Blake VS Mikasa w/ Commentary

These high-flying monster-slaying baddasses are destined to clash with commentary!

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  1. Timothy Gulliksen

    Timothy GulliksenPäivä sitten

    Time to do a death battle of Darkwing Duck vs Duck Dodgers

  2. FlippeR FlappeR

    FlippeR FlappeR16 päivää sitten

    This is pretty unfair lol. How is Blake supposed to win? She who just went to become more than just a trainee is fighting a literal living killing machine that kills giants with more experience than her.

  3. Daniel Bolden

    Daniel Bolden21 päivä sitten

    We need a Wiz vs Boomstick death battle

  4. BoB Ben

    BoB Ben27 päivää sitten

    Juvia Lockser vs Suigetsu Hozuki

  5. Houlden Melville

    Houlden MelvilleUukausi sitten

    Ben is not just incredible Ben is immortal.

  6. Paul Nguyen

    Paul NguyenUukausi sitten

    Jiren vs super man

  7. Curtis Mize

    Curtis MizeUukausi sitten

    SAITAMA VS PUCCA SAITAMA VS PUCCA SAITAMA VS PUCCA SAITAMA VS PUCCA SAITAMA VS PUCCA Sorry for the all caps, idk how else to suggest ideas

  8. Darius Smith

    Darius SmithUukausi sitten

    How About "COLE" From The Video Game "INFAMOUS" Vs "LIVEWIRE" From "DC Comics"

  9. Yuji itadori

    Yuji itadoriUukausi sitten

    just change it to eren or levi

  10. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    Against who? Most of Levi's MU's are Curbstomps in the opponent's favor.

  11. Yuji itadori

    Yuji itadoriUukausi sitten

    mikasa is just weak

  12. Yuji itadori

    Yuji itadoriUukausi sitten

    please fix the mikasa vs blake vid and delete it cause its a waste of time

  13. Yuji itadori

    Yuji itadoriUukausi sitten


  14. Yuji itadori

    Yuji itadoriUukausi sitten


  15. Angelo Matawaran

    Angelo MatawaranUukausi sitten

    who win blake or mikasa has have god mod blake is no have god mode

  16. Zyon D

    Zyon DUukausi sitten

    Y’all should do Scorpion Vs Kratos or Raiden vs Thor i feel like both of those could be intense battles

  17. Zyon D

    Zyon DUukausi sitten

    cuz like is raiden worthy to hold Mjolnir ?? if so that battle could go either way

  18. TheHood Streamer

    TheHood StreamerUukausi sitten

    Can we please get omni man vs homelander this season !!!!!!

  19. Azteco Producciones

    Azteco ProduccionesUukausi sitten

    You guys should watch animes in og language. To learn how to pronounce the names. You say MIkasa, but its miKAsa. You may think this is a dumb complain but just imagine someone misspronouncing your name, you would correct them everytime

  20. Brian Nichols

    Brian NicholsUukausi sitten

    Sentry vs super man

  21. Trami Nguyen

    Trami NguyenUukausi sitten

    I love this channel!

  22. davisdoesgames

    davisdoesgamesUukausi sitten

    Day 5 of asking for bob vs garfield

  23. jeremyjw

    jeremyjwUukausi sitten

    i lost money on Mikasa

  24. Britney Johnson

    Britney JohnsonUukausi sitten

    Choji vs fatgum

  25. KDA Chan

    KDA ChanUukausi sitten

    Mikasa is human mean while black has Ora and ability like bro she ain’t winning sorry 😂😂

  26. The Mr.W Channel

    The Mr.W ChannelUukausi sitten

    Godzilla vs Cloverfield

  27. Rolandus Sentosa

    Rolandus SentosaUukausi sitten

    Omni man vs home lander

  28. ariel alvarez

    ariel alvarezUukausi sitten

    Shinichi (Parasite) vs Meisuke (Nube)

  29. LincenNexGaming

    LincenNexGamingUukausi sitten

    Levi Ackerman vs Adam Taurus.

  30. Erik Laursen

    Erik LaursenUukausi sitten

    You should do Luffy versus Naruto

  31. Andrew Reyna

    Andrew ReynaUukausi sitten

    Pete Becker Vs Superman! More of a funny joke fight!

  32. Trev Da Healer

    Trev Da HealerUukausi sitten

    Canaan vs revy ever?

