric AbreuPäivä sitten

    Missed them with deftones here in texas. I hope Gojira comes back to texas. Could never pick a favorite band... ever. Gojira yall are at the top of the undefined list though, i know that. So many great bands but not many of them as spiritual as Gojira 🤘🤘🤘🤘 love this shit.

  50. Reginaldo Tavares

    Reginaldo TavaresPäivä sitten

    Que interessante. A música do Gojira vai "conscientizar" o mundo para as questões da amazônia, do Nepal e do Tibet? Tá certo então! A proposta é válida, porém, grande parte dos headbangers em 2021, se associam ao espectro revolucionário progressista. "Revolução Cultural" de ativismo identitário, ou seja, convergentes com as pautas progressistas e socialistas. Conclusão, totalitarismo político estatista tecnocrata caminha á passos largos. Reflexão. Estes "coletivos" acreditam que o materialismo secular ASSISTENCIALISTA irá "salvá-los". Na contra mão, nossas liberdades foram para a casa do caralho e estão no "fio da navalha" de permissões e concessões destes regimes intervencionistas. Quem viver verá!

  51. Robert Mattis

    Robert MattisPäivä sitten

    Love your progression. Truly Inspiring!!!

  52. Yung Kaiser

    Yung KaiserPäivä sitten

    when did gojira go pop? is this even the same band lol?

  53. Massive Cunt

    Massive CuntPäivä sitten

    Muuuh a mainly clean vocal son on the whole album muuuuuuh it's pop trash muuuuuh. Seriously.....listen to the whole album.

  54. Molotov Bat Radio

    Molotov Bat RadioPäivä sitten

    LOVE!!! \m/

  55. Camilla Jefferson

    Camilla JeffersonPäivä sitten

    Thank you, Gojira, for this album and its message.

  56. Garage Aixqui

    Garage AixquiPäivä sitten

    Tellement beau.

  57. Stephanie Whyte

    Stephanie WhytePäivä sitten

    These four French bois have my heart. What beautiful music. Love their activism too.

  58. Ernesto Corredoira

    Ernesto CorredoiraPäivä sitten


  59. RODIA

    RODIAPäivä sitten

    I hope that Gojira will also write a song about French imperialism in Africa and especially in Algeria, about the torture, assassinations and nuclear tests that France carried out.

  60. Jason Chumley

    Jason Chumley2 päivää sitten

    good work

  61. SWFARE

    SWFARE2 päivää sitten

    Cool message. Song is a little slow and boring. I guess the next song will be about them being attacked by covid 19. Hmmm maybe faster more interesting;)

  62. Prasshant Kumaarr

    Prasshant Kumaarr2 päivää sitten

    Gojira Rocks ! But off course

  63. Rocio Ramirez

    Rocio Ramirez2 päivää sitten


  64. Kafkamus L'absurde

    Kafkamus L'absurde2 päivää sitten

    0:00 : Bip, mercredi 9 heures 14

  65. Billie Forty

    Billie Forty2 päivää sitten


  66. Federico Lucchi

    Federico Lucchi2 päivää sitten

    Luckily this sad period is now over

  67. Daniel Petrovski

    Daniel Petrovski2 päivää sitten

    free Tibet!

  68. Chairs missing

    Chairs missing2 päivää sitten

    David Lynch & Ben Frost had been saying this since 1990 in Twin Peaks. It's about time more people followed suit.

  69. Robert Greer

    Robert Greer2 päivää sitten

    I support the message, but maybe they should be more concerned about their own country. 75% of the French people believe civil war is imminent. Islam have invaded their home. Macron is a globalist idiot. Le Pen will lead the way.

