Building up a new hardtail mountain bike... again!

In this video, we totally rebuild my hardtail, and then ride the whale tail for the first time without rear suspension. Overall, this build was quite rushed due to our need to continue filming for the other channel, but if you decide to build your own bike I recommend taking your time! A lot can go wrong on a mountain bike, and your safety depends on it.

Sync'r Carbon
This videos includes mentions, logos, and products directly associated with Diamondback bicycles, who is a sponsor of Berm Peak Express.

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The following companies have sent me products for the video, with the understanding that they might get screen time. They are not affiliated with the channel as sponsors.

OneUp EDC Tool
Oneup Components kindly send the EDC tool, handlebars, and stem for this build. If you would like an EDC tool and do not want to thread your fork, just wait for the adapter to come back in stock.
Wheels manufacturing sent over the bottom bracket and some spare derailleur hangers. Their website-based derailleur hanger and bottom bracket finder is actually one of the best such tools I've seen.
Crankbrothers sent me a set of pre-release Synthesis alloy rims to test out a few months ago and now that they're being sold to the masses I'm allowed to talk about them. These have been on my bike since January.
Thanks for sending this bleed kit, Truman! I currently have all my bleed supplies in an oily disorganized pile, so this was a welcome addition to the shop.

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  4. Chase Flanagan

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    how high are you Seth?:)

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  9. Eugene Gomez

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    I love all your bikes, and a fan of yours, i have a bike w/c my son is now using it and owns it. It is only a cheap bike, me and my son is a bike enthusiast but unfortunately i cant aford to buy another so we just share for 1 bike. can i have those parts of yours that you removed to your build bike even old ones? Only those parts that you dont want to use, To make my sons bike even look a li'll bit better,.. before his birthday comes. I hope that you can help me with. Thanks and more power to you...

  10. rojele sam deocampo

    rojele sam deocampo16 päivää sitten

    Mr Seth you have the same name as my son, any chance you can give away your old bike to me..? i cant afford to buy one, i just borrow from my peers.. hehehe..

  11. Franic

    Franic17 päivää sitten

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  12. Franic

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  18. John Ries

    John Ries21 päivä sitten

    Hey Seth, are you still riding the 2.8s? I too have the Sync’r carbon and love the bike but I’ve been debating siding the tire down to maybe 2.6/2.5 hoping it will give a little more precision and a little less floaty feeling. Any thoughts? Love your channel, keep up the great content!

  19. James Weldon

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  22. Big Black Dawg

    Big Black Dawg27 päivää sitten

    I’d always said I’d never buy a carbon bike. I mean it’s only because I’m broke and can’t afford them normally, but now that there are so many people with lots of money and upgrade bikes a lot, I’ve been able to buy 2 carbon frames that I’m going to build up and honestly when they’re done, I will have bikes that I can ride for a very long time, unless I mistreat them. I bought a Giant hardtail mountain bike that is about 5 years old last month, it’s in nearly new condition and I paid $140aud for it. My first ever mountain bike was in 1991, it was a Repco steel frame 10 speed with conventional brakes and it cost $199. It’s insane just how cheap it is to get good bikes for now.

  23. ProbablyLucky

    ProbablyLucky27 päivää sitten

    14:50 "A little the same, but kinda different."

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    Shameless LEGENDUukausi sitten

    It's sad cause he seems to be trying really hard to make diamondback look good

  28. Chase Flanagan

    Chase Flanagan18 päivää sitten

    @Shameless LEGEND i see what you mean, it’s probably that he does like the bike but has to mention it as part of the brand deal

  29. Shameless LEGEND

    Shameless LEGEND18 päivää sitten

    @Chase Flanagan no they are great, I ride one, it's just that the way he talks about it seems kinda forced

  30. Chase Flanagan

    Chase Flanagan18 päivää sitten

    It is a sponsor so you can’t trash talk really but i don’t think he’d be riding for them for so long if they made bikes he didn’t like

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