Arsenal vs West Brom | Watch Along Live

Arsenal vs West Brom | Watch Along Live

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  1. M.M

    M.MUukausi sitten

    How is ty 50 years old

  2. Jack Whalley

    Jack WhalleyUukausi sitten

    Ty says he doesn't go in on opposition fans unless they start it 🤔 I seem to remember him having a go at Doncaster fans after an FA cup match at the Emirates, Ty had a go at them for cheering after they conceded 3 goals, which Robbie then said they have a right to enjoy themselves on a snowy Tuesday night away from home. Ty disagreeded and said not until they reach Arsenal's level. He then went in on Jose for showing a lack of humility....oh the irony.

  3. seiom jvony

    seiom jvonyUukausi sitten

    2:12:53 Remember this when Sam Allardyce gets selected for Arsenal manager.

  4. aola wili

    aola wiliUukausi sitten

    2:12:53 So basically what TY is saying here is that Sam is cheat and he hopes he gets relegated.

  5. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanUukausi sitten

    "A wise man speaks when he has something to say, but a fool speaks because he has to say something"

  6. Da'Mario White-Molina

    Da'Mario White-MolinaUukausi sitten

    Ty responded to Dt when he doesn’t look his way 😂😂😂

  7. seiom jvony

    seiom jvonyUukausi sitten


  8. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeUukausi sitten

    38:32 😭😭😭

  9. aola wili

    aola wiliUukausi sitten

    Not even being peak but does Ty have something wrong with him? He is a 50 yr old child who can’t be quiet and will argue back with kids. Does he actually think he’s funny 🤣

  10. tyuhf sdftvhu

    tyuhf sdftvhuUukausi sitten

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  11. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanUukausi sitten

    Arsenal need to buy Eduardo Camavinga

  12. Habib Hassen

    Habib HassenUukausi sitten


  13. Amin Wafi

    Amin WafiUukausi sitten

    Dt should have slap ty

  14. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeUukausi sitten

    I always hated ty the worst type of fan. Also big up rocky if u know u know

  15. OG Garrett

    OG GarrettUukausi sitten

    Robbie this was the best with Ty lol ive watched this like 20 times 47:13 with ty dt and pippa reactions were golden 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Craig Newport

    Craig NewportUukausi sitten

    Seems like ty missing claude and found d t

  17. Mo Leicester

    Mo LeicesterUukausi sitten

    Ty is charged up 😂😂😂😂

  18. RedDeadBret

    RedDeadBretUukausi sitten

    I would rather watch this stream with Kilechis karaoke then listen to this man child mutter on. If he was like this in my local the bloke would have been tossed out. I mean SERIOUSLY WOBBIE, FACKIN HELL, WHEN WILL IT END.

  19. Sheikh Ashmaan

    Sheikh AshmaanUukausi sitten

    Ty definitely got bullied as a kid

  20. OG Garrett

    OG GarrettUukausi sitten

    Sorry boys Pippa is such a pretty lady!!! Nice facial features 😀😀

  21. Sergio Does Football

    Sergio Does FootballUukausi sitten

    Ty is a 50 yr old child

  22. David

    DavidUukausi sitten

    First time watching this I’m a chelsea fan. Only reason I came here cause I saw on troopz video that there was beef so I was interested. It’s now the 33rd minute and the dude on the left wouldn’t stfu how do y’all livestream games and get viewers when that man doesn’t stfu. Does he need all the attention someone explain lmfao

  23. Tashrif Alam

    Tashrif AlamUukausi sitten

    1:14:12 Zippy from Rainbow🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Jay Dash

    Jay DashUukausi sitten

    this man ty really said verbally 😂😂😭😭 37:00

  25. Goldeva

    GoldevaUukausi sitten


  26. Scott Sparks

    Scott SparksUukausi sitten

    Not even being peak but does Ty have something wrong with him? He is a 50 yr old child who can’t be quiet and will argue back with kids. Does he actually think he’s funny 🤣

  27. Stefon Jr

    Stefon JrUukausi sitten

    Arsenal need to buy Eduardo Camavinga

  28. Proper Plank

    Proper PlankUukausi sitten

    It almost looks like Ty is going through a psychotic episode-Jesus Chrust.

  29. Alf Martin

    Alf MartinUukausi sitten

    I always hated ty the worst type of fan. Also big up rocky if u know u know

  30. ja ka dala

    ja ka dalaUukausi sitten

    TY is a Man child so immature

  31. Peter Chedraoui

    Peter ChedraouiUukausi sitten

    I’m very curious (from a Chelsea fan) do arsenal fans want Willian out or in ?

  32. Lyla Hale

    Lyla HaleUukausi sitten

    this is the "fallout" after Arsenal losing Thursday, they are all empty, gutted dissapointed and realise this game (and the rest of the season) means they are all hurt, angry and short tempered, they cant concentrate on a game that means nothing so they all turn on each other...poor Ty because he is the most vocal and an easy picking, but really they shouldve all just sat there in silence, but Ty keeping breaking the silence is his defence mechanism...great entertainment but painful for them and for us.