  70. Sitiusz

    Sitiusz2 päivää sitten

    I'm China born Chinese myself and I hate the CCP government from the deep of my heart, for what they done to the Tibetans, to the Chinese, and for what they're still doing the same to the Uyghurs, to the Mongolians and to the people of HK. And it's sad a lot the young people of my generation they support the CCP and how little the world knows about what happened and is happening there. Thx Gojira

  71. Seif Maamoun

    Seif Maamoun4 tuntia sitten

    @zilladilla yet what sitiusz depicted of china is almost entirely representative of marx’s idea about the socialist state (as a step preceeding the communist stage which is what you talk about indeed)

  72. Sitiusz

    Sitiusz8 tuntia sitten

    @zilladilla how a society works when it's stateless and moneyless? For me the idea of communism is nothing but a sweet trap and beautiful lie, it offers an image of utopia way too idealistic. I don't like the capitalism system either, tbh I quite dislike it, but I know for now that's the system suites better for the human nature, with democracy when something goes wrong we will always have the chance to turn it right. As you said, communism is stateless, so that's only suitable for individual interest or for a very small group of community, cz it's so unreal and doesn't work.

  73. zilladilla

    zilladilla9 tuntia sitten

    @Sitiusz communism = stateless and moneyless society

  74. Sitiusz

    Sitiusz9 tuntia sitten

    @zilladilla yes there is. State controlled market and monopoly enterprise, state owned land and disrespect all kinds of personal property, launching political campaign against those who dare question their authority in the name of the people, and always represent the people, and so much more.

  75. zilladilla

    zilladilla9 tuntia sitten

    I hate the CCP for abusing the term 'communism', there is literally nothing about China that's communist..

  76. U-Melancoly G

    U-Melancoly G2 päivää sitten

    J'ai pas accroché le solo à la première écoute, mais oui. Bises. Aurel

  77. Brian Does Stuff

    Brian Does Stuff2 päivää sitten

    tibet. their throat singing was the second thing i found after searching 'monk singing' while on the search for the sound that i heard in Heaven when God took me there. now i am into the hu band from mongolia. the band that was with me in a dream before going to Heaven was you gojira. i recently had a dream that i was singing a hu band song with you. maybe a few weeks ago. i was out of breath in the dream so it was kind of difficult, but we got it to sound just like their song, 'the gereg'.

  78. Thiovalone74

    Thiovalone742 päivää sitten

    Amazing song, Gojira is for me the best actual band, real artists, each album is different. This one is so melodic and melancolic. I tried to made a guitar cover of this song: fititle.info/one/videot/jnWqZ5p-k9Smn4o.html

  79. Don Cav

    Don Cav2 päivää sitten

    WoW! In awe of this song and the incredible visual representation. Just Incredible art with purpose. Great growth for Gojira as well. beautiful

  80. Ricardo Javier Rodríguez

    Ricardo Javier Rodríguez2 päivää sitten

    Esto es oro en polvo ❤️.

  81. ShunaJenkins69666

    ShunaJenkins696662 päivää sitten

    Whenever he reached the top of that mountain and turned and saw Himalayas my jaw dropped and I froze and cried. Thank you for this. I hope His Holiness The Dalai Lama will see this. Namaste'


    UNKNOWN PEOPLE2 päivää sitten


  83. MOLO Jimenez-Cobian

    MOLO Jimenez-Cobian2 päivää sitten

    No other band has greater purpose

  84. Karl Mark

    Karl Mark2 päivää sitten

    What is the point of China to be honest? They should've just given themselves to Taiwan or Hong Kong

  85. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan2 päivää sitten

    Gojira - безусловно, лучшая метал группа современности. Этот шедевр можно слушать бесконечно, настолько свежая и крутая идея. Мастера.

  86. Rafa Fernandes

    Rafa Fernandes2 päivää sitten


  87. Łassus

    Łassus2 päivää sitten

    I cried. It is so powerful. You are the best. I've never heard a band, that caused so many emotions. Thank you for your art.

  88. Cursos CAD-Online

    Cursos CAD-Online2 päivää sitten

    Great message and musically what an evolution and matured sound for this band loved this album.

