Eating ONLY Prison Food for 24 HOURS!! **i regret it**

This was actually crazy...
I found an ex prisoners TikTok account where he shows you how to make REAL prison food, so I did this for 24 hours...
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  1. FaZe Rug

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    would you guys try any of these?

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    @Lonely Spider ➊ stfu

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    @Tbnr Ar subs are not for money so he’s not doin anything wrong

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    @〽Christofer Pezet 〽 done

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    @〽Christofer Pezet 〽ok

  7. Kevin_Mtz559 M

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    The first 3 numbers on His shirt

  8. Alex Shelton

    Alex Shelton15 tuntia sitten

    I went to jail for a few weeks due to a bad decision on an out of state trip.. The stuff rug made was close but the inmates were crazy more inventive and no lie.. Some of the food was actually really good.. Especially the prison burrito.. I still will randomly make one to this day..They missed a few things tho.. You use chili cheese Fritos instead of the honey and cheezits.. Also they sell jalapeno cheese like spread packets, chili packets and tortillas.. But putting top ramen in a burrito is amazing

  9. Yousef Hasan

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    8:08 you got me there😂

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  11. The weirdest Panda

    The weirdest Panda3 päivää sitten

    I just noticed that in the beginning of his prison number begins with 666

  12. Nivaan 8th b 45 rao

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    2:34 prisoner in a Lambo😂 loll.....

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    Why is the number on his shirt 6 6 6 24/7🤷🏻‍♂️

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    4:59 im dead😂😂😂😂💀

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    Is that 666 on your prison cloth i am i the only one seeing this

  16. Elijah B

    Elijah B5 päivää sitten

    *me wondering why the title says he regret it but hes loving all the food*

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    I miss Jessi ❤️

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    Who else noticed that triple 6 on his shirt

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    "I'm not the brightest fish in the sea." - FaZe Rug election campaign.

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    What kind of prison does Rug think has their inmates dress like that.

  21. ZKarl

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    Look, the worst punishment 1: Eating gross food 2: Spending in prison for years 3: You will pay any sin you did.

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    That busy thing Brian said with Jessica was sus

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    Wow you are my number 1youtuber

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    JD bad boy confirmed

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    He never used an iron and he is older than me 😂

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    Jessica got a 6 pick

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    [USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Tuesday, 04 May 20211620091104Tuesday

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    If your reading this god bless you and your family ❤💚🧡

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    Ha ha ha loved this video 😃 very interesting

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    What did J go to jail for

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    56th video of reminding everyone to sub!

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    1:37 the reaction to the flat bread tho lol

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    Not me mr.wolf

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    Did she cut the toast in the middle????

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    مسكين ميعرقش عربي يكفر

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    Who just started watching him so right know there watching the cocaine prank 😂

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    I love you❤️❤️❤️

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    Faze Rug to 20 mil by August! It’s happening in 2021 for sure like if you agree!

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    Yasss! Or army food! Those were lit!

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    The prisoner burrito is also called a brick

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    did anyone else realize that hes out number is 66624?

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    I would like to try!

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    My boy slug bustin down on spread

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    literally Noah the whole time “zoom in zoom out “😂😂

  50. Chase Brown

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    I would never call someone D in prison lmao.. hey you seen the D. You would get wrecked on all day everyday

  51. Crystal Fetish

    Crystal Fetish12 päivää sitten

    oh man! A level 4 inmate would have fun with an iron husband was in a level 4 prison and he would send me photos of the "grille" he built lol definitely wasn't an looked like a science project lolll

  52. margaret mutengwa

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    Are you in prison with gucci shoes on

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    She looks like shaman


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    every video I watch yours I like it and comment and I have already subscribed

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    Been to jail literally just did 2 months this is mostly accurate I literally made a burrito most of the time commissary is essential in jail

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    imagine eating that for ur whole life.....

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    Hope i win ps5

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    Only the end was a success

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    I have the ELA test tomorrow and like I’m looking at the time and I see 9:11 I’m like ima do bad 9:11 is bad luck lol my grandpa died

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    Quickscopes cop (dude that was your mom) w e n e e d c o n t e n t

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    Prisoner in lamborghini

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    Jezyk Polska filmy Kogiel mogiel

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    Those first 3 numbers on his jumpsuit

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    Alternative title: Tik tok prison food life hack I fucking hate autocorrect

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    This is cap

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    Eating only hotel food?!?!

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    Do a challenge when your homeless for 24 hours

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    Could you Do a part 2

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    Do prisoners actually have microwaves at prison?

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    That's a brick from where I'm from..... Got me hungry for some hook ups now!

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    your shirt is cursed the number is : 66624

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    Yo rug it’s called a slim jim

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    Coco Chanel

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    U are not gonna even taste the food prisoners get here in India 😐

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    Ocito fazyalla yahothu kuytopqewa yallamatlava lusy tomewsi yoi mahathila ta!!!!!

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    2:03 she thinking bout hers

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    0:25 anyone else see the number (pretty sus)

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    covid 19

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    you should try this my step dad told me about this chicken ramen cooked with jalapeño nacho cheese crushed hot cheetos cut up slim jim of summer sausage mixed together

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