Aggressive Pros Get Punished For 3-Betting Me When I Have It! Poker Vlog Ep 154

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  1. Brad Owen

    Brad OwenUukausi sitten

    Meant to say 7 5 2 all hearts at 5:19. Sometimes I don't catch my mistakes before uploading, nothing I can do after uploading unfortunately.

  2. Jack Jorgensen

    Jack Jorgensen7 päivää sitten

    So long as you weren't thinking they were rainbow when you were at the table is all that matters. Love the vids

  3. Kristian Dallas

    Kristian Dallas14 päivää sitten

    @Shella Bosques I am trying it out now. Seems to be working.

  4. Shella Bosques

    Shella Bosques15 päivää sitten

    Not sure if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hack if you wanna try it yourself

  5. john son

    john son29 päivää sitten

    Great videos! Tip a red bird once in a while tho u bish, you’re the best poker streamer tho somehow.

  6. Keller Ranch

    Keller RanchUukausi sitten

    I had just posted to ask about that before I saw your pinned comment. I was confused as heck for a second.

  7. xxxYYZxxx

    xxxYYZxxx3 päivää sitten

    "Easy Game" (Vol 1,2,3) by Andrew Seidman, and "The Raiser's Edge" by Bertrand Grosspelier are good poker strategy books.

  8. Tim Kelly

    Tim Kelly5 päivää sitten

    Some of your comments are absolute gold !!!]

  9. Daniel Vargas

    Daniel Vargas6 päivää sitten

    Bro, I love the videos. Very education and not boring at all. I was subscribed to a different poker training site, but the guy just kinda talked like the clear eyes 👀 guy

  10. Ladosligese

    Ladosligese7 päivää sitten

    "South african .. could have some french in him , cause he is good at surrendering " damn man :D

  11. randomjoe333 e3333

    randomjoe333 e33338 päivää sitten

    I don't know if I came for the game play footage or for the quirky jokes

  12. Everardo Olide

    Everardo Olide8 päivää sitten

    Your commentary is why I stick around. Keep shining Brad

  13. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson9 päivää sitten

    Brad i watch the videos and the in sites you give. The thing i was most struck by was how you are a professional by suggesting the books you read. I am a casual player and go to Atlantic city to playI have also read some. it does help

  14. Chris N

    Chris N9 päivää sitten

    Try harder bozo, lol at reading a script for a youtube video...

  15. ヘンリー

    ヘンリー9 päivää sitten

    stop showing your card

  16. Aina Aina

    Aina Aina10 päivää sitten


  17. commenter

    commenter11 päivää sitten

    Kind of strange watching him play. He's kind of amateurish. Oh gee he lost money after the lucky hands. Playing like this? Not surprising at all.

  18. Boris

    Boris12 päivää sitten

    What are the training sites that you mentioned for strategy

  19. Eric Zeigler

    Eric Zeigler15 päivää sitten

    Brad, how many gears does a French main battle tank have? One, reverse. Thought you would like it.

  20. James A Parsons, Jr.

    James A Parsons, Jr.15 päivää sitten

    Hi Brad! I’m new to poker! I’m 51 😂 What’s the benefit to play at the wee hours of the morning? Thx bro! Enjoy your stuff

  21. Elvis M.

    Elvis M.16 päivää sitten

    "Could have some French in him because he's quite good at surrendering" haha you are hilarious bro :-D thanks for the laugh and all the poker highlights. I'm always cheering for you Brad- Elvis from Los Angeles

  22. Raver Magik

    Raver Magik16 päivää sitten

    He might be south african or might have some french in him from all the surrendering.. OUCH.. LMAO.

  23. Enzo Dufour

    Enzo Dufour16 päivää sitten

    My impression is that it is a pretty recent and mostly American stereotype. I suspect it is based on France being relatively quickly subdued by Germany in WWII but I didn't really see it in popular culture until a wave of anti-French sentiment in the US after France did not want to send the hoped-for manpower in support of some US-initiated power projection into the middle east in the early 2000s. Nobody would however have accused the French army of WWI, the Napoleonic wars or the hundred years war of easily surrendering. There is a reason why your very military vocabulary, from serjeant to colonel, is mostly French loan words. A french viewer

  24. BaneLoki

    BaneLoki17 päivää sitten

    Why do you play at 3am?

  25. Brad Owen

    Brad Owen17 päivää sitten

    Just the sleep schedule I'm on

  26. wrapper2

    wrapper219 päivää sitten

    My favorite poker-related book is Positively Fifth Street by Jim McManus. Part history lesson on the Ted Binion murder, part memoir of his 2000 WSOP run.