  33. Tashrif Alam

    Tashrif AlamUukausi sitten

    49:07 DT ruins it🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Tashrif Alam

    Tashrif AlamUukausi sitten

    45:33 46:13 and 46:31 Lee should have just combusted into flames. Ty was getting irritating over here

  35. Tashrif Alam

    Tashrif AlamUukausi sitten

    44:28 youuuuu be quiet🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. PF Chim

    PF ChimUukausi sitten

    Ty has nothing else going on in life other than Arsenal. Quite dangerous tbh. This was a very pathetic display by the man.

  37. T R

    T RUukausi sitten

    Ty gave me a headache

  38. fr en

    fr enUukausi sitten

    How the f are they gonna get conte?!?!??! He is in a big big club with 3 CL and 19 leauge titles in inter. He gonna leave inter for this little club??

  39. sjvr13

    sjvr13Uukausi sitten



    EUGENE EDUUukausi sitten

    Things u love to see villareal losing 4-2 against celta vigo with 2 men for villarreal being sent off lol arsenal fan Marco reus here

  41. Scott Sparks

    Scott SparksUukausi sitten

    Na ty is jokes but not when he’s like this a whole game. Done my head in

  42. Farhan Athar

    Farhan AtharUukausi sitten

    Have to agree I have always called ty funny and defended him but seriously after watching watch alongs can't say that he's not annoying.

  43. Rens885

    Rens885Uukausi sitten

    Ty was in his prime last night on god

  44. Felix Envall

    Felix EnvallUukausi sitten

    What cirkus did they find Ty at?

  45. Pavan Reddy

    Pavan ReddyUukausi sitten

    51:49 hahahahahhahaha

  46. Pavan Reddy

    Pavan ReddyUukausi sitten


  47. Azure Fredrikssen

    Azure FredrikssenUukausi sitten

    Ty was awful in this stream and actually ruined the first half with his insufferable behavior. Please have a word with him or remove him completely

  48. Khin David

    Khin DavidUukausi sitten

    Please sub ty off. The dude is mad annoying.

  49. Oxygen Silver

    Oxygen SilverUukausi sitten

    Petition to remove Ty from the livestreams. Replace him with Turkish.

  50. ON 1999

    ON 1999Uukausi sitten

    Does he say why they wasn't at the protest?

  51. Billy Dewar

    Billy DewarUukausi sitten

    Ty woke up and chose annoyance today😴

  52. John C

    John CUukausi sitten

    Thought DT wasn't turning up. Hypocrite

  53. England 2021

    England 2021Uukausi sitten

    We need to put TY in a room with Big Dunk at Everton and let him run his mouth

  54. Ivo Maros

    Ivo MarosUukausi sitten


  55. amanjot singh

    amanjot singhUukausi sitten


  56. mark bishop

    mark bishopUukausi sitten

    Love how ty takes a dig at wba in the championship abit like arsenal in the champions league 😂 😂 😂

  57. Tayeeb Hussain

    Tayeeb HussainUukausi sitten

    Ty usually calls people by their first name and keeps calling lee by his surname 🤔

  58. Scotty Pacheco

    Scotty PachecoUukausi sitten

    @AFTV Robbie, Ty needs to go. He is cringey and makes these streams unbearable. When the crew is willing to pay him off just so he can STFU, it's very telling.

  59. C L

    C LUukausi sitten

    Why’s everyone hating on ty lol

  60. DLG Reppin

    DLG ReppinUukausi sitten

    Because his a man child lol

  61. Jason Soo

    Jason SooUukausi sitten

    How low can arsenal be when TY banter about west brom.. he is the reason why arsenal are going down... where robbie scout this TY?😁😁😁

  62. Jephcott the Prince of Plymouth

    Jephcott the Prince of PlymouthUukausi sitten

    2:06:41 they call me king rattler

  63. dzaki fawwaz

    dzaki fawwazUukausi sitten

    ty live dont matter

  64. Emerson Kelly

    Emerson KellyUukausi sitten

    13:00 ty getting flamed heavy from here till the end of the video; hes gonna get cancelled soon

  65. Emerson Kelly

    Emerson KellyUukausi sitten

    Ty needs a reality check, we are a mid table club. This isnt the arsenal I know and love.

  66. Rich Allen

    Rich AllenUukausi sitten

    Ty, do yourself, and the rest of us a favour mate, just stop talking!

  67. Arsenal Fan

    Arsenal FanUukausi sitten

    Ty is just a 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  68. spen o

    spen oUukausi sitten

    Tywoooo out!

  69. Nick 172xx

    Nick 172xxUukausi sitten

    Robbie will surely kick out ty from aftv one day. He looks so annoyed whenever ty starts chatting crap

  70. Neil Luhar

    Neil LuharUukausi sitten

    Arsenal fans want the owners out, but literally buy the whole club shop out every season.

