Eating At The WORST Reviewed Fried Chicken Restaurant In My State


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  1. LetoAtreides82

    LetoAtreides822 tuntia sitten

    You're very brave eating that "chicken", that looks more like rat meat with generic (not even Kellog's) cornflake "breading" and I don't think the rats they used were clean.

  2. Josie Lindström

    Josie Lindström6 tuntia sitten

    You need to get one of those steering wheel trays, like Ken Domik shows in his food review videos :)

  3. Damien71

    Damien718 tuntia sitten

    100% a drug dealing or money laundering scheme

  4. Alex Vermaak

    Alex Vermaak13 tuntia sitten


  5. Miguel Aguirre

    Miguel Aguirre19 tuntia sitten

    14 dollars i paid for the one of the eight chicken pieces here in MA

  6. TheAven2009

    TheAven200923 tuntia sitten

    Places like that really piss me off!

  7. Prothom Anjum

    Prothom AnjumPäivä sitten

    When he said crunchy grease and you hear the sirens in the background you know that the restaurant disrespected that chicken

  8. frnvito

    frnvitoPäivä sitten

    they really selling a breast cut in half for 15 bucks

  9. Brittney Glenn

    Brittney GlennPäivä sitten

    *opens food tray* "huh?" In confusion and disappointed 🤣

  10. Flawless

    FlawlessPäivä sitten

    My momma said if you dont have nothing nice to say dont say it at all. To wing sadness...

  11. jamezguard

    jamezguard2 päivää sitten

    ha breasted wing

  12. i hate almost everything equally

    i hate almost everything equally2 päivää sitten

    even vegans is disappointed

  13. Swigidy Scout

    Swigidy Scout3 päivää sitten

    I can't stop laughing...LOL. You got 2 coconut shrimp. Corn Flakes! LOL.

  14. Joshua Hilborn

    Joshua Hilborn3 päivää sitten

    that place needs to be shut down no moist meat thats seasoned they need to be arrested

  15. Joshua Hilborn

    Joshua Hilborn3 päivää sitten

    i worked at kfc n i see madness going on . over cooked unseasoned fresh grease needs to be seasoned n im a whyte boy n i need my chicken juicy and seasoned

  16. Albanian Urban

    Albanian Urban3 päivää sitten

    damn og you got finessed


    SAGENATOR13 päivää sitten

    You should have gone back and thrown the food at their sorry asses.... next time confront them in person... that shit didn’t even look edible.... it looked like something that sat out for a week or more... you could have gotteen Salmonella with eating that .

  18. Mimike Official

    Mimike Official3 päivää sitten

    that aint chicken thats icken

  19. canadien

    canadien5 päivää sitten

    Godamn heart disease gon kick in after that chicken

  20. Killa Penguin

    Killa Penguin5 päivää sitten

    When He said... "This is Pookie Chicken" I lost it!

  21. K P

    K P6 päivää sitten

    What the hell kind of chicken is that. Chicken looks like it's been behind the stove for a decade

  22. Blake Holden

    Blake Holden6 päivää sitten

    F the video. That beat tho come on man

  23. Ace Montana

    Ace Montana7 päivää sitten


  24. Tyrese J

    Tyrese J7 päivää sitten

    "That chicken was dry. Real dry."

  25. Minor Key

    Minor Key9 päivää sitten

    “If cold and alone had a flavor . . .” 😂🤣

  26. •Bendy•

    •Bendy•10 päivää sitten

    More like rice crispy breading 😂😂

  27. Vikas Desai

    Vikas Desai11 päivää sitten

    Im pretty sure he just helped boost revenue of this business considerably.. hopefully they can improve and survive

  28. Todd Burgess

    Todd Burgess11 päivää sitten

    Looks like their grease isn't hot enough.

  29. MsP_is your teacher

    MsP_is your teacher11 päivää sitten

    The palest, saddest looking chicken upon entry. The fries look good though. They needed to double fry them to get extra crispy I guess. I am loving Daym’s reaction to seeing the chicken! I hope he doesn’t get food poisoning.

  30. Kevin Dominguez

    Kevin Dominguez12 päivää sitten

    Thumbnail look like a rice krispie

  31. Meg Shea

    Meg Shea14 päivää sitten

    All the noises he made when he opened the box 🤣😂🤣 ☠️

  32. Minato Namikaze

    Minato Namikaze14 päivää sitten

    The rant he gave about it being a hood chicken is priceless 😂😂😂

  33. farsights

    farsights16 päivää sitten

    That chicken looks like it was raised on the roof with the pigeons.