  33. TheCreepypro

    TheCreepyproUukausi sitten

    this really was a fun well done fight so props to the team for making it

  34. Mattmight21

    Mattmight21Uukausi sitten

    Hey death battle I have an idea one punch man Vs goku

  35. LincenNexGaming

    LincenNexGamingUukausi sitten

    This just means Levi Ackerman will get a win for us in the near future.

  36. LincenNexGaming

    LincenNexGamingUukausi sitten

    @S N 7584 Tell me who you would put Levi vs? Cause I was thinking Adam Taurus even though Levi would stomp but a good fight for the fans and a continuation of Attack on titans vs Rwby.

  37. LincenNexGaming

    LincenNexGamingUukausi sitten

    @S N 7584 I said Attack on Titans anime is on the weaker end of the anime scale and you said Rwby is one of the weakest out there. So I feel it's a great comparison unless you Put Erin vs them he would kill them all. Eren vs anyone from Rwby would be unfair considering they wouldn't know a Titans weak point.

  38. LincenNexGaming

    LincenNexGamingUukausi sitten

    @S N 7584 Well we are on a video where Death battle compares a Rwby Character to Attack on Titans Character LOL so..... why not?

  39. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    @LincenNexGaming please just don't compare anything to RWBY. RWBY is easily one of the weakest verses to ever exist. Even weaker than the MHA verse, where even top tiers cap at City level.

  40. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    @LincenNexGaming if Eren is getting into Death battle, to my knowledge he's definitely fighting Ken Kaneki from Tokyo ghoul, as it's pretty much a legacy matchup at this point. And that battle can go either way

  41. Noah Gilbert

    Noah GilbertUukausi sitten

    Can you do meliodas vs goku

  42. Andrew Amaro

    Andrew AmaroUukausi sitten

    Superman vs omniman vs Home lander vs sentry

  43. KingReyJr Gaming

    KingReyJr GamingUukausi sitten

    A good death battle would be Meliodas (7 deadly sins) vs Straw Hat Luffy (One Piece).

  44. Paranjay Bhardwaj

    Paranjay BhardwajUukausi sitten

    Why don't you try, Omni man vs Superman vs Homelander?

  45. cosmic

    cosmicUukausi sitten

    Saitama vs Omni man?

  46. dizzycard332

    dizzycard332Uukausi sitten

    John talbain vs garou

  47. Rayyan The Toppat leader

    Rayyan The Toppat leaderUukausi sitten

    I request adding omni-man into death battle. have you seen his power stats and feats? they are totally sus!

  48. syn _252

    syn _252Uukausi sitten

    Please do Feng Wei vs Tai Lung pleaseeeeeee They're a good mashup, since both are in a very close power level to each other Please consider my request ;-; Thank youuuu

  49. Charles Griffin

    Charles GriffinUukausi sitten

    I would like to see Spawn vs Ghost Rider and Iron Man be Cyborg

  50. AbyssGaming TV

    AbyssGaming TVUukausi sitten

    not sure where to put a suggestion so i just went to the most recent video so how about a death battle with Quiet from MSG 5 Phantom Pain and Widow Maker from Overwatch?

  51. V2Blast

    V2BlastUukausi sitten

    The suggestion form is linked in the video description.

  52. OddMakesArt

    OddMakesArtUukausi sitten

    How about a Homelander v. Omniman deathbattle?

  53. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentUukausi sitten

    I have a suggestion for the next death battle!!!! Doomsday vs Godzilla!!! 🔥

  54. V2Blast

    V2BlastUukausi sitten

    The suggestion form is linked in the video description.

  55. a random flowey on the internet

    a random flowey on the internetUukausi sitten

    Not gonna lie the next fight is probably gonna be my all-time favorite nex is the nonexistent raven v marceline fight

  56. TheCrnic

    TheCrnicUukausi sitten

    (T-800) Terminator 2 VS. (Nemesis) Resident Evil 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Sol Badguy

    Sol BadguyUukausi sitten

    This randomly came to me, Captain Bucky O'Hare Vs Zitz The BattleToad. 😂

  58. Souradeep Sengupta

    Souradeep SenguptaUukausi sitten

    Please make a death battle video on superman vs mastered ultra instinct goku please please please please please

  59. DaQuan Lee

    DaQuan LeeUukausi sitten

    br. Manhattan vs Darkside

  60. Terror Of Death

    Terror Of DeathUukausi sitten

    blake vs 2b, is this a better fair matchup?

  61. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    2b wrecks

  62. William Turner

    William TurnerUukausi sitten

    Who else didn't watch the fight and skip towards the end to see who's next?