  71. Mr Feather

    Mr FeatherUukausi sitten

    what are you all celebrating about??? this is actually embarrassing. no wonder we are the worst fan base.

  72. Julian Muscat

    Julian MuscatUukausi sitten

    Ty is everything wrong with football.

  73. John Zee

    John ZeeUukausi sitten

    Ty lost his mind

  74. John Zee

    John ZeeUukausi sitten

    Ty is a little baby and DT is a big baby

  75. Kilika09

    Kilika09Uukausi sitten

    38:26 why has this not been time stamped, funniest super chat since they started doing watch alongs 😂😂😂

  76. darshan mehta

    darshan mehtaUukausi sitten


  77. darshan mehta

    darshan mehtaUukausi sitten


  78. Rae Mo Gaming

    Rae Mo GamingUukausi sitten

    Ty is an actual joke

  79. The Disturbed Gamer

    The Disturbed GamerUukausi sitten

    So nobody is going to give timestamps today?:(

  80. elizabeth olsen

    elizabeth olsenUukausi sitten

    AFTV profiting off an autistic person. Pretty low chaps.

  81. Elli

    ElliUukausi sitten

    Ty is on fire today he windup everyone

  82. Trell Ali

    Trell AliUukausi sitten

    The first 30 minutes of this watch along will go down in history😭

  83. Chris Riley

    Chris RileyUukausi sitten

    Robbie you really need to take Ty off the channel for awhile. It’s funny to see him in 5 minute increments for his match reaction- but to have him there for a watch along is too much

  84. BlackSheep 40

    BlackSheep 40Uukausi sitten

    Time to give Ty a break, he’s becoming a joke and people will switch off rather than watch him

  85. frrre 2333

    frrre 2333Uukausi sitten

    38:27 the best superchat 😂😂🤣🤣

  86. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh MungusUukausi sitten

    Legendary!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  87. Josh Mansfield

    Josh MansfieldUukausi sitten


  88. roronoa zoro

    roronoa zoroUukausi sitten

    remove ty next game pls doing my head in

  89. radamel falcao

    radamel falcaoUukausi sitten

    So the Londoners smile and stop the protest again. What a shame! Just one win and some rumours of transfer could make them stop the protest and believe in Kroenke! Pathetic!

  90. Fandistico

    FandisticoUukausi sitten

    Legend says DT willy can shut up man talk too much!

  91. David Barrock

    David BarrockUukausi sitten

    How does the aftv crew put up with ty. I feel like pulling my hair

  92. Blog World

    Blog WorldUukausi sitten

    This is more interesting than whole arsenal season!! Love this stream..TY 😆😆

  93. ShadowAussie N7

    ShadowAussie N7Uukausi sitten

    Where is the heart where is the courage why wasn't their any arsenal fans at the stadium did someone snitch to the police tipping then off so they had to cancel the protest. I live in Australia jailed in my own country can't even travel because of the wuhan virus THE KRONEKES are the virus why wasn't their any protest do you love your club or not?

  94. Woohyun Son

    Woohyun SonUukausi sitten

    I will worship DT if he chucks his chair at TY to shut him up

  95. jayphantom

    jayphantomUukausi sitten

    DT needs to stop attacking ty trying to be a center of attention

  96. S A

    S AUukausi sitten

    Aftv acc so entertaining lmao

  97. georgie gorge

    georgie gorgeUukausi sitten

    your women`s team play better football than your men .

  98. Fandistico

    FandisticoUukausi sitten

    yes sadly

  99. Elu

    EluUukausi sitten

    TY has to go, the show is barely becoming watchable

  100. Yuri Nameem

    Yuri NameemUukausi sitten

    if Bielsa was the manager it would have been an 8-3 loss instead. and Auba still wouldn't be on the scoresheet.

  101. RSL 183

    RSL 183Uukausi sitten

    This was a disgrace. Get ty off the streams.

  102. Arnabi Arnab

    Arnabi ArnabUukausi sitten

    Lee Judges hands down be having the best

  103. Arnabi Arnab

    Arnabi ArnabUukausi sitten

    Ty with a Beeper lol

  104. Samuel Ergando

    Samuel ErgandoUukausi sitten

    Robbie is profiting off of Ty's inaptitude sad to see

  105. Gredi Nainggolan

    Gredi NainggolanUukausi sitten

    Ty deserves a special appearance in WWE, he can cuts a promo 😂

  106. Jeremy Basset

    Jeremy BassetUukausi sitten

    "A wise man speaks when he has something to say, but a fool speaks because he has to say something"

  107. Euan 23

    Euan 23Uukausi sitten

    How long before ty is in a phyco ward

  108. Siti Wankembang

    Siti WankembangUukausi sitten

    Why TY hate Sam Allardyce?

  109. Shane Thompson

    Shane ThompsonUukausi sitten

    Highlight of the stream: dt eating fruit pastiles ahahahaha

  110. Leslie Boasiako

    Leslie BoasiakoUukausi sitten

    arsenal broke ty (but still gunner for life)