  27. Ric C

    Ric C20 päivää sitten

    Hey Brad. Thanks for your entertainment. Hope to meet up with you in Vegas soon. It should be fun...

  28. Rio Manolo

    Rio Manolo20 päivää sitten

    How do you always have good hands lol

  29. Donald Duck

    Donald Duck20 päivää sitten

    Help a poker noob here; what poker game is he playing? Texas Holdem or?

  30. Brian Potter

    Brian Potter20 päivää sitten

    Hey Brad, is there more action during those late night hours? It would seem like less "rec players" would be out at that time of night.

  31. Doomsday Clown

    Doomsday Clown21 päivä sitten

    Ass kicked in Vietnam, stuck in Afghanistan for 20 years, stuck in criminal genocidal wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya...supporting criminal regimes slaughtering innocent people in Yemen...other than that, let's make fun of the French! And no you didn't win in WW1, the French won by kicking the German's behind at Verdun. And no you didn't win WW2 either, the Soviets obliterated the Nazis at Stalingrad. But hey how can I blame you when you learn history from Hollywood...Oh yeah, I forgot, you won in Grenada because my buddy Clint made a movie about it! For Christ sake, stick to poker...I was a big fan until now!

  32. Tom Blyth

    Tom Blyth21 päivä sitten

    lol gotcha, outstanding vids

  33. Tom Blyth

    Tom Blyth21 päivä sitten

    how do you lose to a flush on a rainbow fop?

  34. Christopher Coupland

    Christopher Coupland22 päivää sitten

    7,5,2 rainbow? All hearts

  35. Phum Khmer TV

    Phum Khmer TV22 päivää sitten

    Why are you mostly start playing after midnight?

  36. porigez

    porigez23 päivää sitten

    finally the cat!!!!!!

  37. Lidor G

    Lidor G23 päivää sitten

    What is the name of the app you use to truck your gains

  38. Thomas Grimshaw Hudson

    Thomas Grimshaw Hudson23 päivää sitten

    The channel is awesome, Brad!

  39. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson23 päivää sitten

    I love it when 3betting LAGs get their test shoved back at them.

  40. johnny brock

    johnny brock23 päivää sitten

    LMAO!!! Loved the quip about the South African that might be part French!!!

  41. Alex Beamish

    Alex Beamish24 päivää sitten

    You had to get a ruling on whether a straight beats a flush from the floor? Wooooow.

  42. Brad Owen

    Brad Owen24 päivää sitten

    Haha no that was just a joke

  43. Tom Hill

    Tom Hill24 päivää sitten


  44. GlenMiz

    GlenMiz25 päivää sitten

    Lots of early AM playing session. Do you find those sessions / players a better target or is insomnia leading you to playing so late? Hope you are doing okay and staying healthy in your life. Love the vlogs.

  45. Billsfan716

    Billsfan71625 päivää sitten

    New sub good content brotha 👍

  46. KissMyConverseFool

    KissMyConverseFool26 päivää sitten

    fuck's up with all these 5-10 players putting their drinks on the felt like goddamn animals

  47. term limited

    term limited26 päivää sitten

    Poker bro’s?

  48. Aprendendo com Prof. Paulo Paes

    Aprendendo com Prof. Paulo Paes26 päivää sitten

    Hey Brad, why you always send some chips the dealer's way after winning a pot? I never know if you're giving them a tip, changing the 1 dollar chips for higher value ones or just paying the blinds for the next hand.

  49. Jason

    Jason26 päivää sitten

    They seriously had to call a floor?

  50. Judson Miller

    Judson Miller26 päivää sitten

    Thanks for the book thoughts at the end. Cuz I'm old I can't seem to wrap my head around most training sites. It always feels like jumping into the deep end head first. Books seem to give you a chance to warm up before hitting you with the heavy stuff. I'll check out that Ed Miller book, thanks again!!

  51. MIchael Mason

    MIchael Mason26 päivää sitten

    First time watching your video.. love it!!

  52. QT8270

    QT827026 päivää sitten


  53. P*Funk

    P*Funk27 päivää sitten

    What do you recommend as a good resource for getting your head around modern theory on ranges?