  63. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    Pretty much everyone. But atleast the next match is lit

  64. dominant dog

    dominant dogUukausi sitten

    Rick from Rick and Morty and Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

  65. Takehaya Susano’o

    Takehaya Susano’oUukausi sitten

    I shall avenge Mikasa by beating Blake into a pulp in BBTAG. IT’S ONLY RIGHT!!

  66. Chance HOKAGE

    Chance HOKAGEUukausi sitten

    can u plzzz do Naruto vs Deku

  67. V2Blast

    V2BlastUukausi sitten

    The suggestion form is linked in the video description.

  68. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    Naruto wrecks

  69. JayBlaze11

    JayBlaze11Uukausi sitten

    Shinichi (Parasyte) vs The Winter Soldier (Monster Arm vs Metal Arm)

  70. OldWaveKid

    OldWaveKidUukausi sitten

    2b from Nier Automata vs Major (Motoko Kusanagi) Ghost in the shell. 2b vs Alita battle Angel would be cool too

  71. Jayson Taters

    Jayson TatersUukausi sitten

    Still waiting on Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher Book/Game/Comics or Netflix series in a deathbattle.

  72. lyric butterfli3

    lyric butterfli3Uukausi sitten

    aye can we see an azula vs dabi death battle

  73. V2Blast

    V2BlastUukausi sitten

    The suggestion form is linked in the video description.

  74. Le Uman

    Le UmanUukausi sitten

    When the best death race?

  75. happy boi

    happy boiUukausi sitten

    Homelander vs omin man

  76. Ironic Muse

    Ironic MuseUukausi sitten

    Did anyone else...not like the fight? The fight seemed choppy and slow for two fast fights. Plus Blake's voice was...odd. I thought Blake didn't have her original actor is...and she's awful. Her voice is higher than it should be and her last random. It doesn't fit with what happen and it seems out of character too. And what was with her purple blood? I just seemed...awful overall. That said, the run down was real fun. I like the clones, both as a joke and maybe for a future death battle.

  77. Kessler

    KesslerUukausi sitten

    I noticed it as well

  78. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    Tbh, a lot of people share the same opinion as you (myself included)

  79. MyYouTube Rocks Alt.

    MyYouTube Rocks Alt.Uukausi sitten

    Besides Pikachu who should DEFINITELY return and fight Jibanyan, bring back Zelda and have her fight Sypha from Castlevania. AKA: Zelda VS Sypha

  80. Seven Eight Nine Ten

    Seven Eight Nine TenUukausi sitten

    Utena Tenjou vs Cutie Honey?

  81. Raviel Wilson

    Raviel WilsonUukausi sitten

    Omni man VS Homelander !!

  82. Jr Lopez Alvarez

    Jr Lopez AlvarezUukausi sitten

    Can you make maels morales vs robin

  83. BLANK

    BLANKUukausi sitten

    Video idea sonic.exe vs goku black/Zamasu

  84. S N 7584

    S N 7584Uukausi sitten

    Sonic.exe isn't even an official charecter. If you want a sonic charecter to fight Goku black, make scourge fight him instead.

  85. Jordan Marshall

    Jordan MarshallUukausi sitten

    Annie well oneshot blake

  86. Sonic Voice Guy

    Sonic Voice GuyUukausi sitten

    So uh. Omni-Man vs Homelander when?

  87. MakinMaverick

    MakinMaverickUukausi sitten

    HUNK vs Mael Radec, Resident Evil vs Killzone, think it would be pretty cool to see these two in action

  88. sylas chase

    sylas chaseUukausi sitten

    Po versus iron fist Am I the only one that thinks it's a no brainer how can iron fist lose hes got way way too many good feats for 1 hes been training for way more time as way more power output it Need I go on.

  89. Savemejebus!

    Savemejebus!Uukausi sitten

    I wish they would bring back the bloopers.

  90. BubblegumPatty

    BubblegumPattyUukausi sitten

    I kinda wanna see Hyakkimaru (Dororo) VS Cyborg 004 (cyborg 009) . Showa Era characters with most of their bodies replaced with Weaponized Prosthetics/Cybernetics

  91. Killahead23

    Killahead23Uukausi sitten

    omni man vs superman

  92. Naruko Uzumaki

    Naruko UzumakiUukausi sitten

    Max Taylor and Chomp the Triceratops VS Tagiru Akashi and Gumdramon

  93. Myrku

    MyrkuUukausi sitten

    John wick vs batman when?

