24 Hours on a CARGO TRAIN in the Sahara Desert

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Riding the iron ore train in Mauritania was one of my wildest adventures to date. This is the world's longest train, and it transports iron ore from a mine in the Sahara, to the city of Nouhadibou on the coast of Mauritania. You can ride it... at your own risk 😉 This film was shot at the beginning of January 2020, before the pandemic.
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  1. Eva zu Beck

    Eva zu Beck5 kuukautta sitten

    Eek! (You can turn on the subtitles if you like - there's a lot of wind noise in places!) I'm so so excited for you to see this adventure. It took me 10 months to catch up on the edit - I was in Mauritania in early January 2020. But it's finally here, woop woop! ❤️ So - can you relate to the way I describe adventure, and why we travel?

  2. Ceez B

    Ceez B24 päivää sitten

    Why do you do this? To get attention... plain and simple. If you wanted to feel raw and get in touch with yourself you'd discretely volunteer at a hospice facility or a women's shelter or a clinic which serves poor community.

  3. Ceez B

    Ceez B24 päivää sitten

    National Geographic did this last year... check out their video which is very well done. Most locals ride this train to the village by the quarry. This train makes a few stops along the way and is the only supply for food/water/resources to land locked villages in the middle of the desert.

  4. Ali Tarabeih

    Ali Tarabeih2 kuukautta sitten

    I really like your adventures

  5. Ali Tarabeih

    Ali Tarabeih2 kuukautta sitten

    Eva you are a very strong woman I am a karate master and I like alote of challenges I hope one day I will meat you and make one of your challenges traveling together

  6. Ann Margaret Magsino

    Ann Margaret Magsino3 kuukautta sitten

    I must say you are living my dream 😁 You go girl... Conquer the world but take care always. Enjoy & be brave but don't be a daredevil ❤️😉

  7. George Smith

    George Smith16 tuntia sitten

    Bald did this first

  8. helharpa

    helharpaPäivä sitten

    Why did the guy ask her to put on a hijab? I mean she isn't muslim so why should she wear one?

  9. Henni Terness

    Henni Terness3 päivää sitten

    So I had watched Yes Theory's story on this a few weeks back and intrigued as I was, was wondering how a woman would do it, assuming you can't go 24 hours without needing to pee. Coming across this video, I thought I'd find the answer and despite loving your version of the trek, I am disappointed to still be left wondering. Did you use an FUD? Diapers? Avoid drinking?

  10. Ali Zulfiqar

    Ali Zulfiqar4 päivää sitten

    Oh my God..unbelievable.. you just forced me to write although I am so lazy... so courageous.. so daring .. so unique.. just amazing.. honestly I never took your videos seriously for so long.. now I regret it.

  11. Yoram Alon

    Yoram Alon4 päivää sitten

    Thats not an adventure. Never the less, likes her spirit.

  12. jedrinck

    jedrinck5 päivää sitten

    That looks like it sucks.

  13. TheWhoever118

    TheWhoever1186 päivää sitten

    I drove from Tangier in to the Sahara desert in December 2019. The weather was not what I was expecting. I thought the Sahara desert would be the hottest place on earth all year round, but it was actually not all that warm when I drove in to it.

  14. willem sengers

    willem sengers7 päivää sitten

    love your nail polish

  15. betoo kushwaha

    betoo kushwaha8 päivää sitten

    Love india 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

  16. Simon Peter

    Simon Peter8 päivää sitten

    oooch Eva! you look so terrible, what an experience. love from Nigeria.

  17. Shinawar Ali

    Shinawar Ali8 päivää sitten

    Brave girl

  18. Raviraj Gardi

    Raviraj Gardi9 päivää sitten

    You eat enough iron needed for rest of your life..

  19. topuvlog

    topuvlog9 päivää sitten

    It's so awesome vlog

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  21. Leslie Dianne Azman

    Leslie Dianne Azman11 päivää sitten

    I really love your vlogs. Your contents are amazing. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Nitthipon K.

    Nitthipon K.11 päivää sitten

    ภาพวิวทิวทัศน์สวยงามมาก เคยเห็นภาพจากในสื่อ ไม่เคยเห็นด้วยตาตัวเอง ฉันอยากไปเจอของจริงด้วยตัวเองบ้าง

  23. THN PAK

    THN PAK12 päivää sitten

    Amazing, sister u r great. i saw ur braveness on K2 Mountain in PAKISTAN, horse riding in Afghanistan and now coal train journey. i don't know how much i have to watch similar your journeys. great great great sister . i am from Pakistan and subscriber (when u were in Pakistan).