  54. David Heinig

    David Heinig27 päivää sitten

    Now you have aces! It never fucking ends

  55. David Heinig

    David Heinig27 päivää sitten

    What the fuck else? Premium hand first hand

  56. Conner Sullivan

    Conner Sullivan27 päivää sitten

    That hand with J8 vs Anthony is why I love live poker. That guy seems great don’t blame you for not firing 😂

  57. Ricardo Montalbum

    Ricardo Montalbum28 päivää sitten

    And the tired French joke gets an unsub

  58. woodstock

    woodstock28 päivää sitten

    a like and a comment well earned. another nice one.

  59. DevMP

    DevMP28 päivää sitten

    167 mad frenchies disliked. Even though the comment about surrendering was so true :D

  60. Eric Williams

    Eric Williams28 päivää sitten

    Quite good at surrendering? haha!

  61. Alexis Lopez

    Alexis Lopez28 päivää sitten

    What’s a good poker app for seasons ?

  62. ekw555

    ekw55529 päivää sitten

    @5:20 "the dealer puts out 7-5-2 rainbow" graphic shows monotone hearts . . . .

  63. Blake Snowden

    Blake Snowden29 päivää sitten

    french "surrender" - f'ing BRILLIANT !~ really legitimately laughed out loud.

  64. New life Begins

    New life Begins29 päivää sitten

    French surrenders? Ahahah where you come from ? Of course America but for real? Which country your great grand parents moved from ? Germany I guess ahahaha

  65. Brad Owen

    Brad Owen29 päivää sitten

    I'm a big mix but more French and Italian than anything else. Other Western European countries as well.

  66. Maxwell Kahn

    Maxwell Kahn29 päivää sitten

    Do you need an editor?

  67. Charles Henry

    Charles HenryUukausi sitten

    you must love hanging at a table when one opponent thinks straights beat flushes...

  68. Jhayr Llagas

    Jhayr LlagasUukausi sitten


  69. Cum Expender

    Cum ExpenderUukausi sitten

    You sound like a big jerkoff!!! Poker talk 😂😂😂😂

  70. James A

    James AUukausi sitten

    Some track coaches have learned to make fast moves. Good vid fun to watch and always learn good stuff. Thanks Brad

  71. Jackson MeHoff

    Jackson MeHoffUukausi sitten

    That Jack Eight of diamonds reminds me a hand i had that. Flopped Seven Nine Ten of diamonds but i was so short in chips it was nice but dang wish i woulda had 5x the chips.

  72. C Y

    C YUukausi sitten

    Hi Brad, I'm pretty open minded about jokes and it is fair to say that we French deserve quite a lot of it, because of our tradition, character and food 😀. But the one about "surrender" is not only mean but offensive for our army, our veterans, all these people who fight and died against tyranny and terrorism over the last 50 years. For your information since the 70's, almost 800 French soldiers lost their lives in 20 different war theaters. Currently and since 2013, France is the only western country to fight the terrorists in Mali at the expenses of hundreds of casualties so the entire region doesn't not fall into the hands of the Islamists. I know it is a pretty common joke in the USA, you did not invent it, but it does not make you greater to show so little respect to these people who deserve so much of it. And I'm sure you wouldn't dare to do the same with US vets.

  73. Morris B.

    Morris B.Uukausi sitten

    Fun! Do you get comped at least for food given how much you play?

  74. Blake Burgess

    Blake BurgessUukausi sitten

    Thanks for taking the time to talk about your favorite books. Can't wait to do some pleasure reading! (I'll likely never be a pro poker player, but I'll really enjoy learning about it.)


    DPTAZZZUukausi sitten

    Nothing like Bradley Video on a Monday morning to start the drooling off right. Can't wait to get back to Vegas.

  76. Glazed420

    Glazed420Uukausi sitten

    April fools day

  77. Danny M

    Danny MUukausi sitten

    Still Hot 🔥

  78. 1 Arda

    1 ArdaUukausi sitten

    Good at surrendering yano 😂 Good from u brad

  79. dwz 钟意Rolex

    dwz 钟意RolexUukausi sitten

    Hi brad how’s going bro . I am in Vegas hopefully can have a game section with you

  80. jacquestrydom

    jacquestrydomUukausi sitten

    Hello from South Africa!! #wedontspeakfrench 🤣

  81. Brad Owen

    Brad OwenUukausi sitten

    Haha the player I was talking about was actually South African, great guy.

  82. Mr Lojou Du Bled

    Mr Lojou Du BledUukausi sitten

    Ace on the river ?

  83. Crafty

    CraftyUukausi sitten

    Hey Brad, Ive often wondered if it would be worth your time to charge fans a fee and be a special guest at home games where fans could meet you, you get some righteous bucks, people could go after the Bradley dollars, and maybe it would make for some interesting vlogs. Anyways, I enjoy watching your vlogs.

