10 Bike Tools that aren't screwdrivers

There are wrenches, pliers, cutters, and all the tools that every home bicycle mechanic has; Today, we'll be talking about the weirder stuff.

chain wear gauge bit.ly/32KyfSP
chain scrubber bit.ly/3tUMz7i
dummy hub bit.ly/2QTdFx8
dummy pedal bit.ly/3tTtthR
spoke tension gauge bit.ly/3gDoxd1
truing fork bit.ly/32KMcAh
headset cup remover bit.ly/32YFAP3
wheel holder bit.ly/3sPwCy3
internal routing tool bit.ly/2QZcYC8
cable puller bit.ly/3evMS1Q
Tire Knob Cutter amzn.to/3aFGunw

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  1. Jonah Courtemanche

    Jonah Courtemanche11 tuntia sitten

    Jesus Is King, Jesus Is King, Jesus Is King, Jesus Is King..

  2. Cody Hallenbeck

    Cody Hallenbeck19 tuntia sitten

    The tool for pulling on a cable is a 4th hand tool. 3rd hand tools basically hold the pads to the rim. They're sort of rare beasts these days, but they're useful for setting up cantilevers and pretty much critical for setting up rollercams if fortune frowns upon you. I am That Guy at work who constantly makes this correction.

  3. Jonah Courtemanche

    Jonah Courtemanche2 päivää sitten

    God ( Jesus Christ. ) Will Always Be With You Forever And Forever And Forever And Forever For All Eternity...

  4. Jonah Courtemanche

    Jonah Courtemanche2 päivää sitten

    Thank- You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God.

  5. ehotto

    ehotto2 päivää sitten

    Park tool dummy peddal. only $189.98

  6. Attaporn Ungsriwong

    Attaporn Ungsriwong2 päivää sitten

    I love the third hand so much that it sleeps beside me instead of my wife. *Actually it is the fourth hand.

  7. Norman Harris

    Norman Harris2 päivää sitten

    Ooooh... Bicycle. The title made us believe it was about BIKES

  8. Lcbiking

    Lcbiking3 päivää sitten


  9. Leo Covello

    Leo Covello3 päivää sitten

    For people looking for a cheaper option for the internal routing tool, get fish tape. Fish tape works the same way and is generally used on boats and costs like 25 bucks on amazon

  10. musk8

    musk83 päivää sitten

    Man, Seth is one of the first youtubes I've watched. I remember watching him way back when he lived in Florida.

  11. sonaarr

    sonaarr6 päivää sitten

    i just use a pair of pliers

  12. Gina Lynn Guesby

    Gina Lynn Guesby8 päivää sitten

    Actually, my husband says that's a "4th hand", not a "3rd hand"

  13. itakeyouthere

    itakeyouthere8 päivää sitten

    Tire knob cutter for mountain bike tires? Lol for trophy trucks I've seen it used but mtb use just seems like a joke

  14. Sami Hamady

    Sami Hamady10 päivää sitten

    Instead of using the cable routing tool, put dental floss in the frame and use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out of the port you want it to end up in and it eventually comes out and you can then tape your cable to it and pull it out.

  15. Trent Lawrentz

    Trent Lawrentz11 päivää sitten

    The nobby knife is awesome i use ot when I go race ( i race dirtbikes ) in fact i used it to day👌

  16. Steven chen

    Steven chen12 päivää sitten

    Don't you remember the screw hack to add a disk brake truer

  17. Carl C Hedemalm

    Carl C Hedemalm13 päivää sitten

    5:37 youve used it 3 times in your videos Murder Machine the XXS hardtail dirt jumper

  18. ejonesss

    ejonesss14 päivää sitten

    i checked the temperature of the knobby knife and it looks like it would work as a desoldering iron for pulling chips from circuit boards or even pulling connectors for salvaging

  19. R.a.g.e

    R.a.g.e14 päivää sitten

    the only tools I hace from this video are third hand and spoke wrenches. The "third hand" is do useful, that it has to be in every garage.

  20. Carlos Prieto

    Carlos Prieto15 päivää sitten

    save ur money and don’t get the disc brake trueing tool just use an adjustable wrench and clamp it onto the disc and bend, that’s how we do it at the bike shop i work at lol

  21. Iam Cyan

    Iam Cyan16 päivää sitten

    I used a small version of the knobby knife to sharpen the knobs or cut off the knobs of of my rc cars instead of buying new/specific tires

  22. Vexari

    Vexari17 päivää sitten

    There are tubeless tyres? Dang.