  34. Annie MacFlannie

    Annie MacFlannie16 päivää sitten

    The truest look of hesitation at 5:49

  35. 龔家輝

    龔家輝19 päivää sitten

    the chicken who died in vain. Rip

  36. swully 1976

    swully 197619 päivää sitten

    damn Bro I cant believe what I just witnessed that looked nasty I cant believe a place like that is even open for business.

  37. Caleb Coale

    Caleb Coale19 päivää sitten


  38. Nyianda Griffiths

    Nyianda Griffiths24 päivää sitten

    That part of the chicken is the skin!

  39. Aldoy900

    Aldoy90025 päivää sitten

    Super official

  40. Alexandra Vazquez

    Alexandra Vazquez27 päivää sitten

    That is the saddest chicken ive ever seen 😂 one moment of silence for that chicken RIP

  41. APEX

    APEX28 päivää sitten

    I live on dixwell ill still drive to Woodbridge to get woodys wings because they are that much better than wing madness

  42. Ultradude

    UltradudeUukausi sitten

    I'm no chicken connoisseur, but never seen that bad. Looks like they filet the chicken breast into 2 pieces

  43. ChillaxHD

    ChillaxHDUukausi sitten

    Thats Crunchy Grease!!!

  44. Just some random commentor R

    Just some random commentor RUukausi sitten

    14$ for 2 chicken?????? Bruh in my country, Kfc two whole bucket and some addition with 4 drinks is just 14$

  45. Just some random commentor R

    Just some random commentor RUukausi sitten

    Feels bad for chicken who has died for the worst thing ever

  46. le monke

    le monkeUukausi sitten

    When you realise he has his own netflix series now

  47. Joshua Woodard

    Joshua WoodardUukausi sitten

    That Chicken was made the day before 🥴

  48. T’s Life

    T’s LifeUukausi sitten

    You are a lord ,keep it 💯 champ 🤙🇦🇺🙏

  49. Terkel Algevind

    Terkel AlgevindUukausi sitten

    That chicken looks so shady I would never even touch that crap! WOW my man, you are one brave man! xD

  50. Cobrastic 0

    Cobrastic 0Uukausi sitten

    i give this this shit .5/5 prediction

  51. Acs Artz

    Acs ArtzUukausi sitten

    At least it chicken😂

  52. Randy Cobblepot

    Randy CobblepotUukausi sitten

    5:50 when I pull down my girls pants

  53. Exodus Gaming

    Exodus GamingUukausi sitten

    *f*ck you bro, taste the philippine chicken like jollibee, andoks/dokito, sr. Pedro and chooks to go in Philippines, thank you*

  54. Paul Porada

    Paul PoradaUukausi sitten

    Corn flakes are great in breading for chicken tenders. But that stuff just sounded and looked horrifying.

  55. Tslee

    TsleeUukausi sitten

    14 bucks for 2 wings nah thats robbery if its 20 bucks it better be chicken from heaven bro

  56. C AGuy

    C AGuyUukausi sitten

    You should've got an order of bone in wings. I can only imagine what they'd be like.

  57. ucant seeme

    ucant seemeUukausi sitten

    5:23 you spent 14$ for that ? My stomach hurts from hearing this 😷

  58. Charlstin Yeung

    Charlstin YeungUukausi sitten

    I was thinking the same shit you did it looked liked corn flakes hahahahhahaha

  59. Duval Most wanted

    Duval Most wantedUukausi sitten

    "Sloppy Toppy Fries"


    KOSEY ESHEUukausi sitten

    gordan ramsey would tare that restaurant apart

  61. John Fedor

    John FedorUukausi sitten

    Ouch, flung into the friend zone. I've been must have sucked.

  62. John Fedor

    John FedorUukausi sitten

    I ain't even going to lie. I love me some soggy, salty,, greasy fries.

  63. OpsX

    OpsXUukausi sitten

    Mfs if you kill chicken atleast make it tasty for people

  64. Kevin Brown

    Kevin BrownUukausi sitten

    14 bucks for two Snapple’s. Brutal.