  94. Nle V

    Nle VUukausi sitten

    What about geras vs gaara Mk11 vs naruto

  95. Andy Torres

    Andy TorresUukausi sitten

    My DeathBattle suggestions: 1. Misaka Mikoto(A Certain Magical Index) vs Cole McGrath(Infamous) 2. Kuroko Shirai( A Certain Magical Index) vs Nightcrawler(Marvel) 3. Sakura(Street Fighter) vs Videl Satan(Dragonball) 4. Mileena(Mortal Kombat) vs Juri Han( Street Fighter) 5. Sailor Moon(Sailor Moon) vs Madoka Kadame(Puella Magi Madoka Magica) 6. Reptile(Mortal Kombat) vs Riptor(Killer Instinct) 7. The Hulk(Marvel) vs Saitama(OnePunchMan) 8. Homura Akame(Puella Magi Madoka Magica) vs Sailor Moon(Sailor Moon) 9. The Lizard(Marvel) vs KillerKroc(DC) 10. Shantae(Shantae) vs Chelshia(Khimera Destroy All the Monster Girls!!) 11. Shantae vs Zizou Olympia(The Legend of Dark Witch) 12. Plastic man(DC) vs Monkey D. Luffy(One Piece) 13. James Bond vs Ethan Hunt(Mission Impossible) 14. Michael Myers(Halloween) vs Jason Voorhees(Friday the 13th) 15. John wick vs Robert McCall( The Equalizer) 16. The Joker (DC) vs The Green Goblin(Marvel) 17. Alfred Pennyworth(DC) vs Walter C. Dornez(Hellsing) 18. Alucard(Hellsing) vs Dio Brando(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) 19. HitGirl(Kickass) vs Damian Wayne(DC) 20. Viewtiful Joe vs Scott Pilgrim( Scott Pilgrim vs the World) 21. Digimon Leader Battle Royale: Taichi Yagami and Agumon with his Bond of Courage Digivolution, Daisuke Motomiya and Veemon, Takato Mastuki and Guilmon, Takuya Kanbara, Masaru Damon and His Agumon, Taiki Kudou and Shoutmon, and finally Tagiru Akashi and Gumdramon 22. Johto Pokemon Battle Royale 23. Jojo villains battle Royale 24. White Lotus Battle Royale (Avatar the Last Air Bender) 25. Lucemon all Forms(Digimon) vs Trigon(DC) 26. Pikachu & Ash(Pokemon) vs ZatchBell & Kiyo(ZatchBell) 27. Momori & Mirai(Valkyrie Drive Mermaid) vs Maka & Soul(Soul Eater) 28. Bowser(Super Mario) vs King K.Rool(Donkey Kong) 29. Ghost Rider(Marvel) vs Spawn(Image Comics) 30. Superboy(DC) vs Son Gohan(DBZ) 31. Miraculous Ladybug Battle Royale(Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) 32. Billy Butcher(The Boys) vs Stain(My Hero Academia) 33. Eevee evolution Battle Royale(Pokemon) 34. Hyakkimaru(Dororo) vs Tanjiro Kamado(Demon Slayer) 35. Little Mac(Punch Out) vs Makunouchi Ippo(Hajime no Ippo!) 36. Beatrix Kiddo(Kill Bill franchise) vs Machete(Machete franchise) 37. Dr. Neo Cortex(Crash Bandicoot) vs Ripto(Spyro the Dragon) 38. Clayface(DC) vs Sandman(Marvel) 39.Selene(Underworld) vs Alice(Resident Evil) 40. Link Battle Royale(The Legend of Zelda) 41. Akuma(Street Fighter) vs Kazuya Mishima(Tekken) 42. Froppy(My Hero Academia) vs Greninja(Pokemon) 43. Froppy(My Hero Academia) vs Toad(Marvel) 44.Percy Jackson vs Lapis Lazuli(Steven Universe) 45. The Parasite(DC) vs The Absorbing Man(Marvel) vs Kevin 11(Ben 10) 46. Sakura Haruno(Naruto) vs Morgiana(Magi) 47. Eddie Riggs(Brutal Legends) vs Nonon Jakuzure(Kill La Kill) 48. Wiz vs Boomstick(Death Battle)

  96. Spongegod - Ominpants

    Spongegod - OminpantsUukausi sitten

    Ya I also LOVE Mikasas 2 sets of ears line because there’s a MILLION different ways to Interpret, understand, listin to, look at and think about It.