  23. SwiftyOrange

    SwiftyOrange17 päivää sitten

    3:27 seth has a lisp

  24. Ki Hill

    Ki Hill17 päivää sitten

    I’ve been wondering for awhile, is a hex wrench an American Alan key ?

  25. mi hà

    mi hà18 päivää sitten

    ..thank you..never heard about the cable puller..it always drives me crazy if I want to assemble the cable on my derallieur :-)

  26. JB Tong

    JB Tong19 päivää sitten

    Those arent dummy tools, idiot dummy.. Those are specific, special tools.

  27. JB Tong

    JB Tong19 päivää sitten

    Man seth u got, looked old in just 3 yrs

  28. Mr Glowhite

    Mr Glowhite20 päivää sitten

    90% of these tools are only useful in the hands of marketers, forcing you to buy them.

  29. Freydson Ventura

    Freydson Ventura20 päivää sitten

    God bless yall, Jesus loves yall and He wants you to be saved 🙏 John 3:16 romans 10:9-10

  30. Heather Flatt

    Heather Flatt22 päivää sitten

    you can use a nail like the goshank

  31. Ross Brumby

    Ross Brumby22 päivää sitten

    You forgot to mention the rider. Ive seen some real tools on bikes at times.

  32. Jovan D

    Jovan D22 päivää sitten

    The "knob cutter" is just rebranded plastic welder, i guess they can charge extra by calling it bike equipment.

  33. Jürg Hobi

    Jürg Hobi25 päivää sitten

    Does park tools sponser you

  34. James Spiers

    James Spiers27 päivää sitten

    can I just say if I had that chain checker I wouldn't have had to get a new cassette :(

  35. Elias Danieli

    Elias Danieli28 päivää sitten

    Actually racers get fresh rubber each race so no knobby cutter there either

  36. Mesa3077Boogie

    Mesa3077Boogie29 päivää sitten

    Yo so is pedal preference the true historic reason for pedals not being included on bikes? I mean that always stood out as so silly to me. I mean the every component is a personal preference

  37. clay

    clayUukausi sitten

    The tire cutter is more usefull in motocross

  38. Macko Dhoii

    Macko DhoiiUukausi sitten

    I wish I also have those beautiful bikes like yours.. 😊😊😊 I wish I'll have one. Coz I don't have. ☺️ God bless

  39. Jorge Rodriguez

    Jorge RodriguezUukausi sitten

    Great mr, i would like to seemore bike tool videos, & bikes topic thanks, say hello, joe.

  40. Kirs 2rrico

    Kirs 2rricoUukausi sitten

    That headset cup removal tool is kinda sus, my brain is telling me that it can be used to something else.

  41. My MTB

    My MTBUukausi sitten

    1:08 I have those tires on my bike would recommend they are super wear resistant and gnarly

  42. Mário muacho

    Mário muachoUukausi sitten

    have you ever heard of chain wax? And could you make a video about that? 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹💪💪

  43. Dylan Gleason

    Dylan GleasonUukausi sitten

    I only ride mountain bikes a few times a year I race motocross but still been watching this channel for years I remember you building berm creek at you’re old house keep up the good work

  44. JetboyJnr

    JetboyJnrUukausi sitten

    Ah yes, the knob knife

  45. Sven Poelmans

    Sven PoelmansUukausi sitten

    The headset cup removal tool is used to remove my press in bottom bracket, had to hit it so hard I was afraid I was going to damage my aluminium frame but it worked 😁

  46. john dale anthony gonzales

    john dale anthony gonzalesUukausi sitten

    when the bearings on my pedal accidentaly get lost i used dummy pedal as temporary pedal to the bike shop to buy new bearing

  47. Alexander Pauli

    Alexander PauliUukausi sitten

    This time i am sereously disapointed. I always felt you are the Hacks and Bodges guy who is showing us how to use tools and things we already have. But i was proven wrong Seth, this time you are showing us how to spend a fortune on tools no one realy needs. I know i know all of these park tool gadgets are really nice and i also love Calvin. But in my opinion the real challenge is to make the job without buying all the specific tools you barely need. So please please Seth, get the Hack again. Best regards yout long time fan

  48. Tristan W

    Tristan WUukausi sitten

    If you ever need a makeshift rotor adjuster thingy, just find an adjustable wrench and tighten it down onto the rotor then use it as leverage to bend the rotor back

  49. Brian Pshyk

    Brian PshykUukausi sitten

    Nice park tool ad...