  84. Brad Owen

    Brad OwenUukausi sitten

    Hi Chris, it would be fun to do something like that at some point but probably would just do it for free.

  85. Marc Fisher

    Marc FisherUukausi sitten

    You missed one of the best books called the Book of Tells. It is somewhat corny but has excellent information.

  86. Brad Owen

    Brad OwenUukausi sitten

    Yeah, I like that one too

  87. Brandon Hzkw

    Brandon HzkwUukausi sitten

    Nice session. Wait I'm French!! F U!!

  88. Brad Owen

    Brad OwenUukausi sitten

    Lol I'm at least part French as well.

  89. djdestroyer

    djdestroyerUukausi sitten

    Why do you play so early?

  90. Lucas Khattar

    Lucas KhattarUukausi sitten

    Dude your guitars are sick

  91. jon lucas

    jon lucasUukausi sitten

    that was funny about french

  92. HeyIt'sAJ

    HeyIt'sAJUukausi sitten

    "The flop comes 6, 6, 6, all devil faces" That may have just beat the "7, 7, 7, with two diamonds".

  93. Michael Valentine

    Michael ValentineUukausi sitten

    What did you do to your cat’s tail?

  94. Randy Ott

    Randy OttUukausi sitten

    Great book sugg's-thanks

  95. BlutoLongneck

    BlutoLongneckUukausi sitten

    You are restless and wreckless, you need to understand patience.

  96. Joe Swanson

    Joe SwansonUukausi sitten

    Anthony said es hora de comer.

  97. Dustin G

    Dustin GUukausi sitten

    Brooooo books?

  98. Dustin G

    Dustin GUukausi sitten

    Books hurt my brain to read

  99. david miller

    david millerUukausi sitten

    I don’t even play poker! Why am I 154 vlogs in?

  100. Dustin G

    Dustin GUukausi sitten

    The French joke 10/10 🔥⛽️⛽️⛽️🇺🇸🐐

  101. Kyle Alexander

    Kyle AlexanderUukausi sitten

    Brad Owen and Ryan Depaulo r the only gambling channels i really watch. Depaulo is funnier but in a different way as well

  102. Drewski

    DrewskiUukausi sitten

    Big fan of the vid solely based on the French surrendering joke. Well done sir.

  103. Frank Giordanella

    Frank GiordanellaUukausi sitten

    Taj coming

  104. Lee Jones

    Lee JonesUukausi sitten

    Nooooooo! Brad just showed Ed Miller's "The Course" to 300,000 people!!!!!! I was watching this whole section thinking "Don't show 'The Course', Brad, DON'T SHOW 'THE COURSE'." If you look at a graph of Vegas $1/3 and $2/5 game difficulty, you will see a sharp increase as of three days ago.

  105. Jack Green

    Jack GreenUukausi sitten

    Yo always got all these bookcases a books everyone has every book available. Why don't you make them available to the people that give you likes. Raffle them instead of oh this is a good book I read it 15 years.ago. But I'm still a Bradley $ fan

  106. Mark Freshwater

    Mark FreshwaterUukausi sitten

    Hi brad! Dont usually comment but been watching your channel lots and been inspired! Only play smaller stakes but one my first tourney tonight with 127 people in it and wanted to say thanks!!!

  107. Matthew Abrams

    Matthew AbramsUukausi sitten

    Hey Brad, love the vlogs, could you please tell me which software you use to edit them? I wanna start doing some vlogs as well

  108. Sammy Shreibati

    Sammy ShreibatiUukausi sitten

    I appreciate the honesty and the real ups and downs of poker

  109. Jump3r __

    Jump3r __Uukausi sitten

    You ever have someone get mad at you for taking their money? I’m scared to play Holdem irl Bc I feel like I’d take someone’s money then get jumped in the parking lot lol

  110. Jonathan PokerNYC

    Jonathan PokerNYCUukausi sitten

    Just finished watching Andrews video about your Covid+, he mentioned your lost of taste and smell. It’s been a year for me so far and nothing has come back. So yeah bro. Good luck to you

  111. mm

    mmUukausi sitten

    Thanks for going runner runner and getting max value on me with A3, granted I should have folded, was easy for you to get there

  112. Georodopoulos

    GeorodopoulosUukausi sitten

    Brad after watching many of your videos and studying every move you make and understanding why you made that move or this move. I played my first 2-5 game at a casino yesterday and bought in for 500 and ended up leaving with 5800! I want to thank you for sharing these videos and teaching me everything. Thank you