  65. Hentai Artist

    Hentai ArtistUukausi sitten

    Paying the price of 2 subs, For some trench chicken. 😤

  66. Güntuğ akgün

    Güntuğ akgünUukausi sitten

    why would yo do that man ahahah

  67. Sanjay Kumar

    Sanjay KumarUukausi sitten

    in India at the price of 14 doller, u will get 90 pieces of kfc hot wings with cock and all sauce

  68. jess b

    jess bUukausi sitten

    Like them ain't know about paper towel to absorb the oil 🤔

  69. aawful

    aawfulUukausi sitten

    i dont know why im here but yt reccomended it to me so it better b good

  70. Vased Vased

    Vased VasedUukausi sitten

    that shit looks more like fried fish to me

  71. a • 2178 years later

    a • 2178 years laterUukausi sitten

    it looks like bojangles🤮🤮🤮🤮

  72. Baggie Bicth

    Baggie BicthUukausi sitten

    i came here to congratulate you on your show! mad respect for you man!!

  73. Greg F

    Greg FUukausi sitten

    Bro there’s a hair or fiber on that chicken gross

  74. Adam Manning

    Adam ManningUukausi sitten

    Obviously a front

  75. DarkStorm Productions

    DarkStorm ProductionsUukausi sitten

    I found your reactions to the chicken way too funny. Love it. Subbing.

  76. Yada Squish

    Yada SquishUukausi sitten

    As soon i saw the fries. I said “ unh uhhhh look at those damn fries

  77. Wmr Cats

    Wmr CatsUukausi sitten

    Jesus loves you and died for you

  78. Mr.Foxhound

    Mr.FoxhoundUukausi sitten

    That chicken ain't right......

  79. Abando Soul

    Abando SoulUukausi sitten

    Looks like they took a breast and halved it to make those 2 tenders. Smh pitiful

  80. Novrendy Cahya Paulus

    Novrendy Cahya PaulusUukausi sitten

    $14? My god. With that amount of money, I could get 18-20 good bone-in fried chicken in my country.

  81. Chairo

    ChairoUukausi sitten

    Rice krispies

  82. Otto Men

    Otto MenUukausi sitten

    rhe thumbnail look like a damn rice crispy treat more like a over fried peice of fish

  83. Violet Laurentis

    Violet LaurentisUukausi sitten

    That looks like a bad tempura fry. 🤮

  84. YouTube Guy

    YouTube GuyUukausi sitten

    Crunchy grease 🤣

  85. yeoj444

    yeoj444Uukausi sitten

    5:06 ohff!!

  86. Eric Lopez

    Eric LopezUukausi sitten

    He said that's not chicken it's ICKEN lmao

  87. Miss Morrow

    Miss MorrowUukausi sitten

    5:31 5:38 🤨

  88. MarvelPugs

    MarvelPugsUukausi sitten


  89. Stephen Owen

    Stephen OwenUukausi sitten

    1 and ya done son

  90. ahedur rahman

    ahedur rahmanUukausi sitten

    There is an ant fried

  91. Krypteo

    KrypteoUukausi sitten

    5:06 me and the boys discussing our problems at 3am while pulling 3 joints

  92. Imoutside Likern

    Imoutside LikernUukausi sitten

    sloppy toppy fries, nah daddy😩 COME ON DADDY😩

  93. War Death YT

    War Death YTUukausi sitten

    Welcome to another episode of *KITCHEN NIGHTMARES*

  94. ZeuS

    ZeuSUukausi sitten


  95. UmmmPerfect

    UmmmPerfectUukausi sitten

    KFC is just cheaper and way better! I'm going there forever

  96. Alexj2003

    Alexj2003Uukausi sitten

    That chicken was starved before it was cooked

  97. MIKE2111ful

    MIKE2111fulUukausi sitten

    Ngl I'm high af and i actually thought it looked 🔥🔥

  98. Snakesand Pizza

    Snakesand PizzaUukausi sitten

    Nasty chicken

  99. Lizbeth Nuñez De La Cruz

    Lizbeth Nuñez De La CruzUukausi sitten

    Why aint nobody noticing the one piece of hair fried into the chicken 😀 (7:47)

  100. Eg CooN

    Eg CooNUukausi sitten

    He paid 14 $ for 2 pics and a fry that's 4.95$ per pics of food wtf in newhayven too wtf that's the richest town in CT com