  50. jose de la rosa

    jose de la rosaUukausi sitten


  51. Rick Einstein

    Rick EinsteinUukausi sitten

    Almost a year I’ve stopped watching bike video and now I’m back cus it’s time to roll some wheels.

  52. insanebmxthomas

    insanebmxthomasUukausi sitten

    actually i think the chain checker is not to be underestimated. If you religiously check your chain and replace it, i bet you save tons on chainwheels.

  53. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy SmithUukausi sitten

    I’m 35 years old and live in Fayetteville NC, I haven’t ridden a mountain bike since I was 15 years old but just a few weeks ago I purchased a 2021 Cannondale Trail Bike, I don’t really know much about bikes but the guy at the store told me it was best option to go with considering the specifics of my time away from biking, I don’t know any other bike riders so I trusted the salesman word but is there anyone here who knows about the Cannondale brand who could possibly tell me something I should know or did I make a good purchase or was had and does anyone have any useful and helpful tips they could give to an old fart who’s trying to get back in shape while having fun? I would greatly appreciate it 👍🏽

  54. The Butler

    The ButlerUukausi sitten

    Dummy pedal... that only works on ONE SIDE as the thread on the other crank is reversed (and in my opinion they put them on the wrong side as a jamming bearing would undo a loose pedal... but that's another story)... Better off just using a set of cheap pedals that have the nut on the front instead of the hex in the tip (or has both)... and make sure you use the correct thread for the correct side.

  55. The Butler

    The ButlerUukausi sitten

    Knobby Knife. Good for Motorcross tyres (if your cheap like me). Pointless for Mountain bike tyres as by the time the knobs are rounded, the ones in the middle are probably non existent, go buy a new tyre!

  56. Torin Month

    Torin MonthUukausi sitten

    Meanwhile bmx riders are laughing with their 6mm and 17mm with an extension

  57. Pat Paulo

    Pat PauloUukausi sitten

    Hi Seth. I notice you have your chain cleaner handle on upside down. Did you do this on purpose? I’m sure someone mention this already.

  58. Robbie H

    Robbie HUukausi sitten

    Great video

  59. Zakkary Elliott

    Zakkary ElliottUukausi sitten

    Please make more videos like this one 😊

  60. Ridemx141

    Ridemx141Uukausi sitten

    I would use the tire knob cutter on motocross tires. Not my bicycle

  61. the goose

    the gooseUukausi sitten

    Knob and knife are two words you never, ever want to see together.

  62. Guy From The Future

    Guy From The FutureUukausi sitten

    The hot knife tire cutter thingy is mainly for dirtbike tires

  63. Arav Jadhav

    Arav JadhavUukausi sitten

    Awesome hacks mate!

  64. Justin Corneau

    Justin CorneauUukausi sitten

    I recently got the cm5.2 and it work beautifully

  65. Wozza Woz

    Wozza WozUukausi sitten

    The best Tool in your workshop is your Brain..

  66. Austyn Morris

    Austyn MorrisUukausi sitten

    What full suspension bikes do you recommend

  67. Naum Aioanei

    Naum AioaneiUukausi sitten

    Could you do a review of your new crankbrother shoes compared to your old fivetens

  68. Jack Green

    Jack GreenUukausi sitten

    What are the best but affordable front suspension for a hardtail?

  69. Joshua Nash

    Joshua NashUukausi sitten

    How do I call you?????

  70. Michael Cranmer

    Michael CranmerUukausi sitten

    I’m new to the sport and love learning from ya.