  97. Zion Cinema

    Zion CinemaUukausi sitten

    I want to see a spy vs agent 47 death battle

  98. Ayaan Khan

    Ayaan KhanUukausi sitten

    Omni man v/s Super man

  99. Patty’s red rose

    Patty’s red roseUukausi sitten

    Please do that battle it would mean a lot

  100. Patty’s red rose

    Patty’s red roseUukausi sitten

    Here death battle I was thinking of a death battle maybe gecko Moria from one piece vs noob saibot from mortal kombat

  101. Skeleton Crew

    Skeleton CrewUukausi sitten

    @Patty’s red rose they have a link In their description for their suggestion form use that because they don't read comments

  102. Patty’s red rose

    Patty’s red roseUukausi sitten

    And please do this battle I know you probably won’t see this comment but this would make one of my dreams come true

  103. Mrafaela Hackenberg

    Mrafaela HackenbergUukausi sitten

    hey should like joker (persona 5 I say) vs batman mr. L vs tails stewie Griffin vs gimmy nutron

  104. Little Ramsies 10,000

    Little Ramsies 10,000Uukausi sitten

    Cole Macgrath(Infamous) Vs Alex Mercer(Prototype)

  105. Darth Cerebus

    Darth CerebusUukausi sitten

    Death Battle cast: Talks about not being worried about if the fans get upset over a result Also Death Battle cast: Picks nothing but obscenely one-sided matchups solely to please the fans

  106. deathblade

    deathbladeUukausi sitten

    Hears a thought wiz vs boomstick

  107. deathblade

    deathbladeUukausi sitten

    @Skeleton Crew net

  108. Skeleton Crew

    Skeleton CrewUukausi sitten

    Already confirmed to be the last death battle ever

  109. Artero Wilson

    Artero WilsonUukausi sitten

    plz do yujiro hanma vs pickle

  110. SomePersonIn TheBackground

    SomePersonIn TheBackgroundUukausi sitten

    I’d love to see a Jojo character in a fight even if they lose since it’s been a long time I’ve seen one maybe you could Tusk Act 4 or Made In Heaven or some other stand =)

  111. SomePersonIn TheBackground

    SomePersonIn TheBackgroundUukausi sitten

    Wow really!? ✨^✨

  112. Illegal Meme Dealer

    Illegal Meme DealerUukausi sitten

    I’m a big advocate for Jolyne vs Korra (from Avatar), both are the final member of a powerful supernatural bloodline/cycle of reincarnation. Korra is far stronger physically, but has no reliable way to get past Stone Free, meaning I’d say they’re fairly evenly matched

  113. Zane hall

    Zane hallUukausi sitten

    The next episode should be wiz vs boomstick

  114. DemonDragon000

    DemonDragon000Uukausi sitten

    I for one greatly appreciate the fact that the battles are determined via research and not who has the bigger fanbase!!!

  115. Ozzy McLeod

    Ozzy McLeodUukausi sitten

    You know a interesting death battle would be the crypt keeper (the tales from the crypt keeper) vs the creep (the creepshow). I haven’t found much sound information on their powers and feats however I would love to see what you guys could find out on these two ghouls. 😄

  116. Pixelock

    PixelockUukausi sitten

    Nooooo, Mikasa😭😭😭

  117. Dope Jedi

    Dope JediUukausi sitten

    Just need to say “Samari Jack” beats Gutz from berserk

  118. amirul😎

    amirul😎Uukausi sitten

    Invincible(omni-man) vs DC(superman) pls🙏🙏🙏🙏

  119. Mr Brook

    Mr BrookUukausi sitten

    Omni man vs homelander vs superman vs someone from marvel Means: Invincible vs The Boys vs DC vs Marvel all in one fight to the death

  120. Galarian Jedi

    Galarian JediUukausi sitten

    Kind of hoping Jack Black is a fan of the show and volunteers to voice Po for the next episode

  121. Paul Neil Maaghop

    Paul Neil MaaghopUukausi sitten

    Here's a cool battle to do next The Seven (The Boys) vs The Guardians of the Globe (Invincible) (If you to make things a bit fair we can exclude Homelander and The Immortal)

  122. poseidon aquaman

    poseidon aquamanUukausi sitten

    More wiz and boomstick I really love your videos and maybe add loki vs someone or bakugo vs another naruto character or gandalf vs dumbledore or star wars vs marvel or just keep on making more ideas and one more thing add voltes 5

  123. Alief Alyansyah

    Alief AlyansyahUukausi sitten

    When will ichigo vs naruto comentary got released. Also why is there no q&a anymore cause i want to ask why you didn't include mikasa ultra hard chestplate for extra deffense.