  24. Maruf Sediq

    Maruf Sediq12 päivää sitten

    Eva, your crazy 🤪I like so much your style and what your doing 😉 keep going on your journey we support you! 💙 🙌 🇦🇫

  25. Biel Biel

    Biel Biel13 päivää sitten

    please have a colab with shiey, train surfing. bet you'll have great time

  26. heatwave resturant

    heatwave resturant14 päivää sitten

    U did it wow amazing journey.

  27. Daytona Jimduey

    Daytona Jimduey15 päivää sitten

    She is such a trooper. God bless her.

  28. Michelle de la Giroday

    Michelle de la Giroday15 päivää sitten

    I live in Spain and love it so much the only places I have travelled since I am here r Azerbaijan for ten days and Budapest. But by the time I was thirty four I was an extremely well traveled person and had been on this cargo train without paying on top of iron ore. I got on it in the middle of the Sahara on its halfway journey at 2am. But at the time it was regarded as a normal slightly offbeat thing to do recommended by the lonely planet. Now u can't find up to date travel guides abouts Mauritania because of terrorism


    SANJAY SOMKUWAR17 päivää sitten

    Great job

  30. Faysal Khodr

    Faysal Khodr18 päivää sitten

    They say Mauritania is one of the least visited countries in the world. I see why. It looks like a post apocalyptic desert wasteland. It would be perfect for movies

  31. Vee Siam

    Vee Siam19 päivää sitten

    Ultimate Adventure is the answer 😎 Travelling the World is like going to the University of Life!

  32. travgpeters1

    travgpeters119 päivää sitten

    your a crazy lady haha . your awesome

  33. Shiva Prakash Shenoy

    Shiva Prakash Shenoy20 päivää sitten

    Ms Eva, the brave beautiful lady, with the Fearless & Far gentleman 😀😎❤️🙏👍, when are you visiting our magnificent Incredible India and show good things about the country that other media show wrong, your Kilimanjaro expedition was stupendous, thumbs up

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    POVHFR Videos22 päivää sitten

    Oh yeah, I subscribed!

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    Hasan Gilani23 päivää sitten

    wow, you guys have some real courage

  36. Xiaoou Wang

    Xiaoou Wang23 päivää sitten

    Oh I really want to do this too ! Thanks for sharing

  37. Ceez B

    Ceez B24 päivää sitten

    National Geographic did this last year... check out their video which is very well done. Most locals ride this train to the village by the quarry. This train makes a few stops along the way and is the only supply for food/water/resources to land locked villages in the middle of the desert.

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  39. Anthropologist World

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    Hahahaah wow it looks amazing



    Absolutely yes !!! its a superb way to show & experience love to self!, btw It felt really really raw & awesomee, Thank you !

  41. martynewport

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    Did someone tell you before that you are beautiful?!

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    15:05 Looks emotional.. It's a life time experience..!!

  47. Gaming 'n' Games

    Gaming 'n' Games29 päivää sitten

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  48. MIGUEL S

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    david baileyUukausi sitten

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  60. nerdynut

    nerdynutUukausi sitten

    Has this train become a tourist attraction that it's not illegal anymore to hitch a ride on it? Every other vlogger surfing it...

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    myjeepziaUukausi sitten

    People’s were adventurous way before us and they still are it’s in our DNA 🧬 . We should do things that our little heart desires. Awesome journey thanks

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    Hamza KhanUukausi sitten

    @Dr Satinder travel and lifestyle husband can marry up to 4. But there is reasoning behind this. It’s better to marry women than to sleep around. It’s much better. How do you judge? And also, you have no idea what your talking about the divorce.. Go to this channel - “Hamza’s den”. They invite non Muslims for conversation. You can question them and bring your issues with Islam. They will most definitely invite you inshallaha if you ask them in the chat. I do not want to debate here. Go to the panel and have a discussion with them.

  66. Dr Satinder travel and lifestyle

    Dr Satinder travel and lifestyleUukausi sitten

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    Hamza KhanUukausi sitten

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