  71. Angelo Alladel

    Angelo AlladelUukausi sitten

    do you have extra parts for upgrade hahahaaha i hope you have giveaways . im just new at biking and my bike is just 160$ hehe i really want to upgrade

  72. Hayden Van Niekerk

    Hayden Van NiekerkUukausi sitten

    U forgot about my brother although I don’t blame u for not testing him has a pretty useless tool

  73. l Ghots Diablo l

    l Ghots Diablo lUukausi sitten

    I haven’t went mountain biking a single time in my life but I enjoy watching your videos and I’ve been subbed for a couple years now

  74. doctorjules187

    doctorjules187Uukausi sitten

    cable puller/3rd hand awesome for making zip ties really tight

  75. McQueezi

    McQueeziUukausi sitten

    Alright so basically the cassette/gears on my bike are good and all but even in the highest gear it’s easy to pedal it and I end up going so fast that my pedals feel like they’re in first gear. What is a good gear set that I could swap out so that I could go faster and have more resistance in the top gear

  76. yeet.748

    yeet.748Uukausi sitten

    I have a problem. When i pump up my rear tire i have to put it to 60 or 70 psi then deflate it to my 45 psi. im a street bmx rider and i have a cinema reynolds rim and cult x vans tire. lmk if anyone has a solution or if this is normal. the rim is very wide.

  77. Jhonmarlon Pajarillo

    Jhonmarlon PajarilloUukausi sitten

    Hey sir seth i see your vlog that you gave your old bike and i see your road bike in your storage can you give me that if you dont mind sir seth

  78. Szymon Sliwka

    Szymon SliwkaUukausi sitten

    Fill a tire with only sealant

  79. Mita BoOm BoOm

    Mita BoOm BoOmUukausi sitten

    I like you Chanel bro and from Florida and start to do my stuff t you.😃

  80. brasil221

    brasil221Uukausi sitten

    I'm one of those people. I enjoyed it and found it interesting. Thanks!

  81. Ryder Nedelkovski

    Ryder NedelkovskiUukausi sitten

    Hay at 9:37 it’s more for dirt bike tiers

  82. Paper Products

    Paper ProductsUukausi sitten

    Can you review the "Lobster Lock"? It seems to be a pretty decent product to my untrained eye.

  83. Matheus Henrique

    Matheus HenriqueUukausi sitten

    The second product shocked me..... I need it soooooo muuuuuuch

  84. Matheus Henrique

    Matheus HenriqueUukausi sitten

    The second product shocked me..... I need it soooooo muuuuuuch

  85. Matheus Henrique

    Matheus HenriqueUukausi sitten

    The second product shocked me..... I need it soooooo muuuuuuch

  86. C0munGuyForcaz

    C0munGuyForcazUukausi sitten

    You should get a dirt bike


    NEXT GEN GAMINGUukausi sitten

    Do a review and parts bin upgrade on a Walmart bike called the Schwinn AUXM DP. it will be very much appreciated

  88. Chris Bowman

    Chris BowmanUukausi sitten

    There is more use to the cable puller. Put it right behind the cable ferrule, when new cables are installed, before connecting to the derailleur. Then pull hard on it and leave it under tension for a minute or so. The cable and ferrules will bed in nicely to each other. This way it's much more unlikely you have to readjust the derailleur after some time of riding.

  89. Sean Brown

    Sean BrownUukausi sitten

    GoPro has a rc car

  90. NumberSixteen BusShelter

    NumberSixteen BusShelterUukausi sitten

    If you came for the thumbnail 8:20

  91. Xyz

    XyzUukausi sitten

    The Tension Meter is insane probably more like a Road Bike thing but its worth it if you wanna get high spoke tension without overshooting any limits some do it by sound but that's only usefully to compare them not so much for a absolute reading ...

  92. G B

    G BUukausi sitten

    Do it!

  93. Will99x

    Will99xUukausi sitten

    Knob cutter 🤔 no thanks from the UK

  94. Jefry Kurniawan

    Jefry KurniawanUukausi sitten

    his voice resembled Deadpool

  95. Daniel

    DanielUukausi sitten

    The funny part for me is, that most of my bike specific tools are by park, with very few exceptions. One is: the very third hand tool Seth is using by ice tools 😂

  96. Cathal O'Neill

    Cathal O'NeillUukausi sitten

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    Graham Cracker On YoutubeUukausi sitten

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    Multi bros BMXUukausi sitten

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    Justin VilluriUukausi sitten

    my mtbs handlebar turns when i fall and i have to hold my tyres and adjust it is it common pls reply

  100. BigWheel

    BigWheelUukausi sitten

    Never had a major internet in biking, really like Cars more personally, but this video was put together very well, interesting how these machines are maintained.