Finland’s Players Applaud Denmark Back on to Pitch After Eriksen Collapse

Finland's players applauded Denmark back onto the pitch Saturday, June 12, as they returned to complete their opening Euro 2020 match after their midfielder Christian Eriksen was rushed to hospital after collapsing during the match.

READ MORE: Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen was taken to a hospital Saturday after collapsing on the field during a match at the European Championship, leading to the game being suspended for more than 90 minutes.

The governing body of European soccer said Eriksen has been stabilized and the Danish soccer federation said he was awake.

"Christian Eriksen is awake and is undergoing further examinations at Rigshospitalet," the Danish federation wrote on Twitter.

The Euro 2020 match between Denmark and Finland had been halted in the 43rd minute with the score 0-0 but was to resume at 8:30 p.m. local time.

UEFA said both teams had held an emergency meeting before deciding to continue playing. The players came back out onto the field at around 7:15 p.m. to a huge ovation as they started warming up for a second time.

Eriksen was given urgent medical attention on the field for about 10 minutes after collapsing near the end of the first half. He was then carried off on a stretcher. UEFA then announced the game had been suspended "due to a medical emergency."



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    Brawo 👏👏👏

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    I said let me sleep.. big head bullies n while they pissed their pants you did too

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    He died n came back.tell em you saw paradise

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    Brawo 👏👏👏

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    @minij hooi please write english bro

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    Fuerza Eriksen eres un gran jugador.

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    for eriksen


    RAJESH CHAKRABORTYUukausi sitten

    That's the spirit ! 👍


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    It was a great moment...!

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    Complimenti alla Finlandia🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰❤️❤️❤️

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    ✨ This is an example taught by the world of sports of how much love and respect do we have for one another as humans ✨

  14. Chewe Malekani

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    I would also do the same cause that was just too emotional...FOOTBALL IS BUT A SPORT BUT THE BROTHERHOOD THEY SHOWED WAS BIG...

  15. Beam261

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    Both teams (and fans!) handled the situation with such class and sportmanship, it makes me a bit emotional. Wishing Christian a quick recovery.

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    beautiful finland 🇫🇮

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    And the fans on both sides... beautiful!

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    Viva Cristo Rey 😎🙏

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    Get well soon christian eriksen a fan of yours from India😊

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    Fuerza Eriksen eres un gran jugador.

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    How could they play after that ..respect !

  24. EL

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    They could not play, therefore they lost the match, a match they would not normally lose. I'm sorry on behalf of Finland that they should win on that basis.

  25. Jason lol

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    they were forced by "UEFA" either play now or tommorow at 12. Honestly Uefa should be shitstormed after how bad they handled this...

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    Pemain bola diluar negeri mmng sangat² menginspirasi. Kalo dsni, you know lah!!

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    It was a great moment...!

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    respect from germany be well soon chris

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    This is what it's all about. Even as opponents we can show each other respect.

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    Rivals, not enemies!

  31. Ricardo Wanderer

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    Miklos Feher, an Hungarian football player wasn't lucky enough like Eriksen, I saw it live and will never forget. I'm glad he's ok.

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    That respect ✊

  33. Tấn Tài Nguyễn

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    But why did finland score a goal,it must be a win for denmark or a draw,It can be a special gift for eriksen

  34. Evangeline B. Walker

    Evangeline B. WalkerUukausi sitten

    That wouldn’t have been fair to Finland. However the game should’ve been rescheduled if it was possible. All those comments about the players decision to play is bull. They were given a choice to resume the game that evening or play at noon the next day, so not much of a choice. Unfortunately in these tournaments it’s difficult to reschedule. It was poorly handled by UEFA but they also a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. Life 1 - football 0 Congratulations to Finland for winning your first game in a major tournament and for your sportsmanship.

  35. juhka

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    After that moment (eriksen’s collapse) this game is not interesting

  36. lolelelelal

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    It is what it is, Eriksen survived thats whats important

  37. Among Us

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    This incident was just like a player getting forced off a pitch. Thats football

  38. Huitase

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    How would it be fair for Finnish team to give win for Denmark? It's unfortunate that things like this happen, but Denmark wanted to play, they weren't forced.

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    The beauty of football...respect.

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    Fairplay in its purest form. Get well in no time, Christian!

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    Get well soon christian eriksen a fan of yours from India😊

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    This melts my heart...♥️⚽️ so many loving humans still around..pleasing in God's eyes🙏🙏👏👏👏👏

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    This game should be a draw out of respect.

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    At the end ----we are all brothers and sisters.......All the best for Christian Eriksen and his family. Best wishes from Trondheim Norway

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    Life is too short! Today we think we are strong but without knowing it we might depart. Better to concentrate on eternal values in life. Let God be with him and touch him with His Devine healing hand.

  49. Torbjørn Søndergaard

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    God is almighty, yes? So he caused or at least let Eriksen have cardiac arrest and then let the medics revive him... What a pervert!


    ZUNISHA CLASSICUukausi sitten

    Great sportsmanship 👏👏👏😢❤

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    Huge respect.

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    4 dislikes??? 🤮🤮🤮

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    Those 4 dislikes are from tears that pressed unlike by mistake

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    Stupid never make up their thumbs. But we love n respect it.

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    I am waiting good news ❤️ for india

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    Dunno why but that got me crying! I respect these guys for cracking on and playing x so glad that guy is awake now x

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    It really got people crying...Big respect for all on the pitch. Get well Eriksen and God bless......

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    रे लौट आने का अब गम सताता नही मान लिया हमने जो चला जाता है वो वापस आता नही आते है तो बीएस वापस लोग लौटकर गुजरा हुआ वक्त लौटकर कभी आता नहीं

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    football make more respect.

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    How come he collapsed?

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    @Christine Mealer we (Denmark) vaccinate by age and he’s in one of the last groups

  65. Helle Jensen

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    @Alex Parker he’s NOT vaccinated as Denmark vaccinate by age and his group is one of the last ones

  66. Alex Parker

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    @Igor Dimitrov that he suffered a heart attack due to the covid-19 vaccination

  67. Christine Mealer

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    @Helle Jensen I’m surprised since a lot of professional athletes here in the USA have gotten it.

  68. EL

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    @Igor Dimitrov He is not vaccinated or has had covid-19, stop that conspiracy theory!

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    Why not