  89. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan2 päivää sitten

    It's a good day to see a Gojira song hit almost a million views in a week, cheers~

  90. O K

    O K2 päivää sitten

    I don't understand, they write good melody, good tune and kick ass riffs but why short lyrics ?😅

  91. J B

    J B2 päivää sitten

    the verse is like shooting star 2.0 ;)

  92. Rafael Garcia Toledo

    Rafael Garcia Toledo3 päivää sitten

    Gojira es dios y lo sabes

  93. Qube Factory

    Qube Factory3 päivää sitten

    Vous êtes bluffant les gars... On vous demanderait de créer une chanson polka/bossa nova / reggae / métal / biniou, vous nous pondriez un chef d'œuvre...... Love gojira ! ❤️

  94. Emin Məmmədov

    Emin Məmmədov3 päivää sitten

    Gojira can make another video and song about genocides against local people in Ruanda,Algeria and other french colonies which were commited by french imperialists?

  95. Vaughn Blaylock

    Vaughn Blaylock3 päivää sitten

    To add another comment, as I tell my nine year old and thirteen all the time, "We're living in the Golden Age of metal, gentlemen. Savor it. It won't last forever."

  96. Vaughn Blaylock

    Vaughn Blaylock3 päivää sitten

    This is what Communists do: They outlaw religion, destroy culture and attempt to overlay their own despotic culture of owning nothing and being nothing upon an existing culture. When that existing culture resists, which they will as a natural response, they kill people. In the meantime, organizations in this country, funded by major corporations and foreign interests are pushing Marxism upon the ignorant young, sexi-fying it. Communism is coming to America, and as I have said for years, there is no co-existence with them. They will build and build and gather their strength until they have enough critical mass, and then they will rise up and kill you, just as they did to 180,000,000 people across this planet in the 20th Century. Scared of Nazis? Let me show you Communism. Hold my beer. In other news, there are a few albums in history that will go down as "perfect albums". Tool's 'Fear Innoculum, Trivium's 'Shogun', Novelists "Souvenirs', While She Sleeps 'So What' are examples of this, where there is not an unpleasant moment on the album are fine examples of this. Gojira's 'Fortitude' is another. Just brilliant.

  97. dude erdna

    dude erdna2 päivää sitten

    Joe Duplantier hate you and your kind of people, you fuc.... right win..

  98. Ростислаа Шумный

    Ростислаа Шумный3 päivää sitten


  99. pretendedgood

    pretendedgood3 päivää sitten

    You are occupying my heart more and more with your every new album. You have become one of my favorites. Love from Nepal \../

  100. Kevin Dunphy

    Kevin Dunphy3 päivää sitten

    wow ...excellent music .... Gojira ....its your time !!!!! Fresh ,powerful energetic progressive and futuristic sounding band!!!!

  101. bouillé fabien

    bouillé fabien3 päivää sitten

    je rêve ou j'ai entendu comme un solo de gruit? Anyway, bonne zic', comme d'hab. By the way, vous feriez un super groupe de blues, je voudrais assister à une répet'....

  102. Kim Oxholm Nilsson

    Kim Oxholm Nilsson3 päivää sitten

    Gojira. Always exciting, never boring.

  103. Greg The Flying Whale

    Greg The Flying Whale3 päivää sitten


  104. Henrick Piraud

    Henrick Piraud3 päivää sitten

    J'en connais quatre qui n'iront pas en tournée en Chine......superbe chanson ......j'en ai même pleuré durant le clip merci

  105. Super Lyrics

    Super Lyrics3 päivää sitten

    It's a good day to see a Gojira song hit almost a million views in a week, cheers~

  106. Татьяна Покусина

    Татьяна Покусина3 päivää sitten

    No doubt historical message is important, but in reality it supports rising hatered around China. The truth is that China is becoming a real power and all the European plus American media cultivate hatered around it. Their business giants scared to death of Chinese growing economy.

  107. Réda Tsouli

    Réda Tsouli3 päivää sitten


  108. misterjohn john

    misterjohn john3 päivää sitten


  109. Smoke Rise

    Smoke Rise3 päivää sitten

    Gojira 🤘 China 🖕